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Have you seen the new episode of Tales of Midnight? Do you enjoy human experimentation? Conspiracies to destroy innocent civilians? Psychological torture? Who doesn’t? Follow me my children of rot… follow me….

378: Philadelphia Experiment(s)

The subject matter deserves a more compositional depiction if I am to be frank, but this was more an excuse to practice a bit of compositional illustration.

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The Philadelphia Experiment

The USS Eldridge (DE-173) was the vessel used to contain the Philadelphia Experiment. This experiment used technology that was part ET(Negative Zeta from the star system Rigel in Orion) to use cloaking technology. The experiment had to be conducted in August 1943 because of the magnetic influence at that time. Little did the US government know, the Zeta had an agenda of their own. They wanted to mis-align the magnetic relationship on Earth on multiple layers, and the magnetic relationship with the sun. The first conducted test was a success when the ship disappeared and reappeared. After the first test, they wanted to test it again, but this time with people on board to record the experience. During this test, the ship traveled through time to 1983, another magnetic peak in time. The Zetas created a phantom matrix which made the ship pass through a walled-off astral layer. The Zetas used this dimensional window to bring in star ships to position them to direct coded electromagnetic impulses at the sun. Once the ship was teleported back to the previous time, they members of the ship were embedded in the hull of the ship. And as if that wasn’t the worst part, the planet would have been destroyed from the solar flares cause by the misalignment, called a red pulse. This was fixed thanks to the Sirian High Council’s intervention which consisted of fixing the sun’s vorticies.

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Some favorite conspiracy theories

1. Hollow Earth Theory: Earth was inhabited by life long before humans even began to evolve. These “aliens” live deep in the Earth’s mantle and use the oceans as highways. The reason why we never have direct contact with these beings is because a) convergent evolution allows them to look very similar to us and b) they’re so advanced that they simply don’t think we’re worth their time.

2. Plum Island Conspiracy: Plum Island was once home to a disease research facility, located just off the north shore of Long Island. Here, scientists studied mad cow disease, officially to find a cure, but the facility’s history of being run by an ex-Nazi scientist gave it a more sinister purpose. The facility has been accused of being used for the advancement of biological weapons, and even human and animal experimentation. It’s also been allegedly linked to the origins of Lyme’s Disease and West Nile Virus in the United States.

3. The Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk Project: In October of 1943, the US Navy successfully created an experiment in which the destroyer USS Eldridge was rendered invisible. The project was covered up, but years later, additional research was approved to be conducted at the Montauk Airforce Base in New York. Here, the researchers dabbled in things such as time travel and mind control.

4. The Sugar Conspiracy: High Fructose Corn Syrup has been linked time and time again to addiction and obesity, being even more dangerous than regular sugar - but that doesn’t stop the food industry from continuing to add it to almost every food item on the market. It’s done for flavor, officially, but more sinister intentions suggests that allowing people to become addicted to food allows the food industry to profit.

5. NASA Cover-Up: The ISS video feed gives the average person a glimpse of what astronauts get to see every day, but sometimes things appear that’s not meant to be there. From NASA cutting feed, to strange recordings from astronauts witnessing strange objects, to even allegations that the moon landings held more than what the public knows, to the simple fact that there are UFO files that are still classified to this day, NASA is definitely not giving us the full story.