usually men go in those costumes and if a woman sees them she gets killed

Sparks Chapter 15

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.3K

Summary: Tower Christmas Party ft. all the avengers team members. Bucky gets you for Secret Santa and has trouble deciding what to give you.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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One shot-Delinquents

Promt: I pretty much live in detention and you’re a straight A student here on your first offense. Wanna add another and skip detention with me?

Summary: Peter Parker is a good kid whose worst offence is a tardy. Y/N L/N is a seasoned trouble maker with no conscience and a disgust for authority. Or so he’s told.  

Pairing: (sort of) Peter Parker x reader, mentions of Reader x Pietro Maximoff 

Word count:3,566

Peter Parker slung his camera around his neck as he grabbed his backpack, and huffed out of the classroom. His teacher eyed him, dewy green cataracts under droopy lids, a stern frown on his face as the door shut, leaving Peter in the empty hallways.

Of course, this technically had been his fault. He chose to run out and stop a robbery right before Hallmeyer’s class, the biggest rule stickler there ever was at Midtown Science. He’d attempted to slide right behind the older man, using the chatter of students to play off his tardiness, but to no avail. Hallmeyer narrowed his eyes and handed Peter a pink slip, sending him off to-

“Detention?” The woman asked, her hands propping up her head. She looked too old to be idly chewing gum, but she took Peter’s slip of paper and read over it, adjusting her glasses.

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It Really Grinds My Gears...

Okay, so I’ve seen people complaining about many things having to do with Final Fantasy XV for a long time now. Despite it being popular both as Versus XIII and XV, the game, like anything else, has gathered many haters in addition to fans. I personally disagree with many of the gripes other people seem to have. These opinions of mine may prove to be quite unpopular, but I feel that as a fan, I’d be doing the game a disservice by not coming to its defense when I feel it’s being wrongfully criticized. There will be some Kingsglaive spoilers in this post, so don’t read past this point if you would like to steer clear of those. Here we go.

1. Luna being weak

One of the most common things I read here is how Luna is weak or a damsel in distress and how we were cheated out of Stella, who is, apparently, the gold standard for heroines everywhere. Luna is a priestess, the youngest in the history of the FFXV world, and has been confirmed as the only person able to hold back the plague of the stars, a strange phenomenon that threatens to cover the world in darkness through the lengthening of the night. She’s also able to speak with the gods themselves. Luna has remained unbroken even after seeing her kingdom being forcibly taken over by Niflheim, her mother and King Regis being killed by Glauca, Nyx sacrificing himself so she could get away, and the horribly destructive conquering of Lucis. She knows her brother is a servant for the empire that has taken everything from her. She stood against armed soldiers of the empire. She stood against an Archaian, and Leviathan at that, confirmed to be one of the strongest. In Kingsglaive, Luna jumped from one airship to another, jumped out of a moving aircraft, stood up to Luche, who threatened to kill her (and tricked him into putting on the Ring of the Lucii, which killed him), and then embraced death without fear as Glauca was about to swing his sword down on her.
My point is that Luna’s incredibly courageous and has a will of pure iron; she’s determined to do what she has to do, regardless of how many people she loses or what she has to sacrifice, even if it ultimately means losing her life. She holds certain abilities no one else has, that are key to the survival of the world, and she fights for the good of everyone. Quiet determination and emotional fortitude are NOT weakness. Not being a physical fighter is NOT weakness either. As for Stella, we knew next to nothing about her save for her role as the Juliet to Noctis’s Romeo in the story. She was his love interest as well as enemy. Yes, she fought for her family and kingdom despite her opponent being the man she loved. Yes she showed determination and strength through her facial expressions and actions. HOWEVER, Stella’s strength doesn’t take away from Luna’s. Luna is not a weak or badly written character because she doesn’t do what Stella does or share her role in the story.

2. Cindy being overly sexualized

This one is really problematic for me. I see people complaining about Cindy’s clothes all the time. She wears shorts and has big breasts. Big deal. She’s got the goods, so she flaunts them. This one’s actually very simple: the main facet of Cindy’s character is NOT her clothing of choice, with the keyword being choice (and I know that Cindy is a fantasy character whose clothes are chosen for her, but I’m going at this assuming we’re speaking about a real woman). Cindy is a genius mechanic. That’s already impressive and good representation, considering that her field is usually male dominated. Cindy is quite literally the only reason the hero party’s car gets fixed and it can be on its way to, well, save the world. Cindy’s clothing being provocative takes nothing away from her skill as a professional or her personality. Her clothing is representative of real life, as all women don’t cover themselves from head to toe. Some women enjoy showing off their features, and more power to them, because we all have the right to dress how we want to dress without being subject to prejudice or critique.
Everyone complaining that she’s sexualized needs to take a step back and think about why they aren’t saying the same thing about Gladiolus, who is literally Cindy’s male counterpart in terms of costume. No one says he’s less of a warrior for not wearing a shirt. No one says men are being sexualized or insulted by his lack of a shirt. If you’re complaining about Cindy’s supposed sexualization, YOU’RE sexualizing her because you’re putting all the emphasis on her clothing when she exists beyond that. Her shorts and cleavage are her defining trait only if you make them.

3. The party
I want to point out that I’m a woman who has absolutely no qualms with other women, because I did get called a woman hater at one point for bringing this up to another user on here. I find no issue whatsoever with the fact that the entire playable cast is comprised of males. I’ve brought up before that most of the games in the Final Fantasy series, at least as far as I’ve seen, have evenly split casts in terms of gender, if not almost evenly split. Final Fantasy X-2 had an all female cast, and, similarly to XV, focused a lot on the sisterhood that formed between the protagonists. Now many people seem to be insulted that men are getting their crack at getting a cast exclusive to them, and I’m just not seeing what the problem is. X-2 had an all female cast, yet males were prevalent in the story and played their roles; they got their chance to shine, but the women were in the spotlight. XV follows this as well, with the game concentrating on the chocobros whilst still showcasing a female cast (one that I find very diverse and interesting).

Luna plays an important role, as does Cindy, even if her role is much more brief. Gentiana, Luna’s attendant, has been confirmed to play an important role in the story and to be much more than a simple servant. Leviathan is a female, and Gladio’s sister, Iris, is also included. I almost forgot to mention Aranea, who’s the captain of an aerial platoon in the Niflheim military and an expert at aerial combat. All these women are extremely different yet are important to the story.
The fact that you play as young men doesn’t detract from the importance of the women in the story; they’re still important and have roles to fulfill. The game is not sexist for not having playable women and neither are it’s creators. The creators of X-2 weren’t sexist for limiting your playable party to YRP, so please stop it with the double standard. Further, some are more upset with the reasoning behind the all male party than with the party itself. All I have to say to that is that, while some people are consistent and comfortable with themselves to the point that they can be around people of other sexes and genders without acting a least a bit different or strange, other people simply aren’t; certain people’s personalities change, whether drastically or not, depending on the groups of people they’re with. That’s neither sexism nor rocket science, and it’s not an excuse either. If the creators of FFXV didn’t want women in the game, they wouldn’t be in it period, with no excuse. It’s be very difficult to touch on the theme of brotherhood and the bonds forged and strengthened between these four men if they’re all constantly acting differently than they normally would because a girl’s around. We saw this in the Duscae demo, where Prompto and Gladio flirt with Cindy incessantly. Events like those are great to show new facets to the characters personalities, but they also show you that these young guys (at least Prompto and Gladio) would behave quite differently with girls in the group, even more so if romantic dynamics were brought into the mix.

4. The emo boyband look

Since the days of Versus XIII, it was known that the story of XV would be very dark, dealing with heavy, real world themes like death. Noctis talked to Stella about seeing the light due to a traumatic experience. It was said that this light gave Noctis the power to sense others’ impending deaths, if I remember correctly. It was also said by Square Enix that black is a very important color in Lucis, as it’s connected to… well, I forget. I don’t remember if it’s Etro or what, but the color black apparently has some relevance in Lucis. The chocobros aren’t dressed like a boyband. If you look at them, they actually each have their own distinctive style. Ignis is prim and proper with his fancy looking attire. Noctis looks more sporty and casual, Gladio looks like he wears clothes because he sorta has to, and Prompto looks a little artsy fartsy even, like he has fun dressing himself and accessorizing. Quite literally the only thing the chocobros’ outfits have in common is the color, and that’s because they’re all from Lucis, where the color holds importance.

So sorry for the long post (and for all the typos… I’m on a cell phone…)! I tend to ramble a lot. I also get really passionate about defending FFXV because I’m very excited to play the game. It’s disheartening to feel the critiques against it are unnecessarily harsh or hold no basis in anything we’ve been shown… if I’m incorrect in anything I said, feel free to respond and correct me! I wrote this solely as a defense for FFXV, not to bulldoze anyone or their opinions on the game, so apologies in advance if I did that with my words, opinions, or tone!

Counting Snowflakes

Gruvia (50 Short Stories)

Request a pairing and I will write one of these for them!

[Timeline not consistent]

#1- Together

Juvia had never moved faster in her life, she thought, as she raced to the guild, prepared to shout from the rooftops that she and her precious Gray Sama were finally together.

#2- Request

Maybe it was the pleading look in her vibrant blue eyes that made Gray cave whenever Juvia asked for something—anything—from a request for him to stay home with her to a kiss in public. He never regretted saying yes.

#3- Puppy

“Please, Gray Sama?” The bluenette begged. Gray folded his arms over his chest, determined to stay strong this time. “Juvia, I don’t care what you do, but we are not getting a pet. Wha—no, don’t give me puppy dog eyes!”

#4- Daydreams

It was always nice when Juvia woke up with Gray next to her. It was even nicer knowing that it wasn’t just another one of her daydreams.

#5- Sing

Gray didn’t sing. He couldn’t sing, not in the slightest. But when he walked in on his girlfriend quietly humming a familiar melody while folding laundry, he couldn’t resist adding in lyrics.

#6- Mirror

Juvia looked at herself in the mirror with a frown on her face, trying to suck in her stomach as far as it would go. “Why are you doing that to my Juvia?” Gray asked as he watched, “she’s already perfect.”

#7- Difference

There’s a difference, Juvia discovered, between being in a real relationship and an imaginary one. It was only in reality that she could feel Gray’s smile as he kissed her, and feel her heart rate speed up when his deep voice whispered things in her ear. Her dreams were laughable compared to that.

#8- Sculpture

Hand-eye coordination was something Gray was quite good at, and he loved taking advantage of that talent by sculpting. He was quite proud of all of his work—all except one, which was of Juvia. When she asked him why he hated it so much, he explained that he simply couldn’t capture all of her beauty in a single piece.

#9- Hands

Juvia loved Gray’s hands. She loved how they looked, how they felt on her skin, and how he ran them through her hair. But mostly, she loved the feeling of his hand holding hers, reminding her that he was always there.

#10- Netflix

Her favorite “worst day” ever was when she came home in a frenzy, cursing everything in existence, to find an ever-so-handsome ice mage waiting by the door with ice cream in hand and Netflix already pulled up on the TV.

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hips don’t lie (1/2)

A little two part CS modern AU fic. Emma and Tink are used to their friend Ruby’s crazy ideas, so when she signs them all up for belly dance classes they don’t bother arguing and just go with it. 

Rating: T - or at least this part is!

The belly dance lessons were Ruby’s idea. Just like entering that wet T-shirt contest at the dive bar they passed on their way home from a day at the beach that one time was Ruby’s idea, and the spontaneous weekend trip to Vegas on two hours’ notice was Ruby’s idea, and the ankle tattoo was Ruby’s idea.

Emma now had a gaudy plastic trophy on her dresser that proclaimed her to be - Carl’s Bar and Crab Shack Miss Best Boobs 2014 - 3rd Place Winner - a cocktail named The Black Swan after her was listed on the menu of a Vegas hotspot, and she had a large yellow and black sunflower inked on her ankle, so the belly chain and the bedazzled bra Ruby brandished at her weren’t too outlandish by comparison.

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