Spice Up Your Oils To Maximize Hair Growth 

Try adding these spices to your favorite essential and carrier oils to maximize your growth potential. Spices last longer when stored in a cool location. Keeping jars of spices right next to your stove will significantly reduce their useful life. As a general rule, ground spices that are older than six months should be replaced.

Turmeric may be helpful in reducing the signs of dandruff, as well as increasing circulation in the scalp and providing nutrition to the hair follicles, and can also be used as a natural dye for your hair.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and circulatory properties massaging or rubbing ginger onto the scalp may prevent hair loss and help stimulate the hair follicle’s growth cycle.

Cinnamon paste or oil is believed to prevent hair breakage and reduce the amount of hair that falls out. When placed on an individual’s temples, crown of the head, or nape of the neck, it can promote hair growth by stimulating these areas. Other benefits include hair lightening, achieved by leaving a cinnamon mixture on hair overnight.

Cayenne pepper aids in circulation and stimulating blood flow in the scalp. Cayenne pepper accelerates cell division, blood circulation, and hair regrowth in individuals that suffer from balding and thinning. Red pepper powder can be mixed with oil and applied to scalp, massaged, and then rinsed. 

Black pepper can also be used by mixing it with hair oils and massaging it into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Black pepper mixed with lime juice can be used to create a paste to help grow hair in balding or thinning areas. When applied daily for a couple of weeks this paste will help promote re-growth .