…People are increasingly asking themselves: how badly have we messed up the planet? Can we dig ourselves out? what would a species-wide self-rescue effort look like if played out in actuality? And also: where has utopian thinking gone? Because it never totally disappears: we’re too hopeful a species for that. “Good”, for us, may always have a “Bad” twin, but its other twin is “Better”.
—  Margaret Atwoodthe road to Ustopia

ustopia asked:

ah! obsessed with your blog! love the white background and circle cornered photos. might change the mouse if you want to stick with the simple classy theme! let me know what you think of my blog!

Ohhhh my god I love your blog guuuurllll ♡ damn! Followed you instantly :) Okay! Thanks for your opinion :) I actually like the mix of cute & classy, that’s my style, but I’ll keep it in mind! thanks lovely xxx