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Travel Essentials

I’ve had more than my fair share of flights in my life and, after comparing my in-flight essentials to the unrealistic items many YouTubers suggest, I’ve decided to put together a list! Since it’s Summer in the Northern parts of the world, many people are travelling so hopefully this will be useful.

1) Backpack. This is non-negotiable for me. If I want a handbag with me, it usually goes into my backpack because life is so much easier when your hands are free. 

2) Entertainment. This includes an adult colouring book (with pencils and a sharpener of course), a novel to read and maybe a light magazine for long flights. If you have a tablet then that’s great as well. I don’t usually travel with my laptop (even though my laptop is a physical extension of my self tbh), but if you need it for some reason that’s also cool. Keep some non-electronic entertainment with you anyway because batteries die and there are times when you can’t use electronics on a flight (not even in flight mode).

3) Headphones and a killer playlist. I try to download new music and make a playlist before going on a trip, simply because I get sick of the music I listen to very quickly and it’s not always easy to download new music while travelling. Headphones are more comfortable than earbuds when travelling so I recommend using them if you have a pair.

4) Snacks. I sometimes get motion-sick on aeroplanes and I am physically unable to force myself to consume aeroplane food (even when the food actually tastes good). I always carry some dry snacks, like cereal bars and nuts, to keep me filled without making me nauseated. 

5) Journal + pen. I always have a notebook and a pen with me anyway, but it’s nice to have one as a travel journal. 

6) Hoodie and socks. Fun fact about aeroplanes: they’re human freezers. Hoodies can also double as a makeshift pillow if you want to catch some ZZs. Pro-tip: if you want to sleep on the plane, get the window seat so you can rest your head against the wall. If not, take the aisle so you can regularly get up and stretch your legs. Middle seats are from Hell they literally have no advantages avoid at all costs.

7) Toiletries. Travel toothbrush + toothpaste. Mini baby-powder to freshen up. Pads and extra hair-ties and scarf-pins just in case. Contact lenses for when I get off the plane and eyedrops . *maybe* some lipstick, eyeliner pencil and concealer/BB cream if I have to be somewhere after the flight and feel like a total zombie. Some hand/face lotion. Please don’t take your entire make-up kit on the flight. You won’t need it, it will make your backpack unnecessarily heave, you’ll feel super uncomfortable and it will get smudged onto your clothing/the seat at some point. 

8) Cellphone and powerbank/charger. I don’t even need to explain this. 

9) Wallet + travel documents. Check that you have these things *before* leaving your home to go to the airport.

That’s about it! I hope that this post is helpful. I usually make lots of study-related posts so this was something different. Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this. As always, my ask is always open if you have any questions.

Happy travels!

xx Munira

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Hi! I'm wanting to try making an animatic but I lost my tablet pen so I need to try using traditional. Do you happen to have any tips on making tradi-animatics? (Or maybe explain the proccess as well since I'm such a noob :'))

Well there’s like two ways I could go about this. What I usually do, since my animatics are usually in a chibi style is that I draw all the art necessary on as many pages of paper as possible. As you see below I have extra arms/hands and that’s so when I edit this digitally I can just edit that arm on an already existing picture to make a new gesture w/o me having to draw it. Once I have all the art done I then scan it all and edit it on the computer. On my Youtube (Niansue) I have art streams where I go about working on animatics and comics and then I also have a video where I put it all together so if you wanna see that it’s there~ 

As for another other way to do the animatics you could make it so 1 piece of paper = 1 frame. I would do this in my regular art style since it’s hard to put all the art needed on 1 page but I haven’t actually done any animatics this way as the amount of paper needed to be scanned is quite a lot and I’m already lazy as it is ;;=3=) Here’s a frame from a scraped project and while I’ll never finish it was still a nice experience to learn from~ 

Anyways hoped this helped you~ I know starting something you’re fairly new at can be super intimidating but this is all for fun so just do whatever and as long as you like it then you’re good lol 


My boss texts me this morning in full panic-mode about some disaster at work. He needs me to call him ASAP. I jump out of bed, call him, tell him everything I know about the situation, and hang up. Afterwards, my nerves are shot. I’m worried about my job, my anxiety is kicking into high gear, my heart is racing. I’m already dreading heading into work, and I don’t even have to be there for another seven hours.

On the way in, driving, I’m on the verge of panic. Is he mad at me? Am I gonna lose my job? Is today going to be a good day, or should I have just stayed in?

I need a way to calm down, quickly. I start my breathing exercises for when anxiety threatens to choke me out. Breathe in deeply, hold for a few seconds, slow exhale. Again. Again. Again. My heart slows. I start thinking more clearly.

I don’t usually practice any sort of divination, but today I decide I need it. I’ve read numerous things about “shufflemancy” so I decide to give it a try.

Shufflemancy is a techno witch technique for divinations. Witches use their cell phones, tablets, or computer and their music library. Ask your question, hit “shuffle” and whatever plays next will be your answer.

So I think of my first question, hold down the home button, and tell Siri “shuffle my music!” (You don’t have to use Siri or your virtual assistant, but I was driving and I like bossing her around.)

Sometimes the answer will be clear right away. I asked “is today going to be a good day?” On comes “What Goes Around” by Justin Timberlake. Awesome. I love a good karmic punch.

You can choose to start a new shuffle for each question, or skip to the next song ask you think it, or interpret the next song as part ii of your answer.

I think, “Is mad?” and have Siri shuffle again. “The Tyrant Tigrex” - Monster Hunter Freedom Soundtrack starts playing. Not good for me. Tigrex are known for their tempers and their ability to fuck shit up. The tempo of the song is fast, the tones low. They’re a warning. Danger is near.

But maybe I wasn’t specific enough. “Is mad at ME?” Shuffle a third time. “Reptilia” by The Strokes.

“I don’t know what that means,” I mumble aloud. But I start to listen to the song, hoping a lyric or phrase will jump out at me as The Answer.

‘The room is on fire and she’s fixing her hair,’ sticks in my brain. (You’re worrying over nothing/the wrong thing.) Excellent. I feel calmer.

I know my shufflemancy answers aren’t guaranteed to be 100% accurate (since no divination method is), but they put my mind at ease.

On days you’re low on spoons but have your iPhone, iPod, Zune or PC handy, it can be a great tool. Best of all, it doesn’t take too much time to complete, requires almost nothing (as long as you have your tech + music), and is almost effortless.

  • Spoon Level Low
  • Time To Complete <5 Minutes

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Can you do a tutorial on how you color it's amazing

I can try!

First, brushes.

  • I use kyletwebster​ gouache brushes, the eighth in the set for the line art/sketch and the 15th (i think it’s the 15th) in the set for coloring. The gouache brushes are slightly transparent so I can use one color to add a bit of shading instead of a whole bunch. (which isn’t a bad way to do it, it’s just for me, when i color like this though less is more) Also when I color I try to put down as much of one color without taking my pen off the tablet. If I don’t it’ll have a slight marker effect (which i also use when i’m lazy and don’t wanna erase)

First I start of with a sketch, usually in brown I set my sketch layer to multiply. This way colors kinda poke through the line art when I color it. (bc i’m a lazy piece of trash i left off the end of the keyblade. i told myself i did it bc it was better balanced in the frame but really i did it bc i was lazy)

I like to do my flats all on one layer. it’s less layers to keep track of and the paint can have a nice little bleed through effect that I like. All of these colors (except for the keyblade) are on the same layer. I then group my line art and flat colors.

On a new layer that I place above my color/line art group I pick a saturated color (usually blue or purple) and using the gradient tool (i have to transparent one that uses on color selected) I add some color. Then I add a clipping mask (right click on the layer and you’ll see the option) Set this layer to multiply and then adjust the transparency to your liking.

On a new layer I pick a saturated yellow-ish orange and use the gradient tool again, this time it’s on the top of the page instead of the bottom (or wherever is opposite of the “shadow” layer) This time I set the layer to screen.

Now I add 2 more layers, for using the same orange from before on the screen layer and the same blue for the multiply. I add more highlights and shadows on these layers this time with a brush. (I’ve also cleaned up the sketch some more.)

Woohoo we’re almost done! Now I add a layer and use the same brush I used for my sketch to add white. I kinda just put it where ever next to the line art, there isn’t really some complicated formula I use, I just mess around until I like it.

And finally I add a “filter” layer on top of all of the layers. imo it helps unify the colors. It’s usually always a shade of pink (i picked a really saturated pink but i mess around with it) and I set it to soft light. then I just adjust the tansparancy. Then I add my signatures and then I’m done!

Hope this helps!

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At list you do your comics on a computer software more fancy and all I do mine on paper and let me tell you is hard more when you get Judy's head smaller then her ears or Nick Nose smaller then his face I'm having trouble drawing nick but hey It's call art and I enjoy and I like yours too And thank you for making such a good art Work from this Fox to you!

wait, wait, wait….first of all: you used my draw as avatar???!!!!

Originally posted by frekkenbok

oooohhh my Goood, Ohhhh my Gosh, ooooohhhh my All…. thank you!!! I’m crying, omg, omg, omg….

then, I try to return a serious person.

It’s harder to draw with a digital tablet and usually when I have to draw new characters i use the paper and my precious pencil, For me it’s more simple, because I made animals portraits since six years and I consider it a “natural process”.

Zootopia is a proportions war, I know but if you don’t felling sure you can use a ruler or your pencil to take the right misures from an original image, if you’ll continue your exercises you’ll develop the right way and method to draw them as well as you can.

It takes a lot of patience, I know. But I believe that with goodwill we can do everything. :)

hello again! more general messages because i’m a disaster at replying and some questions came up several times (i don’t mind btw don’t feel bad for asking it’s just easier for me to reply this way than try to find the questions in my mess of an inbox i’m sorry) 

I work in 3000x3000~4000x4000 canvas 72 dpi default and 300 dpi for printing (don’t bother with the dpi if you are not printing, this value just affects the printing quality) and usually crop or expand as i work depending on composition

the brush set i use the most and smudge tool preset are in this post

I got my first tablet at fifteen years old, there was no point in time when i decided to get serious about drawing so i don’t know what i can call a starting point, it has remained a hobby and sometimes side job for me for years. I’m self taught but i’d love to take some classes when i have the money and the courage

about commissions!! they are still closed i’m sorry, let me explain more, PayPal stopped dealing with my country a long time ago, i could still use it with a card i had until last year when that also stopped working, so right now i have no way to get my money out of Paypal until they decide to work with us again, i don’t know how long this will take but apparently they are considering it so fingers crossed!

thank you a million times over for all the kind messages, you are never bothering me for sending them and i cherish them a lot, i have the self confidence of a potato and your support keeps me going for real, thank you ;;

unrelated!! but i have an inspiration blog where i post things i like and it runs an infinite queue so it’s always active even when i’m not! (like this last week sajdhd) if you are interested! >

that’s all for now! thanks for reading <3

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Hello! I really like your page btw. I have a question, how do you not get easily distracted by something (such as a playstation .. -.-) when you really want to learn how to draw on a graphics tablet? And how do you make a schedule like I said, without getting distracted?

Well I get distracted way too easily myself, so I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask. I try to stay organized so I don’t waste time looking for my homework/sketchbook/etc. 

I would suggest attempting to set aside some time every day, or every few days where your main task is drawing. Obviously you can’t force creativity, but this time will give you a chance to draw your ideas. 

I also try to write down any art ideas I have, that way I’m less likely to lose my inspiration when I do get around to actually drawing. 

For making a schedule there are different apps you can use most likely. 

Sometimes when I’m worried about getting distracted, I’ll give my phone to my sister for a little while because even though I know she’ll give it back when I ask, this way I have to stop and say “Do I really need to do that now?” 

If your playstation is in your room, then I would suggest going to a separate room if you can. Out of site, out of mind.

And vice versa, try putting your graphics tablet somewhere out in the open so you see it. I usually keep my drawing sketchbook in the closet or a drawer so I tend not to think of it when I’m looking for something to do. 

I hope this helps you, even though none of my advice was that great… 

(and since this may be the cutest thing ever, here’s a motivational sloth)

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I'm sorry, can I ask how do you color your drawing? Your Sai settings? ;A;

sooo this is kind of a trick question because i almost NEVER use the same method to colour my drawings because i’m still looking for a proper way to do them. For exemple for the Ottoman outfit series, i used the “multiply layer” technique, using 2 layers set to multiply to add shadows with the #bda29c colour, and 1 other layer set to luminosity 21% with the #dc7828 colour to add some hints of light here and there. But it’s actually the first time i’m trying this one. 

SO about my sai settings :

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