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Ship any fictional character you want to.
If you don’t like a ship other’s ship. Don’t look at it. Problem solved. I along with so many others are sick and tired of seeing the hate for what they ship.
You have your OTPs and NOTPs and I have mine.
Plus! These are fictional characters, what you ship isn’t what you indorce. If you ship Sangwoo x Yoonbum doesn’t mean you support abusive relationships. If you ship Shiro x Pidge doesn’t mean you support pedophilia. If you ship Hikaru x Kaoru doesn’t mean you support incest

Sometimes Alpha children will compete with their Alpha parent for their Omega parent’s attention/affection. The Omega parent will usually find this adorable and loves the attention their child is giving them, and will even laugh when they see their Alpha getting frustrated with the child and trying to get their Omega’s attention back on them.

His Reunion

Fandom: Hetalia

Pairing: USUK

Rating: T (some swear words)

Summary: Alfred realizes he doesn’t have a date to his high school reunion, and so he goes to his neighbor, friend, and crush for help. Six hours later, the two of them are both relishing in the feeling of dating the other (fake or not). The two of them, horrible at communication, go on like this all night. Will either of them ever make a move? Sure doesn’t seem like it, with how they dance around each other. 

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Reunited Friends AU part 8!~
I can’t believe how long this took I’m so sorry! I’m now studying abroad in America and things are super intense! But I managed to graw the next part! I regret that nothing really happens in this part but it’s a needed bridge for stuff to happen XD I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Hehehe and you thought the story was just a cute one off to show Arthur’s frustration XDD Nope, he’s still working on it!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! You’re all so sweet and kind and I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! THANK YOU!!

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USUK Sweetheart’s Week
Day 4:
School Daze
High school AU where Alfred is the typical sport super star and his boyfriend Arthur is the straight A student. While Alfred would love to ask Arthur out to prom in the most extravagant way, he knows Arthur would be less than pleased at being the center of attention. So instead he surprises Arthur at his locker at the end of the day with his letterman jacket to wear home (because he knows Arthur loves to wear it) and a simple sign. Arthur simply puts the jacket on and pecks Al on the cheek as a yes and for being so considerate of his boundaries. /) v (\


I have free time so I am doing translation~ Well, I’m still amateur so yeah~ If anyone is free and willing, please help me clean and type the words as I realize I don’t have the necessary means to do this properly (I use paint tool all the way). I hope this is okay, enjoy~

Title : Candy Pop (USUK School Anthology)

Author : Aoki Kabura (Unsure)

Notes : It’s not pants, it should be underwear on page 3

And another one of these USUK AU where they’re gay very gay in a boarding school. Please pray for their souls (prayer emoji). Somebody make a fic of this I’ll read the shit out of it. pls

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“That doesn’t count, just because soccer has more games-!”

“It has more games because it’s the superior sport.”


no-rules-no-responsibility had a perfect idea for an au in which Alfred and Arthur are the star players of the football and soccer teams at their school, respectively, and are really really competitive and try to one-up each other all the time. I had to try and draw its perfection.

At my school football is a fall sport and soccer is spring but for the sake of this au we’ll pretend they happen at the same time. Also I have no idea if high school soccer has that many more games than football, but the MLS plays a ton more games than the NFL so let’s just go with it.

If I have time I’ll def draw more things for this au I just love it so much.

Have Some Confidence

Pairing: USUK
Rating: K
Teaser/Summary: Arthur is a simple student who has good grades, participated in school activities and was student council president. The only problem is his confidence in himself is not very high. Fortunately, the new student in school may be able to help our bushy-browed StuCo president!

Note: I participated in the @usuknetwork Summer Festival this year! This is my gift for @briaranise-star. Her second prompt was “High school AU, Arthur struggling with his self-esteem and not understanding why the golden boy Alfred is suddenly lavishing him with attention”. Hope I did well and that you like it! :D (ohgodalltheclicheswhy)

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Impossible Game

Title: Impossible Game

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Words: 1402

Summary: Life isn’t easy when the future looks bleak. Arthur isn’t sure how he’s supposed to progress through high school. The trials and tribulations that stand before him seem immense. But maybe he doesn’t have to do it all alone? Maybe being an omega isn’t the end of the world.

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