usmle step i

I’m planning something really ambitious

Honestly, I wouldn’t be in this position if I had just started studying earlier.

I take a Comprehensive Basic Science Exam on 4/15. I’m going to attempt to make one full run through First Aid in that time, and doing two blocks of U-world questions per day. I’m going to try to watch Pathoma videos as well. We’ll see if I can fit that in. I’ve given myself one day off next weekend in case boy decides to make an appearance. 

So, break that down, starting tomorrow.

  • 60 Pages of First Aid per day
  • 88 U-world questions per day
  • Unknown number of Pathoma videos. Ideally, I’ll find whatever videos correspond to what I’ve read that day and watch at 2x speed to reinforce what I’ve been studying.

I’m going to do U-world questions in the morning, since Step 1 starts in the AM. Has anyone ever attempted this, or am I absolutely insane? 

Let the record show, I’ve abandoned Firecracker. I don’t think it’s high yield enough to use over the next two months. I’ll use First Aid Flash Facts instead (I have a free 2 month trial).

I should probably also try to start going over Picmonic bugs and drugs and spread those out over the next 2 months before I take Step (May 31st). I’ll make a whole new study schedule after the CBSE for Step, in which I’ll hopefully go through First Aid 2 more times and another whole pass of U-world. 

I know y’all probably think I’m insane, but this is legitimately how I operate. I slack until I have some crazy deadline and then I throw myself into things. So this should be interesting.  Send good vibes and encouragement whenever you think about it!


I definitely did not get around to 88 U-world questions per day. But I did usually manage to read First Aid. And it took forever.