Curled Rose Sawfly caterpillar - Fehéröves levéldarázs hernyója - Allantus cinctus by Benjamin Balázs
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This is it.  This is the pinnacle of nerdom.  This is the greatest height of nerdery that has ever been reached before.

Peter in Loki’s body on a bus downtown to the real Loki and making an excuse that he’s going to a comic convention.

Never will such levels of pure fucking nerd ever be seen again, it’s just not possible.  This is a beautiful day, I am glad I am alive to experience this, god bless.


spideynova hockey au, anyone? (happy belated birthday, @eloctromagnetic​ :))

  • meet S.H.I.E.L.D., a hockey team managed by nick fury
  • sam’s the team mvp even though he’s the smallest and his hometown had virtually no snow lmao
  • him and peter have this rivalry thing that is both extremely annoying and petty (peter’s left winger and extremely salty about it) and also full of disgusting sexual tension
  • other team members include luke cage as goaltender, danny rand as left defenseman, ava ayala as right defenseman, and harry osborn as right winger
  • mj is an acclaimed reporter who never fails to miss a game and get exasperated by her friends