usps slaps

I added BreadBox to this Collab I got today in the mail from Salad, I’m not sure who’s in this, other than Pysco but your characters are great!

I’m not sure who I’m sending this off to next.

I would have scanned it to make it look a bit more proper, but I currently can’t use my scanner, so I had to take a picture and try to put it together as best as possible!

haha! First USPS slaps (except the 2 on the far right)
I did a normal BreadBox and Dumb dingo sticker,(Green and Orange) and I did 2 special stickers.
ButterSlaps Octopus
and a Stephano the Bat in Cartoony and Realistic!
I FINALLY. Did all 3 of my favorite animals!
Stickers of ButterSlaps and Stephano are gonna be.‘SPECIAL’ Rare stickers I guess. Mainly gonna be in black and white!

I ordered my Molotows today! 14 of em!
13 127s and 1 227.
So a few minutes ago Art primo called me saying that 2 markers (Shock Blue and White) were out of stock in the 127 so they just gave me a Shock blue and a white in the 227 no upgraded charge!

Here is a few of the things I accomplished last night (aka the last sleepover with my friend for the summer)

Pretty decent!
Packs are going out this week!
I start school on wednesday
and Tomorrow I HOPE I GET MY MOLOTOWS. Since today was labor day.