[U-KISS Beautiful songs 1/] = KISS ME.

Gifs dedicated to all the KISSMEs. Coming soon will be 5 years since U-KISS exists. And doesn’t care where are you from, or if you follow them since their debut, since Neverland or if you are a new KISSME. The important is that we love them and support them, old and new times. We know about their hardworking, about their talent, about their friendship, etc and that’s part of why we love them so much, we want them to be happy and smile always. Sometimes I guess that the color pink is the color of the love more than the “kiss”, because that’s what we feel for them: LOVE.

I'm close to sobbing right now upon realizing that in HS no one liked to listen to me

The truth sinks in deeper as I am typing this post. A while ago on Twitter I’ve been tweeting about my seeking for close, honest, deep conversations with friends because for a long time I’ve never been into one of those.

Usong-uso noong high school ang mga secret deep conversations about sa mga internal conflicts and confusions and love concerns, and I realized I was always on the listening side.

In the past I’ve had stories and conflicts to share too but whenever it was time for me to share, people seemed like they weren’t interested anymore.

Was I not interesting enough? Or did they only want to talk about themselves? Was I in the right circle of friends? Was I an accessorial friend? Was I a DUFF? The pawn? The back-row person? The shadow of the spotlight?

I feel, uhm, used? I don’t know. Maybe I wasn’t interesting enough. I mean, I was never the cool good-looking kid everyone wants to hang out with. I was just the eager open-ear ready to listen to stories of people.

I almost never felt appreciated back then. Good thing there was one person.


Sa panahon ngayon, usong-uso ang mga sympathy whores. Kumbaga lahat ng mga pangyayari kailangan kuhanan para ipaskil. Instant celebrity ka na.

“Kung ayaw mo akong paupuin, sige magtretrending ka.”

“Ano ba ‘tong taxi driver na 'to, ipopost ko nga.”

“Hala, hindi ako sang-ayon sa sinabi niya, babash kitang hayop ka, bobo ng mga ninuno mo.”

“Puta nabangga tayo, ilabas ang cellphone. Videohan niyo yung kabilang sasakyan para tayo ang tama, madaming magcocomment niyan.”

“Nakakaawa naman siya, share ko nga sa facebook para madami magshare.”

“Tignan niyo 'tong binigyan ko ng limos, bait ko no. How many likes for this?”

Kumbaga medyo hustisya na sa kanila yung makakuha ng 1,000 likes, sapat na at ibabaon sa limot kagaya ng mga libo-libong mga nagtrend dahil natatambakan ng mga bagong umaagaw sa trono ng kung anong trend para sa mga bandwagon.


[U-KISS Beautiful songs 7/] = Believe (A shared dream album)

“Men don’t cry, and if they do, they are a girls.” I’m sorry, but for me isn’t like that. For me, when a guy cry is something beautiful, because you can see that he’s a human, too, who have feelings. For me, a guy who cry and don’t have fear to show this weakness, is more man than they that don’t cry.