I’m sorry, but seeing posts like this make me extremely upset. Yes, sure having a S/O in the military has benefits, but the biggest benefit for me personally is being madly in love with a man who not only fights for me, our friends and family, but complete strangers to keep this country safe and free. Also, to have a man love me from world’s away. I am NOT apart of the military, I just happen to be in love with a man who is. I’m sorry, but it’s milSO’s like this that give most of us bad names. I love my marine and support him one million percent, and I respect him and the rest of the men and women serving this country enough to never say or think anything like this. Sorry for the rant girls!


It’s not always easy being married “young” but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m in love with my husband and I’ll continue to stand up for myself when need be! Not everyone is going to get it! #milso #militarywife #usmcwife #usmcmilso #marinewife #youngandmarried #ldr #longdistance #love