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Hi incoming AMV freshies!

Unlike most of the tips for incoming AMV freshies, i’ll try my best to not scare you. But i do hope you’re ready for anything that will happen.

So… Eto yung mga maririnig mo from other people. Baka eto rin ang naisip mo.

“Mahirap yang pinasok mo.”
During your freshman year as an AMVian, you can’t say na mahirap o madali ang pinasok mo dahil wala pang major subject. Puro gen ed subjects pa lang. I think the “major” subject that you will take up is BA or your business courses. Management sa first sem, Marketing and Finance sa second sem. Though your subjects might seem easy, this is not an excuse for you to slack off. You have to work for your grades. Every. Single. Point. Let me explain the grading system. Your final grade (the one that will appear on your myuste account) comes from 50% of your prelim period grade and 50% of your final period grade. Then always remember 40-40-20. 40% prelim/final exam, 40% quizzes, 20% class standing. This is true for most of your subjects. So yeah, make sure to take your subjects seriously kahit minor lang yun.

“Pa-major yung mga subject”
Yes, there are times that some subjects are “pa-major” and parang walang connection sa accountancy (ahem, bio. ahem, envi sci) but there is a reason why you’re taking it up. You will develop a lot of skills that you can use when you already have an accounting subject. But some are just required by CHED or the law (just like Rizal course).

“Di ka na makakatulog.”
False. You only go to school for 5 hours! You have a lot of time to catch some Zs. It’s just a matter of time management.

“By rank daw ang sections kapag first year?”
I’m not sure about this one. Pero wala yan sa section mo. Just do your best and make sure you’re actually learning something.

“Welcome sa debarment capital ng UST.”
Well, i can’t say na hindi totoo yan. Marami talaga ang nalalagas pero pwede mo yan iwasan. Study and pray. Aim high, don’t just settle for a passing mark.

“Di kayo mahihirapan pumili ng kainan kasi nandyan lang sa carpark.”
Ang hirap kaya pumili kung saan kakain. Either walang seats or di mo trip dun kumain. Marami pang kainan sa labas. Wag puro mcdo, kfc, or bonchon. May mga karinderya sa labas lalo na kung panahon ng tagtipid.

“Ang chaka ng uniform.”
Employee of mercury drug, national bookstore, or chicken company. Pwede rin teacher. It can get annoying at times but we have to deal with it. Sooner or later, you’ll get used to it. Don’t loathe our uniform (esp. the girls) because there are also a couple of pros.

Are you ready, incoming AMV freshies? I want to see the excitement on your faces on the first day of classes, okay.

Edit: Just an addition to what Mimi said ini the first statement…

Unlike your high school passing rate which is usually 75 percent, the passing rate in amv is 70 percent. But… (yes. There is a BUT!) That 70 percent would be a hard-earned one. And when i say hard-earned, I really mean hard-earned because quizzes or exams in AMV would be base 0 unlike in high school, your exams would be base 50. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s just say that out of a 10-item quiz(na sobrang bihira mangyari. :P), all you need is 7 correct answers to pass. You compute your equivalent percentage by dividing your score to the total no. of items. That’s what I mean by base 0. Easy right? Not! Hahahaha! :) so yeah. Mimi’s right. Take every subject seriously lalo na sa mga naghahabol maging dl diyan. Hilahan yang mga subjects na yan. I TELL YOU! ;)

P.S. Kung nagtataka kayo kung ano yang mga base base na pinagsasabi ko, weeell… you’ll eventually get it once you enter AMV. It’s some kind of grading system. Lastly, be ready to be grade conscious. Promise. Hindi yan maiiwasan sa AMV. :))

Yun lang. Kung may addt'l questions, just ask away!

Xoxo, A

anonymous asked:

How does studying Accountancy in UST feel? :D

wow naman anon. pang beauty queen? hahaha. joke. uhmm. masaya naman sa AMV, although stressful dahil sa mga requirements marami ka namang matututunan at masasanay ka din naman sa stress at sa pagcacram (proven and tested yan!) hahaha. :)) mahirap din siya, (syempre) kasi mafifeel mo talaga na sinasala nila yung students lalong-lalo na yung mga mareretain sa BSA program but I think with hard work and proper time management, makakaya mo naman yan e. :)

balak mo bang pumasok sa AMV? hahaha. just a tip: Don’t forget to make friends. they make life in AMV less stressful. *winks*

calling all AMVians out there, kung may madadagdag pa po kayo, feel free. hahaha. :))

Hinding-hindi ako magreretention exam. Promise ko yan sa sarili ko.

This is my Goal by March/April 2013. BSA all the way! :>

sabi nga nung friend ko. pagbukas ko ng myuste para malaman yung grades ko dapat, “BOOM” BSA. >:)

Sana po kayanin ko ito Lord. O:)

my sched for this sem. err.. look at my PE! track and field. L. whatevs. I’ll just think positive. :) at least I would be able to do David Archuleta’s fave exercise which is running.. :“> ohyes, everything just has lead up to ARCHULETA!! :))