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An Alpha who is known as the class ‘delinquent’ due to their poor attendance and even poorer grades, but who also happens to be in love with the Omega that is the top student in their class and has very little patience for the Alpha’s obnoxious flirting and other antics. (I had to shorten the prompt to fit it in the ask) if you're still taking prompts ! I don't mind if you're too busy though ! I LOVE all your omegaverse omg! And TBH all your writings !!

Okay first of all thank you so much @red-admiral-lyon I’m very very happy to know that you enjoy my fics xD it means a lot, for real! And to the anon and you, HERE U GO.

“Leave me alone Jones, I’m too busy to deal with your shit today.”

“Aww come on sweetheart, there’s no need for you to be like that. You know you look more cute when you smile.” 

“If you want me to smile, kindly remove your presence from my life.”

They were currently in their school’s library that surprisingly enough was empty. The Omega was trying, key word trying, to study for their upcoming history test but he found himself unable to progress thanks to the annoying, albeit handsome, hooligan of an Alpha that couldn’t for dear life leave Arthur alone. 

“Aww you say that now Artie, but you would definitely miss me if I’m gone.” 

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Alfred.”

“Thinking about you helps me sleep at night.”

Ugh how was Arthur supposed to concentrate if he had to suffer the Alpha’s cheesy comments every five seconds? He knew the content but one didn’t stay as the top student just by knowing the content of their class. Then it hit Arthur, it was probably the best or worst idea the omega has ever had in his entire life. 

“That’s nice Alfred, but listen, if you leave me alone now and manage to get an A in our upcoming history test, I’ll finally accept one of your stupid offers to go on a date. However, if you don’t, you’ll leave me alone once and for all. Deal?”

“Babe you’ve got yourself a deal.”

And before Arthur could even process what just happened, the Alpha got up from where he was sitting next to Arthur, kissed him on the cheek and ran out of the library.


Some peace and quite.

Arthur started studying, not thinking about the consequences of the deal he just made. He wouldn’t regret it a week later, but he would learn to not underestimate the Alpha.


It was supposed to be impossible!

The Alpha had less than 48-hours to study and yet somehow he managed to score not only an A, but an A+.

“Soo Artie, you do remember our deal from the other day right?”

Arthur stopped looking at the Alpha’s test sheet to look at him with a forced smile, “Don’t be silly Alfred, I’m a gentleman and I wouldn’t forget something that I proposed myself.”

“Great then I’ll pick you up tomorrow around 7pm. I hope you like bowling!” Arthur wished he could share the Alpha’s enthusiasm. He didn’t reply, he just kept up the fake smile while he cursed himself in his mind.

Okay so it turns out that Alfred wasn’t as bad as people made him seem. He was actually very sweet and also very smart and also every single bit of Arthur’s type. Plus, he was also a very good kisser. Arthur could definitely confirm that, since they were furiously making out in the Alpha’s truck.  

A-Al..” a soft moan escaped Arthur when Alfred stopped kissing him on the lips in favor of leaving love bites all across his neck, Arthur’s weak spot. He felt Alfred smirk and he decided that he needed to knock him down a peg. 

Leaning in closer to Alfred’s ear he whispered, “For the record, you are still annoying as hell…and I expect an A on the next test as well.”

Artie…” the Alpha whined.

“No whining Alfred, now let’s get back to where we left it shall we?”

Granted it surprised everyone when the day after both Alfred and Arthur smelled like each other, but not as much as it surprised them when the class delinquent was no longer a delinquent but a top student. 

Here u go. Enjoy. From me for u 2. 

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If you're still taking requests, UsUk fluff with England being super cute<3

Thank you very much for the request! I am sorry if my interpretation is mistaken. 


my friend @kitty-is-not-on-fire wanted usuk fluff and who the f am i to disagree 

plus clingy alfred is best alfred!1 f ac t

so have this stupid doodle 

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Oh god the one with the alpha trying to impress the omega but they can't because the omega keeps getting better grades pretty much sums up USUK if you ask me so if you don't mind can you write it for me pretty please?

Oh hell yes I can enjoy bby ;D

What the hell was his problem? Arthur just wanted to be left alone, was that too much to ask? He knew he wasn’t really the most appealing omega in school but there was no need for Alfred F. Jones, who just happened to be his crush, to annoy him every single class just because he got higher grades than him. Don’t get him wrong he understood that Alphas had their “alpha supremacy” bullshit going on but that didn’t give Alfred any right to make his high school life more terrible than what it already was. 

Today it seemed that Arthur wasn’t going to be left alone again. He knew that if he just answered a couple of questions wrong the whole issue would be dropped but he was far too prideful for that so Alfred be damned. 

They were in he middle of their math class, the teacher was handing out their tests and as usual Arthur scored a 100 while Alfred scored a 98. It seemed that the Alpha has had enough of always being the second best in their class since upon seeing their results, he slammed his down hard on his table, stood up and glared at Arthur. In the back of his mind Arthur thought if he could survive a fight with an Alpha, and not just any Alpha but the ridiculously strong Alfred Jones. 

“Mr. Jones please sit back down—”

“No! No I will not sit back down! In every single class for the past 2 years I’ve been trying to get a higher score than Arthur but every time he manages to get a perfect score!  How is that even possible?!” By this point Alfred was now in front of Arthur’s desk, looking down on him with clear despair in his blue eyes. He leaned in closer, invading Arthur’s personal bubble. Arthur was getting ready to be yelled at by Alfred but imagine his surprise when instead of yelling Alfred whispered just for him to hear, “ How the hell am I ever supposed to try and court you if I can’t even get a higher math score than you..”



Suddenly everything clicked in Arthur’s mind, from Alfred’s strange behavior towards him to his fixation in trying to surpass Arthur. 

It seemed that Alfred didn’t mean to say that and got caught in the moment, since he suddenly started to panic, Arthur could smell it.

He didn’t mean to, really. But Arthur found all of it, the years of competition and how he thought his love was unrequited, extremely hilarious. So he laughed. That stopped Alfred from having a panic attack but instead it made the Alpha very confused. 

After sobering up, Arthur looked directly into Alfred’s eyes, that were still far too close for his comfort and smiled. 

“Alfred, do you maybe after school want to go and study together and maybe after we can grab diner together?”

An Omega asking an Alpha out wasn’t something that happened everyday but Arthur could smell on Alfred that he didn’t mind.

“I-I would love to.” Alfred was elated, he was sure the whole class, despite not hearing their conversation, knew what just happened between them and just why Alfred was happy. “But just so we’re clear, next time I’m definitely getting a higher grade!” 

“In your dreams!” 

Ahh shit this is my first omegaverse fic umm I tried and therefore no one should criticize me? Lmao bye.

Cuddle Me, Wanker.

Summary: Arthur’s pre-heat has very unfortunate symptoms. Poor Alfred. (Omegaverse!)

Rating: Older Teen; Mature language and mentions of sexual topics.

Red’s comments: I love you guys so much. Thank you for the support and to make up for my slacking, I revamped an old never-seen story. Hope you enjoy. <3.

Being an omega had to be the worst thing on the planet. For one thing, they were constantly objectified. Childbirth was a bitch and every damn couple of months, the universe decided to make life hell for a straight week just because it felt like it. Arthur despised being an omega. And hell no, he wasn’t a dainty whiny little thing like the omegas portrayed on tv. He was him: a strong, no-bullshit man from England who loved tea and poetry. It infuriated him to think of the stigma. 

This week, however, Arthur found himself hating being an omega more than ever. His heat was beginning in a few days but that wasn’t enough. The universe wanted to spite him with all kinds of hellish symptoms. Arthur wanted to die. He was angry at the world and questioned the purpose of life as he squirmed on the bed. Then, just as he thought his dreaded existence could not get any more miserable, Alfred walked through the door.

He was tall and handsome– though not the brightest. Alfred was the only alpha Arthur could stand. Alfred was different. He let Arthur be his wild, British, cranky self. Arthur adored him. But even so, he was pissed off so Alfred was shit out of luck.

“Hey, babe, how was–”

“Don’t you start that alpha fuckboy bullshit on me! I am in pain! And if you even try to get in my pants, I will rip off your wanker and feed it to the dogs!”

A pillow went flying into the alpha’s face and Arthur burrowed beneath the blankets in rage. Alfred could only stare in complete confusion and shock while he tried to piece his thoughts together. 

“I-I’m sorry sweetie, I wasn’t trying to–”

“Sweetie this, sweetie that, well fuck you! If only your insides were twisting in knots and you could barely fucking move! Stupid alphas… if only you knew the hell we suffer. We are never having sex again!!!”

Alfred turned as white as a ghost, “Y-You don’t mean that… Honey, i-is it your p-p-pre-heat? I’m sorry you don’t feel good… Is there anything I can do to help?” 

There was a moment of silence before Arthur popped his head from the covers, green eyes squinted.

“You are to bring me your largest warmest sweater and your batman boxers. Then you are to feed me and rub my feet. If you do not cuddle me, you wanker, I will despise you for all eternity. Do you understand?”

Alfred had to fight the urge to giggle. “Got it, I’ll be right back, sweetheart.”

“And don’t call me that!” Arthur called as Alfred rushed out of the room, 

“Roger that.”

The alpha couldn’t help but break out into a wide grin. He loved to make his omega feel better.

Hetalia Fanfictions:

Alrighty. So there’s 84 of y’all here now and, since I am still a weeb, I assume that a majority of y’all like Hetalia. SOOOooo, have some fanfictions that need love. (Please check them out. I know irl is more important, but i think they still deserve some lovin’)

Twinsanity by WitchOfDarkness13 Shenanigans with the NA Bros

Not Your Average Fairy Tale by PurplePatchwork RusAme based on the Princess and the Frog. Fluffy and funny for a wonderful, lighthearted read.

Edge of the World by Vaecordia Dark!America. Dark!Russia. Dark!RusAme. Obviously, darker with mentions to war, MAD, etc.

American Sleepover by SkittleBarf Lighthearted, fluffy RusAme

Star Spangled Border by EgyptianRatScrew (Don’t think it’s finished but…) Statetalia, murder mystery, angst

Russian Cursive is Bullshit by Mizuni-no-neko Fluffy and domestic for all RusAme shippers*

Pillowtalk by fengbi USUK fluff + President. No mention of current events though

Words Left Unsaid by Shepherd-of-the-stars GerAme getting together story + neko!Germany

The Real Me by United States of Awesomness Very Dark!America. TW for violence and manipulation

Promised to Me by Daughter Of The Revolution Historical RusAme, GerAme. From beginning to end (of the world)

All of Our Sins by Terminally Introverted Spamano. The Italy Bros’ adventure with a corrupt church

Flowers of Red, White, and Blue by EgyptianRatScrew America has gone missing due to a case of amnesia. Much more interesting than what this little blurb makes it seem.

The New America by PurpleLuna98 America in the future. unfortunately unfinished.

A Taste of Payback by TomatoAmor Mexico”s story as Spain’s colony. Either ends on the worst cliffhanger or (more probable) unfinished. Regardless, still wonderfully executed

Saddle Bum by hoshiko2kokoro USUK reviving their breaking relationship

Deadly Double by addie-cake Russia’s placement of the world as a chessboard

Manifest Destiny by Phoenix-Fire Power nations decide to give America the cold shoulder until he gets his act together.

Issues by Monamourz Romerica. America has abandonment issues that Romano must learn to deal with

Brothers Under the Sun by Audinale55 WWII veteran’s adventures to reunite with America. USUK

Isolation by Well Groomed Goldfish Dystopian future based in America

The Burdens We Bear by Salmagundi Mpreg. US Civil War. Angst

That was long. I’m sorry. Bolded fics are the ones that I think are the best of this bunch. Please reblog so others can see. Maybe the other cornchips in this fandom can give these SO talented authors some love.

All American Roadtrip

Rating: G

At first, Arthur had believed it had been all of Alfred’s fault. In retrospect, the American did manage to always get himself in bizarre situations– and in many of them, he dragged Arthur along. But this… This was the icing on the cake. Alfred had finally managed to get them stranded in the middle of nowhere without any way of gathering help! Arthur grew more furious with every stalk of corn that caught his eye and Alfred wasn’t helping to soothe the Englishman’s horrid temper. The car had broken down in the middle of a stark country road and now they were stuck. Great. Just bloody wonderful.

“Dude, this sucks!” Alfred exclaimed, “I thought for sure I had fixed it! I spent all yesterday working on the pistons!”

Arthur sighed dismally, hopping out of the pickup to follow Alfred. The American opened up the hood and they both stared in shock as the engine was engulfed in a thick cloud of smoke. Arthur coughed, batting the substance away from his eyes. Alfred looked like he had lost a friend, sinking to his knees in a puddle of sorrow onto the hard dirt road. He muttered something about ‘nothing going right’ and ‘just leave me here to wallow in my failure’ until Arthur gave in and crouched down beside him.

“Alfred, it is not that much of a big deal. Just fix the bloody truck.”

“B-But… I-I already tried that.” Alfred sniffled.

Arthur rolled his eyes, sighing, “Heroes don’t quit so easily. You are a hero, aren’t you?”

Alfred stopped his whining immediately, face turning pink and stared up at Arthur with a surprised expression.

“You think… I’m a hero?” He asked, reluctant to hear Arthur’s mean response.

Surprisingly, one never came and Arthur smiled down at him. Alfred was a little freaked out at Arthur’s uncharacteristic kindness towards him, but he reasoned that the heat must’ve been getting to him.

“Yes. And I know a hero such as you can do anything he sets his mind to, Alfred.” He said softly.

“Arthur… I… Thank you…’’ The American grabbed Arthur in a tight embrace making the Englishman squirm.

“Get the bloody hell off of me!”

Alfred snickered but released the man, and set about how to get the car to start again. He was a little bummed, to be honest. Alfred wanted this road trip to be perfect. Now, they had only made it to the next state over and already disaster had struck. Gloomily he went about trying to fix the engine and got out his toolbox from the trunk.

The sound of metal filled the air and Arthur busied himself with writing in his little green notebook, the one he had brought along the entire trip and refused to let the American see.

“What are ya writing, Iggy?” Alfred asked.

“None of your business.”

An hour passed and finally, the car was up and running. They made it to the hotel another two hours later, and to Arthur’s anguish, had to share a room. Alfred apologized profusely and Arthur stomped off to the shower.

Alfred was unpacking when he saw it: the little green notebook on Arthur’s side of the bed. His curiosity overtook him and cautiously he flipped through the pages until one caught his eye. It read:

Day Four of The ‘Great American Roadtrip’:

The car broke down today. At first, I was furious with Alfred’s stupidity but I know it wasn’t his fault. In fact, he’s quite good with a wrench… for an American wanker. We had to pull over in the middle of nowhere and it took two hours for the car to start again. Halfway through Alfred seemed discouraged, which is very unlike him. He’s such a childish man. I must admit… it was quite cute when he began to whine and pout about things going awry. When I tried to make him feel better, he smiled, and I got flustered. That boy has a beautiful smile,  one I might keep growing fond of every day of this trip, and I like that idea…

The American smiled and felt a blush stain his cheeks. Just as he put it away, Arthur returned in a cozy set of pajamas, smiling at him gently.

“Shower’s yours, mate.”

“Thanks.” He scurried off to the bathroom.

Arthur chuckled, grinning as he looked over to the nightstand with his journal half open. Perhaps Alfred would grow fond of him as well.

Christmas Gift 1: Lost and Found

I hope you had a wonderful day today!

I have to deliver a special gift to lovely @gallifreyanlibertea​ who requested it and had to receive it today! I’m sorry I couldn’t send you anything else, but I hope you’ll like this second attempt at fluffy omegaverse ;)

Notes: I’ve never been to NY! Sorry for inaccuracies (and eventual mistakes, English is not my first language).

Lost and Found (USUK, omegaverse, fluff)

Alfred F. Jones was an alpha working as a guard at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and he was (damn) good at his job.

He was extraordinary with the kids, precise at giving directions, careful at guarding the emergency doors and the main entrance and he also could help with random informations and improvised guided tours about the sections he liked and knew about the most.

Yes, he was an alpha, but he was an extremely friendly one, he was caring and he always wore a big smile on his face when on duty, a fact that gained him the trust of his bosses, the friendship and alliance of his co-workers and the absolute love of (most) visitors.

However, his most special talent, the thing only him could do with extreme precision, the flair for which he had become famous between the museum’s employees, was being infallible at finding and returning items lost on the museum’s ground, just using his flawless sense of smell.

That was why, when one snowy afternoon of late December (almost Christmas!) his pal and co-worker Toris found a black leather glove on the American History section’s floor, he immediately brought it to Alfred, asking him to look around for the owner.

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A Long Drive

Pairing: UsUk
Genre: Fluff/Cute/G A Y
Warnings: Hm. Nothin. Cheesy.

“Carry on my wayward soo~oon!!” Alfred cheered loudly, singing go the lyrics of the song blasting from the small radio of the volkswagen. “There’ll be peace when you are done~ Lay your weary head to rest!” he grinned at Arthur, resting a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t you cry no more~”

Arthur simply rolled his eyes with a wide smile, looking down at his book. “Keep your eyes on the road.”

“Ahh, what road? This is asphalt that’s so covered in dirt and crop seed it damn near blends in with the fields. We’d be driving over someone’s rice farm if it weren’t for the bogs.” Alfred remarked.

Arthur couldn’t help but laugh, giving up on following the sentences of his novel. He folded it away and tucked it into the glove box. “Very true. This road trip is starting to become so long, I don’t know why we didn’t take a plane.”

“Arthur. Two reasons. A, Trinity doesn’t have an airport. B, it’s only a four hour drive! Gives us time to bond!” Alfred smiled, turning the music down a tad bit.

“Mmm, yes, bond over the repercussions of burrito night last night.” Arthur remarked with a smirk.

“My bad,” Alfred pouted, “that was bad planning on my behalf.”

Arthur smiled, “I was only teasing. I’m going to nap.” The Englishman closed his eyes, and Alfred didn’t mind as he kept on to their destination.

Late that night, an hour after the sun had set over the mountains, Alfred found himself struggling with the mechanisms of their tent as Arthur remained asleep in the car. Or, so he thought.

Arthur smiled to himself when Alfred wod curse and twist and shout at the unforgiving poles, and he couldn’t help but fall more in love. He soon shut his eyes though when Alfred finished, approaching the car to pick Arthur up and carry him into their tent. Alfred smiled as they crawled into the airbed, and he held Arthur close.

“Hey, Arthur?”


“Before you go to sleep..I gotta ask you something.”

“And what is that, dear?”

Alfred shuffled lazily through his bag, grabbing a small box, opening it to reveal the most beautiful engagement ring crafted. “Will you be mine forever?”

It had been a long day and long road trip. But even the negative parts of today didn’t damper Arthur’s smile at all when he nodded.


A/n: This was based off something I thought of a while back. An AU where Arthur is an omega and lives in a small town where no one finds him attractive or mate-worthy because they’ve all literally grown up with him. He’s the local lil’ bro. A new then alpha moves in and he’s practically head over heels with him… and Arthur has no idea what to do.

Also thanks @katryusha for beta-ing half of it! 

“Ah, Arthur, finally arrived to swindle me of my money.” the shopkeeper declared as the blond struggled through the heavy glass doors. He shoved through them with a slight grunt, groaning as he tugged his scarf free of the closed door’s hold. 

“What is it now, hm? Bread for fifty-percent off? Half the store for free? Anything to serve His Royal Highness.” 

The beta shopkeep punctuated this with a small burst of hearty laughter as his large hand came smashing down onto the counter. The omega jumped at the sudden noise, drawing yet a louder laugh from the other man’s lips. 

Arthur crinkled his nose in response, sniffing as he slowly unraveled his scarf, face pink from the cold and hair like spun gold tucked under his woolen cap.

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