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I made myself a Really Cool new brush to dick around with in sai… was gonna make myself some new stuff to decorate a new blog theme with… but no…

.. no 

my roommate walked in on me finishing this one up and I’m Extremely Embarrassed and now I will just go to bed in shame………….

One of the things I really love about One Piece and Oda is all the small drawings. Like of course, colour spreads and two-page spreads of islands are amazing and awe-inspiring and beautiful, but there’s something about the tiny things like…

^Luffy looking from Vivi to Chopper (thanking them for taking care of him while he was sick) and Chopper’s lil grin

^Chopper tugging on Zoro’s gown thing

^Luffy’s expressions (and Zoro and Sanji’s of course but Luffy’s duckface kills me)


^I legit?? Never noticed this before???

^Zoro doin’ hand stand push ups like come ON

And this is only a select few from Alabasta, I can’t wait to see what things I notice through the rest of the series this time around.

angelic-locket  asked:

How would the Crew + Law propose to their loved one? :)

(I decided to do all of these in one thing. You are all so kind ^_^ Modern AU: Chopper and Brook are human, Kid and Franky have no metal parts [unless you think of it like I do sometimes that it’s like a prosthetic limb or something like that] LOTS OF CHARACTERS!)

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