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It’s Saturday and I decided to draw something that makes myself happy :D

Not sure if you had played paper doll dress-up when you were young, but it was a really common game among my friends back then here. So I think “hey why not draw a Tony version?”

Hope you like it ;D

(Below is the template that you can print out to play if you are interested ;D)

anonymous asked:

At the beginning of USO tour, Steve was super awkward with babies. The Warrets took an issue with this and taught him all about how to handle babies. And maybe Steve secretly loved it because babies didn't expect shit from him, and they were comparatively so easy to please. He wasn't a dancing monkey to them. The Avengers find this out on accident.

Tony’s sitting perched on the edge of Pepper’s hospital bed when Steve comes in, on the balls of his feet so he’s a bit quiet in case the baby’s asleep. He turns from the bassinet and waves Steve over, grinning.

“Hey, Godpappy. Meet Maria Virginia Stark,” Tony murmurs, but apparently he’s not quiet enough, because the squishy little newborn stirs and begins to cry. “Shit.”

Steve rests a hand on his shoulder. “Let me,” he says, and when Tony steps back, reaches into the bassinet and lifts Maria out.

He tucks her against his chest and begins to bob, hushing her a little because Pepper’s asleep too. After a moment, Maria settles, turning her head a bit toward Steve’s chest. He chuckles. “You’re not getting any milk out of me, darlin’,” he says. “Whatever Bucky thinks, I’m just not built for that.”

“Okay, first of all, ew,” Tony whispers. “And second of all, since when are you good with babies? I’ve seen the footage, you were as awkward with babies as you were with flirting women.”

“Yeah, well, you’re not the only one who thought so. I got trained for it,” Steve says, and makes a face at Maria, who’s blinking up at him. “And it was so much fun, wasn’t it, pretty girl? Yes it was–yes it was.”

“This is surreal,” Tony mutters. “This is totally–Jesus–totally surreal. Who’d have thought, Rogers.”

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MCU!Tony meeting an alt universe Tony from where Bucky never fell and Steve didn't end up in the ice and alt!Tony grew up with Uncle Steve and (reluctant)Uncle Bucky giving Howard grief whenever he screwed up being a dad and alt!Tony is all 'I'll never live up to Steve. He's awesome. And I'm so scared I'm a disappointment to him. Dad can go spin."

a.  “Ap!”

“Buck, what is he saying?”

“He’s your godson, you figure it out.”

“Hey, he’s your godson too - help a guy out here.”

“Ap! Ap! Ap!”

“Oh no, oh no, Tony, baby, not the pout.  Don’t cry!  Don’t cry!”

“Support his head, Stevie!”

“Yeah, there you go, buddy, it’s okay, Uncle Steve’s got you.”


“I guess he wanted up, Steve.”

b.  Tony is three years old when he first decides on his official signature look.

“Unca Bucky! Lookit!”

“Anthony Edward Stark, what is that on your face?!”

“Issa Van Dyke!”

Uncle Steve gives it a critical once over and beckons Tony over.  “Come here, Tony, that moustache is a little bit crooked.  Let’s fix that, okay?”

After all, Uncle Steve did pick up some mad make-up skills from his days as a USO chorus girl.

c.  Tony Stark builds his first circuit breaker at four years old.  When he tries to show it to his Dad, Howard points out everything he’s done wrong, even though, amazingly, it works. 

Howard, however, spends the rest of the time bragging about his little engineer’s accomplishment to everyone else.

“So why did Tony tell me that you hated what he built, Howard?” Steve asks, quietly. 

Howard’s taken aback.  “I was just helping him, Steve.  There was this – “

“Howie, he’s a kid and he’s learning and there’s stuff he’s not gonna get right the first time – “ Bucky begins.

“ – but the real important part is that he should know you’re proud of him,” Steve finishes. 

Howard gets it.  Finally.  He has a little talk with his son and the next project on the list is Tony’s very first robot. 

caveat-monstrum - yes i will write more.  probably up until tony hits the teen years, GOD HELP US.

“Hey Cap, I heard that you are looking for a new cheerleader?”

So,I plan to make learning how to draw other than chibi style as one of my new year goals :D Aaaaaaand actually Tony in the USO uniform (with thigh high stockings :D) is what I want to draw most so yeah here it is! I hope Steve’s super soldier serum will not make nosebleeding 4 times more serious :D

Happy New Year to you all!

Really sorry that my drawing skills suck… *run away*


Metro-con 2014 is over and all I can think of is how intense the convention was compared to what It was the last time I attended. I want to attend again but it was pretty insane at times. Every day felt like Saturday to me. On another note it didn’t feel like Megacon so you could walk more freely in the Vendors room. The group had some mishaps but those were resolved and cannot wait to post up pictures I have on my camera from this weekend + my photoshoots.

These were my cosplays for the weekend though so if you saw me- HELLO! I might have quite possibly been distant but there are reasons from the number of people in the con to how painful the wig cap was when I did Joker (I had Joker’s bow btw after that picture!)

Tony Stark (USO Outfit)

Joker (Black Butler)

Cecil Palmer (WTNV…ignore the beard for that since that was me taking off my Tony Wig and trying on my Cecil Wig with it on. XD)

Pictures will be posted up soon!

Shado-con line up:

Cannot wait until Shado-con. It’s my time to be with my lovely Fiance, and get away from the drama that is my house. Either way, excited about the new location and just ready for this grand weekend to start ^^

Friday: USO Tony Stark

And most likely going to wear my fiance’s Loki a little bit on Saturday to try on. I don’t know but I just want to be Loki so I can have an excuse to cause mischief.