When things get hard don’t give up; try your best to fight for what you love and want.

Yes. I am 17 years old and getting married after I turn 18 in a month. Yes. My fiance is enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Yes. We are saving up for a baby. Yes we are planning on living together in base housing. No, we’re not crazy. Believe it or not, we’re both very mature. Yes I Will have a successful life. Yes I Will be happy. Yes, I have lived my life. And yes, I have gone through, and am well past, my part stage. Thankyou very much.

I’m so glad to have such a beautiful person to spend my life with. Through all the hardships and distance put between us we always overcome the obstacles together. Our strength and love is unshakeable and I know we can make it through anything. I’m walking into this with no doubt we will be Ok. I have such an amazing wife. I couldn’t be more thankful. I love you so much, baby. Thank you for living this life with me.
—  Words said by my husband right before he shipped off to Afghanistan

Best surprise!! Josh’s parents said they were going to pick up Courtney (Josh’s sister) from her dorm to come home for the weekend. They came home with her and Josh. No one told me he was coming home. Biggest surprise. And on top of that he finally asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes. It was the best surprise. I have the man I love home for 4 days. I cant wait to get to spend the rest of my life with my Marine. I love you Josh! <3.

You know youre a MilSO when...

- its the night before his deployment and you cant sleep.
- you stay up late writing letters for every situation so he always has something to help get him through.
- you have a countdown on your phone for the next time you’ll be together again.
- you have an album of all his pictures so you can see him whenever you’re missing him.
- you have a special playlist that can be your best support or your much needed cry.
- you have a list of things you want to do when he comes home.
- you get annoyed when your friends complain about the latest thing their man did wrong.
- your biggest fear in life is him not coming home.
- you live for those five minute phone calls and random texts.
- you wouldn’t trade your military love for any civilian relationship in the world.

No one understands unless they've been through it too.

I’ve been told countless times since my marine and I have formally announce our engagement, that at 20 years old we are too young. I’ve been told over and over that I should be enjoying my youth. You’re only twenty once, right? Why should I, at such a young age, sleep alone every night. Often times waking up in tears mid-dream because you miss the person you wish was sleeping with you more that words could ever describe? The way I miss him, words could never do it justice. I would compare it to this never ceasing gnawing feeling that gnashes it’s ghastly teeth at my heart over and over until I ache. But even then it is not a suitable comparison. Why should I, at twenty years young, spend my weekends assembling whatever my current project may be to send off to someone thousands of miles away just to make him smile? I should be out getting wasted and going home with strangers because that’s what you do on a Friday night, right? Why should I work all day and only be able to keep myself together because of the fact that I know I’ll be able to see his face, albeit on a screen, when I get home from work? Why? Because IT IS WORTH IT. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day that passes is just one moment closer to us being together again. Every ounce of pain and loneliness becomes irrelevant as soon as I am back in his arms. As soon as I can wake up each and every morning to those enormous cerulean eyes I can look back on the months of separation with nothing less than appreciation. All the time spent apart, only solidifies more and more for me, that I will never take my Marine for granted. I will never be ungrateful. I will never hear a word pass from his lips and go without cherishing each and every one of them. Every kiss, every memory, all are sacred. I never thought I would know a love so irrevocable and undeniable. Never thought myself capable of it. And yet, I have found it and embraced it. I cannot wait for all that waits for us, our future and our lives together. And even though it hurts now, I know, someday in the almost not so distant future, it will all be okay.