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I think this tweet is hilarious, so uh, I wrote this. 

Levi dislikes going to the dentist, except… well, guess who his dentist is this time. Rather cavity inducing fluff. As always, it’s on Ao3.

Levi hated the dentist’s.  

He hated doctor’s appointments with the same ferocity, for that matter.  It wasn’t a phobia, per say; he wasn’t afraid of needles or pain.  It was that strange hands prodding at his body made his skin crawl and the overly clean scent of latex and disinfectant reminded him of the germs squirming, unseen, across the counters.  Foreign hands, foreign germs, all over his body, leaving marks he couldn’t see and had to scrub away blindly.

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For the ones who think she (theindifferentmasochist) has deleted her blog. Here's the link:

*Definitely, she deleted her former blog and she made a new one, but with no picture and she has a banner thing or like the title of her blog, “UST IS A CATHOLIC CHURCH.”

I just knew this via FB. Share-Share. So, I searched. And blah.blah. Now, here, I’m sharing her link to you guys, who wants to know. :)

What I think:

Porket ba hindi nakapasa ang matatalino na kakilala niyo sa UST ay puro bobo na ang kinukuha nila? Hindi. Maybe, the other smart ones are confident or too confident that they didn’t even reviewed for the entrance exam of UST, while the ones your saying bobo, really reviewed for USTET. So, it’s not UST’s fault, dear. It’s the ones who are taking the exams. The results depends on them. (Sorry, for the bad word [bobo].)


my mom graduated in UST! and I say, she IS smart. 


**not really a hate post.

God bless to you, 12 year old kid. And to the readers of this post! :)

-smile. :)