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Misaki - Aries Sun, Virgo Moon, Capricorn Rising

Usui - Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon, Leo Rising

Note: Canonically, Misaki is a Libra Sun while Usui is a Taurus Sun, but if you watch the show, it’s obvious that they have different signs.

Misaki and Usui are the two main protagonists in “Kaichou wa Maid Sama.” Misaki is the hardworking, independent female class president in a recently made co-ed high school. She secretly works as a maid in a maid cafe to earn money for her family. Usui is a mysterious, yet charismatic student also attending the same high school. Many girls have confessed their love to him, only to get rejected. Nobody knows much about Usui or what he does in his free time.

There is a lot of conflict that goes on between Usui and Misaki. Misaki sees Usui to be an annoying burden, for Usui likes to follow her and easily tease her whenever she works in the maid cafe. However, Usui always comes to save Misaki whenever she is in trouble, despite the fact that Misaki is a very independent, physically strong person.

Misaki often gets flustered by Usui’s actions, and feels that she’s somehow wrapped around his fingers. With her Aries Sun, she often feels transparent compared to Usui, who skillfully hides his identity and complete intentions with his Scorpio Sun. Throughout the series, she struggles to acknowledge her feelings for him, often suppressing it with other mundane tasks to think about due to her hardworking Virgo Moon. Usui’s emotions aren’t apparent with his Capricorn Moon, but his emotions are shown in his eyes whenever he feels emotionally touched by Misaki.

Other characters in the series have seen Misaki and Usui to be a power couple. With a Leo Rising, Usui is able to be extremely attractive, charismatic and charming. Throughout the series, he is seen in a variety of outfits that only complement his good looks.  With a Capricorn Rising, Misaki is often seen to be an intimidating authority. Many of the male students she disciplines in the high school are often afraid of her. However, with her high position and admirable work ethic, Misaki is usually seen to be very respectable by others.