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The Paleoreference

Okay, so you know I said I’ve got something good coming?

Oh, boy. Did I ever. The ZIP file I have linked to in this post contains EVERY. SINGLE. REFERENCE. I could find in image format with regards to artistically restoring prehistoric animals accurately. There’s almost definitely more out there, and if I find them, I’ll update the file with them, but for now, this is what you have. It should be more than enough xD

Make sure you spread it around and show it to any budding palaeoartists you might know of. I spent a long time gathering all of these together, so I hope my efforts can help some people make palaeoart to as good and accurate a standard as possible.

(also yes, I know I spelled it paleoreference instead of palaeoreference, I’m sorry, okay?)
the Discworld fandom directory

So, here’s the fandom directory! I felt like this was a good time to release it, being as how we all kind of need each other right now, and we have sixty entries officially, so. Feel free to reblog as a signal boost if you wish.

For those just following along now, this is just a list of fans of Discworld on tumblr, so we can all find each other more easily.

Signups are by no means closed; if you’re not on here and you want to be, here’s the form and information. If you signed up and you’re not on here, contact me, it’s probably because I somehow missed you and I definitely want to fix that! Comments are enabled so that you can make suggestions or request a change or anything you like.

ETA: Oh! Also! You don’t have to be a Discworld blog to join this. Personal blogs are fine. You don’t have to reblog a certain amount of Discworld, or have read a certain number of books! As long as you’re like, “Well, I like this series/a book in this series/whatever” you are welcome to sign up if you like.