Nobu, Nobu, our dear Nobu, happy 30th Birthday!!!! (10.24.86)

Uwaaaahhh! I can’t believe you’re in your thirties! Morel like, I can’t believe Ryota is older than you by a few months XD Our dear Pikorin, keep getting along with people from Kiramune and of course from your other co-workers too. I love seeing you getting bullied by your sempais and you trying to bully them back most probably unsuccessfully but sometimes successfully too XD

Hopefully, more people would appreciate the fact that you have a VERY wide voice range - onee, tsundere, hyper peeps, silent peeps, over confident idiots, dark types, bright types, a samurai, a creep and many more. Just continue what you want to do and we will always be here to support you

PS. Try to cut on your sweets, I know you love it but we never know when diabetes can come~~ Take care of your health, Nobu~!

Happy Birthday Okamoto Nobuhiko!!!

I wanna make an open letter to the man I have adored for years the guy who has voiced so many people and with that giving them life of their own: Dear Nobuhiko you made it honey! The big 3-oh! You are so much wiser than your last year and have done much more. First of all I wanna congratulate you! You give so much to the characters you voice and it shines through in your performance. I fell for you as Usui Takumi and went ahead and fell for you along the way. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been presented with so many shows (yeah sometimes I just watch them cause you are there but hey I support you and then if I like the story I stay) and it’s thanks to your ability to immerse me in to the story that I stay! It’s incredible because I can see you grow not only in Japan but also internationally! I mean I’m supporting you in the us (tho I started supporting you since I was in Mexico) Sure I might not be in Japan but I can try my best to buy your albums and merch. I can always send you my good vibes and always wish you the best! You are versatile, unique, adorable and always willing to try his best at everything! You are now a respected Senpai but you are still the Kouhai of many and that’s ok! There is so much ahead of you, many more roles to play, much more music to sing! And I’m still going to be here supporting you! (As well as many other girls I’m sure! :D) Just try your best, keep on smiling and eat some sweets cause you still got plenty ahead of you my beautiful beb! Sincerely yours Angie

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Popular Romance/Shoujo/Slice of Life Anime Minimalist Wallpaper set

-Kaichou wa Maid Sama
-Say I Love You
-Ao Haru Ride
-Kimi ni Todoke
-My Little Monster
-Isshuukan Friends
-Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
-Tamako Market
-Ouran High School Host Club

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Happy Birthday, Pikorin~! ♥♥♥ | Birthday Bash #001

Why I love him #001 - His Cuteness

I first knew him as Usui Takumi in Kaichou wa Maid Sama. And as soon as I hear him, I was like “Who the heck is voicing this handsome young man?” When I saw him, I was blown away, he actually didn’t look as handsome as everyone would think. But the more I look at him, the more I got obssessed with how handsome he is (for me) and how adorable he could get. He has his own cuteness that I cannot bear to look away. And whenever he smiles, YOU COULD FEEL YOUR WHOLE WORLD LIGHT UP.

Drawing by me from SeiyuuMedia for Happiece [x]