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An interesting contrast between the damage to the flight decks of USS Bunker Hill (top) and HMS Formidable (bottom) after 550lb-bomb-carrying Kamikaze hits amidships.

On Bunker Hill, the exploding bomb and burning fuel killed 389 and put the carrier out of action for four months. On Formidable, the exploding bomb and burning fuel killed nine and put the carrier out of action for six hours. America’s Midway-class aircraft carriers which entered service in late 1945, did so with armoured flight decks.

“A Friendly Race: USS Constitution in the Caribbean, 1799” by Patrick O'Brien

On March 1, 1799 the USS Constitution, commanded by Captain Samuel Nicholson, encountered the HMS Santa Margarita, commanded by Captain George Parker, while on station in the Caribbean Sea.  Nicholson and Parker were acquaintances and the American captain invited the British captain to visit his ship.  Parker was rowed over to the Constitution, and although he praised the condition of Nicholson’s ship, he boasted his was still the faster.  The two captains agreed on a bet.  The two ships would race, the winner receiving a casket of Madeira from the loser.

 The race began at dawn the next day at the firing of a gun.  The two ships raced for 11 hours, and by sundown Constitution had left the Santa Margarita far behind.  Just after dark, Parker was rowed back over to the American frigate to deliver Nicholson the promised cask of wine.

Los Angeles-class nuclear fast attack submarine USS Cheyenne (SSN-773) earned its nickname “first to strike” by being the first vessel to launch Tomahawk® missiles during Operation Iraqi Freedom. And in its final months of deployment, Cheyenne successfully launched its entire complement of Tomahawk® missiles, earning a “clean sweep” under the command of Cdr. Charles Doty.

The USS Prometheus has always been my favorite Federation ship design, despite it only appearing in a single episode. Even ignoring how awesome multi-vector assault mode is, I think it’s just a gorgeous ship overall.