usually when i try to use my tablet

loveundertaleart  asked:

oh and another thing i forgot, how do you color like that? I just have pencils but one day maybe i will get a graphic tablet so i can draw like you!

My art style is the messiest thing in the world lmao but I’ll try to give some tips I can think of (btw I use Paint Tool Sai)

- I usually start coloring everything with flat colors, and see if they fit together, if not I’ll try changing it until I’m more content with the result.

- When coloring digitally you have access to a much wider variety of colors, and you can use colors you usually can’t when drawing traditionally. Recently I’ve grown fond of the colors over here, they usually fit really well together and make good palettes!

- I tend to read lots of use of color tutorials and stuff here on tumblr, and I’ve learnt bit by bit how to use them better, I still don’t understand them perfecty (as I said, my drawing  is always pretty messy). If you want to give some of them a look, I reblog everything that may be useful in my main blog under the art-ref tag over here, tho you may find a bit of everything there lmao)

- Play around with the layer effects! They’re very very usefull and will help you give shades and ligh. In the room drawing I had to add a LOT of different layers with low opacity so it would look as I wanted it to, so have patience! (again, that may not be the perfect method, but that’s how I do it, WITH SUFFERING! Lmao)

- If you want to use cel shading (you know, those flat and simple shades as here), I pick a dark color and draw the shades on a multiply layer and then I low the opacity. I usually pick some color similar to this one, but try with whichever color fits better and play around!

That’s what I can think of right now, and remember to take breaks! I may do a speedpaint someday so you can see all the process! It might be fun seeing how many ctrl+z I do in one drawing lmao