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Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: What's your biggest fear?
  • Person B: You.
  • Person A: Me?!
  • Person B: I'm scared that one day you'll look in the mirror and see yourself as I see you. You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me...
  • Person B: I'm terrified that you'll leave.

I know some people are like “I can read smut with a straight face, but squeal at the tiniest fluff” when reading fics. I do, too. But this past months I just realised that I also squeal and giggle at the steamiest consentual smut?? I mean, smut is just a more radical way of showing fluffiness??

Instead of being embarassed or aroused, I’m like “lolol okay are they really gonna do it??” and then proceed to roll on the floor, giggling madly.


Very late happy birthday to @bluekujira and Alfred F Jones x;D 
Blue, this is for you but i missed your birthday so i decided to post it on Alfred’s bday but I missed it as well OTL 

I hope you like it! Inspired by those surprise videos I saw in youtube. Surprise! Surprise! 

*Alfred’s Cake looks like this

red-admiral-lyon  asked:

An Alpha who is known as the class ‘delinquent’ due to their poor attendance and even poorer grades, but who also happens to be in love with the Omega that is the top student in their class and has very little patience for the Alpha’s obnoxious flirting and other antics. (I had to shorten the prompt to fit it in the ask) if you're still taking prompts ! I don't mind if you're too busy though ! I LOVE all your omegaverse omg! And TBH all your writings !!

Okay first of all thank you so much @red-admiral-lyon I’m very very happy to know that you enjoy my fics xD it means a lot, for real! And to the anon and you, HERE U GO.

“Leave me alone Jones, I’m too busy to deal with your shit today.”

“Aww come on sweetheart, there’s no need for you to be like that. You know you look more cute when you smile.” 

“If you want me to smile, kindly remove your presence from my life.”

They were currently in their school’s library that surprisingly enough was empty. The Omega was trying, key word trying, to study for their upcoming history test but he found himself unable to progress thanks to the annoying, albeit handsome, hooligan of an Alpha that couldn’t for dear life leave Arthur alone. 

“Aww you say that now Artie, but you would definitely miss me if I’m gone.” 

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Alfred.”

“Thinking about you helps me sleep at night.”

Ugh how was Arthur supposed to concentrate if he had to suffer the Alpha’s cheesy comments every five seconds? He knew the content but one didn’t stay as the top student just by knowing the content of their class. Then it hit Arthur, it was probably the best or worst idea the omega has ever had in his entire life. 

“That’s nice Alfred, but listen, if you leave me alone now and manage to get an A in our upcoming history test, I’ll finally accept one of your stupid offers to go on a date. However, if you don’t, you’ll leave me alone once and for all. Deal?”

“Babe you’ve got yourself a deal.”

And before Arthur could even process what just happened, the Alpha got up from where he was sitting next to Arthur, kissed him on the cheek and ran out of the library.


Some peace and quite.

Arthur started studying, not thinking about the consequences of the deal he just made. He wouldn’t regret it a week later, but he would learn to not underestimate the Alpha.


It was supposed to be impossible!

The Alpha had less than 48-hours to study and yet somehow he managed to score not only an A, but an A+.

“Soo Artie, you do remember our deal from the other day right?”

Arthur stopped looking at the Alpha’s test sheet to look at him with a forced smile, “Don’t be silly Alfred, I’m a gentleman and I wouldn’t forget something that I proposed myself.”

“Great then I’ll pick you up tomorrow around 7pm. I hope you like bowling!” Arthur wished he could share the Alpha’s enthusiasm. He didn’t reply, he just kept up the fake smile while he cursed himself in his mind.

Okay so it turns out that Alfred wasn’t as bad as people made him seem. He was actually very sweet and also very smart and also every single bit of Arthur’s type. Plus, he was also a very good kisser. Arthur could definitely confirm that, since they were furiously making out in the Alpha’s truck.  

A-Al..” a soft moan escaped Arthur when Alfred stopped kissing him on the lips in favor of leaving love bites all across his neck, Arthur’s weak spot. He felt Alfred smirk and he decided that he needed to knock him down a peg. 

Leaning in closer to Alfred’s ear he whispered, “For the record, you are still annoying as hell…and I expect an A on the next test as well.”

Artie…” the Alpha whined.

“No whining Alfred, now let’s get back to where we left it shall we?”

Granted it surprised everyone when the day after both Alfred and Arthur smelled like each other, but not as much as it surprised them when the class delinquent was no longer a delinquent but a top student. 

Here u go. Enjoy. From me for u 2. 


Pairing: USUK/Libertea
Rating: SFW
Wordcount: 693
In progress/Complete
Misc: Human au, minimal plot
Summary: When you’re standing there in your underwear and my T-shirt from the night before, with your messed up hair and your feet still bare, would you mind closing the bedroom door
A/N: I listened to Toothbrush for a good half an hour and then wrote this self-indulgent ficlet. I probably won’t put it on AO3 just because it’s so short.

“You could stay.”

The words just slipped out, running out with Alfred’s breath.

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Say You Love Me

Hey, so I wrote a lil’ UsUk oneshot. ^^ You can find it (and my other fanfics) on my Fanfiction account - AA Addict. Although, I did make that account when I was eleven meaning that most of its content is actual trash. I did a review of my first ever fanfic… I might post it here. I’m good at cringe reviews, but only when the cringe is my own cringe.

It’s 4,304 words, just to let ya know.

“Hey, Artie?”


“I love you.” 


“…Aren’t you ever gonna say it back?” 

Arthur slumped down into his chair, head in hands. Alfred F. Jones, his American boyfriend, had just stormed out of the apartment after an argument, leaving it feeling rather large, empty, and quiet. 

It was an argument over the stupidest of things. Honestly, who cared if Arthur had never uttered the words ‘I love you’? 

Alfred did, apparently. And to an extent, so did Arthur. 

The first time Alfred had declared his love was five months ago, after four months of dating. They had just come back from dinner at a swish restaurant, and after a round of sweet sex Alfred had blurted it out – ‘I think I love you’. He’d blushed, laid his head on Arthur’s chest so that they weren’t maintaining eye contact, then said in a bit of a whisper, ‘Actually, I definitely love you’. Arthur remembered feeling like he was higher than Cloud Nine, a giddy sensation arising within him and his heart pounding a million beats per minute. He didn’t like to admit it, but he was fairly certain he had abandonment issues (probably due to his past relationships), and hearing Alfred proclaim his love had given him full assurance that Alfred was the one

At that point, Arthur definitely loved Alfred too. He was happiest when with him, not to mention he felt safe and secure, even when they were doing completely wild activities such as skydiving and bungee-jumping. However, he just couldn’t say it. The words got stuck in his throat every time he tried to say them, he choked on them, his lips refused to allow them to form. He wanted so badly to say it, but failed whenever he tried. And so he only said words akin to ‘likewise’ in response to Alfred’s frequent declarations of love. He felt terrible whenever he did so, for Alfred’s sunny disposition would always become slightly clouded, but what could he do? Alfred had seemed to understand, until now. 

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Morning (usuk)

you guys have been super nice to me, sending me cute anon messages about my writing, so here’s a very smol domestic usuk for you as a thank you! <3

To wake up in the morning, look to his side and see Arthur there, sleeping besides him… nothing in the world would make Alfred happier.

Arthur. Alfred loved him so much that only hearing that name created butterflies in his chest, flapping their delicate wings inside of him and tickling his insides, making him smile and blush.

To see Arthur sleeping next to him… it was the absolute best.

Ever since Arthur agreed to move in with him, he’d wake up a few minutes before his alarm. It just happened. He’d wake up naturally, yawn, look to his side and then just… stop there, eyes wide open as he observed his boyfriend sleeping, his parted lips and messy hair over his eyes, one arm below the pillow and the other close to his face.

He was so adorable. The small scar on his chin, the slightly crooked nose, the huge eyebrows. To Alfred, everything in Arthur was perfect and adorable. Even his morning grumpiness.

The alarm went off and Alfred let it ring for a few seconds, just enough to make Arthur groan and shift in bed, just enough to wake him up. He turned the alarm off and got closer to Arthur, putting his arms around him for a morning hug.

“Good morning, sunshine!” he said happily and loudly.

Arthur answered with another groan, rubbing his eyes. It was so, so adorable Alfred didn’t resist to kiss him. He kissed his lips, softly, and then his cheeks, both of them, then his forehead, nose, chin. Multiple small, warm kisses.

“Al, you’re drooling all over my face! What’s up with you today? Ugh…” Arthur complained, trying to get himself free from Alfred.

Alfred laughed, letting Arthur go and sit on the bed.

“Nothing. I just love you.”

He watched amusedly as Arthur’s cheeks assumed a dark shade of pink.

“I…” he looked away from Alfred, getting up and stretching his arms up, a bit of his belly showing as he did, “love you too, you dork.”

Alfred replied that with a very big, very happy smile.

Waking up with Arthur was the best thing in the world.

tropical-brat  asked:

Oh god the one with the alpha trying to impress the omega but they can't because the omega keeps getting better grades pretty much sums up USUK if you ask me so if you don't mind can you write it for me pretty please?

Oh hell yes I can enjoy bby ;D

What the hell was his problem? Arthur just wanted to be left alone, was that too much to ask? He knew he wasn’t really the most appealing omega in school but there was no need for Alfred F. Jones, who just happened to be his crush, to annoy him every single class just because he got higher grades than him. Don’t get him wrong he understood that Alphas had their “alpha supremacy” bullshit going on but that didn’t give Alfred any right to make his high school life more terrible than what it already was. 

Today it seemed that Arthur wasn’t going to be left alone again. He knew that if he just answered a couple of questions wrong the whole issue would be dropped but he was far too prideful for that so Alfred be damned. 

They were in he middle of their math class, the teacher was handing out their tests and as usual Arthur scored a 100 while Alfred scored a 98. It seemed that the Alpha has had enough of always being the second best in their class since upon seeing their results, he slammed his down hard on his table, stood up and glared at Arthur. In the back of his mind Arthur thought if he could survive a fight with an Alpha, and not just any Alpha but the ridiculously strong Alfred Jones. 

“Mr. Jones please sit back down—”

“No! No I will not sit back down! In every single class for the past 2 years I’ve been trying to get a higher score than Arthur but every time he manages to get a perfect score!  How is that even possible?!” By this point Alfred was now in front of Arthur’s desk, looking down on him with clear despair in his blue eyes. He leaned in closer, invading Arthur’s personal bubble. Arthur was getting ready to be yelled at by Alfred but imagine his surprise when instead of yelling Alfred whispered just for him to hear, “ How the hell am I ever supposed to try and court you if I can’t even get a higher math score than you..”



Suddenly everything clicked in Arthur’s mind, from Alfred’s strange behavior towards him to his fixation in trying to surpass Arthur. 

It seemed that Alfred didn’t mean to say that and got caught in the moment, since he suddenly started to panic, Arthur could smell it.

He didn’t mean to, really. But Arthur found all of it, the years of competition and how he thought his love was unrequited, extremely hilarious. So he laughed. That stopped Alfred from having a panic attack but instead it made the Alpha very confused. 

After sobering up, Arthur looked directly into Alfred’s eyes, that were still far too close for his comfort and smiled. 

“Alfred, do you maybe after school want to go and study together and maybe after we can grab diner together?”

An Omega asking an Alpha out wasn’t something that happened everyday but Arthur could smell on Alfred that he didn’t mind.

“I-I would love to.” Alfred was elated, he was sure the whole class, despite not hearing their conversation, knew what just happened between them and just why Alfred was happy. “But just so we’re clear, next time I’m definitely getting a higher grade!” 

“In your dreams!” 

Ahh shit this is my first omegaverse fic umm I tried and therefore no one should criticize me? Lmao bye.

Cuddle Me, Wanker.

Summary: Arthur’s pre-heat has very unfortunate symptoms. Poor Alfred. (Omegaverse!)

Rating: Older Teen; Mature language and mentions of sexual topics.

Red’s comments: I love you guys so much. Thank you for the support and to make up for my slacking, I revamped an old never-seen story. Hope you enjoy. <3.

Being an omega had to be the worst thing on the planet. For one thing, they were constantly objectified. Childbirth was a bitch and every damn couple of months, the universe decided to make life hell for a straight week just because it felt like it. Arthur despised being an omega. And hell no, he wasn’t a dainty whiny little thing like the omegas portrayed on tv. He was him: a strong, no-bullshit man from England who loved tea and poetry. It infuriated him to think of the stigma. 

This week, however, Arthur found himself hating being an omega more than ever. His heat was beginning in a few days but that wasn’t enough. The universe wanted to spite him with all kinds of hellish symptoms. Arthur wanted to die. He was angry at the world and questioned the purpose of life as he squirmed on the bed. Then, just as he thought his dreaded existence could not get any more miserable, Alfred walked through the door.

He was tall and handsome– though not the brightest. Alfred was the only alpha Arthur could stand. Alfred was different. He let Arthur be his wild, British, cranky self. Arthur adored him. But even so, he was pissed off so Alfred was shit out of luck.

“Hey, babe, how was–”

“Don’t you start that alpha fuckboy bullshit on me! I am in pain! And if you even try to get in my pants, I will rip off your wanker and feed it to the dogs!”

A pillow went flying into the alpha’s face and Arthur burrowed beneath the blankets in rage. Alfred could only stare in complete confusion and shock while he tried to piece his thoughts together. 

“I-I’m sorry sweetie, I wasn’t trying to–”

“Sweetie this, sweetie that, well fuck you! If only your insides were twisting in knots and you could barely fucking move! Stupid alphas… if only you knew the hell we suffer. We are never having sex again!!!”

Alfred turned as white as a ghost, “Y-You don’t mean that… Honey, i-is it your p-p-pre-heat? I’m sorry you don’t feel good… Is there anything I can do to help?” 

There was a moment of silence before Arthur popped his head from the covers, green eyes squinted.

“You are to bring me your largest warmest sweater and your batman boxers. Then you are to feed me and rub my feet. If you do not cuddle me, you wanker, I will despise you for all eternity. Do you understand?”

Alfred had to fight the urge to giggle. “Got it, I’ll be right back, sweetheart.”

“And don’t call me that!” Arthur called as Alfred rushed out of the room, 

“Roger that.”

The alpha couldn’t help but break out into a wide grin. He loved to make his omega feel better.

It’s Always Been You

Yoooo, I wrote another fic! I’ve been hampered down lately by college and crap, so I haven’t been able to write as much because I’m constantly hella tired. But I saw the sappy prompts list I just reblogged, and I got an idea that I actually managed to see through to the end! Whaddaya know…
Anyway, it’s UsUk as always (UsUkUs, really… there’s rarely a seme/uke dynamic in my fics - I don’t tend to like it), and around 3,728 words, give or take a couple.
Also, please keep in mind that I have never been to one of these kind of parties. And I know that plenty of popular people don’t get wasted at every party. To be honest, I’m just using Mean Girls as my referencing point, and other accounts of parties I’ve found on the internet. And Mean Girls was fine to use in terms of age, because can you believe that Regina George was sixteen?! THAT’S MY AGE.
…Pfft, I’m a loser. Like I didn’t already know that.

Alfred Foster Jones was popular.

All throughout his life he’d been one of the popular kids. Friendly, optimistic, good-looking, smart, sporty, rich, American – he was the literal formula for universal popularity. When he’d started college he’d managed to form a plethora of friends on just the first day. A week later, everybody knew of Alfred F. Jones. Even if you weren’t in a single one of his classes, you still knew who he was. Boys wanted to be him, girls wanted to be with him – from day one he’d been the very definition of popular.

That’s why Arthur Kirkland simply couldn’t fathom why he’d never dated a soul.

Arthur and Alfred had met when they were seven, on the first day of junior school. Arthur had been reserved and introverted, but Alfred had managed to worm his way through his shyness, and they’d quickly become friends. All throughout primary and secondary school they’d remained best friends, and now that they were in college they were still that close.

However, although they were best friends, they still had their popularity differences. It was almost laughable – Alfred the Popularity King was best friends with Arthur the Social Reject. Alfred was the one who people wanted at their parties, who people wanted to be friends with; Arthur just got the token invite because everyone knew that excluding him would lead to Alfred refusing to associate with you.

As a result of Alfred’s popularity, he’d been asked out multiple times. Sometimes he’d get asked out thrice in a single day. Plenty of the time it was by people who just couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

But in spite of all these offerings, Alfred had never dated anyone. He’d never accepted a dating proposal, never kissed anybody (even in games of Spin the Bottle he point-blank refused), never done anything romantic or sexual in the slightest. It baffled Arthur, quite honestly. Even Arthur had had his first kiss (just in a game of Spin the Bottle he’d been token-invited to; it was slimy and awful – the feeling was only exacerbated by the fact that Alfred was right there watching him make out with someone. That wouldn’t be a problem if Arthur wasn’t head-over-heels in love with him.), yet Alfred had yet to be kissed. For the longest time he’d thought that popularity went hand-in-hand with an active sexual life, but Alfred was living proof of the contrary.

He’d asked Alfred about it, a few times. It wasn’t that he had a problem with Alfred being single (hell, his chest hurt every single time someone asked Alfred out, and there was always that sick feeling of what if he says yes), he was just curious as to why Alfred always rejected them. The answers he’d received had been rather wishy-washy; things like ‘I don’t know them well enough’, or ‘They’re not the type of person I want’. He’d never elaborate, because he always changed the subject to something much more mundane and trivial. And Arthur never pushed him.

“I’ll be seeing you there, Al!”

The pretty brunette sent Alfred a wave and a flirty smile before walking off to go find her friends. She’d left an invite to her Halloween party in his hands, and a token-invite in Arthur’s. He couldn’t help but scoff at it. Already, people know how to get Alfred at their functions.

“You gonna go?” Alfred asked, popping a piece of gum in his mouth and offering one to Arthur across the table, who took one and shrugged.

“I don’t go to these things without you. Besides, it’s you they want, not me.”

I want you there,” Alfred insisted, blue eyes wide in that sincere way that made Arthur fall deeper in love. “Hell, if I’m going to a party I want a friend. Who else would I talk to about physics and shit?”

“Somehow,” Arthur said with a laugh, “I don’t think you go to parties to discuss physics.”

“So are you going?” That was the thing about Alfred. He’d never go unless Arthur said he was going. And Arthur knew that Alfred did truly like these parties and enjoyed revelling in his position as Popularity King, so it was that Arthur agreed to attend.

“Cool!” Alfred said, then he started bouncing up and down excitedly. “Oh oh oh, what should I dress up as? What about Superman? Or Captain America? No wait wait wait – we should totally go as Batman and Robin! Dude, this idea is priceless! You be Robin, and I’ll be Batman!”

“I am at least ninety-percent certain that you’re supposed to dress up sexily, if the movies are true in what they portray,” Arthur said. Although you look sexy any way you dress. Alfred drooped, until he seemed to think of another thing that brightened him up.

“But Batman is sexy! I mean, have you seen his abs? Defined, or what!”

“Batman is not sexy!”

Alfred scoffed. “Yeah, tell that to Selina Kyle.”

“Anyway,” Arthur made to steer the topic away from Batman’s abs, “we’ve got the rest of the month to think about it. Right now, we’ve got to focus on this Chemistry shit.”

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“In brightest day, in blackest night,
Our love will prevail in every fight.
Let those who worship Vegemite,
Beware my power– Big Mac Bite!“

“I don’t think that’s how it went, Alfred.”

“Yes, it did, Artie!”

“No, it was more of…
‘In brightest day, in darkest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let thos-’

“… why are you grinning? What’s so funny, Alfred?”


“Tell me or I will deck you, Alfred F. Jones.”

Arthur never found out why Alfred was grinning.

Oh, Iggy; Alfred’s just teasing you! ꉂ (๑¯ਊ¯)σ

Seems like Arthur (or Iggy as France likes to call him) has more superhero knowledge than he lets on huh
//due to a certain fast food enthusiast haahhaha

I’ve been binge-reading some USUK fics so I drew a thing huzzah
I hope y’all like this! o(^▽^)o

I’m just gonna go back to being flooded by my assignments again

Happily Ever After

 a/n: Hi guys! This was my writing for the @usukustwiceperyear event. I can’t explain how much this has helped me with the writer’s block I was struggling with, so I hope I am able to update soon. Btw, I know the title is kinda lame,  but either way I hope you enjoy it!


Beautiful, rosy colours joined the sky while the sun started to go down. A couple of birds passed by, immersed on their own adventure while an Englishman stood in front of the school’s yard. Arthur Kirkland was sitting down, his hair so dishevelled some locks covered his green eyes. He was wearing a brown vest, khaki trousers, and the green tie he usually wore. His slender shoulders held low, as well as his upper body, while Arthur’s legs were crossed and his gaze focused on a small group of ants scavenging through the park.

A sound seemed to disturb the blond man. His face tilted, and he immediately stood up as his long-time friend approached him with careful eyes. Arthur frowned as he regarded him, as if he was a deer noticing for the first time the headlights.

“What—What are you doing here?” Arthur stuttered. Alfred Jones took a step closer, and Arthur faced him fully. Only then, Alfred had the chance to look at the tears that roamed through Arthur’s chin.

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A/n: This was based off something I thought of a while back. An AU where Arthur is an omega and lives in a small town where no one finds him attractive or mate-worthy because they’ve all literally grown up with him. He’s the local lil’ bro. A new then alpha moves in and he’s practically head over heels with him… and Arthur has no idea what to do.

Also thanks @katryusha for beta-ing half of it! 

“Ah, Arthur, finally arrived to swindle me of my money.” the shopkeeper declared as the blond struggled through the heavy glass doors. He shoved through them with a slight grunt, groaning as he tugged his scarf free of the closed door’s hold. 

“What is it now, hm? Bread for fifty-percent off? Half the store for free? Anything to serve His Royal Highness.” 

The beta shopkeep punctuated this with a small burst of hearty laughter as his large hand came smashing down onto the counter. The omega jumped at the sudden noise, drawing yet a louder laugh from the other man’s lips. 

Arthur crinkled his nose in response, sniffing as he slowly unraveled his scarf, face pink from the cold and hair like spun gold tucked under his woolen cap.

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