Summary: Needy Arthur!

Alfred had been taken back when Arthur climbed into bed with him that night. The Brit had curled right into his chest and played with Alfred’s hair. He had even told him he loved him twice.

“You okay, babe?” Alfred asked.

Arthur didn’t respond for a minute or two, instead focusing on the feeling of Alfred rubbing soothing circles on his back. He nodded, hugging his boyfriend tighter. Arthur had felt needy all day, desperate for his lover to hold him and talk to him. He couldn’t tell why he felt so needy but the current moment felt like heaven. Alfred was warm and huggable and smelled like home and Arthur couldn’t help but snuggle closer and kiss him on the jaw. Alfred smiled and kissed Arthur back on the lips. Arthur smiled in return and buried his face in the crook of Alfred’s neck, and Alfred returned to rubbing his back. The American seemed to understand and squeezed Arthur reassuringly.

“I love you, baby.”

“Love you too, darling.”

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Hello hey I'm here to ask for some cool hetalia AU's that you have?? Like, it could be for anyone and anything!! I just rly wanna write! Hopefully this doesn't sound mean ??? Have a good day!!

Ahhh don’t worry about sounding mean this is a great question (actually i’ve been looking for good writing prompts lately as well)

i’ve actually got a ton of au’s that i’ve never ended up writing (mostly dennor). i’ve got an assortment below the read more that hopefully helps

Hope you have a good day too!

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Hey guys, remember this scene?

And this one?

In the first scene shown above, America was showing England planes he had built, and he accidentally admits that he had built them to fight England, when he is then interrupted and reminded by a guy that that was supposed to be top secret information. In the second scene, Germany was explaining current world affairs by drawing a diagram in the sand. As you can see, it says that America is “annoying, already prepared strategies again England.”

This actually does have a historical basis behind it, which I didn’t even know about until recently. America had made a secret military plan codenamed War Plan Red, which was essentially a plan for what to do in case America ever had to go to war against England. It involved defense plans in case England ever used Canada as a base for invasion. The plan was started in the 1920s and constantly updated over the years. Then, in 1970 something, it was declassified and released to the public. You can read about it here.

Just some history for yall!

All American Gentleman


{I decided to make a 1940′s AU for USUK, in which Arthur, an aspiring English author decides to stay in America. There, he meets spunky, gorgeous, annoying Alfred Jones. Though when Arthur left back to England, Alfred couldn’t take it. Arthur and Feliciano found Alfred in his quiet Brooklyn apartment with a bottle of whiskey and cyanide pills by his hand. Arthur swore off falling in love, for fear of being torn apart.}

{Told in Feliciano’s perspective}

How do I begin to describe Alfred F. Jones…? Mio dio, he was…

beautiful. He was just absolutely spectacular, to be completely honest.

Heh. He was damn flirtatious too. Always winking at the pretty girls that walked past us.

He laughed at the most stupid of jokes; doesn’t matter if they made sense or not. He’d laugh at them to make you smile. He was a kind man, with a pure soul.

But I saw right through his smile. He’d come to me in tears and grab my shirt. “Feliciano, I can’t do it. I can’t be away from him anymore.”

“Away from who?” I’d ask. “Arthur…my fiancé.” I’d nod and let him tell me what he needed to. He was to wed in the spring–when the trees’ flowers were just blooming and the wind was nice and the sky perfect.

But he was in love with a man. And in the great state of New York in 1941, men didn’t marry men. It was obviously eating away at Alfred. Though that beautiful engagement ring of his always made him smile.

It was as bright and big and blue as his eyes.

Since Arthur left back to Britain, Alfred started getting bad. He knew how dangerous it was to be in love yet he took the chance. But it was still forbidden–so he drank and drank till he couldn’t even say either of our names right.

Though one day–the day Arthur came back–we went to go visit Alfred and talk about the wedding. His door was unlocked and his room sounded as eerie as those horrifying radio programs.

Arthur found him first. Screamed his name and shook his body mercilessly, as if he’d wake up. Though Alfred never opened those sapphire eyes again. And his ring seemed to darken as if it knew what had happened.

He didn’t even leave a note–if you were close to him, you knew why he did it.

The tears on his cheeks and the ring in his palm were the only goodbye he could leave for us.

Person A is ripping apart their house looking for their favorite shirt. They have completely destroyed their room looking for it because “damn it that is my FAVORITE shirt, where IS it?” They stomp into the living room and it’s like they hit a brick wall cause Person B is just laying there in the shirt. Person B looks up and is all “you okay?” Person A just says “I’m fine. I’m just gonna….lay down” and shuffles out of the room because person b looked really REALLY good in that shirt.

Talking to My Relatives
  • <p><b>Relative:</b> So, how's school?<p/><b>Brain:</b> Terrible<p/><b>Me:</b> Good<p/><b>Relative:</b> Read anything lately?<p/><b>Brain:</b> Fanfiction<p/><b>Me:</b> Yeah<p/><b>Relative:</b> Like what?<p/><b>Brain:</b> Fanfiction<p/><b>Me:</b> Uh-Uh E-Edgar Alan Poe?<p/><b>Relative:</b> I knew you would read something like that.<p/><b>Brain:</b> Your lucky this time....<p/></p>