uss wolverine

Today’s useless history post. This is the USS Michigan the first iron-hulled vessel in the USN built in 1842 and in use until 1912 on the Great Lakes. She was involved in patrolling the Great Lakes during the 1850s to stop lumber pirates. During the Civil War, there were Confederate plans to try and capture it from agents in Canada but this never occurred. After the Civil War, Michigan remained in U.S. Navy service, and was the ship which intercepted and interned the army of the Fenian Brotherhood as it returned from its invasion of Canada near Buffalo in 1866. Michigan was renamed USS Wolverine on 17 June 1905 to free up the name Michigan for use by the new battleship USS Michigan (BB-27).

Great Lakes Training Carrier USS Wolverine spewing coal smoke. Powered by two side-mounted paddlewheels, capable of 18kn, operated only in shallow freshwater, this converted passenger paddle steamer (along with the USS Sable) helped train pilots and test technology between 1942 and 1945.