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John Finn is back….

PEARL HARBOR, HI (July 10, 2017) – The United States Navy’s newest Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, USS John Finn (DDG 113), arrives at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI in preparation for its formal commissioning ceremony into the Fleet on July 15, 2017.

Traditional hula dancers give a Hawaiian “Aloha” (Welcome!) pierside to the brand-new ready for duty warship….as she arrives in her new homeport….and the site of John Finn’s exceptional heroism almost 76 years before.

                                                    It’s all in the name

DDG 113 is named in honor of Lt. John William Finn, U.S. Navy….who, as a Chief Aviation Ordnanceman, was the first member of America’s military to earn the Medal of Honor during World War II….for heroism during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Finn was honored for machine-gunning Japanese warplanes for over two hours during the December 1941 early morning attack on Pearl Harbor….despite being shot in the foot and shoulder, and suffering numerous shrapnel wounds. He retired as a Navy lieutenant, after thirty years of service….and died at age 100 in 2010.

Another fitting tribute to a most honorable and deserving shipmate and patriot!

Welcome back to Pearl, John Finn!


                          The 80-second movie version of this post


>>Note: The United States needs to continue – and strictly adhere to – the tradition of naming our Nation’s warships after names/events that inspire pride, sense of belonging, teamwork, sense of mission and purpose…..perhaps, even heroism, when necessary. 

Unfortunately, in recent decades, the naming of America’s warships has often fallen victim to political correctness and, possibly, even corruption. 

The bottom line: our Sailors and Marines out there on the forward lines….on the other side of the world…..doing the dirty work of freedom and democracy….should be the primary consideration for naming a warship.

I mean, really….wouldn’t YOU rather serve on a “USS Awesome” rather than “USS Huh?”?




I could have taken a picture of every bloody page xD

Not even a chapter in and Spock marks Jim- bloody marks the fucker…

(In all seriousness- the book is a piece of art, beautiful well thought out plot and structure with an enticing villain as the cherry on top. Bit fast paced for my taste and I think it would have been amazing if the book had been a massive hard back xD)

I rate it overall 4 out of 5 tribbles! (5 for spirk content! ;))

i love this fandom so much. you’re all seriously so smart and open-minded and just good people. i love that we can have conversations about social issues or debate over characters and so on, and still be cool with each other. good job, trekkies and trekkers. you’re all perfect. thank you for being awesome.


Bethylites, check this out. Maggie approves of Beth and Daryl. Plus, she seems to like them for all the same reasons the nay-sayers say it shouldn’t happen. Awesome!