usuk sweethearts 2013


((Day 7.

I think that’s how they celebrate their love…just the normal intimacy,  shagging, yep. Because that’s how they roll and that’s enough for them.

…I’m done. It’s over. ouo

I can’t believe it. XD

I’ve been wanting to join a USUK event since last year and now I finally managed to take part in one. 8’D To be honest, I don’t care about Valentines at all…instead, I just want to try talking to the people I idolize on LiveJournal. 

No such luck. I’m a chicken like that.

I’m not good enough for them. ouo

I probably won’t use that account again anytime soon.

I had fun, I really did. I hope I’ll be able to join another event one day. XD))