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High school au where the otp are friends who are grossly obviously in love but aren’t dating, and the whole school knows and ships it. So the the school plans a Spirit Week and ever day is a different thing that get one of the otp hot an bothered. Like 40’s friday and sports monday. Person A’s brain stops working when they see B in a 40’s suit. Person B has to breath deeply when they see A in their sport uniform. Just the whole school being in on trying to get these two dorks together.

Sometimes Alpha children will compete with their Alpha parent for their Omega parent’s attention/affection. The Omega parent will usually find this adorable and loves the attention their child is giving them, and will even laugh when they see their Alpha getting frustrated with the child and trying to get their Omega’s attention back on them.



Reunited Friends AU part 8!~
I can’t believe how long this took I’m so sorry! I’m now studying abroad in America and things are super intense! But I managed to graw the next part! I regret that nothing really happens in this part but it’s a needed bridge for stuff to happen XD I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Hehehe and you thought the story was just a cute one off to show Arthur’s frustration XDD Nope, he’s still working on it!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! You’re all so sweet and kind and I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! THANK YOU!!

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2 am and I found this cute fic and thought you’d like to read it maybe

I did indeed enjoy reading it! Thank you so much for sending it !!

Here’s the summary:  Arthur Kirkland was cursed long ago to forget what he was doing every time he walked through a door. Not to worry, because he was used to writing down what he was doing into a little book he carried with him! Sometimes he didn’t want to follow through with what he had decided earlier, but he usually did it any - why in the world had he written to ask Alfred out on a date!


add sports to the list of things hetalia has either ruined or made 300% better

i made a gay homo drawing for my gay homo bf captainjellyroll‘s birthday u v y <3333

they’re stargazing or smth idk i’ve always thought that’d be a romantic thing to do i dk /)//q//(\ 

Starting Over

Author: theSardonyx

Summary: They sat through class quietly, and for once, Arthur didn’t have any crumpled balls of paper thrown at him. Nobody picked on him on his way to the next classes either. Maybe it’s because he was with Alfred, or maybe because they still couldn’t believe that he was the Arthur Kirkland they once knew.

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USUK Sweetheart’s Week
Day 4:
School Daze
High school AU where Alfred is the typical sport super star and his boyfriend Arthur is the straight A student. While Alfred would love to ask Arthur out to prom in the most extravagant way, he knows Arthur would be less than pleased at being the center of attention. So instead he surprises Arthur at his locker at the end of the day with his letterman jacket to wear home (because he knows Arthur loves to wear it) and a simple sign. Arthur simply puts the jacket on and pecks Al on the cheek as a yes and for being so considerate of his boundaries. /) v (\

OTP Idea #66

Imagine your OTP having a conversation. Would it be something awkward, like about the weather or would they start talking about politics and then eventually they’re talking about surviving the apocalypse.

Impossible Game

Title: Impossible Game

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Words: 1402

Summary: Life isn’t easy when the future looks bleak. Arthur isn’t sure how he’s supposed to progress through high school. The trials and tribulations that stand before him seem immense. But maybe he doesn’t have to do it all alone? Maybe being an omega isn’t the end of the world.

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