usually i dream about colors that come to life and try to kill me

I usually make a point to avoid getting into this kind of drama. 

That stops now.

If you’ve been following the kind of people I follow, or if you’re part of new fandoms that experience a sudden explosion in popularity and number of fans - Undertale. Steven Universe. RWBY. Fire Emblem. Overwatch. Disney. Gravity Falls. Star Wars. Marvel. Etc -, you will have seen something like this.

Every time, without exception, there’s a small group of people who think they are entitled to say what is right and what is wrong. Who erect themselves as judge and jury of what is GOOD and what is PUNISHABLE. And now, they may well have erected themselves into executioners.

There was a tumblr user by the name of tyrant-rex. Emphasis on WAS. If you go to his blog you’ll notice it’s deactivated. That’s because he did it, right after leaving a suicide note.

Rex shipped Pewey. That is Pearl/Mayor Dewey, both characters from Steven Universe. Pearl is a canonical lesbian character. Mayor Dewey is a guy. And that, it seems, was all the reason this toxic part of the fandom needed to want him dead. They showered him in hate and this is the result. Rex may well be DEAD because some people decided a fictional ship was worth more than a human life.

And the most sickening part? They’re not sorry. They revel in the pain they’ve caused. They try to justify it.

“But Pearl is a canonicaly lesbian!” Doesn’t justify killing a person over it.

“But it was lesbian erasure!” No it’s not, just as shipping two heterosexual characters in a gay relationship isn’t heterosexual erasure. And even if it were, it would still not justify killing a person over it.

“But seeing that ship hurts me!” If a non-canon drawing of a fictional ship is enough to cause you pain you should go to therapy because you are obviously not well off on the head. Oh, and it STILL DOES NOT JUSTIFY KILLING SOMEBODY OVER IT.

I mean, really, did these people even think about what they were doing? What they are celebrating? If he’s dead, that’s a whole person gone from the earth. Did he have friends? Family? Loved ones? Hopes and dreams? And now those people will never see him again. His goals will never come to be. And why? Because of a ship? Because people on the internet couldn’t stand others loving things they didn’t like? Can you think of any subject more STUPID to hate somebody? To drive somebody to death?

This is not the first time the SU fandom drove someone to the edge of suicide. And I tell you right now, it’s not going to be the last. This is gonna keep happening. And you might be reading this and thinking I’m overreacting. I wish I was. I wish I had no reason to make this post. But Rex, and those who came before, are the horrible proof that no, I am not exaggerating.

And just like they came for him, they will come for you. Because you drew Connie’s nose too small, or her skin too light. Because you drew Pearl with boobs, or Mei and Rose skinny. Because you made Frisk’s eyes too asian, or Hanzo’s eyes not asian enough. Because your humanization of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps is not the color THEY want it to be. Because you dared to ship the “wrong” ship. Because your opinion is something they don’t like.

I honestly don’t know how to close this, so I’ll just say, if anybody’s shitting on you or trying to get you to hurt yourself, block them. Your mental health and your life matter so much more than all the fictional characters in the world.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word count: 2,315 (Totally meant for this to be a drabble…)

Warnings: FLOOF

Summary: You’ve been raised in isolation your whole life. You know nothing of the outside world and the people that inhabit it. Bucky tags along with the Avengers for a mission that was supposed to be simple and it did not include you. Will you let the darkness of isolation push him away? A/N: I was rewatching Jurassic World the other day and this came into my mind.

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Isolation and darkness go hand in hand. They both bring out the worst in every person but only one can drive someone completely and utterly mad.

You were born in darkness and raised in isolation. Artificial light was your friend and the only real light in your life, both figuratively and literally. A nurse constantly took care of you and you grew to regard her as your mother, even when you had a feeling that she really wasn’t.

The cell was your home and you were given some luxuries that you imagined would be present in an actual house. There was a bathroom attached through a door to the right of the door with a shower and a vanity.

Besides the bathroom, there wasn’t much. There weren’t any windows that showed you the outside world. But it didn’t stop you from dreaming about it. You imagined that there were many colors out there, in vivid arrangements that wowed the senses.

You lost yourself in the feelings of books and the world they created. You hoped that even from those fantasy worlds, there would be some truth in the real world. You didn’t imagine a bad world, but one that was positive and beautiful in every way.

How wrong you were.


Steve Rogers was a good man and a needed leader for the Avengers. But he could be a bit annoying. Bucky found his insistence into his personal life tedious and exhausting. All he wanted was one day without Steve trying to poke into his mind.

He was getting better, thanks to T'Challa and whatever had done for him in Wakanda. He found himself in unpayable debt to him. But his mind was something else. Nightmares plagued him regularly but he found himself surrounded by things and people that would help him. In a nutshell, he was okay and he would continue to be okay.

Tony hadn’t trusted him immediately and he did understand why. Not only had he killed his parents, but he was an assassin that was highly dangerous with a high kill count. Bucky didn’t completely trust himself either but after time and many opportunities for Tony to trust him, he had warmed up to him, sort of. Tony still wouldn’t forgive him but Bucky knew that this was better than nothing.

With a tip from a scouting mission, the Avengers were led to an abandoned warehouse, a suspected abandoned warehouse. That suspect was shattered when Sam told them about heat signatures that were lighting up the building and he was getting an odd reading from the basement.

Bucky heads down there by himself and carefully maneuvers his way through the halls, taking out guards as they cross his path. He gets to the end of the hall and sees that there is a keypad. His alarms start to go off because they did not account for this.

“What do you see Barnes?” Tony asks through the coms.

“There’s a keypad that must lead to the source of the odd reading that Sam was talking about.”

He hears a whirring behind him and on instinct, he turns and aims his gun at the source of the sound. He does relax when he sees that it was Tony’s suit that was making the noise.

“Relax, Frosty. Let’s see about that keypad.”

Bucky moves away from the pad and watched as Tony places some sort of device on the keys and it brings up the code. Tony punches it in.

“Please be a secret door. Please be a secret door. Yay!”

The door opens and reveals an elevator. Tony turns to Bucky.

“Age before beauty.”

Bucky rolls his eyes and steps into the elevator with Tony with his suit back on. Bucky presses the other button that doesn’t represent the floor they are currently on. It descends, making a small humming noise that rings throughout the compartment.

The doors open and both men are immediately on alert. With a raised gun and raised blasters, they start down the hall and carefully examine the place where they have found themselves. Bucky stops at the only door that’s not opened.

There’s no name on the door or of any indication that someone is in there. He takes a risk and lightly taps on the door. He hears a muffled curse from Tony at the sudden noise but they are both surprised at the smallest of noises.


“I think someone’s in there.” Bucky states over the coms.


You’re surprised by the smallest of taps on your door. You furrow your brow for a moment. The guards or your nurse doesn’t usually tap on the door in greeting.

“Hello?” You ask.

You hear a muffled sound coming from behind the door and as it continues and increases in volume, you start to get anxious. Your heart beats rapidly against your chest and your breath starts to come out in quick and harsh pants.

The voices suddenly stop from behind the door and you assume that they’ve left. But you’re proven wrong when the door comes flying in with sparks coning off the hinges.

You scream and huddle away into the corner, trying to isolate yourself away room them. You curl up in a ball and try to make yourself as small as possible. It doesn’t work as people start to file into the room that you call your home and you feel a sudden sense of anxiety at their presence.

You don’t know who these people are or what they want. All you known is that they’re all in a varying array of colors and it makes your senses dance across your mind as you try to process all the things that are coming into your tiny bubble.

They all look at you now and you find yourself trying to disappear into your small shape that you try to create. A red haired woman cautiously approaches you and she speaks something in a language you don’t understand to everyone else. They all file out of the room but the woman stays.

She slowly kneels down in front of you at a respectable distance and looks at you. You look at her in return, studying her.

“Hello.” She speaks.

“Hello.” You return at her.

“What’s your name?”

That is when you furrow your brow at her, confused by her words. You don’t know what she’s saying from the odd language she speaks. All you know of her language is hello.

“Как вас зовут?” (What’s your name?)

That you understand.

“Они назвали меня ангелом. Но я не знаю своего имени.” (They called me an angel. But I do not know my name.)

“Ангел, меня зовут Наташа. Я пришел забрать тебя отсюда.” (Angel, my name is Natasha. I came to take you from here.)

You nod at her and she extends her hand to you. You slowly take it and her hands are a bit bigger than your own but they both have the same purpose. She helps you up from the corner and she gasps at what she sees.

“У вас есть … крылья.” (Do you have…wings?)

You unfurl your wings from behind your back and they don’t seem to glow under the artificial light. They expand the room and the feathers reach one end of the room to the other.

But she smiles at you, unafraid of what she sees. You’re surprised at her reaction and slowly make them rest against your back once more. You follow her out but stop in the hallway once you see everyone else in the hall looking at you.

Natasha notices the way your body language changes and shields you away from them.

Whatever she tells them, they go to the door that slides out and you’re left surprised at when they disappear from sight. You look at Natasha and she gently leads you on.


You almost have a panic attack when the odd device starts to move in the air but Natasha isn’t the one to console you. There’s someone else who speaks Russian and you find him incredibly attractive.

He gently soothes you and with your permission, he holds you close until you find yourself drifting off to sleep. When you awake, the man still holds you and the machine still flies through the air.

“Вы знаете английский?” (Do you know English?)

You shake your head at him but then nod.

“Hello.” You speak the only word you know.

“Hello. Это единственное слово, которое вы знаете?” (Is this the only word you know?)

You nod at him and you feel him gently touch your feathers. You jump and he lets you go. You scurry off his lap and go into the seat next to him. You’re not very happy when people touch your feathers because you find yourself being very sensitive with your feathers.

“Прости. Я не хотел тебя беспокоить.” (Sorry. I did not mean to disturb you.)

You look at him and very slowly, you unfurl the wing closest to him so he could touch them.

“Пожалуйста, будьте нежны.” (Please, be gentle.)

He nods at you and slowly reached out with his flesh hand to touch your feathers. He uses a very gentle touch and he never strays too long or touches too hard. You appreciate the way he’s touching you with such softness as if he knows just how fragile you are.

You stay by his side and he soothes you again when the aircraft starts to descend. He leads you out into the tower and you take a while to look at the building.

But the most astonishing thing is the light that comes into your vision. You blink a few times to adjust and you feel the slight prick of something pressing against your head. You close you eyes and hold your head.

Bucky takes you to an open room with a serious of tables and machines. He shows you to a man, whose name is Bruce. He says that Bruce is a doctor and he wants to make sure you’re alright.

You jump at every sound that comes from the machine but Bucky just tells you that the beeps measure your blood pressure and your temperature. You still don’t feel very reassured but you stay still as Bruce takes tests of you.

He’s very careful with your wings as he examines them. He takes very good care of them for you and he gently plucks the ingrown ones when he spots them. You wince when he takes them out but you know that it is for the better.

Satisfied with your health, Bruce sends you off when Bucky and he takes you upstairs from another elevator. He brings you onto an empty floor and you look at the empty room. But you gasp at the view of the city beneath you as you see the colors that pop behind your eyes.

“Это твой, Ангел. Вы можете делать все, что хотите.” (It’s yours, Angel. You can do whatever you want.)

You look at him and hug him. You’re so overcome with different emotions that you don’t know what to do. He does wrap his arms around you. You feel your heart beat a little faster.


A few months pass and you make progress on the front of language. Both Bucky and Natasha help you to learn English and ease you into it. You still don’t like to be around the team all that much but you see that they respect your need for personal space.

You decorate your room with colors with pictures and art. Bucky introduced you into movies and television shows. You weren’t very fond of it at first but once you found a good movie, you started to warm up to the subject.

You don’t venture out of your rook very often as it has everything you want and you and Bucky spend a lot of time in it. He comes over often and you find yourself confused by the way your heart starts to beat a little quicker whenever he’s around.

“Bucky? Why does…my heart do this?” You ask him.

“Why does your heart do what?”

“It…beats fast.”

He sits down beside you on the couch and your heart patters against your chest. You gently move his hand over your chest so he can feel it.

“I don’t understand.” You speak quietly.

You look at the way his eyes light up just slightly as he feels your heartbeat. Your wings lie behind you on the couch as they slightly twitch as he touches you.

“I think you’re in…love.”

“Love? Love is an odd word. What is it?”

“It makes your head spin and your heart beat faster. Do you feel it?”

“Yes. Am I in…love?”

“I suppose so. But only you know.”

You look up at him as he retracts his hand. Bucky’s blue eyes seem to glow under the softest light of the fire that lights up in the mantle. He looks absolutely beautiful and you can’t help but look at his lips.

You’ve never seen a more attractive man before in your life. You’ve never paid much attention to the guards but you’re glad you hadn’t. You’re sure that this love you’re feeling is for Bucky and Bucky alone.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

“I know you are.”

“How?” You ask.

“I’ve been trained to notice these things.”

“Do you…” You trail off, afraid of the answer he can give you.

He looks at you and your heart flutters in your chest. His metal hand slowly goes to rest on your cheek and his thumb caresses the skin. You lean into it and sigh a bit.

“Of course I do. I loved you the moment I saw you. Ты мой ангел.” (You’re my angel.)

You smile at him and feel the tears slide down your cheeks. You’re happy with his words and you’ve never felt more alive. You sit up on your knees and gently kiss him, wrapping your wings around the both of you, creating a safe cocoon.

There will be no more isolation for you now because Bucky has broken down every single wall he can and chased out the darkness that you had been shrouded in. You’re his angel and there’s not a more perfect sound.

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Always (Prologue) (M)

Trailer | Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four

Everyone is happy…

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Killer!Jungkook, Angst, Smut (in later chapters)

Word Count: 1,800

Content/Warnings: Since this is the prologue it’s pretty tame, but prepare for future: Violence, Gore, Smut, Offensive Language. The next chapter has very graphic gore, so if you’re not into that, back out now. Although Jungkook does kill in this series, this is not a serial killer AU.

A/N: For those of you who have read my other works before, you’ll find that this one is quite a departure from my usual “cute” and more light hearted fics. It’s my first time writing a series so it may be quite short compared to series by other writers. Anyway, I hope you enjoy ~


You would die for him, kill for him, and everything in between. 

He was as much a part of you as yourself. 

You didn’t want anyone else. 

It was always Jungkook.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a cute Calum blurb on before fame ever happened? Maybe Like a relationship progressing throughout the years? I just wanna feel light butterflies 😂😩

aw bb i got u 

so i m a g i n e meeting Calum in secondary school. That head of raven hair was so thick and curly, he looked of a shroom head. His scrawny and skinny being was very contradictory to how silly and tough he was as a person. With his insane soccer skills and immense care over his friends and his family, you didn’t know what to make up of Calum Thomas Hood. 

The first time you actually met him was when he purposely kicked the ball towards you, but softly enough that it came to you rolling on the grass. You were sat at the bottom of the bleachers during gym, watching the boys and girls frenzy in their sports. But there you were, watching as Calum jogged over to you to retrieve it. 

“Sorry if it hit you,” Calum would say sheepishly. You giggled, getting on your legs to pick up the ball and toss it to him. “Tossing a soccer ball with your hands? That’s a first for me, Y/N.” 

“Addressing me by my name the very first time we met is a first for me, Calum,” you pointed out with a grin. Calum couldn’t help but smiling widely, the crinkles by his eyes forming with that huge goofy smile of his. That was the first time you knew he was going to be something else when he tossed you his small phone. 

A year goes by, and you two were best of friends. Every morning when you walked over to the school building, the boy had always waited for you in a different position of holding his soccer ball. Right after, he’d drop it to his feet and offer you a hug.

These hugs were sacred to you, because Calum wasn’t the guy to hug many of his friends. It was of course the unquestionable affection that he hugged the other 3 lads, but he was always intimidated to hug girls. So when he hugged you, you felt beyond special. 

As you two developed being best friends, Calum finally showed you his music. In his bedroom, he had a chipped acoustic guitar, one you showed him at a thrift store for 20 dollars. And it always made you smile whenever he played and sung. His voice was still developing due to puberty, but it was nice and nasally and gentle. 

“Wh-what d’you think?” Calum asked, stopping his strumming to play with the neck of his Blink-182 shirt. You smiled, rising from his bean bag chair to get in front of him. Weaving your fingers into his silk-like locks, you smiled and ruffled it a bit. 

“I thought it was amazing,” you’d say honestly. And it was true. “Your lyrics are amazing, the chords are superb. I absolutely love it.”

“Seriously?” Those brown eyes would light up, raising his eyebrows contently as he smiled widely. You couldn’t help but adore his high, chubby cheeks and those mesmerizing crinkles by his eyes. 

“Seriously,” you agreed. He was quick to peel off the guitar from his arms and stood up to give you a big hug. They were warm and safe, feeling his biceps slowly build from his newfound love for music and all the strumming he did. It felt right, smelling the usual scent of Dove and ‘man’ from him. 

“We’re doing a small performance soon at the park,” Calum hummed into your ear. “I’d really love it if you came.” 

“For you, I’d travel across the world,” you assured him, getting a tighter hug as you rubbed his sturdy back.

On November 6th, 2012, you had been dashing down the neighborhood to Luke’s house. After the boys discovered the tweet Louis Tomlinson had made, Calum had called you immediately after. You dashed up to the porch, being greet by Luke’s mum before letting yourself into the living room. The brightness in Calum’s face was the first thing you saw. 

“Congratulations–” you began, but you were immediately sucked into Calum’s arms. He held you tightly, like you were on the brink of falling. But you actually were falling– falling in love with the Maori boy holding you. It felt almost surreal, the amount of pride and love you had for this boy. But all of that was quick to fade when you felt the boy sniffle against the crook of your neck. “Calum?” 

“They invited us on their tour,” Calum choked, having you widen your eyes as the other boys nodded with wide smiles. Your cheeks blushed, feeling embarrassed about how your mind leads immediately to missing him. Life with Calum had been so much sweeter, much kinder with more colors and beautiful sounds. He had filled the void you didn’t know you had. 

“Those better be tears of joy, Hood,” you whispered, trying your best to contain the sadness in your heart. You grabbed the back of his shirt tightly, clenching your fists. “If they aren’t, we’re fighting.” 

“You can’t come, you won’t be there…” Calum croaked, snaking one hand up to your head as he weaved his calloused fingers into the back of your head. You nodded, feeling gracious that he hadn’t tried to ask or beg you to accompany them. You and him both knew you couldn’t, and it killed you both. 

“It’s okay, Cally,” you whispered, pushing him off a bit to look at his face. He was flushed, face rosy with shiny cheeks worth of salty tears. You brought your hands to his face and cupped his cheeks, wiping away the proceeding tears. “I’m in love with you and I won’t let the distance divide us no matter what.” 

“Y-you’re what?” Calum whispered, having you bite your bottom lip before quickly reaching to smash your lips on his. They quivered a bit from the sadness, but they were nonetheless soft and plump, practically welcoming. You felt him melt, lust taking your minds off the woe you two felt. 

“I love you too,” Calum breathed once he broke the kiss. His eyes were stern, assuring you that his words of sentiment were true. You nodded, tears streaming down your face as he pulled you into another hug. “I won’t let the distance divide us either.” And he kept his word. 


“You’re such a dork– you called me an hour early!” You huffed jokingly, walking around your bedroom with the cellphone pressed to your ear. You were back home while Calum was busy exploring the world. You were beyond happy for him, even though you wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. But throughout these years, he didn’t dare lack in calling and texting you. 

“Timezones, babe,” Calum chuckled, having you melt by the petname. “Hey baby, I had a question.” 


“Remember when you said that you’d travel across the world for me?” Calum began, having you giggle. 

“Calum. you always say that before ‘surprising’ me with a plane ticket,” you said. 

“Yes, but there’s something else with it,” Calum said, playing at your curiosity. “How about you come fly over here… and then stay here, with me.” 

“What, as in stay for 2 weeks instead of one?” You asked for clarification. 

“No, no, I mean join the tour,” Calum mumbled. You felt your heart stop, those words playing at your mind. You, on tour with him and your other best friends? That’s a dream that always felt impossible due to the strong gravity that kept you in your hometown. 

“B-but Calum, my job–” 

“Y/N, I will take care of you,” Calum said quietly. “I absolutely need you around because though I can breathe without you, I can’t really live without you. I want you safe with me, right by my side for the rest of my days. I want to be the one to feed you, and take you places you’ve never been before. I want to be the shoulder to cry on whenever you need it. I swear to cover everything, Y/N, just please–” 

“That sounds like you’re about to propose to me, Cally,” you joked. 

“Someday, I’d like to,” Calum said bluntly, having you slightly taken aback. “So, you coming?” 

“…Of course I am.” 

sorta long, sorry xx 

Savior Satan

Lucifer x SoulMate!Reader

Requested by: @I-am-an-outcast

A/n: I took your request by left out the whole journey to find him thing. I kind of got carried away and it took its own course but I hope you like it!

Warnings: Broken bones, a small amount of blood, Luci fluff?

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The day you were born, your mother knew you would be destined for something great. However, nobody knew what greatness you’d achieve.

At age three you began having dark dreams your therapist claimed to be nightmares. No matter how many times you explained you weren’t afraid of the dream.

By the time you were ten, information had come to you from your parents about a soulmate. Everybody had one. Each person had their own unique pendant that they would receive on their sixteenth birthday. And one day you would meet your significant other who would have the other half.

Age sixteen could come any faster. As promised, your father handed you a small ribbon wrapped white box with a beautiful necklace inside. You would think it would be something cheesy like a half of a broken heart, but it wasn’t.

The outer layer of the half circle was a shinning silver. Inside of it rested a perfect ruby red stone of some sort. Around the edges of the center it was jagged. And you knew that the person you were destined to be with would contain the other half.

By the time you were eighteen you’d been on your own for a year. A brutal car crash had killed both of your parents and you’d been left alone in the hospital on life support. Every doctor around you was beyond certain you wouldn’t live. That you were declared brain dead. What came next shocked even the greatest in the medical industry. You woke up.

There wasn’t a wound to be found on your body. Something…someone had healed you. The very moment you opened your eyes you saw bright red ones burning in a day dream you only wished was real.

“Thank you.” Your voice was only a faint whisper to the unknown man in your head.

At this point in your life you were in your late twenties. Living a very mundane and simple life. That was until the same dreams from your childhood took over your mind. There was a man, holding onto thick metal bars on a cage that was suspended in mid air. Thunder and lightening boomed all around it. A set of beautiful red eyes beamed from inside the locked bars. The sound of a glass window in your apartment shattering snapped you out of your daydream.

A set of three men were now standing before you. Each holding a very sharp yet shiny blade in their hands.

“Who are you?” Your shaky voice called out to those in your home. But none of the strange men answered you. “Get the hell out of my home.” When you spoke there was a defensive tone to your voice.

One of the men laughed at you in a small chuckle. “We take orders from nobody. Certainly not a tainted human.” His foot stepped forward to advance towards you. Naturally you took a step back.

Taking your hands you grabbed onto a bookshelf and flung it over, trying to give you some time to get out the front door. Luckily for you the door was unlocked, making it easier to run out of your invaded home.

In a panic you ran down the hallway as the sound of following feet pounded behind you. As you rounded a corner you were greeted by a sight you least expected to be there. Stairs. All of your balance was lost as you tripped and began to tumble down the hard carpeted steps. Your hand awkwardly got placed underneath you in the fall and an awful cracking sound came from it.

Forty stairs. That’s how many you’d fallen down. By the time you reached the bottom you were cut up, bleeding, and had a bad case of rug burn. Not to mention some broken bones. There was nothing you could do but lie there and await the mean to come near you and take your life.

Just as one took a step down the first stair, a warm feeling came from your usually freezing necklace. Never had it been warm before since the day you’d gotten it. Your mother had told you the closer you got to your soulmate, the warmer it would get. While the farther away, the colder it’d get. Each of the three man burst into a cloud of blue and grey dust. A wave of safety ran over your wounds. No, not safety maybe. This was something else.

A warm flowing sensation tingled your chromosomes and healed you completely. Your arm snapped back into place unexpectedly, causing you to yelp lightly in pain. Without a second thought you ran out of the building.

Confusion and a hint of fear was all you could think. Was there more of these weird assassins waiting for you? Just as the thought crossed your mind a black SUV pulled around a hidden alleyway and began to approach you. Before you could run you were somewhere else.

The walls were cold and dark like everything else. In the front center part of the room was a red throne. All types of different artifacts and old papers were on tables and other surfaces around you. Your body turned to look at the rest of the scenery. Only to your surprise you were jeered by a tall devilishly handsome man.

His hair was of a dirty blond color. And his eyes- they seemed to swallow you whole. You yourself had no idea who this man was, but a strange name lingered on the inside of your lips and seeped through the cracks.

Lucifer?” There was no explanation as to how you knew who he was. The warm feeling coming from your necklace was turned off as you reached out and placed your open crooked palm on his chest.

It was him. Your soulmate. The man you’d only dreamt of in the loneliest of nights.

“You know who I am. I was afraid you wouldn’t.” His voice was much softer than you expected it to be. He never spoke in your dreams.

Slowly you withdrew your hand from his chest. “Of course I know who you are. How could I not?” Like it was an instinct your feet took a step in his direction. He seemed surprised by your actions, raising an eyebrow at you.

“You know who I truly am and yet it doesn’t scare you. Interesting.” His perfect lips pursed only slightly.

“I have no reason to be afraid of you.” Your eyes gazed up into his. “You saved my life on numerous occasions, Lucifer.” Just saying his name made a warm feeling spread in your chest.

Either of his hands reached out and placed themselves gently on your cheeks. Holding you tenderly in his touch. His thumbs began to move in small circles on your skin. Calming you to the core.

“What were those things that tried to kill me?” You continued to look into his eyes which were tender and at peace.

Angels. Winged monkeys.” The calm tone in his voice began to fade as he continued to speak. “They thought they could take you from me.” A familiar red glow took over his natural eye color only for a second, making a small chill go down your skin and trail into your heart.

“Well, angels are dicks. It’s a good thing you aren’t one.” He laughed thinking of the words you just said. “Archangels are different than any normal angel.” You’d read about archangels before. They were absolute and fierce.

“If you choose to stay by my side, I can better protect you from them. Or anybody who decides to come after you.” His hands continued to rest on your cheeks.

You pressed your face into his tender touch.

“Where else would I go?”

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My Blood Is Really Not Your Color

A/N- The next part of Long Lost Sister. I recommend reading the rest of the series.

Series Summary- Sam and Dean meet their little sister, Adam’s twin, on a hunt and things don’t go all that smoothly.

*Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my future works*

Long Lost Sister Masterlist


Y/N had figured out that she was unconscious and in the hospital. She vaguely remembered being attack by the werewolf during a hunt gone wrong. She was slipping in and out of it, dreaming one minute and being able to hear the activity going on in her room around her the next.

She heard the doctor saying something, but she couldn’t make it out. She felt herself slipping out of it again, back to the dream world. This time she was sitting in a booth at the Midnight Diner. The Midnight Diner had been her and Adam’s favorite place back home in Minnesota, they loved to come here on the few nights Mom had off from the graveyard shift.

It looked the same as it always had. Same terrible gaudy green booth benches, the wall clock forever frozen at two o’clock and the same old crowd of regulars chattering away. It was only a dream, but it felt surreal to be back here, she hadn’t set foot in here since her mom and Adam died.

It would be a lie to say she hadn’t dreamed about it before, but they usually turned out to be nightmares. The diner abandoned and empty, a reminder that the life she once lead was long gone and never coming back. This one seemed to be turning out alright, just like she always remembered, except-


Y/N’s head whipped around, she’d recognize that voice anywhere, “Adam.”

There he was. Her twin brother. Standing right behind her, it was only a dream, but Y/N hadn’t seen him this clearly in years.

“Adam!” She threw herself up and into his arms. The siblings stood there hugging each other for minutes, enjoying the feeling of holding each other again. Adam held her at arm’s length and Y/N wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Look at you. Little worse for wear, aren’t we?” Y/N let out a small laugh, simply happy to be here with him, even if he gave her a hard time. The siblings slipped into the booth and Y/N couldn’t take her eyes off her brother. He smiled at her and she couldn’t help, but smile back, the first real one in weeks.

“God I miss you Adam.”

“I miss you too kiddo.” She rolled her eyes at him, he was only two minutes older than her. “You’ve been hunting.”

It was more a statement than a question and Y/N fidgeted under his gaze, “Maybe.”

Adam quirked an eyebrow at her, “Little dangerous don’t you think? Chasing after monsters, good way to get yourself killed.”

“I’m fine, I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I’ve been doing this for a while.”

“Perfectly capable huh? Yeah, that explains why you almost died in the back seat of Dad’s damn car.”

“Technically it’s Dean’s now,” Y/N mumbled under her breath. He fixed her with a pointed look, not caring who exactly owned the car now. She was aware that Adam wouldn’t approve of her hunting. Being crazy overprotective was one of the few similarities between him, Sam and Dean.


“I know, I know, you don’t approve. Well good thing I don’t answer to you then.”

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you. Things could have gone a lot worse than they did yesterday. If it weren’t for Sam and Dean you’d be dead right now,” Y/N looked down at her hands. Adam sighed. “I’m sorry, I just, nothing turned out the way it should have. I mean, I should be in med school right now, Mom should be alive, and she should still be blissfully unaware of what hides in the dark. God, our lives got so screwed up.”

Y/N snorted, “You’re telling me. I just want to go back to the good old days when it was just us, the two of us against the world. When the biggest thing we worried about was if you were going to burn dinner that night, not what monster was in town. I preferred thinking Dad was a dead beat, rather than knowing the truth.”

Adam flashed her the signature Winchester bitch face, “You were known to burn dinner too.”

“But not as much as you,” she teased. Y/N eased back into her seat, basking in the familiarity of it all.

Adam’s smiled turned serious and he leaned forward on the table, “Just try and be more careful, okay?”

Y/N nodded, “I will. Not going to lie, it scared the hell out of me too. I really thought I was going to die in Sam’s arms in the backseat of that car.”

“Speaking of, what are you planning to do about him and Dean?”

“Well I guess I need to save them for saving my life.”

“I’m being serious.”

“So am I. Manners, remember?” Adam fixed her a look and she looked down, picking at her nails. “I don’t know. I don’t know what to do about them. I don’t trust them and I haven’t forgiven them.”

“You need to.” Y/N’s head snapped up.

“What? I mean… I don’t understand.” How could Adam of all people tell her to forgive them?

“You should give them a chance. Don’t hate them forever on my behalf. I’ve forgiven them and so should you.”

“Adam,” she tried to keep her voice level, she didn’t want to ruin it all by yelling at him. “They left you, in the cage, with Michael and Lucifer.”

“Trust me, I’m very much aware. They didn’t treat me very well, there is no denying it, but I think they feel guilty enough about it without you adding to it. They love you a lot. Plus, it’ll make me feel better to know that you’re not all alone, that somebody is watching my little sister’s back.”

Y/N shock her head, this wasn’t real, “This is my subconscious talking, not you. This isn’t real, this isn’t you. You’re still in the cage.”

“Very true unfortunately, but this is what you know I would say to you if I could.”

Y/N felt herself slowly waking from the dream. Adam and the diner were starting to fade away. It was just a dream, but she wanted to stay here longer, she wasn’t done talking to her brother.

“Forgive them Y/N, if you won’t do it for yourself do it for me. Don’t hate them in my name. Promise me you’ll try.”

“I promise.”

The diner and Adam completely disappeared and darkness came again. She could vaguely hear the beeping of a heart monitor going on around her and a quiet voice speaking, “When you wake up things are going to be different. They’re going to be better. Sam and I, we have a lot to make up for and that’s going to start the second you open those eyes. I’m not going to take this second chance for granted. We have so much to catch up on still. So much I still want to learn about you. Hell, I don’t even know color eyes you have.”

Dean’s voice faded out and silence overtook the room, but only briefly before Sam started to speak, “We love ya sis and we can’t wait to talk about everything and start earning your trust back. We know we messed up and don’t blame you for being mad at us. We’ve messed up in the past. We’ve made some major mistakes and quite often, but we’re not going to let history repeat itself. We won’t make the same mistakes we made with Adam, with you. We love you kid.”

Her brothers sounded so broken and scared, like they really cared. Y/N felt someone holding her hand and she tried to stretch her fingers out, to move her hand and let them know she heard them.

“Y/N?” An excited voice asked. Good, maybe it was working.

“What’s going on?” Y/N heard what sounded like Sam ask.

“Her hand moved,” she must be holding Dean’s hand then.

“Seriously? We should go get a doctor.” Y/N tried to squeeze Dean’s hand again, “Y/N? Can you hear me? Can you open your eyes?”

Y/N’s eyes fluttered opened and she blinked up to see her brothers crowded over her, worried looks on their faces, “Y/N?”

She coughed and both brothers reached out, desperate to help her. When she spoke, her voice was hoarse and rough, “Sammy, my blood is really not your color.”

Genuine laughter filled the room with the siblings for the first time in weeks.

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When I’m With You || Minghao || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 //

Word Count: 4162

Genre: comedy, fluff, ex-mafia!au, casual writing

Summary: Minghao was unfortunate enough to be born into a mafia family. Although his dad had learned from his mistakes and was now leading a clean life, it didn’t deter his old enemies from bothering his only son. In order to avoid them, Minghao moved to a different country. Here, he thought, he would have peace at last but then he met you and you might be harder to deal with than the gangsters he faced back in China. At least the trouble with the gangsters made sense but with you? You were just dead unlucky.

In the airport that bustled with activity, a dashing young man stood, waiting for someone. His dark brown hair was slightly parted to the side and held up with a bit of gel. His brown eyes were hidden by a pair of sunglasses and he wore a casual suit, his blazer over a white v-neck. Anyone that passed him looked at him curiously, wondering if he was a celebrity that came out to meet his girlfriend who was arriving from a trip. This handsome young man continuously glanced at his phone, checking for the time, and then looking back up to the time board at the flight schedule. A sigh would leave his lips and he would shift from one foot to the other, his hands in his pockets as he waited for his friend’s flight to land before repeating the process of checking his phone, then the time board, and then the exit of the terminal again moments later.

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The City is Mine: Ch. 4

Genre: gang au, angst, smut 

Word count: 5,471

Parings: Yoongi x Reader, Zico x Reader, Don Mills x Reader

Character Profiles: AOMG | The Outsiders | The 88′s  (Please read these and the prologue before you begin)

Chapters: Prologue123/?

“The City is Mine” Ravi Open

Zico sat on the steps to your apartment building with you cradled in his arms waiting for you to wake up and tell him which apartment you lived in. You had passed out immediately after vomiting on him in the alley behind the club, so Zico had carried you to his car and driven you back to the building Simon D told him you lived.

He knew he should try to wake you up, but he didn’t want to. The weight of your puny body felt so good in his arms. It was like holding a freshly baked baguette, but like, a lot heavier you know? God did he love bread, and he was pretty sure he was in love with you too despite only meeting you minutes before as you threw up on him.

That’s right. He had fallen in love with you the way a one dimensional male protagonist in a poorly written fan fiction falls in love with the weak female character the author creates as placeholder for herself: instantly and for absolutely no fucking reason whatsoever.

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[Villain! Deku AU] Tempo

Even as a villain, Deku has a moment of weakness.


Midoriya Izuku was one of the strongest individual Kurogiri had ever known.

Kurogiri had seen him kill someone by teleporting the other’s heart out of their chest, or when he teleported someone’s neck away from their head and laugh after he did so. Kurogiri had seen him charm All For One himself, bending the other’s will with a smile and beautifully-crafted words. Kurogiri had seen him smile at the most egoistical man Kurogiri ever knew and got away with what he wanted.

Kurogiri never doubted Midoriya Izuku’s ability in anything, not with everything he had seen in the few years, but Kurogiri always wondered where he would go when he was feeling weak.

Because Shigaraki Tomura always went to him when he was feeling weak and Izuku-san would comfort him with the loveliest of words and patience of a matron saint. But then, Izuku-san was just a child himself. Where would he go?

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Our First and Last (Ch. 11)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 |

 Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 2,847
  • Description: “We’re talking universes where the laws of physics are different and where matter isn’t made up of atoms but some other type of particle that is unable to interact with those in this universe because it is off by some minute degree in the fabric of space-time, which is why we aren’t able to sense and thus perceive it.”

“Dr. Park, I’m actually feeling a lot better these days.” Jungkook says as he’s sitting across from Jimin, back in the office that he’s come to know all too well.

“Oh, how so?” Jimin says, raising his eyebrow and pretending that he hasn’t noticed Jungkook’s change in temperament. The latter’s attitude has improved so much, and Jimin would be blind to not notice he looks less worn out recently too. Although the signs on the outside were unmistakable, Jimin was still trying to be cautious, not wanting to jump to conclusions before Jungkook actually voiced his inner feelings himself.

“I feel more alive…shit that sounds gay….” Jungkook looks down and huffs a laugh. He bites his lip, trying to think of the best way to explain because he was never the type to be good at expressing himself or opening up, since he’s been an expert at bottling up his emotions for years now.

“Jungkook” Jimin says softly. The young neurosurgeon raises his eyes to look into Jimin’s. “Whatever you’re comfortable telling me.”

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Lady Midnight Playlist

Lady Midnight is coming out in one week (and a few hours) so in honor of that I’m putting up the playlist. Usually songs remind me of specific characters in general rather than scenes or themes, so I’ve made notes.

Play Crack The Sky: Brand New

(Julian and Emma)

This story’s old but it goes on and on until we disappear.
Calm me and let me taste the salt you breathed while you were underneath.
I am the one who haunts your dreams of mountains sunk below the sea.
I spoke the words but never gave a thought to what they all could mean.

You’ve Haunted Me All Of My Life: Death Cab for Cutie

(Lady Midnight’s own story)

You’ve haunted me all my life
You’re always out of reach when I’m in pursuit
Long winded then suddenly mute
And there’s a flaw in my heart’s design
For I keep trying to make you mine

And so I wait but I never seem to learn
How to capture your diminishing returns
I still see you through the eyes of a child
Not even thinking we could tame the wild.

“Always Gold” by Radical Face

(Mark and Julian. Ty and Julian, Ty and Mark - brotherhood in general!)

We were tight knit boys
Brothers in more than name
You would kill for me
And knew that I’d do the same
And it cut me sharp
Hearing you’d gone away.

Malibu: Hole

(A song from my own growing-up period! This one really spoke to me about the power of the ocean, forgetting yourself in the water, and all the people — Cristina, Diana, Emma — who make new starts in Malibu.)

And I knew
Love would tear you apart
Oh, and I knew
The darkest secret of your heart
I’m gonna follow you
Oh baby, fly away to Malibu
Oceans of angels
Oceans of stars
Down by the sea is where you
Drown your scars.

Chocolate by The 1975

I love this one for Emma and Cristina…it was so much fun writing their friendship.

Oh we go where nobody knows
With guns hidden under our petticoats
No we’re never gonna quit it
No we’re never gonna quit it, no
Yeah we’re dressed in black from head to toe
We’ve got guns hidden under our petticoats
No we’re never gonna quit it. no we’re never gonna quit it no

If The Night Is Dark: Seeker Lover Keeper


Well I’m trying to decide 

Should I run, should I hide

Show them tricks and be tamed.

Yeah, it’s true that I’ve changed

But I’m also the sameI’m just playing the game

.If you lay down beside me 

You’ll feel that I’m cold

And I’m empty, it’s true.See the more I reveal 

The more lonely I feel

What was one is now broken, broken in two. 

California, Airborne Toxic Event

(Emma and the way she wants to be remembered.)

And oh, I hope it’s clear: there’s no room for us anymore in the atmosphere,
But darling I always liked the desperation in your eyes,
The way you’d dance in the glow of the Hollywood Freeway lights.

Someday they’re gonna forget about us and we’ll wonder if we were ever good enough.
It hit me last night, in this song I heard, I remember the feeling but forget all the words.

Soul Meets Body, Death Cab for Cutie

(Julian, thinking about Emma)

I do believe it’s true
That there are roads left in both of our shoes
But if the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes me too

So brown eyes I’ll hold you near
‘Cause you’re the only song I want to hear
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

Fire and the Flood Vance Joy

(The lines First the fire, then the flood, from an old riddle are really important in the book, so it was fun to find this song. Plus it could really cover several couples I can’t talk about yet!)

You’re the fire and the flood
And I’ll always feel you in my blood
Everything is fine
When your head’s resting next to mine
Next to mine
You’re the fire and the flood

The Trapeze Swinger, Iron and Wine

(It was fun to write about people who’d known each other their whole lives rather than just having met and this strikes me as being about memory and love past and present)

And please remember me as in the dream
We had as rug burned babies
Among the fallen trees and fast asleep
Beside the lions and the ladies

That called you what you like and even might
Give a gift for your behavior
A fleeting chance to see a trapeze
Swinger high as any savior

But please remember me, my misery
And how it lost me all I wanted
Those dogs that love the rain and chasing trains
The colored birds above there running

In circles round the well and where it spells
On the wall behind St. Peter
So bright on cinder gray in spray paint
'Who the hell can see forever?’

Death, by White Lies

(Mark, Kieran and others in the Wild Hunt)

I love the feeling when we lift off
Watching the world so small below
I love the dreaming when I think of
The safety in the clouds out my window
I wonder what keeps us so high up
Could there be a love beneath these wings
If we suddenly fall should I scream out
Or keep very quiet and cling to my mouth as I’m crying
So frightened of dying
Relax, yes, I’m trying
But fear’s got a hold on me

Ocean Wide, the Afters

(This always read to me as about love, but not necessarily romantic love — some of the most important love in the book is family love, Ty’s and Julian’s, Livvy and Ty, etc)

I’ll stay right here
It’s where I’ll always belong
Days like this, I wish the sun wouldn’t set
I don’t want to forget
What made us feel this way
You see through all my fears
And that’s what got us here

Flaws by Bastille

(The Blackthorns and their secrets)

“You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve, and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground. Dig them up; let’s finish what we started.” 

The Ocean, the Bravery

(Diego and Cristina)

I climbed up a mountain and looked off the edge
At all of the lives that I never have led
There’s one where I stayed with you across the sea
I wonder, do you still think of me?
I carry your image always in my head
Folded and yellowed and torn at the edge
And I’ve looked upon it for so many years
Slowly I am losing your face

Jasey Rae, All Time Low

(Julian, and the games he’s forced to play)

I’ve never told a lie
And that makes me a liar
I’ve never made a bet
But we gamble with desire
I’ve never lit a match
With intent to start a fire
But recently the flames are getting out of control

Keane, Love is the End

(Emma and the ocean)

I took off my clothes and I ran to the ocean
Looking for somewhere to start anew
And when I was drowning in that holy water
All I could think of was you

A nightmare or a pleasant dream?

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BTS AU  ( Psychotherapist!Taehyung )

One shot 

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: “Can you please write bts scenario ( Psihotherapst!Taehyung ) where (y/n) is his doctor and Taehyung is the patient with mental disorder & stuff ( like he’s the psycho). Thank you and can’t wait , I know you’ll do good at this. 

A/N: Sorry it took me so so so long to do this anony, I hope you aren’t too mad.I couldn’t keep myself from adding a plot twist at the end.It is kind of short.I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story, Taehyung ISN’T actually crazy in here.There are creatures that are troubling him.I am really sorry if I made you feel disturbed in anyway.Thank you for readying.

Word count:  1,567

Warnings: Killing intend and mention of blood. 

  Your job wasn’t easy, it wasn’t something anyone could do.People came into your office everyday wanting to share their stories and problems with you.As they were leaving, their hearts were light as feathers, but yours wasn’t, you had to bear all of the troubles other people had.That was the job of a psychotherapist.

  Every single one of your patients was unique in his or her own way, but there was one particular man who was special.He had you in his grasp the moment he first step foot in your office.His hair light brown, eyes a deep creamy dark color, he was just angelic, but soon enough you found out the darkness hiding behind his pure looks.

  You were here to help him no matter what was going happen.As you were waiting for him, you were looking through your notes. His name was Kim Taehyung and he had been having nightmares, dreadful once.As you listened to them you could feel the fear in his voice.These dreams were slowly taking over his life, as he was telling you.He had told you that with every visit he was starting to have less and less of these dreams. As you were still looking through his documents, the door opened slowly and you saw him, standing there.

“Ah.”you stood up

“I knocked a couple of times, but you weren’t answering, so I just opened the door.”he said, peeking through it

“It’s ok, come on in.” he closed the door behind himself and laid down on the couch next to your desk “I was thinking of something and totally spaced out for a moment.” you sat next to him ,taking out your pen “So, how have you been feeling this week?”you asked

“To be honest I am feeling so much better than the first time I came here.I still have them from time to time though.” he answered you

“Judging by your voice they are still more or less troubling you.” you wrote something down on the paper that was on your lap

“They are.”he sighed and continued talking “These dreams look so real and they make me what to do things.Things I shouldn’t.”Taehyung looked down at his two trembling arms

“It’s ok.”you placed your hand onto his and placed them gently down ”Tell me what your dream was about.”

“I was walking in some kind of darkness, when I finally found light, I saw creatures coming from the ground, they were trying to get to me.” he started telling you

“And then?”you asked

“I found some kind of knife, I was so happy and without knowing it I started swinging it around.I thought I was killing them, then the light came closer and I saw that they had faces.All my friends and people I hold dear to me.The strangest thing was that….I liked it.” you noticed the growing smile onto his lips.You wrote down everything he told you and them looked at him.

“Have you been having any urges lately?”

“I haven’t had a massive one in a long time, but today I was cutting some food when one of my hyungs came by and reached out to grab something.I accidentally cut his hand and panicked, but suddenly these voices started appearing and telling me all kinds of things. I noticed the blood on the knife and the way he gasped when he got cut. I started having this need to see what will happen if I stab him.” Taehyung was breathing very heavy 

“Did you do it?”you asked even if you already knew the answer 

“No, I suddenly remembered you and let go of the knife immediately.” upon hearing these words you smiled faintly “I don’t know why, but you are like the cure to my illness.”Taehyung’s head looked towards you “ I feel like I can’t live without you.I feel like you are keeping me safe and away from that darkness.”he stood up and started coming closer to you ”I will go mad without you…Y/N.”

  You placed the pen down for a second and touched his lips with your finger “Shhh, everything is ok.”you helped him lay down again “Tell me Taehyung, how do you feel about these dark figures that have been following you in your dreams?Do you really think your mind is showing you the things you want to do?”

“I don’t think so.I love my friends and family.I know that my mind is playing tricks on me, because if those shadows were really the people I hold dear, than I would have seen you too.” he was a very sweet person aside from his problems, someone who was able to steal your heart with such ease.Both of you had feelings for each other, but tried to keep it a secret from the other people.Even if you never told him, he knew and vise versa.

  These dreams have been making him think about murder and all kinds of bad things.Each day he came in ,he was looking worse and worse, until you truly found the source of the problem at hand. The love you felt for this man was driving you crazy, you wanted to help him so much.When he started feeling better and better you started relaxing more. As he kept talking about his dream you saw his body starting to tremble, his words became more and more dark and the breaths he was taking were sharper than usual. You knew that he was starting to go crazy with all the memories he has.These dreams were bringing back sad and painful moments of his life.

 The peak occurred the second he spoke of seeing you disappear and leaving him.Taehyung’s body jumped up and he grabbed his face. “I know it wasn’t true, I know that it wouldn’t happen, but it was so real. I was ready to stab anyone who could have done this. I wanted to kill, to spill his blood.I didn’t know who he was, but I had decided to kill anyone in my path until I found you.” His voice got louder and louder and you decided that you had to do something.

  You stood up and sat on the couch next to him. Gently placing your warm hands onto his trembling shoulders, you pulled his head down to your lap, gently running your hand through his hair to relax him.This worked wonders, Taehyung felt safe in your embrace after all.

“You won’t leave me right?”he asked 

“I won’t.”


“I promise.”he closed his eyes, resting his head onto your thighs

“I feel like I am a wrong person, that I shouldn’t exist. I am a psychopath, I am most afraid of hurting you.” his voice was starting to panic again 

“No matter what happens I will always be here for you Tae. No matter what you might do, you will always find me next to you.” as you were talking to him the room started getting a bit dark, your eyes moved with the shadows as you were speaking to him “You see, there are certain creatures called dream fairies.They aren’t as nice as most people think.They come and consume nightmares.All the dark monsters that are trying to hurt you won’t be able to even touch you, so you should relax.”your hand slowly cupped his cheeks “These fairies come inside your house while you sleep and eat your dreams just by…”you leaned and placed a kiss onto his forehead “Doing this.”In seconds the shadows forming behind you disappeared and the light was restored in the room once more.

“A lot of people call them demons and vampires, ugly creatures that must not exist.They hunt them down and kill them, trying to use their powers for themselves.”

“I think that they are pretty. I don’t believe that they are evil.If there fairies consume nightmares and only leave good dreams than they are doing good.”Taehyung’s eyes moved up to look at you, with a heart warming smile onto his lips he said “You are my dream fairy, my good dream fairy.”he closed his eyes and continued laying onto your lap

“That is right.”you smiled in a very particular way, as you pulled his head gently towards your chest “I am your dream fairy, always by your side.”your eyes moved slowly towards the mirror that was placed in front of you on the wall. The reflection was something even the gods couldn’t expect to happen. The wind that was blowing through the window was letting rain in the closed off room. As Tae was close to it ,you didn’t want him to get wet and so you covered him. A thin shadow appeared over him, one look at the mirror revealed two black sheer wings and a devilish smile, accompanied with a pair of blood red eyes. 

“I will keep those shadows away from you.I won’t let they harm you.”

  If someone had seen you two they would have thought of an angelic woman, being captured by a mad man, but things aren’t always as they seem.For the truth can be seen in this image, that only this mirror will know of. A man as sweet as an angel in the grasp of a demon.He won’t escape, nor will she let him go.Taehyung was there to stay, protected by the same darkness he fears so much, but doesn’t want to leave, as its warm and gentle hands will always pull him back and keep him safe.


Modern!Daedric Princes aesthetics [2/3]

Malacath. If you try to ask around about him the answer you will have is always the same: everyone describes him as an evil backstabber. And that is a perfect description for this young man. If you had some kind of deal with this famous criminal, you are, right now, probably dead or in jail. In his life till now and on, Malacath always got himself in much trouble not wanting to respect rules and fucking shit up with police and whole universe in general. He traveled around the world so much that he knows everything about it, he also earned a small group of followers that support him for his (careless) revolutionary attitude. Malacath seems to enjoy watching people fighting one another but he is genuinely caring towards his followers.

Boethiah. If you care about your life and your sanity, please don’t fuck with Boethiah and her cult. Yes because this badass girl have her own very personal group of followers that consider her as their terrible and powerful Queen. Boethiah loves secrets, conspiracies and telling lies. These are her cult foundation. Many describes her as unreliable because she is considered the master of treachery–it’s said that for enter the cult you must kill someone that have faith in you and then offer their blood to her, but no one believes this–. Boethiah is in constant rivality with Molag Bal and his gang, often flowing in some small “wars”. They can’t stand each other and they both want to steal territory to the other.

Azura. Everyone in town loves her. No one knows why, maybe it’s her gentle attitude, her merciful and benevolent character or maybe because everyone prefers her to her sister Nocturnal, same age but completely different person. Azura is like day and night: her good personality is different from the wrathful one. Yes, she is admired by many but she is also feared. People know where their place is around her because if she get’s angry the consequences are going to be really painful. Azura dreams of the perfect place in which she wants live, loves to daydream about it: she called it Moonshadow. Blurred colors, cities of silver and air like perfume for a combination of pure paradise.

Mehrunes Dagon. Brother of Molag Bal this guy hates everything of our world. There isn’t a single thing he appreciate about this life; he refers to people calling them “mortals” and saying that he isn’t one of them, he is more, he is a God. Obviously everyone hates and laughs of Mehrunes Dagon…they just don’t do that in front of him. He is a really ambitious man as he is violent and dangerous. Mehrunes Dagon is destruction himself and you better start run if you find yourself around him. He wants to destroy this world and make it a “Deadlands”–as he says–but looks like he is having a hard time making his dream come true because of some asshole–again, as he says–that people call “Hero of Kvatch”, name born after he saved the city of Kvatch.

Sanguine. The bad friend that drags you in stupid stuff, the troublemaker. This is what Sanguine is. All the seven deadly sins–and more–are grouped in this single man. He is a sinner and his only purpose in life is have fun and push out the darker natures of men. He also loves pranks even if, most of the time, are terrible and everyone fakes their laughter just for fear. Sanguine turns people normal life into a more sinful one by means of temptation, making them feel hungry for more and more unholy actions and pleasures. The ones that adopt this lifestyle are usually seen with a rose in the buttonhole that took the name of “Sanguine Rose”. Instead Sanguine it’s always seen with a bottle of wine or beer in both hands or with some girl…or boy.

Peryite. Underappreciated and always left behind, Peryite is a loner and, after so much time, he accepted this situation. Many makes jokes about him and he is usually considered weak by the others also is social skills aren’t the best so he just hang out with a guy–probably paid for stick with him–and a girl–probably his cousin–. He acts like he doesn’t care about loneliness but cries a lot if left alone. He wants to keep everything in order, not that he likes it personally but his parents raised him in that way so he just adapted. Many says that a beautiful friendship could born between him and Jyggalag but Peryite keeps saying that “Jyggalag’s vision of order is unnatural and rigid” and he doesn’t want to hang out with crazy people. Everyone laughs at this (and of him). He have a dragon tattoo somewhere on his body. He have some weird aesthetic feeling with smoke. He tries to look tough but he is just in need of love. He still lives in his parents house.

Bungou Stray Dogs Atsushi x Dazai

Dazai ran through the rain, the dark silhouettes of containers passed his eyes but he didn’t pay attention to them. He ran through the rain in the search of something, no someone, way more important than any of these containers could have been. And he was followed by another shadow, a man in a hat, scarf and suit, long red hair wet and stuck to his face, being too busy holding onto his hat than to push it away. Dazai’s brown hair however laid back, his speed and the howling wind of the port blew it away.


Dazai’s desperate shout didn’t go far, the wind was too strong, the splatter of raindrops against metal too loud. His voice was raspy from already screaming for the boy for hours.

Dazai was in a bar with Chuuya as he got the call and never stopped since. Kyouka’s voice has trembled as she reported of Atsushi’s getaway. Her body has trembled too, probably, taking from the amount of times she let the phone fall down during the call, she was in no good state. Luckily she called Dazai first on not the police.

The bar had been on the other side of town but the man didn’t care about taking a car, the traffic would have just held them back. And he knew enough shortcuts to come to the port quite fast.

“Atsushi! Come out!”

The silence following his shout was cruel. It ripped his chest in half, churned his stomach and made his knees weak.

Then something new was to hear against the rain.

Something familiar.


Screams of men in utter fear of pain and death.

Dazai has caused such screams himself before, of course he had, but they still hurt him. They hurt him because he knew the one causing them wasn’t doing so intentionally.

They rounded a few more corners and the man covered in bandages felt a mighty aura being created behind him.

“No, not this. He isn’t supposed to die. Chuuya, let me take care. Call a cab or whatever, just stay away from him for all our sakes!”

Chuuya just huffed and took the next turn to the right which led to a payphone. Dazai however just nodded to him and kept running straight towards the screams.

Even his bones were wet as the brown-haired got to the place of action. The big, black and white tiger stood above a shredded body, his claws lingered in the air, ready to tear again. Another man leaned over a woman, a useless try to protect her, she was already bled out. A lean figure, unable to identity due to the darkness, pressed their body into a corner to hide.


Dazai halted behind the tiger in safe, yet intrusive distance.  The beast slowly turned his head. The cold, blue eyes fixated on him, scanned him, searching for movements of attacking. Then, careful not to leave any part of his body exposed, it turned and stood over his prey.

The tiger bared his teeth and got ready to jump at Dazai, its tail puffed up and the back hair stood up. Dazai also got ready, not to attack, but to dodge and still touch the animal. Who, being aggressive and disturbed while eating, interpreted this falsely and jumped at Dazai.

The next movements of both were so fast, the human could barely recognize them. Blink, and where a tiger and a man collided laid said man with a grey-haired boy in his arms, the boy still slightly conscious. Tears were falling down his face, he moved his hand to swipe them away but was too weak and it fell back to the ground.

“What did I do? Did I hurt anyone?”

The boy’s words came out raspy and broken, sobs shook his body slightly, his whole image was one of miserable.

“Sshhhh. Atsushi, it’s okay. They’re okay. You just scared them a bit. It’s okay, you’re okay now. I’m here.”

A woman’s sob dismantled his lie, a word ‘monster’ was able to identity and the panic in Atsushi’s eyes grew.

“Dazai, don’t let me turn. Please, don’t let me. I don’t wanna hurt more! I can’t hurt more! Please!”

His agitated state just let his body become more exhausted and unconsciousness neared.

“Don’t let me. Don’t let me go… Please, just hold me, don’t let me go… Hold me…”

             The next thing Atsushi sees is the light ceiling of the Agency’s infirmary, a blanket tugged up to his chin, his right hand warmer than the rest of him.  He turns his head to see Dazai sleeping in the chair next to his bed, holding his hand tightly. The younger squeezes the linked hand and causes the other to stir awake.

“Hey sleepyhead, you better? Akiko was already getting her hopes up.”

“Yeah, I’m okay. How long was I asleep?”

“Just a few hours. Are you hungry?”

“Not really, just still tir..”

The door interrupted him. Junichirou walked in, not even bothering to knock.

“Dazai, the Boss wants to talk to you. Don’t know why, seems important though. Oh, hey Atsushi, you better?”

“Yeah, he is, tell Fukuzawa I’m coming. Atsushi, are you okay with being alone for a few minutes? Try to sleep some more, your body is still exhausted. I’m coming back as fast as possible.”

The boy only nodded and Dazai left the room, wrinkling his forehead in concern.

“You know, he was here all the time while you slept, holding your hand and even refused to go and eat something. You must’ve scared the shit out of these people if he was so worried. I’ve never seen him staying here this long.”

Without even waiting for a response, Junichirou also left the room, so Atsushi just laid down again and thought about his words, falling back asleep without any struggle.

In his dream, he was yet again at the port and hovered above those people, but this time Dazai didn’t come to help him. He saw himself rip apart the bodies of innocent and didn’t have a say in it, he couldn’t control his body. The tiger fed on the flesh and when he was finished, he didn’t stop. He ran further towards the city, towards humans to kill. The first people he encountered were two guards and he killed both without even blinking.

The beast became stronger the more people it ate and by the time they reached the Agency, Atsushi was barely able to even think. His paws sprinted up the stairs and he barged into the bureau, instantly killing Naomi with the door. Next was Junichirou, he attacked as Naomi landed on the ground. He too was dead before he knew it. Ranpo hovered underneath hiss table, but his rapid breath gave him away and soon blood flood from his neck. Kunikida tried to summon a gun, but the tiger ripped his notebook apart and tore apart his chest.

Atsushi mentally vomited as his body took a bite on his friend.

Then a heartbeat was at the door, the striped monster turned around and Dazai entered their sight. The boy’s heart made an unusual jump, but instantly stopped when he saw the other’s face, the look of disgust more prominent than anything else.

“How could I think that you were a plus for the Armed Detectives? You’re nothing but a monster. I should’ve let Chuuya kill you, or better kill you back at the warehouse. They were right to hunt you. At last, you’re nothing but a disgusting beast within a more disgusting boy. You killed all my friends! You belong in a zoo!”

Atsushi was crying by then, but the tiger bad other plans. He jumped at the brown-haired, claws tripping with blood. The man got out a knife and shoved it into the tiger’s chest. As the form shrank, the disgust only grew.

             Atsushi woke up with a broken scream, his arms had turned into paws and claws tried to rip apart everything that was within reach. Junichirou and Naomi were covered in scratches as Dazai entered and rushed over to them, laying a hand on the boy’s leg as soon as possible.

He fell unconscious for a second, however opened his eyes after only a few shallow breaths. His eyes were back to their usual yellow and purple, the warm colors stood in contrast to the ice blue pupils the tiger gave him. Though they widened as he noticed the bleeding scratches on his friends.

“I’m so sorry! Honestly. I didn’t want to hurt you. It was a mistake. I’m so sorry!”

Dazai interrupted his rambling by laying a hand on his shoulder. Sobs escaped the kid, his hands trembled before he closed them into fists.

“Guys, let your wounds get stitched up. I’m taking care of him.”

The siblings left them at that and Dazai sat down, closed his arms around the younger and pulled him against his chest. Atsushi was full-on crying now and clenched onto his trench coat.

“I’m so sorry! I even hurt my friends, I couldn’t even control him this much, it’s useless! All I’m doing for you guys is cause problems! I should go, I should keep a safe distance, go away, leave Japan! I can’t even sleep without you there! You have a life too! And I’m just holding you back with my problems!”

“Hey… Shh…”

His voice let Dazai’s body vibrate against Atsushi’s head and calmed him down so much that he could take a few normal breaths before looking up.

“I don’t think you’re a burden to any of us. You are our friend. We all had our problems while training. It’s okay to struggle. It’s human to struggle. And I don’t mind taking care of you. I will help you. We all will. And don’t think for a moment that we would let you go, you are a part of our Agency! Your problems are our problems. Especially mine, I dragged you here. So stopped whining, get better and start training.”

“But what if I hurt someone again? This dream I had, it felt so real! I killed so many people, I killed our friends! And it didn’t stop until you killed me!”

At this, Dazai flinched heavily.

“Atsushi, you do understand that I could never kill you, right? You mean too much to me that I could ever do that?”

“How can you be so sure? The tiger could always attack you, hurt you so bad…”

Dazai didn’t let him finish this thought. He pressed their lips together, his eyes were shut, a hand laid on a pale cheek, the other shoved into gray hair. Two hands clenched harder at his trench coat. As they parted, he opened his eyes and looked into multicolored ones. Breath hit his lips. He smirked.

“See why I couldn’t let go? Why I won’t let the tiger go wild again?”

Atsushi only nodded. Then, he backed away and patted on the now free part of the bed. And blushed heavily.

At this image, the older only chuckled, pulled off his shoes and settled down.

As his head hit the pillow, lips met his own.

“Thank you.”

These were the boy’s last words for a few hours. He slept tightly, cuddled into his chest. And as the man wrapped his arms around him, he considered for the first time in a long while taking off the bandages just so that he could fully feel the heat radiating from the slender figure.

<Some extra bc I can>

A few days have passed and Atsushi and Dazai didn’t do much ‘couply’ stuff, except for holding hands when Atsushi was nervous or sitting closer when they were at the café. Dazai picked up on Atsushi because he didn’t want to be so affectionate and make others uncomfortable. The older was annoyed by it.

So, as one morning the grayhead came into the agency and stood next to him, he, unnoticed by Kunikida who he was talking to, slid a hand into the younger’s back pocket and squeezed his butt. Atsushi squealed and blushed so much he looked like a tomato.

“Are you okay?”

Kunikida looked down at the boy, an eyebrow rose questioning.

“Yeah, yeah, just remembered something I need to do, excuse me!”

With that he stormed to his desk, sat down and rummaged through a drawer.

Kunikida turned back to Dazai, not further caring about the strange behavior of a strange boy.

             Dazai kept on teasing Atsushi, one time he leaned on his shoulder while he was working on some papers, arms hanging down and grazing his butt. He even laid a hand on his lap and drew circles on the clothed leg, coming dangerously close to a certain area.

             Two days and a lot of teasing later it was especially warm and Dazai tried drowning in the river (at least that’s what he told everyone as he stepped into the Agency dripping wet). He shrugged off his coat and got rid of his vest before pulling off his tie, ‘accidentally ‘ using too much power and it landed behind Atsushi, who was sitting on his desk talking to Junichirou.

Innocent looking, the brown-haired went over to them and leaned onto his love interest. Who let out a surprised yelp and leaned back but frowned as Dazai smirked and held up the accessory. Then his eyes flashed up, he grabbed his collar and shoved the man into the wall.

Without missing a beat he kissed his boyfriend with more passion then he himself would’ve expected. Dazai moaned into the kiss as Atsushi pushed his leg between his own, lips moving  in synch. For mere seconds they parted, breathing heavily and staring into love-glazed orbs before hands move into gray hair and pulling them back together. Their second kiss lasted longer; it wasn’t as messy and rushed as the first one.

They were yet again interrupted by Kunikida’s throat clearing. Atsushi moves back, turns around and mumbles a quiet “Sorry” before sitting down at his desk.

Dazai however put on his remarkably smirk, ruffled the boy’s hair and ask elegantly “What is it, Kunikida?”

“Well, how much you may have enjoyed your little ‘moment’, we still need to plan this through, and if you want to kiss him again, we better do this good. The Port Mafia is involved, and I don’t need to remind you of what happened last time, do I?”

Dazai sighed, pecked his still blushing boyfriend and got back to work, though his smirk had turned into a happy smile. For once, suicide was completely out of question.

Raphael Santiago x Reader | I'll always find you

Summary; Raphael & the reader used to be best friends , after Raphael was turned into a vampire he stopped seeing the reader. After 50 years they meet again.

Warnings; none

Words; 1137

Fandom; Shadowhunters

Pairing; Raphael Santiago x Reader
/ Raphael!plantonic x Magnus

Requested; no

(y/N) - your name

(Y/e/c ) - your eye color

(y/h/c) - your hair color

∆ Status: not edited yet ∆


“ I’m sorry, Raphael, I couldn’t find
anything about her. ” Magnus, the warlock said sadly.

The raven haired guy sighed, fixing his eyes on the ground.

“ I guess she’s really gone. ” Raphael said with a cracking voice.

“ I’m sorr-”

“ Don’t be, after all, she was only human, right ?” he said, getting up from the couch and moving towards the door.

“ Raphael.”

“ I have to go. ”

“ Raphael! ”

“ I said, I have to go.” he said again in a harshly way ; closing the door behind him.

The night was colder than usual, but he didn’t mind , after all he couldn’t really sense the cold, since he was , unfortunately a dead man walking, a night child.

Raphael placed his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket as he continued his walk.

He closed his phone, due to Magnus really trying to talk to him.

After he placed his phone back in his jeans pockets , Raphael looked around, noticing his surroundings.

He was in front of (Y/N)’s house again; the building was small and looked old, the walls were already cracked and the roof had a hole in it.

Of course it looked awful, she must’ve died a long time ago, without Raphael knowing.

The young guy was turned into a vampire around 1950s, now it was early 2000s ; by the time he turned he was already 20 years old, while (Y/N) was only 18, so judging by how much time it has passed, she was probably dead and buried in the cemetery from the catholic church.

Raphael never had the chance to talk with her after he was turned , even though he remembered their last conversation perfectly and those words broke him on the inside. since their last conversation was a fight.

The vampire closed his eyes as the memory started to play again in his mind.

“ Raph, you can’t go. It’s too risky. ” his best friend said frustrated

“ C'mon, (Y/N). This is the first party we’ve been invited to, we have to go. ”

“ Raphael Santiago. ” she said in an angry tone ; “ You do not go at a party hosted by some weird-looking people that could be some actual freaks. Why do you want to go so desperately? It’s just a party, for God’s sake.”

“ Because it’s time for a change, to start hanging out with the cool guys-”

“ This is your excuse ? God, Raphael. ”

The boy frowned, he couldn’t understand why his best friend, the girl he loved since he was seven years old, couldn’t just accompany him. She was always around him.

“ Fine, then don’t come.  ” he said harshly

“ You can’t be serious. ”

“ See you tomorrow, (Y/N). ”

“ Raphael ! ”

But the girl’s protests were completely ignored by the young guy. He went to that party anyways, without knowing that after than night he’d lose his precious love, (Y/N) , forever.

He never went back to her, letting her think he was murdered.

Raphael shook his head and sighed; ‘only if I stayed with her, everything could’ve been different, I could’ve married her’ he thought hopelessly.

He opened his phone, just to look what day was , exactly. November, 22.

At first he used to come every year, on this date, to look at the house, at (Y/N), after some years, she just vanished; meanwhile Raphael stopped coming, he tried to focus on his new life; until some weeks ago when he thought he had seen someone looking like her, that’s why he made Magnus to cast a following spell, in case she was still alive, but unfortunately… she wasn’t, or Magnus wasn’t able to find her.

He sighed, almost 50 years ago,this day, he left (Y/N) for good. Wishing he could’ve changed the past he started to go; until he heard foot steps approaching the house.

Raphael hid behind a tree, to inspect who was visiting (Y/N)’s house.

‘Maybe relatives’ he thought, but was surprised to see a familiar figure.

The thing that made his eyes to be wide open, was the jacket worn by the  mysterious person.

The leather jacket was black, with a lot of patches and some initials on it; “R.S” ; that jacket he gave to (Y/N) on her 17 birth day , or better said : she 'borrowed it’ without actually giving it back to Raphael.

When the figure turned around, Raphael saw it was a girl, with (y/e/c) eyes and (y/h/c) hair that was in  a messy bun. He looked exactly like his best friend. How could that even be possible ?

The vampire , with all the courage he had left, shouted her name.

“ (Y/N) ! ”

The girl stopped, frozen. She recognized the voice. She would always recognize it; it was her favorite sound in the world.

“ Raph?  ” she asked unsure, turning to face the man who said her name; her eyes filled up with tears; thinking she was hallucinating again, she put her hands over her mouth, sobbing.

“ (Y/N). It-it’s really y-you?” he said with a trembling voice.

When the guy approached her, giving her a hug, she realized he was real, standing right in front of her, hugging her. The girl hugged back instantly.

“ How can you be alive , Raph? ” she asked in a final, without pulling away.

“ You were right about that party, it was bad news, it changed me completely. ” he sighed

The girl concentrated for a few seconds, trying to hear his heart beat, but she couldn’t.

“ You died, didn’t you?” she said, showing half a smile.

“ Indeed. ” he chuckled

Raphael wanted to pull away, to look her in the eyes to make sure it want just some dream, but the girl wrapped her arms around him even tighter than before.

“ I don’t want to let you go, not again. not ever.  ”

He smiled, putting his arms around her again.

“ How are you still alive? ” he asked this time

“ Magic wasn’t a blessing, but a curse, I thought when I first discovered what I truly was; warlock. I tried to kill myself, you know ? I didnt want to live without Raphael Santiago in my miserable life, but I found out I’m immortal. ” she laughed

“ I hated immortality. ” she confessed

“ I can understand that.” he smirked

“ But now ,(Y/N) , you will never , ever, be alone. I promise. We lost enough time, don’t you think?” he smiled

“ Indeed. ”

“ I’ll always find you, (Y/N). ”

“ Hopefully , you won’t have to, since I’ll never let you go. ”

s y n d r o m e s - pt.6

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words Count : 4,508

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : omfg I sincerely apologize for letting you guys wait for over a whole week but last week was just crazy and tiring and I literally had no motivation (or time) to write. 

previous : part V | next : part VII


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anonymous asked:

body swap au + heikazu

ah yes, body swaps, one of my favorite tropes. this ended up being pretty open ended, but I might revisit it in the future since there’s just so much potential for funny hijinks with this!

Also you can read this on AO3.

He knew something was wrong from the very moment he woke up.

He’d spent enough time over at Kazuha’s place growing up to have virtually memorized what her bedroom ceiling looked like- even the fresh coat of paint it had gotten since he visited last wasn’t enough to fool him. He also knew that unless he’d picked up one hell of a sleepwalking habit without knowing, that he had no business being in Kazuha’s room first thing in the morning, much less any business being in Kazuha’s bed.

For one thing, if Kazuha woke up to find him lying next to her, no amount of excuses would keep him from being a dead man, which he wasn’t. Though judging from the current circumstances, it seemed as if he might not have quite escaped such a fate just yet.

Because that? That definitely was not his hand.

Even as a phone started ringing on the nightstand- Kazuha’s ringtone, he knew it well- Heiji could only grumble, wanting nothing more than to close his eyes and go back to sleep. This very well could still be some kind of weird dream, even though all of his senses were informing him that probably wasn’t the case, however bizarre the situation he’d landed himself in was. He was half tempted to do just that, keen on pulling up the covers to drown out the sound of the phone, before he slowly realized that not only was that Kazuha’s ringtone, but it was also the ringtone that she had set for him.

And since he sure as hell wasn’t anywhere remotely close to his own cellphone at the moment, that left only one option.

Groaning to himself, mentally noting that that was definitely not his own voice, Heiji reached out an all too pale hand, picking up Kazuha’s cellphone and finally answering the call. The person on the other end of the line piped up before he even so much as had a chance to say anything.

“Ya finally picked up, Heiji!”

That, on the other hand, was very much his voice.

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Among the Pines

Chapter 5

Warning: Cussing (of course), little political rant, mentions of sexting and nude photos (mentions only, nothing graphic)

Word Count: 2900 ish (Yikes.)

A/N: You guys, I just don’t know.

Tags: @unprofessional-inhumanbeing

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

Table of Contents 

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My SNS Imaginary Movie

Instead of a fanfic, I present to you, an entire movie that played in my head one night around 3am that had me laughing my ass off. This is my daydreaming in bed, shonen, SNS movie! Im not trying to write this as a proper fanfic, but only as how the fun happened.

Synopsis: Our heroes are losing the fight against an Otsutsuki alien freak. Naruto loses Kurama! Sasuke is blinded! And they are trapped in another dimension. There, they are given the opportunity to embody Yin and Yang and turn the tides of the battle. But being Yin and Yang is more than they’ve ever imagined!

My Imaginary SNS Movie:
Sauce and Nardo are fighting a freak of an Otsusuki. The alien ass had ripped kurama out from Naruto. Sasukes in bad shape too. He’s lost his right eye and only has his left eye with rinnegan. To make matters worse, their combined attacks weren’t having any affect on this Otsutsuki.

Hinata (whats she doing there?) used byakugan and sees that Narutos chakra is fading! He’s dying! She’s cries out to Sasuke that he’s drawing his last breath! Sasuke instantly stops fighting the alien freak and runs to Narutos side.

His only thought was to take Naruto to another dimension, even if it’s a timeless unmoving dimension, anything to stop him from dying! His rinnegan activates, a portal opens, he leaps in with Naruto completely disregarding who ever else is on the battlefield! (sorry hinata)

But as they are warping through, the Otsutsuki reaches through and rips out Sasukes left eye! The bastard adds the rinnegan to his personal collection on his arm as the boys disappear in the rinnegan warp.

Our heroes are trapped in an unknown dimension. A blind, bleeding Sasuke confirms that Naruto is still breathing. His goal to enter a dimension with a different laws of physics seems to have worked. Somehow in this dimension a jinchiruuki doesn’t die when it’s separated from its bijuu. Something to do with time?

For Sasuke, it feels like unknowable days pass by in the darkness. He’s slumped over Naruto, just listening to him breathe. His blood, on Naruto’s chest. Naruto finally wakes up. Sasuke snaps out of a daze and apologizes to Naruto. He says he’s failed him.

Sasuke- It doesn’t matter that I’ve brought us to this timeless dimension, without my rinnegan, this is now our place of eternal rest.

But Naruto doesn’t seem to mind. He cries out how beautiful this place is. Sasuke had no idea there was even a PLACE to look at. A blue sky, a forest, and a temple. This dimension seemed to be a tiny planet, like in DBZ. Naruto is grateful that Sasuke saved him and he’s confident they’ll get back home somehow! But first things first, Sasuke needs a new pair of eyes!!

It was sometime before Naruto notices the local wildlife. Cute, adorable, innocent harmless creatures……They kinda look like frogs. Hes horrified about what he’s about to do!! But…for Sasuke…He kills a frog creature and rips out its eyes and screams as if it was his own eyes he was ripping out. Sasuke is hugged up against a wall and uncharistically freaking out because he has no idea why Naruto is screaming.

Sasuke- Naruto?

Naruto- Gamabunta forgive me!!

Naruto offers him the bloody frog eyes to Sasuke, without telling him the source of the eyes. But neither boy has any idea how shinobis just magically transfer eyes anyways. But Narutos already committed and these frog eyes in his hands aren’t any use to him. He assumes that maybe you just shove in the eyeballs while applying lots of chakra. He does so!! Both boys scream!! Sasuke bears through the pain and tries to connect his chakra to his new eyeballs. It works. Sasuke looks around him and notes that all the colors look different. He goes to a pool of water and sees his reflection……

Sasuke- Frog eyes…..

He sighs and thanks Naruto anyways. But this doesn’t solve their situation. They’re still trapped in another dimension and without rinnegan.

They explore the temple grounds. The temple door is sealed and flanked by two statues. The temple had a name, the temple of Indrashura and Ashindra. Naruto comments that name sounds familiar, but Sasuke already has a good hunch to what it means. He notes that one statue represents Yin and the other Yang. (dun dun dun!)

The boys believe that maybe the old sage of six paths created this temple and if they can figure out how to enter it they can once again have Yin and Yang release. Naruto would be able to heal Sasukes eyes to their natural form. And Sasuke would be able to awaken rinnegan again. They stood by their respective statues, but no amount of poking and prodding the statues would make the temple door open.

After trying everything they could think of, the boys exhuast themselves and take a mental break.

But time is funny here. Hours feel like days, which feels like weeks, which feels like months. Sasuke spent most of his time meditating for the answer, obsessively!! His single goal was to activate rinnegan. He barely noticed what Naruto was up to.

Naruto on the other hand was just trying to LIVE. I mean, he’s not the one that needs to awaken rinnegan and what else can he do? He just wanted to enjoy his time here, with Sasuke. But Sasuke was being over there, meditating, far away and distant. It was frustrating! Why can’t Sasuke just be here and now? And this tiny unchanging planet, the lack of stimulation was driving Naruto insane!

Until one day, Naruto can’t take it anymore! He curses the damn blue sky that’s always blue, the glowing bright sun that’s been in the same position since forever, and this green forest, it would be nice if it was another color for a change!

Sasuke realizes Narutos really snapped and tries to calm him down. In doing so, he unknowingly steps on a yin yang seal that they simply hadn’t noticed before. Suddenly the cheery sunny sky transforms to night. A full moon shines over a darkened autumn forest. And the fluffy innocent creatures transform into monsters!!

The boys were stunned! The monsters come charging at them. Naruto and Sasuke give a each other a quick nod and can’t help but smile. Beating up monsters that magically popped out of nowhere together? That sounds like fun!

Monster after monster they slaughter! Releasing their pent up frustrations. The monsters just kept coming back, as if it was a game loop. Sasuke was both challenged and exciting to relearn how to fight without sharingan. After what felt like days, they grew tired of battling. Sasuke instructs Naruto to step on the YinYang seal. When he does, the world magically returns to its former sunny setting.

At least they learned something about this world. But still the temple doors won’t open, and still, Sasuke doesn’t have rinnegan. They experience more time passing by and Sasuke became emotionally withdrawn. He felt it’s his fault that they’re in this strange dimension and could barely look Naruto in the eyes.

Sasuke- I’m sorry you’re stuck here with me, of all people.

Was usually all Sasuke could manage to say. Naruto had enough of his obnoxious sulking!

Naruto- Idiot! Don’t you understand yet how I feel! I’m grateful you saved my life. I’m happy, that of all the people in this damn Universe to be stuck with, I get to be stuck with you!

He slams his hand onto the Yang statue!

Naruto- Sasuke..I..!

The Yang statue starts to glow. Naruto jumps back startled, and the statue deactivates. Sasuke’s eyes widen.

Sasuke- Of course! I’m an idiot!

He understands now what they need to do and stands by his Yin statue. But Naruto doesn’t understand why the statue was activating when all he did was slam his hand on it, like he has done before. Sasuke explains. Previously, when they tried to activate the statues Naruto had his thoughts focused on Yang and Sasuke had his thoughts focused on Yin.

Sasuke- Yin and Yang exist within eachother. At the heart of Yin is Yang and at the heart of Yang is Yin…Thats why…we need to think about the other…

Naruto smiles widely and nods his head - YOSH. Sasuke tries to hide his smile but really can’t. They place their hands on their respective statues.

Naruto- For Sasuke…
Sasuke- For Naruto…

The temple doors open.

(And now the movie playing in my head is about to get weird yo!)
To be Continued


Name: Gentleman

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival x Reader where she has like Credence role and she is in love with Graves. He knows this and uses it to his advantage. But one day she gets hurt and he realizes he feels the same.

No smut in here as it seemed not fitting for me.


By my adorable @umbrellas-and-tallymarks

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