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What was Shadow's personality like right after he was created? How did Maria help shape his personality? :)

In SA2, Shadow’s memories of himself are still serious and a bit broody. It seems like Maria would have wanted him to lighten up. ^^

I’d imagine he was a curious little hedgie, though; he and Maria might have passed the time playing games (such as hide-and-seek) and observing experiments from afar, or else activities like drawing or watching the stars from their usual viewing window. Reading books and perusing photo albums of life on Earth may have constituted a big chunk of their free time.

Shadow strikes me as someone who thrives on rules, but can be somewhat literal-minded about them at the same time. Once he learned the rules on the ARK, he became quite serious about abiding them, and would monitor Maria’s wellbeing constantly even though she was supposed to be the “older sister.” He’d probably have been something of a worrywart, too, since so many things would have been new to him.

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Have you heard of a game called bendy and the ink machine

OH I HAVE!!! I watched Markiplier play it though, as I usually do with most games (especially horror ones, although to be fair he didn’t know it was a horror game going into it), because the visuals were so nice I wanted to hear other YouTubers’ thoughts on it! I think only the first chapter is out, right? It looks really good imho, and I gotta say the first “jumpscare” (when Bendy sticks his head out from the corner and then hides again real quick) got me lmao I didn’t scream or anything but my head went backwards like this one dude.

…okay maybe not that much, but it did get me, I must admit. I didn’t expect it to be subtle. PLUS! The fact that he kept showing up all Slender-esque behind you (but without the cheap DUN DUNNN or any audio/visual cues at all really, leaving you to turn around and be like “okay– what the heck, was Bendy here before?” once in a while) was A+.

I think that mechanic is both hilarious (because it reminds me of those times you keep bumping into the same person on the street and it’s super awkward) and unsettling (because while it might not jumpscare you, it does you a sense of unease and a feeling of being watched/followed).

I also like how cartoony it was when the ink started the flood and you just. fell thru the floor. into another room. I love how that’s a thing that happened.

I’ve been in transition for almost 8 years.
I remember really early on when I was going to to college trying to figure out what bathroom I was supposed to use.
I remember sitting at school, in a seran wrap make shift binder (no one had told me I shouldn’t use one), wearing four layers (I was usually already sweating in one or two), trying to hide who I was, and trying to figure out which one to walk into.
I had finally established my pronouns and new name amongst my peers at the school-
How could I go into the women’s?
But was I really on a suicide mission by trying to use the men’s?

This isn’t an easy choice by any stretch of the imagination. Trans people don’t just arbitrarily decide to walk into a bathroom where they can get bullied, beaten, or have security called on them.
Its a process.
Its an act of courage.
Can you imagine that? Just to go to the God forsaken bathroom.
And yeah, I have had moments in bathrooms where I got called out- and all this was happening seven years ago. Before this was ever brought up on the news, before politicians started spouting hateful rhetoric about Trans bathroom issues.
I was so nervous and anxious that I’d often just force myself to hold it (which brings up a new set of health issues, mind you).

Now its in the spotlight.
Even as someone who’s gone through this before, I can’t imagine what early-transition is like now.
Anxiety must be up 100 fold, stress increased 100 fold.
I still get nervous when I walk into bathrooms and most people I meet nowadays have no idea Im Trans.

This is important. This affects more people than you know, and if the men in charge right now had it their way, you would never get the chance to meet those people.
Trans suicide is murder. It’s the effect of an unsafe and unsupportive environment.
There are lives at stake.
Think. Speak. Resist. ✊

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how do you hide your little stuff from your parents, i have to hide mine and i'm constently worring about them discovering them

Hai haiz @babywhitetiger

I tend to worry too. There are days when I forget to put my little things away and I’m stressed all day. However I have the option to blame it on my sister leaving toys out. I like to hide my little things usually behind the books in my bookshelf because no one will look behind the books.

On a Dare [M]

Rating: M

Summary: My friends have a twisted sense of humor so during a game of Truth or Dare they dare me to have sex with the one person they know I hate the most: Yoo Kihyun.

Warnings: Crude language, crude humor, crazy sex, spanking, cumplay, etc etc. I don’t even know what else.

Sequel is here: On a Dare II

It was a Friday night and my closest friend Wonho had asked me over to hang out. He was in a group called Monsta X, and I was really good friends with the rest of them, too. Well, mostly, except for one member.

As I arrived at their dorm I pressed the buzzer. The door opened and Kihyun appeared looking pink haired and clueless as usual. I couldn’t even hide my disgust. “Ugh. It’s you. I suddenly regret that I even came.”

His eyes narrowed. He looked me up and down dismissively. “So go home then,” he said, and shut the door right in my face.

I stood there for two seconds, nose to the door, in total disbelief. Then I stepped back and knocked angrily on the door. “Yah! Asshole! Let me in!”  I cried.

No response.

“Kihyun open the door,” I said, starting to get serious, because the cold was starting to get to me.

Honestly, what possessed me to wear a miniskirt and some flimsy leggings in the middle of December? How I regretted it now that I would die and my tombstone would read ‘here lies Hani. Froze to death while trying to look cute.’

“It’s cold out here goddammit!” I complained grumpily.

“Good! Freeze and die!” Kihyun called and then cackled evilly. “Just stay outside and get snowed upon until you freeze into a slutty statue. No, a frightening whoregoyle!”

My hands bunched up at my sides as I seethed. Kihyun always called me a cheap whore and I knew he did it just for fun since in all the time he knew me he had never seen me with any guys. If he thought just that would be enough to make me mad, he could think again.

“You are an annoying infant! Your insults are so stupid. They’re not even worth dignifying with a response. But I hope you know when I get in there I’m going to destroy you,” I growled.

“But you’ll never get in here,” he sang, tauntingly, and then laughed some more like the petty little brat that he was.

Furious now, I kicked the door numerous times as hard as I could. No response. So I just kept kicking it. “Open. This. Damn. Door! Kihyun!” I yelled with each kick. Then I got tired and gave up. He probably left, the damn bastard.

I raised up on my tiptoes to look through the glass window at the top of the door. Pink waves filled my view. “I can see the top of your empty head! I know you’re still standing there! Open this door Kihyun!”

Nothing but giggles.

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Cliche For A Reason

No matter how many times they’re done, there are a few tropes I’ll read 100 times with the same ship, by 100 different authors.

Here are just a few of those tropes:

1. Fake Dating AU.

Whether it’s a short exchange with a stranger because there’s a creep who won’t stop hitting on them, or a fully planned out, year-long con to fool their family, I can never get enough of these.

2. Trapped in A Small Space Together

Freezing to death in an engine room. Hiding together in a closet to avoid being killed. Locked in a room, running out of air.

No matter the context, this one always makes my day, especially if one of the people trapped isn’t usually big on physical contact.

3. Taking Care of Children Together

Innocent little kids have a way of bringing out the soft side of even the fiercest characters.

4. Unnaturally Truthful

Truth serums, an excess of pain meds, and outside threats are just a few of the ways my beloved ships can be forced to admit things they never would under normal circumstances.

5. Amnesia/Forgetting The Other

Sometimes they hit their head. Sometimes they were brainwashed. Sometimes they died and came back to life.

Whatever the reason, one doesn’t know the other, and the other has to faithfully stick by them, and try to help them remember. (Or start from scratch, befriending them and falling in love all over again.)

6. Grumpy, Distant Characters Turning Into Human Puppies Around That Special Someone

This requires no explanation, I believe.

7. Everyone Knows One Loves The Other

Except, of course, the other.

8. First Kiss Forgotten

Maybe someone was under mind control when it happened, or maybe they just had a bit too much to drink, but Person A remembers Person B kissing them, and Person B has no idea it happened. (Or DO THEY?)

How males deal with their significant other, ToG edition

- your significant other is angry, what do you do? 

 Rowan: throw chocolate at her, that usually does it.

 Aedion: I run for hiding

Dorian: *sexy mode on* 

 Chaol: we talk it out like normal human beings. 

 Lorcan: I can’t do anything about it! Gods damn it! 

 - your significant other is crying, what do you do? 

 Rowan: comfort her and kill whoever hurt her 

 Aedion: what he^ said 

 Dorian: crying? 

 Choal: I haven’t seen her cry before… 

 Lorcan: I don’t know… 

 - your significant other is killing a battlefield, how do you react? 

 Rowan: That’s hot Aedion: Nice~ 

 Dorian: I’m not surprised 

 Chaol: have you ever meet our females? They kill with a look… 

 Lorcan: I’m getting used to it by now… 

 - your significant other is hurt and might be dying- 

 Rowan: don’t say it! 

 Aedion: propose to her 

 Dorian: I’m not answering that… 

 Choal: help her! Lorcan: …

Accidental Incest

I never in my wildest imagination thought id be posting on a sight like this.
Last year during Christmas break my daughter and i were horsing around like usual on the living roon floor - tickle fights, play wrestling, etc. It was still early in the day and we were both in our pajama clothes. After a laughter inducing bout of innocent daddy daughter fun, i realized that i had gotten an erection. I tried to hide it by calling time out and using a throw pillow as a shield. But hiding it made her relentlessly curious of what i was keeping from her and she soon discovered it anyway.  She was 11at the time and in todays day and age i guess i shouldnt have been surprised when she knew what it was. “Daddy you’ve got a boner!” she giggled. Ill admit, that didnt help the situation, in fact i think it made me even harder. Then came the questions. “Why do boys even get boners?” Well hunny, when a man gets aroused … “How does that happen?” When blood rushes to the. .. “Can i feel it, Daddy?” …what? She all but begged me to show it to her so she can touch it. I explained that little girls shouldn’t be feeling their daddy’s erections. But the pleading didnt stop. I finally gave in. “Ok hun but please do not tell anyone, especially mommy, ok”. She agreed and with shaky hands, i pulled out my now soft penis. The look of disappointment on her face broke my heart. “Make it a boner again daddy’s” . Well hunny maybe its best… “Pleeeeeease?” Ok hunny. Through the fly of my pajama bottoms, i worked my flaccid pud till it began to grow. My daughters face lit up as it grew before her eyes. Without asking she grabbed it, and mimicking the action i was doing, started to jack off her daddy. I couldn’t help but let her at it. “ its still growing! ” she squealed in delight. Her eyes wide, her smile lighting up the room, her tiny fingers gripping my thick veiny shaft. I relaxed back on the couch and let her jack me off. “Whats this stuff?” Thats called precum, hun. Its to lubricate…things. “Whats that mean?” Means to make it slippery . “It is slippery” . My little daughters fingers are glistening with it. I feel orgasm rising up. Ok hun you better stop. “Why daddy? I like it!” Then, in a sudden animalistic fit of lust i grunted “ oooh fuck baby daddys cumming! ” i shot wad after wad of creamy jizz in arcs over her head, the last rope of which landed on her face, across her cheek and lips. Horrified, i got up and wiped it off of her as quick as i could. Since then she often tries to get me hard. Shes not innocent anymore, she knows what shes doing. I see it in her eyes. I try to conceal her lusty behavior from my wife, whom i think is getting suspicious that something is going on…


Uh, so I haven’t posted my face in a while, but i do sometimes on this blog so this is me, hi? :D

Pseudo costest of Yuuri (who turned out to have more natural makeup than my usual cosplays so is also like half just normal me lol), who I’ll be cosplaying at Katsucon this coming Thurs-Sun! Will have actual cosplays then, Stammi Vicino Yuuri is my main but I also have a fem!Eros Yuuri original design <3 Was surprisingly nervous because I’ve drawn Yuuri countless times in 2D but it’s very different on your own face… ^ ^; Hopefully is passable LOL

I got my hair cut just for this today, and well it was getting a bit long anyway and saves me from having to get a lace front wig ^ ^;;

Before (yeah lopped off a fair amount):

also bonus with glasses (not cosplay glasses, actual every day glasses but eh close enough in shape at least ^ ^;)

Our campaign, for a bit of backstory. We were all aboard a ship (by many different means) that eventually ends up sucked onto a moving island, that none have ever escaped, theres a small city in the works, and crashed ships are used to build more, and the survivors usually add to the population.

A ship crashed, and we get ourselves a world renowned cook from the omnomicron (or something like that) a cook book for cooking magical creatures. We have Lulu, the possible insane Rogue Goblin, and Sha Ta'hir, a decent Teifling Paladin.

Sha ta'hir: You, I know who you are and what you do, and i’m against it. I’m giving you this one chance to tell me now what ingredients you have. If you try to hide anything I will find it, and if its horrible, I will kill you.

The DM rolls to see what the cook has with him, one item.
Dm: oh, shit well.. rip man.

Cook: Powdered Unicorn horn, in the chest over there.

Sha Ta'hir:….. what the fuck. You’re dead, I’m killing you, you’re dead.

Lulu: You can’t kill him! You said you would if he hid anything, he isn’t hiding anything!

Sha Ta'hir: it’s fucking powdered unicorn horn

I Feel Like a Winner

Fandom: Harry Potter → Marauders Era

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Plot: Requested: Anon: Can I get a young Sirius black request when he meets you for the first time when you quickly run into his room while your hiding from someone you just pranked. Then you just run off saying ‘thanks mate’ or something like that

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Warning: honestly what did you expected, a bit of swearing as usual.

You walked down the halls huffing and puffing, a scramble of notes and a large pile of books nearly crushing you from all the weight. The O.W.L.’s are coming up in two weeks and you have three quizzes next week, and you are not feeling well prepared. And honestly you are feeling a bit let down after all the things that happened between you and Sirius or lack thereof, as he actively tries to avoid you. And today, is Hogsmeade trip, which is of course you can’t go, because of all the damn work you have to do.

You gave a tight smile to the Fat Lady and murmured ‘eglantine’ and shifting your books from one hip to another. She opened up and you climbed through to coming face to chest with someone. You ‘oomph’ed and looked up while blinking.

“What are you doing here?”

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Very fast speedpaint of Black Diamond’s “Coal” disguise or as I like to call it, her hobo outfit. She usually doesnt show off that much skin, as the lower part of the cloth is higher in order to hide her gem, heck her midriff doesn’t show at all nor her cleavage, here I just wanted to give a “loose” feeling, like she’s midway of putting the thing on :P maybe that’s the reason she’s givin me that “fuck you” look as well XD

And I’ve seen the asks! just have been busy preparing portfolio and resumé (this was actually a really fast drawing, just to calm down my nerves as very soon I think I’ll have job interviews ;n;) So order of priorities: 1) Deal with rl stuff (college, portfolio, resumés, etc) 2) Complete a current AT 3) Answer messages in my inbox, because I DO wanna answer asks but also add illustrations and cute drawings to them, even if its just a quick, silly doodle ^^’


“How much eggnog did you have again?” You laughed before grabbing Harry’s mug and setting it on his desk. “Because I’m starting to think you’re drunk.”

With a thick swallow, Harrison flicked his glazed eyes to your face and held your gaze before pitching over his desk and bracing his palms flat against the surface as if the room was spinning and… Oh… He was drunk. That explained a lot considering he’d been far more talkative and physically affectionate than usual, which was surprising. But before Harrison had slipped away from the party to hide in his office and before you’d found out Joe had spiked the eggnog, you’d figured it was just his inner holiday spirit working its magic.

But no…

Stepping forward and sliding a hand over his shoulder, you asked, “You’re not about to throw up, right?”

Shaking his head in a way that made it look like he might have been thinking too hard, Harry lifted himself upright and snapped his stare back on you; making you feel smaller now that he was towering overhead with his icy eyes pinning you in place as his warm breath ghosted across your lips.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He slurred, his voice tumbling out in the form of a low growl as he tipped impossibly closer. “You’re so… Just so fucking pretty.” He stumbled forward a bit, automatically making your hands press flat against his chest to give him an anchor. And for the briefest moment, as if he was suddenly stone cold sober, he ripped himself away and shoved out a rough sigh… “You make it so hard to look away. I’ve never-you’re just incredible and I…” He stopped, his eyes falling to the ground for a split second before finding you once more and garbling out, “I saw you the other night… I saw everything and I just…”

You blinked, then… Cocking your head and furrowing your brow, you asked, “You what?”

“You were so… I didn’t mean to stare but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe.” He rasped. “I just looked.”

With a flare of color shooting from your neck to the tips of your ears, you bit your lip and watched his gaze make a slow decent to your mouth before realizing exactly what he’d meant… You knew Harry was somewhere in the lab the other night when you’d stripped down to nothing but panties to change out of your work clothes and slip into something a little comfier for the ride home but you had no idea you’d put him in that position.

You probably should have been appalled at the thought of him watching you undress but for the strangest reason, with your heart thumping against your ribs, you couldn’t be bothered to give the slightest damn over it. It might have been unethical and you probably should have scolded him, drunk or not, but with his pretty blue stare fluttering lazily, you reached forward and curled your fingers into the dark fabric of his shirt before pulling him closer and brushing your lips against his. Teasing and slow, you whispered, “I would have watched you too.”

And with that, you were pulling away and moving toward the door to head back to the cortex and rejoin the party before shooting a smile over your shoulder that somehow managed to rob Harrison of his balance and make him hit ass-first against the desk as he watched you leave.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Harrison Confessing His Feelings for You While He’s Drunk*

Request: hey i know you aren’t taking requests right now (sorry i’m asking anyways) but this just popped into my head and i didn’t want to forget the concept. Could you possibly do an imagine where HR/Harry gets drunk at a christmas party and drunkly confesses he saw you getting changed in the lab one time and describes why he couldn’t look away? reader might already have a crush on hr/harry but finds it adorable/sexy to see him act like this?

A/N: At the time I wasn’t accepting more holiday requests but I REALLY liked this one SO I pushed a few things around in order to put this in the rotation. Also, sorry this one was so late! OH! And I chose Harry for this because we already saw HR drunk on the show and I just wanted to explore a different character. Hope that’s okay :)

So there’s a girl I went to high school with who has one arm. And she never talked about it and usually tried to hide it and just generally seemed kind of embarrassed about it.

And the other day she posted a status on Facebook about how excited she was that she will get to have the BEST Furiosa costume this Halloween, because of a feature she used to dislike about herself.

And if u don’t think that’s the tightest shit ever which proves why representation for physical disabilities matters, then get out.


Shingen squaring off with Nobu and Hide (who travel together incognito under the name “Nobu and Saru”, *wink wink @daeva-agas*) in his ongoing tenka event story.
These sprites are usually cropped really close up so I want to post them.

Nobu is so pretty.
And Shingen-sama, that kimono makes you look like you have a pot belly, Milord 😔

The Star

Originally posted by k2so

Requested: Yes, by @klmpun

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: Y/N is determined to surprise Newt with the Christmas tree when she gets home, but she is too short to reach the top of the tree.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 880

A/N: I somehow started to miss my little Hufflepuff angel after a few days without a fic for him, so have this short little drabble. I hope that you guys like it, it is one of my favorites that I have written recently. Feedback is the loveliest thing, so feel free to drop some in my ask box, or in the comments!

You were going to finish before Newt got home. He had been working so hard on his book that you hadn’t had time to decorate for Christmas whatsoever. Although he was trying to hide it, you could tell that he wasn’t feeling as festive as he usually was. He didn’t want to bake gingerbread cookies or look at the lights that various businesses had strung up for the festive season.

So, that night when you got home from work. You managed to wingardium leviosa a pine tree into the case, and a group of Bowtruckles helped you hang up the lights. After that, you were on your own. You made quick work of hanging up the ornaments, trying not to worry about the fact that Newt was going to be home at any moment.

The last of the ornaments were on the tree, a few presents were spread out underneath the tree. All that was left was to put the star on top, and in your rush, you somehow forgot that you were a wizard. You had run around the case for a solid five minutes trying to find a ladder. Thankfully, Newt had a spare one, and you grabbed the star and clambered to the top. Unfortunately, you managed to place the ladder a few inches too far away, and you were leaned precariously over the edge.

You thought that if you leaned just a few more inches to the side, you were going to finally get this damn star on the top of the tree, and then everything was going to be perfect when he got home. Just a few… more… inches

And then you were falling.

“Accio!” and then, you were in Newt’s strong arms, his kind eyes and his warms smile calming your racing heart.

“Hey there.” He laughed, raising his eyebrows.

“Hi,” you breathed, grateful that he had managed to catch you. he seemed to always be doing that. It may not have always been in such a literal way, but he was always picking you up when you were down.

“What were you thinking?” he laughed, setting you down and glancing around the room.

“I wanted to surprise you and decorate because you weren’t feeling Christmas-y and that isn’t something that I am okay with. So,” you took his hand and led him to the tree, “I decided to do something about it. But, I couldn’t reach the top of the tree, so I was trying to put the star on the top and of course you saw how that went.”

“Did you forget that you are a wizard?” he asked, quirking his head to the side.

“Excuse me?”

“You could have levitated the star to the top of the tree and have avoided an entire set of problems.”

“I guess that you make a good point, Mr. Scamander.” You said, pulling him closer to you by the lapels of his coat.

“And what would that be, Ms. Y/L/N?” he asked, smiling down at you devilishly.

“That I do get a bit flustered when I am around you.” you laughed, pulling him in for a kiss. The two of you stayed there, beside your decorated tree, completely consumed in each other.

Sometimes Newt got so wrapped up in his work that he did not stumble home until the wee hours of the morning. You could never blame the creatures, but you did wish that their sleeping schedule would lend itself more kindly to your own. Especially when Newt slipped into bed and shoved his frozen feet against you, with little thought to the yelp that you let out upon contact.

But, in moments like this, you were just grateful to have him, even if it was only for a short while before he inevitably ventured back out into the cold.

“I got you something.” You said, voice a bit breathless after pulling away from the kiss.

“It isn’t even Christmas yet, and you know that I have a tendency to leave things to the last minute.” He groaned. Even though you knew that he was upset that he didn’t have anything for you, but you knew that he also really wanted whatever it was that you got him.

“You can relax, because this isn’t even your Christmas present. I just know that you needed a new one and soon. Besides, there was some spare wrapping paper laying around, so I thought, why not?” you explained, handing him the package that you had spent more time than usual wrapping perfectly.

He peeled away the paper to find a new leather-bound journal, with an inscription on the inside of the cover. “To my magizoologist, let us have many adventures to fill this book. -Y/N” Newt read. His eyes remained on the journal for a moment, before meeting yours. You couldn’t remember a time that his eyes were so filled with love.

He immediately gathered you up in a nearly bone-crushing hug, the feeling of love almost overpowering as he nuzzled into your neck.

“Thank you darling,” he whispered, his breath tickling your neck.

“You are so incredibly welcome,” you whispered back, hoping that you would always feel this happy, and this loved. Something in the back of your mind promised you that you would.

Black Eyes and Soft Sighs

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader (female)

Prompt: none

Word Count: 1,799 words

Warnings: mentions of a little domestic abuse (sorry Seth, I still love you <3), fluffy smut

Authors Notes: OKAY, first time writing smut. *bathing myself in holy water* by the way, it’s set in a highschool AU. carry on.

Tag List: @hardcorewwetrash

“Are you even listening? Sami questioned his best friend, who was obviously not listening, looking straight past him, in a daze. 

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some concept sketches of hiroki in his mech anime protagonist cosplay, and some of his different expressions

his smiles are rare

not to give too much away, but i plan to have “dream/fantasy/roleplay segments” throughout the series where hiroki and hide wind up in the places of characters from their favorite anime series together in sort of a gag comic format - usually with hiroki as the hero and hideyuki being the love interest/damsel. lmao

i’ve decided the kickstarter is going to be somewhere around my birthday. so probably in the month of april, just in time for spring.