Weights and Measures

“Did you know that we used to define the length of a foot by the king’s own foot size?”

The inquisitor laid out their tools as they spoke- a rod, precisely notched; a set of scales; a black bone saw.

“Every time the king died or was usurped, we had to recalibrate all our instruments around the new ruler.  I understand that it was quite a pain, really, and our foreign allies did not approve of the unreliability of our measurements in the more… tumultuous years.”

They took the rod and measured the restrained man’s foot once, twice, three times- and smiled thinly in satisfaction.

“But when the revolution came, the new Council was left with a problem- if there is no king, against what shall we measure?  Fortunately for them, the rebel elements of the Imperial Order of Weights and Measures had a solution- a man made to measure, the ruler of empire, a bespoke king, if you will.  No real power, of course, but a man of the people, for the people.  Unfortunately, he still suffers from the frailties of the flesh, but the Revolutionary Council also suffers from a glut of monarchists.  So, with that said-”

They picked up the saw as an aide inked a line along the restrained man’s ankle.

“Long live the king.”

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1. Your Rival: tessa gray (aww no!! what have i done to wrong u tessa)
2. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: will herondale (YES YES)
3. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: noah czerny (if only he were still alive… he would have been such a good boyfriend omg)
4. Mom/Dad: richard gansey iii (HAHAH HE ALREADY IS ONE)
5. The random person you met at the bar: maven calore (no way… he plots to usurp thrones and dominate the world with his mom while his brother goes to bars… u got it wrong)
6. Your Boss: jem carstairs (i wouldn’t mind this)
7. Haunts You: aaron warner (tbh u just gotta get on his good side)
8. Drunk and singing karaoke with: nikolai lantsov (YES I CAN SEE THIS)
9. Gave you your favourite dessert: dorian havilliard (aww dorian… he’s such a cutie i bet he can bake)
10. Your Sibling: peter kavinsky (so i’m owen omg)
11. Gave you your first kiss: feyre archeron (slay me feyre)
12. Your Best Friend: june iparis (HELL TO THE YES KLSDJFJF THIS WOULD BE SO LIT)
13. Your Grandma/Grandpa: rhysand (omfg so am i dorian and aelin’s daughter)
14. Proposed to You: the darkling (kljdklsjflkjdf oH MY)
15. Ex: teren santoro (LOL justifiable)

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i havent read the books in a while, so i dont remember what crookedstar did wrong? what did he do wrong?

ah.. he didn’t do anything wrong per-se, however people like to paint him in this light of being such a poor sad guy and that he’s literally done nothing wrong ever.
People forget that Crooked agreed with Shadowclan and wanted to take Windclan territory, and that Crooked sent warriors to fight alongside Shadowclan to drive Windclan back out. (Yes, this was when humans were overfishing on the river, but it still doesn’t justify taking another clan’s hunting grounds.)
Crooked also continually fought over Sunningrocks with Bluestar and despite many cats being injured/killed in an endless turf war he decided to keep fighting for it, and sent his warriors over numerous times for hunting patrols.
Later in Starlight, Crooked and other Starclan cats are are shown arguing, and Crooked is seen defending Hawkfrost and Hawkfrost’s actions, even though he knows what Hawk will do to his clan (try to usurp Misty from her deputyship, side with Mudclaw in Windclan’s rebellion, later plans to kill Leopard)

I just think that sometimes because the Erin’s decide to write in a tragic backstory to a character (Scourge, Sol, Hawkfrost, Crookedstar, Bluestar), it still doesn’t justify what they do later in life and make them exempt from criticism

  • Steven Universe Season One:Kid sings about an ice cream sandwich
  • Steven Universe Season Two:Kid sings about protecting his best friend/crush from the crippling reality that is his life.
  • Gravity Falls Season One:Twins and fun loving uncle fight gnomes
  • Gravity Falls Season Two:Demonic possession, amnesia, and breakups
  • Miraculous Ladybug Season One:Two masked superheroes have crushes on each other
  • End of Miraculous Ladybug Season One:Magical legacies and destinies passed on for centuries and personal sacrifice.
  • Rick and Morty Season One:Kid shoves alien seeds up his butthole for his eccentric Grandpa
  • Rick and Morty Season Two:Existential crises and alternate dimensions
  • Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Season One:Alien exchange student have fun adventures with some dude
  • End of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Season One:Grudges, sacrificing family heirlooms, and usurping thrones
  • Wander Over Yonder Season One:Furry thing and horse help the whole galaxy with random things
  • Wander Over Yonder Season Two:Enormous threat to the universe and one of the contenders is lovesick with them

The collaboration print between myself and ever so amazing turnipBerry! I did the lineart, and she did the breathtaking coloring! I dunno about you guys, but she did a fantastic job with the coloring; I’m a huge sucker for monochromatic images that isn’t grey, and blue monochrome images are typically my favs. And boy, she knocked this outta the park! I highly recommend taking a look at her gallery; you’ll see more fantastic art from turnip HERE. C:

As for the image in question, we decided to go for something involving Nightmare Moon! The concept behind it is essentially playing around with how Nightmare Moon was imprisoned to the moon for all those years. For the alicorn though, I think the worst part wouldn’t be the fact that she didn’t successfully usurp her sister or maybe even the fact that she’s stuck. The worst part, I think, would be the isolation; she’s not alone in the normal sense, she’s the only living thing within the realm she’s kept prisoner in, on her own damned moon, in the terrifyingly cold and empty, empty atmosphere with not even her own breathing to break the unnatural silence. With only her thoughts of what she’s done and what-ifs to keep her distracted for a thousand years.

That sort of isolation would understandably screw someone up, so unless she was legit in a slumber for all of those years (which I’d assume Celestia would do as some form of mercy but meh), I’m surprised she doesn’t have any form of fear of being left alone for an extended amount of time, or that she has nightmares that are just of her enduring that seemingly endless time of nothing. Such an interesting concept…. I might headcanon it! 8D It’s a little too early for my mind to work properly for that though, so if I do, you’ll just see a separate post for it.

Until then, thank you again for collaborating with me, turnipBerry!

As for the rest of ye’, I hope you guys enjoy the image as much as I do! Ask any questions if you’d like, but other than that thanks for takin’ a look! ^^

Regarding Jaime and the Riverlands, the central point is this: subjugation is not peace. What Robb offered in ACOK was peace, and Tyrion responded by shattering custom. What Jaime is offering in AFFC is tyranny, the magnanimity of the successful usurper. He’s at Riverrun to reward the Freys for their crimes, to make them fat on blood-soaked spoils. Indeed, he’s no better than Rhaegar Frey–remember, he too argues the North needs to accept “peace” and knuckle under to the Lannisters, Boltons, and Freys, whereas Davos doggedly insists that tyranny is no true peace and that resistance is justified. 

I’m genuinely astonished that anyone considers Jaime’s lash-out at Sybell (“scheming turncloak bitch”) to be bold or badass. It’s fucking pathetic, just like his “despised by better men” line to Edmure in the same chapter. If Sybell is such a bad person, why is Jaime here to reward her? He is explicitly trying to be Tywin’s son. What possible moral grounding does he have to then turn around and critique Tywin’s plan, which again he’s there to cement? 

These contradictions are in part what make Jaime Lannister a fascinating character. But they do not make him a good person. His story is not leading to redemption. It’s leading to him murdering his sister, and it will be out of the violent impulses he keeps telling himself he’s banished. 

Last night he dreamed he’d found her fucking Moon Boy. He’d killed the fool and smashed his sister’s teeth to splinters with his golden hand, just as Gregor Clegane had done to poor Pia. In his dreams Jaime always had two hands; one was made of gold, but it worked just like the other.

introducing Empress Iustina - reigned for nearly 20 years after her husband, Basilius, died in battle. A few years later her only son and his wife perished at sea, leaving her the guardian of her two young grandchildren, and she became the uncontested ruler of the Empire. Just before the events of Among the Hollow, she and her grandchildren were recently killed in a coup by the usurper, General Theodoros. 

wandamaximuffin asked:

A new comic has apparently revealed that Steve Rogers has been an undercover Hydra agent all along. This isn't in an alternate continuity or anything, it's trying to retcon literally the entire history of Steve Rogers + Captain America.

This just got explained to me, and as far as I understand, this is one comic page (issue? panel?) where they’re apparently trying to shock us into believing Steve Rogers was Hydra since childhood or something? No, I don’t believe this is a retconning that is meant to stick as the “truth”, this is comics; they’re gonna say this Steve was a robot, a clone, an alternative universe usurper, whatever. They’re gonna try to delete it after the shock of pretending to pervert the core of this iconic character.

The problem is that they will not be able to erase this. This literally blew my mind as the dumbest decision I’ve ever seen a company make. This is literal brand suicide. They effectually will have sullied Steve Rogers’ entire 70 years of comic history with one disgusting insinuation, affiliating him with a legacy of hatred, genocide and monstrosity, a real life phenomena that persists (with increasing, damaging force) to this day. They will have forever gone against the very nature, the very raison d'être this character embodies. They erased his creators, his symbolism, and they’ll think they can undo it with the later reveal, but no, they will not be able to.

Without even considering the irreparable betrayal to the Jewish/minority fans who have to see their hero (even temporarily, even falsely) stand for the murderers of their loved ones, I don’t think they even considered the damage this will do to the international image of a character associated with US foreign policy, or to the image of Captain America as a concept, an idea, one who will now be able to be used by these very real white supremacist groups who still murder people out of hatred as their very own; somewhere in comic world, a Steve Rogers (a clone, a robot, whatever they decide on) is one of them.

They didn’t consider the damage this will do to this character who - outside the US - is associated with the US, and is already a very hard sell because of it, or the damage to the marketing of this character, his symbol, his image, the actor who plays him in the movies, the fact that this is a character who has been sold to children for years is now being revealed as an undercover nazi, a double agent, a traitor, and not just any traitor to the US, but to every very real ideal his fans defend.

No, I don’t think they even realize what they did. They crossed out the line that literally defined the character. If they wanted shock value, what they’ll get, what they deserve is repudiation.