usmc couples

“I love you” isn’t what you think it looks like. It’s not romantic dates and holding hands.
“I love you” is taking care of someone when they’re blackout drunk and throwing up
“I love you” is popping back pimples and still kissing through the runny noses winter brings
“I love you” is drooling during sex and laughing together
“I love you” is being held while violently sobbing because of an anxiety attack
“I love you” is discussing what your morning breath smells like with each other
“I love you” is “I don’t want to but I will for you and only you.”
It’s all the good and the bad and the gross and the beautiful and ugly things about life and embracing that in each other.

When things get hard don’t give up; try your best to fight for what you love and want.
Might not be a popular opinion but...

Please I am begging you girls if you have the opportunity, stay in college. You deserve to be selfish about your education.

I wish I had more people to talk about all this Marine Corps stuff, it’s all so much at once. Then going from seeing my boyfriend everyday to waiting 6 months until I get to again, it’s such a different experience to be thrown in to. I mean I chose this, I love him of course, but when you step back, it’s such a drastic change


The jar is finally complete!

For our 2 year anniversary, I put together a jar filled with 365 different colored notes with different things written on them.

Blue is songs that remind me of him.
Pink is date ideas.
Orange is prayer requests.
Yellow is reasons why I love him.
Green is scriptures to get him through the day.

I’m super excited to send it to him and I really hope he likes it.

Love my Marine to the moon and back

Photo creds: Victoria Hunter, Natural Perspective Media