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The Polybius Square is an uncomplicated cipher developed by the Greek scholar Polybius. Consisting of a 5x5 grid, each of the 25 letters of the Greek alphabet occupied a single square. With 26 letters, the English alphabet must be altered in order to fit a Polybius square. This is usually done by combining two letters, typically “I” and “J”, or by including the digits 0-9 on a 6x6 grid with 36 squares:

 Each plaintext letter is represented by the two numbers corresponding to its location on the grid. In the above 6x6 grid, the letter “K” could be written as “25” (across, then down), or “52” (down, then across). The phrase “gay baby jail” could be encrypted as “2111511211125124112326”. 

Alternately, Polybius squares can be constructed with a keyword. Each letter may only be used once. Example: using the key “SWAMP QUEEN”, you would end up with a Polybius square that looks something like this:

Polybius squares are also easy to decrypt. They may be recognized by frequent repetitions of the same digits, none of them higher than 6. 

24 23 52 23 25 34 44 24 24 23 34 41 52 23 54 44 22 22 15
24 23 52 23 25 34 44 24 24 23 43 23 51 54 44 22 34

Jonathan Byers headcanons

Here is a list head canons for Jonathan Byers (a character from the Netflix tv show Stranger Things). Noone of these are romantic or sexual, they are just about Jonathan as a person and his family. But I will make a list of nsfw and a list of romantic head canons too. Feel free to to use them in your own fanfics (& please tag me because Jonathan is my baby and I need more things to read).

P.S. Second part of Dancing in the Rain coming soon, thank you for all the nice comments and support! I love you all


- He puts his family before school.

- He uses photography to escape from reality.

- His least favorite subject in school is PE.

- He is the first to wake up and the last one to go to sleep in the Byers house.

- He is scared of dissapointing his mom or Will.

- He doesn’t want his mom to get a new partner because he is scared of his family getting hurt again.

- He loves the fact that Will has such a great group of friends because he never had many.

- He loves driving around in his car, listening to music.

- He likes Steven King.

- He used to cry a lot as a kid.

- He can’t wait to live in NY so he can go to live concerts.

- He wants children.

- He is an introvert.

- He is self conscious about his laugh.

- He smells like cigarettes and coffee.

- He likes to watch horror movies with Will.