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Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, December 7, 1908

If anyone doesn’t know, a masher was a man who you’d find loafing, usually on street corners, making unwanted advances towards women (catcalling, and sometimes even getting physical - trying to hug or kiss).

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About James Potter: "He was conceived under the effects of a hair potion" You could take it as comedy, fluffy; as a rumor floating around ("That explains so much"); or in a darker sense that James was once bullied with that kind of statement by older students.

I’ve already done a similar “That explains so much” scenario in my chapter fic Their Halcyon Days, and I generally don’t enjoy writing dark stuff, so I came up with something else entirely, hope you like it! ^^


It was early on a Monday morning, and the Gryffindor Common Room was as good as deserted, save for a small group of yawning fifth years and a lone seventh year slumped over his desk, still squeezing a quill in his sleep.

Lily trudged down the last few steps, stifling a yawn of her own. She dragged her feet – just a little bit – as she made her way over to her usual corner. It was a bit weird, to see the Common Room so empty, but then again, anyone who was up at this ungodly hour must’ve been insane. 

She grumpily questioned her own sanity as well, but then, she only had herself to blame.

This would be the last time, she promised herself. No more putting off school assignments until the last possible minute.

Lily was still so sleep-fogged she didn’t realise her favourite sofa was occupied before she almost sat on him.

“Careful there, Evans.”

Lily blinked at James Potter, feeling even more peeved than she had before. Speaking of insane people…

“What’re you doing up so early?” she grumbled, plopping down to sit in the opposite corner – she’d be damned if she let Potter have the whole sofa to himself!

“I’m always up early,” he replied, insufferably cheerful. “Why’re you out of bed?”

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There is something about this line that’s sticking with me and while I can’t pinpoint precisely why, here are all my thoughts on this. I’m also curious if this phrasing is what was actually said in Japanese or if this is a case of “what the subs said is slightly different than what was originally said,” so feel free to point that out if it’s the case. 

The line would seem to imply that he views Yuuri’s actions as the result of being “backed into a corner.” Initially, it struck me as an odd way to phrase it - being “backed into a corner” usually holds negative connotations and would frame the athlete’s following actions as driven by pressure and stress, rather than a true desire to do what they’re about to do. 

I think, though, that the way Viktor means it is to say that when that person feels trapped, they’ll try to find a way out. That doesn’t sound spectacularly different, I know, and I don’t know exactly how to say what I’m actually trying to say… I just feel like Viktor meant “backed into a corner” as both an external and internal pressure. Like, he’s being backed into a corner, stifled, suffocated, by the expectations of the skating community, but he’s also feeling suffocated by his own need to live up to those expectations and trapped because he has made skating his entire life

I don’t know if Yuuri’s request to Viktor that he 1) come visit Hasetsu (just for his own enjoyment) and 2) become his coach (something different and freeing from the expectations he’s created for himself in the skating community) was the catalyst for this feeling of restlessness or if it was already something Viktor was struggling with, but I think simply having an option vocalized to him was what actually pushed him to think about leave skating after the end of the season. 

Which is why we see these responses from him in the first episode:

I really feel like this first set of shots - where Viktor looks off to the side in the interview - is him struggling to say what the media wants to hear (something about his next season of skating, obviously) and what Viktor truly wants (to pursue something different, to pursue Yuuri). 

The final couple of shots - the one’s where Viktor is watching Yuuri skate - alway seemed odd to me, but now they make sense. Why does he look so angry? Or, at the very least, somewhat frustrated and determined? That frustration and determination now make sense - it’s basically him having a moment of thinking “fuck it, why would I keep doing what I have been doing and continue feeling trapped, when i have a perfectly good alternative option available to me that actually makes me feel things.” We know how much Viktor enjoyed dancing with Yuuri when Yuuri was SuperMegaUltra Drunk and he definitely left that night infatuated with Yuuri (that gasp at the end of the special ending credits of them dancing was too perfectly heart-wrenching to indicate anything else). Now, in the context of knowing that Viktor was toying with this idea of pursuing coaching Yuuri, actually seeing Yuuri’s skating of his routine was the final push for him to pursue what he really wants after making skating his life for the past 20 years (freedom, a chance to have a life and find love, Yuuri).

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Pairing: Rosé x Reader

Genre: Fluff

REQUEST: Rosé + cute for @saki-chan- here you go darling ;) 

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It wasn´t always someone caught your attention in such way. You liked to notice people, what they wore, what expression graced their features. But just as soon as they caught your attention, you lost all interest in them. With her, it was different. 

You sat in your favorite coffee shop, with your favorite order, your favorite book in hands, relaxing. You sat in your usual place, in the corner of the whole place from where you could see everything. You saw everyone who came in, having plenty of time to examine everything about the person. From their head to their toes. You had a chance to find out what mood they were in, whether they were in a rush or if they simply liked to enjoy a cup of coffee with a smile on their face.

But when she walked it, you couldn´t tear your eyes away from her. From the way her hair was messy from the wind, the pink tint her cheeks had because of the harshness of the weather behind the glass all the way to her mismatched socks sticking out from her boots. She was breathtaking, there was no doubt. You were the living proof after all. She made her way towards the barista behind the counter, making you pay attention a little more. ´Chaeyoung, huh?´ you thought. It suited her, or so you thought.

Chaeyoung took her order from the barista with a quiet ´thank you´ and turned around to look for a place to sit. To her dismay, every table was occupied, well, almost. Chaeyoung´s eyes landed on you and the empty seat on the other side of your table. You quickly lowered your intense gaze towards your book, not wanting to seem like a creep. Trying hard not to look up, you managed to keep your attention on the words printed on paper long enough for her to approach you wearily.

“Is this seat taken?” Your eyes looked at the slim finger pointing at the empty chair, following it all the way to her rose gold hair wich covered her shoulders, finally landing on her face. You shook your head ´no´ taking in her every feature.

She sat down with a sigh, placing her coffee on the wooden surface and took of her scarf. There were a few minutes of silence wich fell between the two of you. You didn´t trust your voice enough to make the first move of introducing yourslef first and you were grateful that it was Chaeyoung who took matter into her own hands.  

“What´s your name?” 

“It´s Y/N.” You answered calmly, giving her a slight smile to show her she wasn´t bothering you. 

“Oh it´s really pretty. I´m -”

“Chaeyoung.” You whispered, making her eyes widen in shock. She seemed to be really taken aback at the fact that you knew her name, not really knowing whether she should run or stay and get an explanation. She chose the second option, opening her mouth to ask how you knew it, but you beat her to it.

“Your cup. It´s written on your cup.” You blurted out quickly, wanting to dissappear from the face of the earth. You silently thanked the gods for making the baristas write names on the cups, saving you from a bigger embarassment then it already was. 

“Oh yes, silly me. Do you always sit alone?” Chaeyoung asked, seeming quite interested in this to be honest. You once again shook your head ´no´ and closed your book, putting it away. You took a deep breath deciding to get over your irrational fear of talking to her. ´She´s just a person like the rest. Why am I like this all of a sudden?´ You thought, wanting to start a coversation before it got awkward.

“What a weather, huh?” Chaeyoung quickly looked up at you, nodding her head.

“It´s horrible. It was okay during the weekend but now this all of a sudden. Honestly the only reason I´m able to handle winter is Christmas. I love Christmas, what about you?”

“Me too. I´m also not really fond of winter but hey, what can we do right?” Chuckling a little, you were yet agai amazed by the girl in front of you. Her laugh was even more prettier than you imagined it to be. You didn´t realize you were staring until Chaeyoung pointed it out.

“Is there something on my face?” She asked, taking out her phone to look at her reflection.

“Oh no! There´s not, I apologise. It´s just…” You trailed off, realising that what you were about to say propably wasn´t the most okay thing to say to someone whom you just met.

“Just what? You can tell me.” She told you, making you sigh. 

“You´re really pretty.” This made her laugh really loudly, few people turning their heads to look at the two of you. Some elders even shaking their heads with dissapproval, muttering something about ´this generation´.

“Oh man. I don´t think I ever laughed so much a tear escaped.” She said, still laughing a little and wiped the small drop from the corner of her eye with her finger. “But I have to admit, you really made my day.”

 You smiled at the fact that her day was better thanks to you, for some strange reason feeling extremely proud of yourself.

“To be frank, I also have something to say.” You cocked your head to the side slightly, raising one of your brows in a questioning manner.

“You´re propably the cutest being I´ve seen so far.” This time it was you who laughed out loud, Chaeyoung soon joining in. The two of you didn´t even realized that you kept on talking for much longer than you expected. 

“You do realize that we´re the only ones left here. Well, if we ignore the baristas and the old lady that keeps giving us incredibly dirty looks.” Chaeyoung spoke up all of a sudden after a few minutes of comfortable silence between you. You looked up from you hands and were surprised that the café was infact mostly empty. A huge difference from a few hours ago when Chaeyoung had nowhere to sit thanks to it being so packed. 

“Well, I have to go now. Thank you for letting me sit here.” She said standing up, putting on her jacket and scarf again.

“No problem. Do you mind if we exchange numbers? I mean, it was lovely talking to you.” You were surprised at the confidence with which you asked the question and even more surprised when Chaeyoung agreed. The two of you bid your goodbyes´ and walked in separate ways after that. The whole time you kept on walking home, your mind was occupied with the thoughts of Chayeoung. You were wondering what happened to you. You´ve never been like this, what was so different about her that made you blush like crazy? What was so different that it made your heart beat ten times faster than usual? Whatever it was, you had to find out. And there was no other way to do it than meet up with her again someday. Taking out your phone, you were shaking a little as you typed the message, your thumb hovering above the small button ´send´.

To: Cutie

We should meet up again - café girl 

A/n: Hope you liked it! I had so much fun writing this and I hope I proved to you that I can, infact, work with just one word to base the whole scenario from :) Lots of love – G

Headcanon that Natasha and Clint have running bets for everything and they’re usually always in a corner whispering about something and one groans and exchanges money to the other.

‘Ten bucks says Tony will start singing Star Spangled Banner as soon as Steve walks in the room.’

‘Twenty bucks says Bucky will try and punch at least three people tonight.’

‘Fifteen bucks and a Starbucks coffee says that Coulson’s sheets are the American flag and that he has some sort of Captain America plushy in his room.’ ‘How would we ever find that out, Clint?’ ‘Simple. Pick the lock and go have a look’ ‘… You’re on.’

Criminal: A Chanyeol One Shot

Why yes Anon we can do that!!!! It sort of veered off from fluff sorry we made several there were sweet but it wasn’t working, it was hard to make a Criminal super sweet!!! Hope this is just as good!! Be kind its our first one shot, any suggestions or advice is welcomed!!

Couple: Chanyeol X Reader

Warnings: Smut, Violence 18+

Chanyeol a bad boy you knew from high school.  He had changed quite a bit from being a normal bad boy to a criminal with attitude.  He was planning on rubbing another store when he sees you and a man storing outside.  It is the annual Christmas Party at the law firm you work at.  You are with your boyfriend and he is trying to show off but in the wrong way.  He introduces you to some of his friends that were clients of the firm.  You pull away and go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.  When you come out he is flirting with another woman.  “Not working your usual street corner I see.”  You say to the girl.   He pulls you outside and slaps you.  Chanyeol was driving around and sees you boyfriend slap you.  You fall to the ground holding your face.  “How dare you disrespect me in there!” He yells and Chanyeol comes up punching him three times knocking him to the ground.  

He looks at you and you walk up and kick the man that slapped you and you walk to the other and get on his bike.  You hold onto him as he drives off.  “I’m Chanyeol nice to meet you.”  He says and you smile.  He was a bad boy and you could see that.  After a few minutes you recognize him as the bad boy you liked in high school.  “I’m Y/N thank you for saving me.”  You say as he drives to his place.  “I know it’s been a long time. Y/N, why were you with that guy when you could be with me.

He gets to his place and helps you off and walks you inside his place.  You look around and he watches you.  You keep looking around and you find a gun and he walks up behind you and puts his arms around you.  Chanyeol kisses your neck and you let him as your hands reach up to his hair and your fingers entangled in his hair.  He turns you around and pins you to the wall kissing you deeply and you kiss him back.  He puts his hands on your waist pulling you close to him.  You look up at him and he kisses you again picking you up and laying you on the bed and smiles as you pull off his shirt.  His abs show and  you trace your finger over his abs.  He pulls off your dress and kisses your neck pulling down your underwear. He kisses down your body and he gets to your clict and starts licking.  Your back arches as you feel chanyeol’s tongue licking you.  You let out a moan as he licks and your hands go to his head intertwining your fingers into his hair.  He looked up at you and smiled as he go on his knees undoing his pants and pulls them down his erection was big as he laid down on you and slowly pushed himself inside you.  You let out a loud moan feeling him slide into you with ease.

Chanyeol pulled you closer to him as he began to thrust slowly.  “Oh damn Y/N, your tight i like that.”  Chanyeol said as he thrusted faster inside you.  Your core was getting hotter by the minute.  You didn’t want him to stop.  Your hips rolled with everyone of his thrusts.  You felt him go faster as you wrapped your arms and legs around him.  You felt your orgasm coming along and you scream out in pleasure.  “Oh god Chanyeol!” You scream as you go into your orgasm.  He didn’t stop as you felt him go into his orgasm.  You let him ride his out and he pulls out laying on the bed panting and you curl up next to him.  

In the morning you wake up to him bringing you something to eat and drink and you smile taking the food and drink.  You smile softly and kiss him and he kisses you back.  he got up and walks to the bathroom and turns on the water and looks out at you as you finish your breakfast and drink.  You get up and walk to the bathroom and smile at Chanyeol and he helps get you in the shower and you smile.  He gets in and holds you close as the water falls on you.  You take a shower with him and he smiles looking down at you and you look up at him.  Later that day he hands you his gun. “Ok Y/N, we are going to rob that store so we have some money and I would like you to handle the gun and scare the cashier.  Think you can do that babe?”  Chanyeol says and you look at him. “What why would you do this?  I mean can’t we just go?” You ask him and he looks at you.  “Look I know i have changed since high school but I’m still the bad boy you fell for.  We need the money and I well like this style of living I can get you anything you have ever wanted.”  With his answer you nod putting the gun in your pants hiding by your shirt.  You go inside and you act like your shopping.  When you see Chanyeol by the sodas you pull out the gun.  “This is a stick up give me all the money in the draw!” l point the gun and the cashier puts the money in the bag and Chanyeol and you run out of the store stealing a car.  Days later the police surround Chanyeol’s place and open fire and you kiss him deeply.  When they stop firing and enter his place no one is there.

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It should have been me. It was all my fault. No, it wasn’t. It was an accident– No, it wasn’t. And now Haley’s in surgery and even if she makes it, the baby could– She could still lose the baby. 

  1. He can’t swim. Bonzo once threw George Harrison into a swimming pool at a posh country club and everyone jumped into the pool but Jimmy just walked down the steps and stood in the shallow end (in a white tailed suit) because he can’t swim.
  2. He can’t drive. When he was in The Yardbirds, Chris Dreja was his main chauffeur.
  3. Jimmy usually slept after every concert on the way home if he wasn’t occupied with a groupie.
  4. Chris Dreja almost killed Jimmy and Jimmy doesn’t even know it. While speeding home from a gig with the Yardbirds in Dreja’s Mini Cooper S (Jimmy was asleep as usual), Chris turned a corner and almost hit a donkey.
  5. While Jimmy slept in Chris’s car, Chris would swerve left and right to see how long it would take Jimmy to wake up from hitting his head on the window.
  6. His  most common nicknames are Jim, Jim-jam, and Pagey.
  7. The only song Jimmy ever sang in and played all instruments in (besides drums) was She Just Satisfies. He thinks he’s a terrible singer, but if you have listened to the song, his voice is beautiful!:
  8. Jimmy is in 60% of all songs in the 60s. Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Them, and The Kinks hired Jimmy to play guitar for them while their guitarists were developing their skills.
  9. His first guitar was attained by accident. When he moved to Epsom at a young age, the house that he had moved into had an old acoustic guitar in his room. The family that had owned the house he moved into before his family had left the guitar behind. Jimmy took it and began to teach himself guitar. Talk about fate!
  10. Jimmy was, and still is, really good friends with Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck (both formerly of The Yardbirds).
  11. Jimmy was rated the third best guitarist ever by Rolling Stone magazine in 2011/2012. Eric Clapton was second, Jeff Beck was fourth, and Jimi Hendrix was first.
  12. Jimmy was into The Occult (Black Magic for a higher spirituality) but it was normally good-hearted. Jimmy said Zoso was an Occult symbol for something.
  13. He left school at 16 to join a band with his friend Christian Neil. It was around this time he got his first Les Paul (a Custom with 3 humbucks) and learned how to play with a Cello bow. He named the Les Paul “Fretless Wonder”.
  14. He appeared on Huw Wheldon’s All Your Own in 1957 and played Mama Don’t Want Me to Play Skiffle Anymore:
  15. Jimmy was the creator of Led Zeppelin. Contrary to popular belief, it was notRobert who founded the band; it was Jimmy who formed it from the remains of The Yardbirds.
  16. He wrote most of Led Zeppelin’s songs including the famous The Song Remains the Same and Stairway
  17. Jimmy was the one to suggest Jeff Beck join the Yardbirds after Clapton left instead of Jimmy, himself. They were friends since childhood.
  18. During the 1975 Madison Square Garden concert for the filming of The Song Remains the Same the movie, Chris Dreja tells Guitar World magazine that he was invited backstage and as soon as Led Zep began to play, the whole building began to shake precariously.

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Hercules was pensive. Aaron worried, how couldn’t he? Anyone would, when their usually easygoing boyfriend cornered them with a solemn expression and a “we need to talk.”

Well, actually it was a “Can I ask you something, please?” But the principle applied. Aaron schooled his expression. Hercules could be asking anything, even something good. But it could also be something bad. Oh god, did he want to break up? 

“I just, for this question I want you to be completely honest, and I promise no matter what your answer is, I won’t get upset or offended. I just need the truth.” Aaron tensed further. That didn’t sound like anything good. It sounded a bit like Aaron had done something terrible, though. He couldn’t think of anything. That didn’t make it easier. 

“Okay, here goes…” Hercules took a breath. Aaron bit his tongue to stop himself from reacting. A small whimper tried to work it’s way out, and Aaron forced his throat closed. “Do you not like my knitting?” 

The question was so surprising that Aaron forgot to manage his face, startling back and gaping openly. “..what?”

“I’m serious, be honest!” Hercules crossed his arms. He looked so insecure, and Aaron wanted to hug it away. “I just, I need to know, okay? I can’t keep knitting you things, worrying if you think they’re ugly, or dumb. I can take the truth.” 

“What are you talking about?” Now that he knew the subject, Aaron was filled with energy. “I love your clothes! They’re amazing! I wore that scarf you gave me every day the weather was cool enough!” Hercules froze at the words, a small smile slowly forming across his lips. Then he wilted again, slipping into a sad frown. Aaron didn’t know what to do. 

“I thought maybe you only did that to make me feel better.” 

Hercules was usually the emotionally in-control one. Aaron didn’t remember the last time Hercules was the one in need of comfort rather than him. Aaron also didn’t want to mess it up, not after all the times Hercules had been there for him. Thinking quick, Aaron reached for Hercules’ hand. Some light physical contact always made him feel better. 

It seemed to work, Hercules relaxing slightly. Aaron scooted closer so that their knees gently knocked together. “Herc, dear. I love your scarf and I love your sweaters, okay?” Aaron took a deep breath. So far, so good. “Can I ask what caused you to believe otherwise? I’m really, really sorry if I’ve done or said anything to make you feel like your gifts are unappreciated.”

Hercules said nothing for a moment, but threaded his fingers between Aaron’s, once, then twice, then again. “I worked the hardest on that heart sweater. The grey one, with the single pink heart in the middle. I was sorting your laundry last time I was over, and found it in the back of the closet. It’s stupid, but I just,” Hercules looked away, “I realized I’ve never seen you wear it. I’m sorry, I’m dumb.” 

Aaron’s eyes widened involuntarily. “No, you’re not dumb!” He pitched forward, grabbing Hercules in a hug. “I should be sorry, it’s me whose dumb. Herc, that’s my favourite sweater of all!” 

Hercules folded into the hug easily, nearly swallowing Aaron. “But you never wear it?” His tone was questioning, but also hopeful, which meant he was listening to Aaron. 

“I do wear it, and I can explain, but I know it sounds dumb.” Aaron prepared himself for what promised to be an embarrassing explanation. “I call it my happy sweater. I only save it for when I’m really happy about something, or really need to be happy. I never wear it in front of anybody, because I’m afraid to share the sentiment. It feels private. Sorry I’m an idiot.” 

Hercules shifted in his arms, until he was looking down at Aaron directly. He didn’t look sad, or even nervous anymore. Instead, he was smiling, unbearably softly, something twinkling in his eyes. “You’re not an idiot. That’s actually the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.” 

Aaron laughed, light and sudden, even as his cheeks lit up. “I guess neither of us are idiots, then? Or both of us are.” 

Hercules joined in with a gentle, quiet chuckle of his own. “Either works for me. And maybe, once in a while, you can share the happy moments with your boyfriend, too?”

Aaron considered it. The very idea of letting someone in on his rare ‘happy sweater’ times made him nervous. But the thought of that person being Hercules made him soft and warm. 

“Sounds like a plan.”

Aaron leaned up to Hercules for a kiss.


Black and White Jimin Wallpapers || Fansigns

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DIY: trap your own demon bowl

There are these ancient so called incantation bowls that were used to either trap or ward off demons. The bowls originated in Mesopotamia/Syria and are inscribed with a magical text that starts at the edge and spirals down to the center of the bowl. Sometimes they would also draw a demon right there in the middle. I can’t express my love for those demon drawings so I’m just gonna show you:

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