Sun down-ing.

I know my knowledge of nursing-related subjects is far hidden in my subconscious long after I graduated and took the local boards, & since I’m reviewing for NCLEX, I can’t help but to dig deep from the corners of my mind all the things I learned from my 4 years in college & 2 months review for the NLE.

I don’t know how to take everything in again. The last time I attended my NCLEX review, my mind had a knowledge-shock. All that coaching had my mind saturated & made me more confused than ever. Info-overload as they say. I wanted this but I guess my memory has passed it’s time. I feel old!

Recently, I read an article about ‘Strategies to sharpen the mind’. Think it would be helpful to all the others, whether you’re studying for a quarterly test, reviewing for a licensure exam or just the symptoms of old age is dawning on you. Here goes:

  1. Have enough sleep. & yes, def. of enough is 7-9 hours total a day, including naps.
  2. Exercise. Raising your heart rate keeps your blood flowing in your brain, thus increases O2 flow.
  3. Have foods for thought.
  4. Supplements.
  5. Meditate. Keep stress on the down low.
  6. Do something out of the ordinary. Ditch the routines, & do something new, it’ll give you the ability of recall so much easier.
  7. Check your meds.
  8. Visit your doctor. 
  9. Challenge your head. Stay cognitively active & your memory will be better as you age. Crossword & Sudoku puzzles can help.

There you go. Hope it helps you & me.