And Your Lord Does Not Oppress Anyone - Moosa Richardson [Audio|En]

And Your Lord Does Not Oppress Anyone - Moosa Richardson [Audio|En] via @1MMPGH @AbdurRahmanOrg (Must Listen)

A beneficial talk by our brother Ustaadh Abul ‘Abbaas Moosaa Richardson explaining Allah’s prohibition of oppression even upon Himself subhanahu wa ta’aala.

A truly must listen lecture, benefit from this, insha’ Allaahu ta’aala

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The following was quoted by Shaykh Hasan Ali on his fb page.

"My beloved Ustaadh Molana Fazal Rahim Sahib (who passed away last week - may Allah grant him Firdous) had students who were jinns. They would learn from him and even join him in dhikr (remembrance of Allah).

One night I woke up around 2.30am in Nottingham Madrassa in 1993 (Jamia Islamia Flintham). The room I was in was on the ground floor of the East Wing. There were 5 of us sleeping in that room.

Molana’s room was above on the first floor. Molana would wake up for tahajjud at 2 am. He would pray and do dhikr.

What woke me up was the sound of the chanting of dhikr from outside of the building. It was a whole congregation chanting dhikr. I could hear it clearly. The students in my room were fast asleep. I sat on my mattress listening to it. It was definitely not coming from within the building. I then slowly raised my head to the window and looked outside. I saw nothing except the trees in the dark but the sound of dhikr got louder as I leaned towards the window. It lasted for about 2 minutes.

The following morning I went to Moulana’s room after fajr. I told him about the incident. He was surprised that I had heard it. He confirmed that the sound was genuine but he would not go into detail about it. He said to me not to be bothered about it. I never heard the congregational dhikr from outside again.

His son Ahmad Ali who is still alive and lives in Oldham (Manchester, UK) near Pitt street Masjid told me last Ramadhan how many times he woke up in the night to hear his father speaking to someone in the night. Ahmad would get angry as this was 1 am in the morning. Who could be there to bother him at this time of the night. Ahmad would go into his father’s room only to find him alone. Molana had the light on and was sitting on his bed with Sahih Bukhari open in front of him on a pillow. Opposite to him on the same bed was another pillow with Sahih Bukhari open upon it faced the other way. But no one was sitting there. Ahmad would say, ‘father, I heard you speaking to someone’. Molana would say, ‘maybe you’re hearing things, go back to sleep’. Basically Molana would teach Bukhari to jinns in the night.

Those of us who knew him at the Madrassa heard him often describe the jinns of the place to us…and he would tell us not to go to the West Wing of the building…something I spoke about in my YouTube lecture… The World of the Unseen.”

Arabic OPI went well! Ustaadh even let me out a few minutes early, so I’ll mark that as a success in my book