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6, 4, 29, 39 and 84 ♥♥

Hi!!!! <3333333 How are you??

  • 4) What do you think about most? Hmmm…right now probably about my future.
  • 6) Do you sleep with or without clothes on? I don’t like sleeping with pants on, so I rarely wear them to bed. And sometimes I like to sleep completely naked, it’s so comfortable!
  • 29) Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens? I don’t want to believe in ghosts, so I try not to. I think residual emotions/past events are more believable than actual souls still staying here…(disturbing). I DO believe in aliens! The universe is literally expanding and it’s already too big to comprehend, I think there’s definitely life out there! (Also something happened to me once, it was weird and that’s all I’m going to say about that.)
  • 39) What time is it? 1:04 pm (done with class early!)
  • 84) What is a saying you say a lot? I don’t really have a motto or a catchphrase or anything. But since watching a lot of Adventure Time, I keep saying “man” and “bro” haha. My female suitemates are like :I stop.

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I am like super happy for you because of the recent situation that gave you that sad/irritated mood and now i hope that you are over that because this meANS YOU ARE TOTALLY WORTH OF ATTENDING THAT COLLEGE OMG AND THAT KIND OF FEEL IS WONDERFUL ♥ kisses from the south hemisphere! ♥♥

dksdjfkK omg thank you so much!! ⋧◡⋦

yes this news definitely improved my mood i feel like doing actually backflips (but i can’t i haven’t done them since i was 6)

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I should be packing stuff but couldn't resist >w< haha soooo Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots!!

Yay! Well, thank you for taking time to ask, even when you’re busy packing because I love hearing from you!! <3 (Good luck packing, too!)

  • Sleeping Beauty: How many hours do you sleep each night? I LOVE to sleep, so I try and get at least 8 hours. When I can’t (and I have to wake up early for classes etc.), I nap when I get home! (When I’m too tired or hungry, I turn into a monster.)
  • Puss in Boots: Do you have a pet? Do you want one? I already talked about my currents pets, so now I’ll talk about the ones I want in the future! I would love to have big dogs, a whole pack of them! I especially love German Shepherds so so much. (Hopefully they will get along with my bunny and birdy!)

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8, 17 and 18 ♥ hi hi fonfabrefan saan!

Hi hi! *hugs* How are you?? I hope everything is going well. <3

  • 8) If you are outside, what are you most likely doing? I’m probably walking. I walk a lot, for fun and to go to class all the time haha. Walking in a forest or on a beach is my favorite thing ever.
  • 17) Are you happy with the person you’ve become? Hmm, that’s a hard question. I guess I’m happier with who I am than I have ever been. (I mean, since I was a tiny child and thought I ruled the world haha). But I’m still not at my goal person yet? There is always room for improvement. (I’m working on self confidence at the moment, and trying to stop using self-deprecating humor.)
  • 18) What’s a sound you hate; sound you love? I love the sound of rain, the sound of my bird cheeping happily, of laughter, and the soft sound blankets make when you snuggle into them. Hmm, as for sounds I don’t like…I don’t have many. Just the basic annoying sounds, like a buzzing insect, a really high pitched alarm, I guess stuff like that. Oh, the sounds coyotes sometimes make are really scary (they scream at night). 0-0 (I’m gonna keep thinking about this one haha.)