usn usmc corpsman

“Khe Sanh, South Vietnam, March 1968: US Navy Hospital Corpsman Theodore Rutkowski of Pittsburgh lies on the ground just outside of Khe Sanh’s outer defenses and uses a stethoscope to listen for signs of Viet Cong tunneling beneath the beleaguered base. Covering him is US Marine Julian Kalama of San Lorenzo, Calif.”

Photographed by John Olson for Stars and Stripes

Hospital Corpsman Donald W. Vogt, Victoria, Texas, treats a Vietnamese woman while children watch, during patrol by Second Platoon, “L” Company, Third Battalion, First Marine Regiment eight miles southwest of Da Nang, Vietnam. 

February 12 1969 LCpl Sanchez

Corpsmen and medics often treated the injuries and ailments of civilians. Sometimes units visited villages with the express purpose of rendering aid. A sidearm can be seen on Corpsman Vogt’s hip in this image.

IN-AIR TREATMENT – Fred E. Davis, HM2, one of the many United States Navy corpsmen assigned to medical evacuations with Marine helicopters at Danang, administers to a wounded Marine enroute to a field hospital. “Doc” Davis may treat a dozen wounded men his ‘copter has taken out of fire-fights during a 24-hour tour of watch. Davis is attached to MAG 16.

Photographed by Sgt. J. McCullough