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Giant Maid Post!

Pics 1-6 + Anon Ask: I wouldn’t say it’s weird, because they are the best together. I guess it’d be the same as shipping Sancest or Papcest, except I kinda see them as seperate people so no??? Idk, I just love these girls, but they are all my personal brotp <3

Pic 7 + Person who is running away from their problems’ ask: There’s no canon appearance for maid-chan, because it’s a self insert!! She’s however you want her to look, whether that be your OC, you, or something else completely! However, I do have a vision of the maid myself, and that’s a ginger.

Pic 8: A lovely pic of a bunch of cute maids sharing their dreams. MC wants to live as Cinderella, USMC wants to live as Snow White, and UFMC wants to live as Aurora.

I’d love to do more with these lovely ladies, maybe I’ll make a GBMC and a SFMC to match?

I want all military girlfriends and boyfriends to know that you are under no obligation to marry your soldier during the time that they serve! From personal experience I have found that there is a lot of peer pressure among soldiers to get married.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over three years, and he is continuously laughed at and pressured to get married. Other soldiers tell him “if she doesn’t want to marry you it isn’t worth it”. It isn’t that I don’t want to marry him! I am only 20 years old and I have not yet finished college. I am in no rush to get married any time soon! Both my boyfriend and I feel that way!

I want every other partner of a soldier to know that you do not need to rush, you are under no obligation to marry your soldier. Unless you are ready for it then don’t rush into it! Don’t let the peer pressure get to you! Take your time!

its soo true....♥ OOHRAH

You know you’re in love with a MARINE when…

1. You dont mind a phone call waking you up at 4 a.m.

2. You tell people that he`s (only) been gone a month.

3. The smallest contact from your man makes your whole week.

4. You cry over an email that says nothing more than HI & I MISS U.

5. Those recruitment commercials on TV make you cry because of how proud you are.

6. You sleep in PT attire & cuddle up in poncho liner, because its the closest you`ll get to your Marine.

7. You’re sittin at home & you realize that you havent seen your husband/boyfriend in over a month.

8. You get soo excited just knowing that your husband/boyfriend tried to call but didn`t get through.

9. Your favorite “man” to see everyday is the MAILMAN.

10. You hate Sundays because the post office is closed.

11. A 30 second phone call after no calls from him for 3 months leaves you full of joy.

12. “NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS” becomes your motto.

13. You feel yourself growing more & more in love with your Marine while he`s so far away.

14. Planning letters/care packages and putting them in the mail is more exciting then going out for a night with the girls.

15. You roll your eyes when you hear someone say “I havent seen my man for a week” (If they only knew)

16. You don’t mind tripping over combat boots left in the middle of the bedroom floor.

17. You can go from being happy, to sad, to lonely, to angry, to proud, and back to happy in a matter of less than an hour.

18. You sleep with the phone right next to you, (just in case).

19. You jump up when the phone rings, accidentally hurt yourself.

20. The sight of any other man in uniform makes you miss your man MORE than it makes you drool.

21. You try to explain to civilans what your man does for a living & they stare blankly because they don’t understand a third of what you just told them.

22. You feel lucky for each second granted to the two of you.

23. Every new watch you buy has a two time zone feature.

24. You are 3000 miles apart & you don’t notice the time difference and talk until 9 a.m. his time and 2 a.m your time on a work night.

25. Phone kisses are just as good as the real ones..if not better.

26. You realize you can forgive your man for not calling for a few weeks due to the fact that he honestly did have to work.

27. Your cell phone shows 87 screens full of the number 2 for “repeat message” after you hear he had left a message because you missed his first & only call.

28. You spend hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket to see him only to fly back 2 days later.

29. When you sleep with your home phone AND your cell phone by the bed just in case…

30. When you almost knock over 3 people running out of a store to get better signal when they call.

31. When someone says Semper Fi! or OOrah! you immediately begin wearing a proud smile on your face.

32. When you call his phone just so you can hear his voicemail even though you know he won’t answer. 

33. You can pack a flat rate box like it’s no one’s business.

34. You know the meaning of “butt hurt” and can use it in an everyday sentence.

35. You are so used to being away from your love that any time you get with him feels like a special treat


A few favorite shots taken from a recent family shoot I did. It was trying, but the good ones made it all the worth while. I enjoyed capturing their moments, beauty, and love.

Locations: Browns Island, Richmond, Virginia & The Virignia War Memorial, Richmond, Virginia

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What should the new army girlfriend expect? I've been reading up on all these articles and stuff but in your opinion what's the best things to know.

What’s the best thing to know for a new military girlfriend. Hmm well I get similar questions like this all the time: what should you expect, what should you know. I never know completely how to handle them because I want to have a positive outlook on it but I can’t really tell you what to know without saying the negatives. But I’ll give it a try.

For those of you who have partners in basic combat training then I want you to know he or she will not come back the exact same as how they left. They will still love and care for you but soldiers develop a new way of showing it. In BCT the military teaches soldiers to have no empathy, emotions are weakness. They are also taught that nobody loves or cares about them. They forced to sit in a classroom and watch videos drilling into their heads about how no one will ever love them and their partner is either using them for money or is going to leave. Yes, I do realize how bad it is, and for a long time I was blind to it because I didn’t want to realize what the military taught them. Like I said before they are still going to come back loving you, but they may have a difficult time showing it, there may be this worry or fear about losing you they don’t want to show. And that is where the change comes from, it comes from the fear of losing the person they love. The soldier you love and care for so deeply is still there, you just need to give them time to defrost. Basically you need to have the patience for them to warm back up. In order to help them you need to continuously show you care, continue to say how proud you are, how much you love them. The military drilled into their head they are incapable of being loved, it’s your job to drill back into their heads that you do love them.

They will use different language, at least until they get used to talking to a civilian again. For nearly three months they talked primarily in military terms, so get used to hearing them use a word or two here and there. This will fade in a few weeks but just be ready for a couple weeks of these words. A couple popular words used in the army include:
Tracking: understand
Mikes: minutes
Reupped: like it.

There will be a few stupid jobs that soldiers do and you’ll be thinking wtf? So be ready to hear from your soldier that they had to rake the snow, mop the grass or dry the mud. If your soldier says he spent his day doing something silly like that, he really does mean it.

Be ready for training. After basics comes AIT. They will be trained specifically for their section in the military. It’ll involve a lot of book and class work. They’ll have a lot of homework to complete in one night. But that won’t last forever, finally they will finish AIT and become a full fledged working private. Which means…. you guessed it. A ton of training. It won’t happen all the time, but there will be times when they have week long trainings in the field (which they refer to simply as “field”) this is where they will go into the middle of no where and go through battle simulations. For those of you who have soldiers in the army artillery (like mine!) then be ready for him to have training for about a month, artillery is the first to arrive and the last to leave. Sometimes your soldier will be allowed their phone and other times they won’t.

Mostly I have covered everything about what will happen within the military. Now let me tell you what to expect for feelings: loneliness, agonizing fear, relief and yes happiness.

There are going to be times when you are so lonely, when at that moment all you want is to be in your soldiers arms but you can’t because he isn’t there. You beg for his comfort and reassurance but he’s still in basic training and can’t talk yet. But I will tell you this, the loneliness will pass. Let yourself cry, if you want him but can’t talk to him allow yourself the chance to cry. Know that he is missing you too and he is just as lonely without you.

As for fear it seems very straightforward. I find myself watching or listening to the news and every time I hear that the government announcement they are deploying more soldiers I pray to God that my boyfriend or one of his friends isn’t among them. Every time my boyfriend says we need to talk I am always so terrified that he’ll tell me he’s being deployed.

Relief, every day you’ll feel relief when he comes home happy and healthy and safely. You’ll love the feeling of when you get to pull his face up on video chat and see how much he’s smiling. You’ll feel relieved when you get a message from him through out the day. And from this relief will come happiness. So much happiness every time you hear the words I love you. Every time you guys get to goof off and act like a mainstream civilian couple you will feel so happy. Your soldier is there to make you happy. They will be so scared that they can’t give you everything you want and need. They only want to make you happy, because they love you so much. So if they do something that makes you happy then tell them. Be sure to let them know.

Be aware of your soldiers coping mechanisms. The typical three ways that soldiers deal with stress and trauma are through substance use. They can often turn to smoking, drinking or sex. Personally, my soldier turns to drinking, and I at times in the past had a hard time accepting the fact that he needed to go out and drink with his buddies when he was only eighteen. But I came to realize that this is how he copes with seeing and learning everything he does in his job. He never drinks to the point he is drunk but after a really horrible field training or stressful class he will have a drink or two. Now this isn’t for everyone, but be aware that like in high school peer pressure is all around them. There are other soldiers laughing at them and pressuring them to take the beer can. Like I said this isn’t for everyone, some soldiers do find other ways to deal with the stress! And you can help with that, when you boyfriend is having a bad day find ways you can cheer him up.

You are family. Although the military counts you as nothing and if you want any info during training then you better expect to get close to his parents, they will know the info and be able to inform you. Anyways no matter what the military says, to your soldier you are family. You will also be family in the eyes of your soldiers friends. His friends will soon become your friends. And honestly soldiers are the loyalist friend you can have. They will see you as their buddies wife, even if you aren’t yet. They will have your back. Dozens of times I’ve messaged my boyfriends buddy to find out what was going on with my bf, and they’ll tell you. They’ll inform you that work has been really bad, that they’re really busy or anything like that. You’ll have not just his friends but other military significant others. Military girls have a whole community, and they are very supportive. If anyone ever needs someone to talk about anything, nothing is too personal, message me or message another milso. We have been there too, so we understand and we will have your back no matter what. You will have a family with the military.

Now I feel like I listed some really negative aspects to the life of being a military significant other. And I can not stress this enough, it isn’t bad. It can be one of the most rewarding and loving relationships you’ve ever experienced in your life. If there’s one thing I learned about soldiers is that if they love, then they love hard. With each training exercise they face it’ll be you that they think of to push them through that extra mile. When they are facing a long stressful day it’s you they want to go home to. They will love you till the bitter end.

You are their support system. You are the one who has their back no matter who else leaves them. You are their safe base. You are their secret keeper. You are their best friend. You are their cheerleader. You are their smile. You are their heart. You are their strength. You are their pride. You are their joy. You are their dream. You are their reality. You are everything to these soldiers. No matter how hard things get, no matter what is thrown your way, always remember who you are and what you mean to them.


it’s been a hell of a ride. 190 days. almost 7 months without you. I felt like my heart started beating for the first time when I saw you again. I can’t describe how complete I feel to once more wake up in your arms every morning. how funny it is to have found my soulmate when I was just a freshman in high school & I didn’t even know it yet. you have given me the world & I hope to give you everything for the rest of our lives. you are the best thing that will ever happen to me. ❤️