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B.A.P Reaction to Their S/O Being Afraid of Thunderstorms

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Hi! Could I ask a bap reaction when their s/o is afraid of thunderstorms? (Like the phobia of it, sorry I don’t know the exact word in English ;;) thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Here you go sweetie :)

Bang Yongguk

He would think that your fear of thunderstorms is super cute, but he would also worry about you since there will be times when he can’t be with you during a thunderstorm. When he is with you though, at home, he would hug you tight and whisper into your ear that he will protect you. Yongguk would try to calm you down by getting a big, warm blanket and wrap it around the two of you. Then, he would try to get you to watch the thunderstorm from the window so that he could show you how beautiful lightning can be and that thunder is just an insignificant noise which you don’t need to be afraid of. If you are not at home, say, walking outside, he would take your hand and pull you closer to him. Yongguk would find a warm and sheltered place to stay and patiently wait until the thunderstorm is over before going home or to wherever the two of you were headed before.

Kim Himchan

To be honest, he would be a little afraid of thunderstorms too. But he would try to hide it and act as if he was a fearless man. Nevertheless, he would scurry you to a safe, comfortable place like your sofa or bed and command ask you not to move until the weather changes. Himchan would quickly hop onto the sofa or bed as well and hold you tight - more so to calm himself down rather than you. The two of you would spend the next few minutes listening to music using your headphones to distract yourselves from the noise outside. After the thunderstorm is over, he would tell you that it wasn’t even that bad, but you would probably be able to tell that he was scared too. If the two of you are not at home when a thunderstorm suddenly rolls in, Himchan would bravely put an arm around your shoulder and pull you closer to him, never letting go of you until you reach home or the place you had planned to go to.

Jung Daehyun

When he first notices your tense expression during a thunderstorm, he would smile for a second because he thinks that your fear of thunderstorms is really cute. When you are at home, he would hug you and tell you to sit on the couch or bed. After wrapping you and himself in a warm blanket, he would start to sing, hoping that his voice would both distract you and calm you down. If you are still scared, he would sit so that you could see his face, cover your ears with his hands and make cute/funny faces. Daehyun would smile and laugh a lot, so that his positivity easily cheers you up. If you are walking on the streets, he would take your hand and quickly get you out of the rain. After finding a cafe or shopping mall, he would distract you by telling jokes and making you laugh.

Yoo Youngjae

He would be surprised to find out that you are scared of such a (in his eyes) silly thing as thunderstorms. Youngjae would argue that your fear is absolutely ungrounded in modern times, and only after telling him that his fear of bugs and spiders is also silly in a big city like Seoul, would he become more understanding. He would pull you closer and explain that you are safe, first, because he is with you and will protect you and, second, because every building has lightning protectors these days. Youngjae would try to distract you and calm you down by telling personal stories and jokes. If you wake up in the middle of the night and absolutely can’t fall asleep, he would suggest playing some simple boardgames to both kill time and distract you. If, on the other hand, you are out on the streets, Youngjae would pull you inside the next building or hop onto the next bus to explore new parts of the city from a safe spot (given that both of your schedules aren’t too busy).

Moon Jongup

He wouldn’t mind if you are afraid of thunderstorms at all. In fact, he might even like it since he can find an easy excuse to cuddle with you. He would want to stay in bed and calm you down by whispering sweet nothings into your ear. If you are especially scared of the loud sounds of thunder, he would hug you tight and tickle you every now and then just to hear you laugh. If the thunderstorm is long or you two feel restless, Jongup would suggest to kill time by playing video games or watching your favorite anime. If you are outside, Jongup would hold one hand above your head to protect you from the rain and pull you closer with his free hand. He would tell you that you are safe with him and don’t need to fear thunder and lightning when he is around.

Choi Junhong (Zelo)

He would feel a little helpless at first, not knowing what to do since he cannot simply change the weather for you. However, he would quickly come up with a fun way to distract you: the two of you would collect all the pillows, blankets and even some clothes in the apartment to build a cave and hide in there. Junhong would snuggle up to you and suggest to watch a movie on his laptop (a happy movie, of course). Later, when the thunderstorm is over, you two would be too comfortable to go to your bed and decide to spend the night in your little cave. If you are not at home when the thunderstorm starts, he would take your hand and run to the next big shopping mall. Whenever there is a loud thunder, Junhong would take your hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. Until the weather gets better, the two of you would eat ice cream and check out new music releases in a CD store. 

imagine--buddies masterlist

Fandoms Included: Hamilton, Marvel, HP/FB, In The Heights, DC Comics

warning: you might have to scroll a bit to find the fandom. I will put Hamilton at the end since it is our biggest.


Newt Scamander:

Magizoologist 101- You go through the ten steps to learn how to be a Magizoolist with Newt.



I Bet My Life- You confront your mother on your Avengers membership.

Bucky Barnes:

Something Else- Bucky uses your god headphones to kill a guy, and you get kinda mad.

Clint Barton:

Little Bird- Clint surprises you by coming home early.

Sam Wilson:

Sky- Sam takes you up in a plane for your first sky diving lesson as apart of your training.

Wanda Maximoff:

Goodnight- You want to stay up to finish your work. Wanda wants you to sleep. Guess who wins.


Usnavi de la Vega:

De Todas Las Cosas Buenas- You wake up to find yourself in a bed. But it is not your own. 


Stay Here With Me- Benny has a bad day at the dispatch. This results in cuddling.


Consecuencias- Sonny de la Vega X Reader (Ongoing)


Song Fics:

Hurricane- You make a choice for the better of the team.


Aaron Burr:

That’s All I Want-  You come up with an excuse to get Aaron all to yourself on the car ride home. Modern + Christmas AU.

Nursery- Not what you think. There is angst. Modern AU.

The Snake And The Badger- You make an Amortentia, a potion that’s supposed to let you smell the scent of your soulmate. Now the question is… who exactly is your soulmate?  Hogwarts + Soulmate (kinda) AU.

Alexander Hamilton:

Vs. 1: Swings- Alex needs a hug. At two in the morning. Modern AU.

Vs. 2: Lies- You find out about the affair of your adulterous husband. 

It’s For The Best- You find out that you’re pregnant by your best friend Alexander, but he doesn’t know that. Modern AU.

George Fredrick (KG3):

Félicitations- You have something important to tell your husband, George. But he’s in France, and you’re in England. So you get creative. Modern AU.

George Washington:

I Always Do- You go through your life with George. 

Hercules Mulligan:

I Fell For You- Hercules gets really flustered around you. Modern +Bar AU

I Broke My Arm- Mariah drags you to go skating. Ice skating. She as never had a worse idea. Or was it? Modern AU.

A Great Week- Your adventure to Comic Con with Hercules as Frozone and Honey. Modern + Nerd AU.

Walk Away- If your husband is dead, then why are you seeing him around town? Modern + Spy AU.

James Madison:

Wink- You’ve had a bad day. All you want is a hot shower, and a nap, but when you get into the shower. It’s cold. You take your anger out on your husband. Modern AU

I Believe You- James proposes, but you’re not ready for it. Modern AU.

Silly Rabbit- You dress up in a bunny costume to surprise the children at the hospital. Modern AU.

John Laurens:

Snap!- John takes you on a date for your anniversary and a surprise ensues. Modern AU.

Fireworks- You have a sleepover with the sisters and Mariah. After watching a scary movie, John asks you to meet him under a bridge. In the dark. At two AM. To say you’re reluctant is an understatement. Modern + College AU.

Drunken Minds- You get drunk with John and the Hamilsquad. Modern AU.

Homecoming- John has something important to ask you. You have something important to tell him. Modern AU.

How I Met Your Mother- You and John have this thing. I guess you could say it was a game. Will you let him win? Hell no. Modern + Bar AU.

Favorite Place- You’re pissed because of none other than Thomas-freaking-Jefferson. John takes you to your favorite place to put your mind at ease. Modern + College AU.

Marquis de Lafayette:

Je Te Pardonne- You get jealous. To say the least. In your defense, YOU DONT JUST CANCEL ON GAME NIGHT LAFAYETTE. Modern AU.

Mon Bibliothécaire- You meet Lafayette while taking care of a book store for a friend. Book Store AU.

Take A Break- You go through surgery and Lafayette takes care of you. Modern AU.

Philiip Hamilton:

Reckless- You make an irrational decision. Alt. ending

Valentine’s Special: Happy Valentine’s Day- In our 2017 Valentine’s day special and Phillip stay in and have a special date. Modern AU.

Thomas Jefferson:

Win Some Or Lose Some- You go to Cabinet Battle #2 and you have some things to tell Alexander. TAG TEAM!!

Another One Bites The Dust- Thomas sabotages your dates.  Modern AU.

Safe Driving- You go to a Halloween Party with Thomas. He gets a little jealous. You get a little drunk. Modern + College AU.

Coffee Cup- Thomas flirts with you, and your brother, Alex, finds out. Modern + Coffee Shop AU.


Daveed Diggs:

Vacation- Daveed needs a vacation, so do you.

A Birthday In Color- It’s your birthday! Maybe this year you find your soulmate? Nahhhhhhh ;). Soulmate AU.

Leslie Odom Jr.:

Here For You- You’re pregnant, and craving. Leslie tends to your every need, but you’re scared that you’re holding him back.

Duets- Leslie and Lin go to a jazz club because Lin wants Leslie to hear you sing. 

Okieriete Onaodowan:

I Didn’t Mean To Ignore You- You don’t do your homework and you end up accidentally ignore the new kid for two weeks. Oops? High School Au.

The Good Days- You and Oak meet up again after years of seeing each other. Even after years of no communication it still felt like the good old days. 

Thayne Jasperson:

Donut For Donut- You’re new to the Hamilcast, and you know what they say. Best way to the heart is through the stomach.

Number 6- You go bowling with Thayne and meet the cast.

Chocolate Chip, Pancakes, and Dancing- You spend a lazy day with Thayne and your baby.


What Comes Next?- King George X Fem! Reader: Soulmate AU (Postponed)

 A Million Words- Thomas Jeffereson X Reader: Modern AU (Completed)

I Owe You- Hercules Mulligan X Reader: Modern AU  (Postponed)

Court & Courter- Hercules Mulligan X Spy! Fem! Reader TURN AU  (Postponed)

Unfaithful- Thomas Jefferson X Reader X Lafyette Modern AU (Completed)

All Is Fair- Lafayette X Fem! Reader in war (Completed)

It’s Only A Matter Of Time- Hamilsquad X Reader Time Travel AU  (Postponed)

Race Against Time- Alexander Hamilton X Fem! Reader (Ongoing)

Tears Over Beers- James Madison X Reader High School AU (Ongoing)

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Only One: Chapter One

None of these  gifs are mine! Credits to the owners!  | DO NOT REMOVE THE CAPTIONS | Reblog/like if you use | master post to come |

Tags: +18 / body insecurities / fatphobia and prejudice against fat people / cheating / smut / angst / original character / MC POV (plus sized woman)

Featuring: Park Jaebeom (Jay Park, AOMG)

Writer: rolliepollieyeolie // chanyeolspeach on wattpad

Word count: 1783

Comments: This is the first chapter to what I’m hoping to be a continuing series/story. It starts out kind of corny, but soon it will take some twists that I hope everyone will like (or dislike).I hope you all enjoy this. Please reblog and like if you would like me to continue this. 10 REBLOGS FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!

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Another Femslash Exchange gift, this time for @yugiohrox  I’ll never turn down a chance to write lucana. I hope you enjoy it even though I struggled with the ending and took all day to finish haha.

WC: 1339
Time: ~30 minutes + 10 minutes edit time
Status: edited for typos and grammar

“Divine,” came the moan from the only occupied corner of the coffee shop. The hectic, morning rush had come and gone, leaving the staff frazzled and sagging in relief it was over. Lucy’s teammate had taken his thirty, leaving the shop in her capable if tired hands. “How do you do it, my Coffee Goddess?”

A flush threatened to spread across her fair skin starting at the nose and ending at the earlobes. Her whole childhood had been full of teasing for turning bright red, her spangle of freckles even more evident when lit up from below.

“What do you mean, Cana?”

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Everybody’s time has come, it’s everybody’s moment except yours.
I hear in my mind all this music, and it breaks my heart.
You’re using your headphones to drown out your mind.
Blue Lips
He stumbled into faith and thought, “God, this is all there is.”
Bleeding Heart
And you serve your time, drinking all night long, staring at the walls of your jail-like home.
A Cooler Version of Yourself
So young, and drunk. And young. And drunk. I lie down here until I die.
And maybe if I sober up I will stop pretending that love is forever.
I’m the hero of the story, I don’t need to be saved.
You’re getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder. And I don’t understand, and I don’t understand.
One More Time With Feeling
You thought by now you’d be so much better than you are. You thought by now they’d see that you had come so far.
Day after day, I wake up feeling, feeling. Potentially lovely. Perpetually human. Suspended and open.
I’m not a skillful water carrier. But I’ve learned to carry love.

Something Else-- Bucky Barnes

Prompt:  3. Your character has to fight something - the item closest to you is now your character’s only weapon.

Words: 199

Warnings: violence. a lot of violence.

AHHHHH! A day late!! Oop. It’ll be like this with a lot of this challenge


As you saw Bucky fight off the H.Y.D.R.A. agents off with your headphones, you couldn’t help but get slightly angry.

1. There were H.Y.D.R.A agents in the tower. The same people that had kept Bucky as a prisoner inside of his own mind, while he was forced to do horrible things.

2. Bucky was using your good headphones.

‘Why couldn’t he pick the ones that are already broken?’ You though as you picked up the TV remote. You skillfully threw it at one of the H.Y.D.R.A with such precision and force that the agent fell back, unconscious.

You looked up to see Bucky taking out the last of the H.Y.D.R.A agents, effectively strangling him with your headphones.

You walked over and sent a punch to the agent’s solar plexus, which knocked him out.

You took your headphones back, and inspected the damage. The agent thudded to the ground beside you and Bucky looked around the living room to the bodies strewn about. Then he looked to you.

Your only concern was if the headphones still worked properly.

He smiled to himself.

You were something else.


A Maria Ushiromiya that I was gonna use for as the art for an utau cover I did. Still don’t know if I’ll actually post it

DTP Foundations Week #21

Week 21 of the deductionist training program.

Observation exercise #2.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Observation exercise #2 - Forehead on the table:

You go around looking for JM and the body and it’s time for you to eat something so you go to a nearby cafeteria. You remember that you should do the observation exercise “Forehead on the table” to be more alert.

This is what you do:

  1. You put your forehead on a table and close your eyes so that it’s guaranteed that you can’t see anything.
  2. Your friend/coworker/partner asks you a question about the environment you’re in.
  3. You try and answer with the best accuracy you can.

Someone new to this exercise should start by doing just the basic questions then when you’re comfortable with those, advance to the basic and intermediate questions. When you’re comfortable with the intermediate questions go to the basic, intermediate and advanced questions.

Examples of basic questions:

  • What colour are the walls?
  • What colour is the floor?
  • What colour is the ceiling?
  • What kind of lamps are there?
  • Is there big windows here or is it small?
  • What is the theme of the place you’re in?
  • Is the floor/ground flat?
  • What colour is your friend’s shirt?
  • What colour are your friend’s trousers?
  • What colour are your friend’s shoes?
  • What material is the floor/ground beneath you?
  • Are there any plants where you are?

Examples of intermediate questions:

  • What colour are the tables?
  • What colour are the chairs?
  • What colour is the shirt of the person you don’t know that’s closest to you?
  • What colour are the trousers of the person you don’t know that’s closest to you?
  • What colour are the shoes of the person you don’t know that’s closest to you?
  • What colour is the hair of the person you don’t know that’s closest to you?
  • How many tables, roughly, are there?
  • How many chairs, roughly, are there?
  • How many people, roughly, are there?
  • How many posters, roughly, are there?
  • What type of posters are there?
  • How many windows are there?

Examples of advanced questions:

  • How many tables, exactly, are there?
  • How many chairs, exactly, are there?
  • How many people, exactly, are there?
  • How many posters, exactly, are there?
  • How many lamps, exactly, are there?
  • How many plants, exactly, are there?
  • How many people use wristwatches?
  • How many people have rings on their ring finger?
  • How many people have glasses?
  • How many people have tattoos?
  • What kind of tattoos are there?
  • How many people have necklaces?

Instead of a friend/coworker/partner asking you these questions you can record them and have the audio files on your phone. So then you can use your headphones and set it up so that it plays one random question, then pause the audio files and answer the question. Look how you did and then do it again.

But if you do this with a friend you can ask the friend questions in return. Then have the “loser” (the one who has the least amount of points at the end of the game) get a punishment. If the friend loses and wants to learn deduction the friend should then make a deduction about someone and confirm if it’s true or not. The punishment should still be educational.

Your observation skills seem to be in good shape. You continue eating with your coworker.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

Outlander | vii. Sanctuary

i. O Come, O Come Emmanuel / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Bonnie Rideout, Maggie Sansone, Al Petteway | ii. Cumha na cloinne (Lament for the Children) – Laura Risk | iii. Hallelujah: Multifare – Cappella Gregoriana | iv.  Firethief – Karine Polwart | v. Adagio for Strings (Barber) – David Zinman, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra | vi. You Will Be My Strength – Emily Cole | vii. Only Time (cover) – Michael Schulte | viii. Love and Glory – Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

Shingakkou: The Gift


Here it is guys! Leonid as a bottom voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru!

You may know him as Zenya from Sweet Pool & Shiki from Togainu no Chi~

From the fandisk Shingakkou: The Gift! If anyone was interested in playing might I direct you to the first game?! ;)

Pt. 2

*Some CG’s from this scene:


銀の冠碧の涙 アニメイト特典
和泉 亮  モノローグCD「未来永劫」
鈴木 達央

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