condemning silent nights

stephanie w.
none but he would see the blood in
my tears  - pouring out of me as selfless
eidolon, remembering soft sorrow
painted emptily in your eyes
but a mere reflection of such a
pained awakening, you stand of thine
corrupt repose – depthless as in
a hardened falling
consigning while you, faultless,
suffer, and I receive no such
a world – relentlessly, a fog climbs
on, enveloped in a gruesome prayer
to wish away these curses, chains
contested against mouths that wilt
more quickly than a needed petal
perversely sanctifying rumors,
undermined –
and devil blush, intensified to
beat me down
erase this, gagged, I plead
condemning silent nights and scents
that murkily renew him
as, while you fashion me
to obey naked, without sound
death screams the gift
that could well please, entwine
heavenly with sight.

anonymous asked:

Weißt du ich bin dir ähnlich, vielleicht ganz so sehr wie du denkst, aber ich denke ähnlich in Beziehungen. Ich will immer wissen wo der Partner ist, wo und mit wem und wann er wieder Zuhause ist. Er soll nicht so viel mit anderen Mädchen machen usw. Ich will das alles immer wissen und dachte immer ich total kontrollsüchtig, deshalb bin ich froh, dass es auch jemanden gibt der da so denkt wie ich.

Könnte auch nie an der Seite von einer sein, die nicht fragt wo und mit wem ich bin wenn ich sage ich gehe raus und die nicht kritisch guckt wenn ich den Namen eines anderen Mädchens in den Mund nehme


Some of the photos I managed to capture on a field trip to the brecon beacons last thursday night. Without the moon, it was very dark so that’s why more stars were visible and even parts of the milky way band too. The weather has been horrid all week but thankfully it was very clear on the night we went up. If you look closely at the first photo, that hazy, slightly elongated source of light above the trees to the left of the milky way band is actually the andromeda galaxy! 

© 2016 Fuad

My Final Project

Finally I’ve handed in my Final Major project of my university education! 
I chose the book series ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’, and decided to design a Sorcerer’s town called Roarhaven, as well as the Magical Government Building, which is called the Sanctuary. I completed technical drawings, a scale model, concept art and storyboards to go alongside my designs, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.

Technical Drawings:

Scale Model:

Concept Art:


Nero plays his lyre as Rome lights up. He doesn’t know.

Herculaneum is ash and beauty all at once. Who would look for bones when this town sparkles in the sun?

The Acropolis - cold, hard stone. It shatters and the dust blazes.

You are all of these things with their volatile nature.

I want to burn, burn, burn.

—  And I’ll rise as like a phoenix and do it again, v.g
She was the girl who wanted a man,
But never once needed one.
She was the girl who fell down a dozen times,
But stood back up stronger, mightier,
more ambitious than ever.
She was the girl who wrote words
That broke hearts and cured minds.
She was the girl whose eyes
Were seas you didn’t mind drowning in.
She left you going to bed every night,
Terrified of losing her.
The only thing on your mind
Was the first glimplse you caught of her.
Her intriguing play of words
Was all you want to listen to,
And soon, you found yourself addicted;
Hooked onto the little attention she gave you.
You wondered why she made feel you so intoxicated,
Without even being close by.
But then you realized
It was because she was a dazzling flame that refused to be burnt out;
She was a charming monster that refused to be beat down;
It was because she was courage, personified.
—  Charming Monster, To Sade // Daisy A.
Die Trauer beeilt sich mittlerweile, ich habe sie gezähmt und erzogen, ich habe ihr beigebracht, sich nicht langsam anzuschleichen, um dann Tage oder Wochen zu bleiben, sondern mit Gewalt zu kommen, schnell, heftig und ziemlich überwältigend, wie ein Krampf, wie eine Naturgewalt, die über mich hinwegzieht. Ich kann sie umklammern und im Zaum halten, ich kann dafür sorgen, dass sie mich nicht ganz ausfüllt, sondern bloß die Ecken und Löcher flutet, bloß jene Gebiete, in die ich mich bei Tageslicht und nüchtern nicht mehr hineintraue.
—  Morgen ist es vorbei

iamhere4783  asked:

Wieso hast du in deinem letzten video mal gesagt dass du (wieder) lernst dich selbst zu akzeptieren? Mit deinen makel usw.? Hast du nicht vor ein jahr gesagt dass du das nicht schon tust?

Man überschreitet immer wieder neue Grenzen, von denen man vorher nicht wusste :}

Dandelion wish

You were keeping me company
as my feet took me home.
I think you would’ve liked my
slippers and maybe would’ve
chided me for walking slow.

Two meters off the dusty road
a tall gray dandelion
swayed softly in the zephyr.

Thistles scratched my feet when I
stepped in to get it.
I turned and looked at you;
years of labor had curved your back,
and your smile, beautifully
etched into your face.

With a long deep breath
hazy air filled my lungs
and hoping it would carry over water,
I blew you the softest wish.