using vinegar to clean

DIY: the CURSE A BITCH edition

So yeah, follow up to this post.

You’ll need:
• polymer clay
• nails
• paints and brushes
• a jar
• a taglock
• salt
• black pepper
• tabasco
• vinegar (the clear kind you use for cleaning)
• dirt
• gutter water
• candles

First I salted all my windowsills and my doorstep with salt to make protect my house. To make sure the bitch wouldn’t be able to counteract, I created a home guardian who acts as a “bouncer” of sort.

Then I made a small poppet out of clay. I tried to make it look as much like the bitch as I could at that scale. Then I drove nails into her, telling her each time why she was being stabbed. “This one is for when you made fun of coworker S”, “this one is for when you bullied coworker B”, “this one is for when you took pictures of me”, etc… I finished by driving a nail in her mouth “that’s to teach you to stop spreading gossips and lies”

I made her look anguished and in pain because that’s why I want for her. Then I baked the poppet, leaving the nails in. I roughly painted it afterward.

Once it was dried, I glued her inside the jar. My taglock this time was a note she wrote me. Her name was even on it, so that was good. I put it inside the jar and lit it up. Watching the flames lick her frame was cathartic.

Once it was done burning, I covered the ashes with salt to ward off her influence and irritate her. Then I ground some black pepper and poured it along some tabasco on her, to burn her. Then I went outside and scraped some dust and hair and dead bugs from the ground and poured it on her, so her reputation gets as dirty as she tried to make mine.

Ew, gross.

I added nails to the mixture so that every time I shake the jar, she’s hit by the weight of what she’s done.

Then I filled it to two third with vinegar. At first I wanted to use the cooking kind, but in the end, the cleaning kind made more sense. I mean, she’s a huge disgusting stain on the surface of earth, so… I topped it off with some gutter water because that’s where she belong, and spat in it three times, thinking about all the crap she had done to me and the others.

Once I was done, I just sealed it with wax and placed it in a dark place where it never sees the light of day.

I poured some salt and pepper on top of it, hence the grains. The color is a lot grosser irl, haha.

Anyway, there you go: how to curse a bitch.

Apartment tips

Before you move into your new place you need to do two things (if you’re renting)

Have a walk through especially if you have a large security deposit
Bring a camera with a date option and take pictures of every stain, hole, weird looking thing in the place. You don’t want to have your security deposit revoked because you’re being blamed for a previous tenants red wine spill.
Make sure you bring these up with the owner and show them the pictures and have them sign something saying they acknowledge that these problems are not from you and were in fact from previous owners.
Bring cleaning supplies. It is so much easier to do a deep clean when there is nothing in it. Even if they have maintenance come in before and clean it. Clean it again. Because we all k ow you’re not going to move your giant sectional every time your sweep unless you rearrange your furniture. So clean those spots real REAL good.
What to bring
- Vinegar & Baking soda (if your cheap and can’t bring your parents cleaning supplies)
- Carpet cleaner and vacuum (if you can)
- Broom and dustpan
- Windex
- Bleach
- Gloves
- Mop and bucket if you have laminate
- Paper towels
- Carpet powder or borax if you don’t have a carpet cleaner
- Spray bottle

Remember never mix chemicals.

Always dilute your bleach and vinegar when cleaning.

When using chemical make sure you open the windows and doors to provide ventilation.

Use vinegar to clean down counters, sinks, bathtubs, anything that’s ceramic or metal. Don’t use it on wooden surfaces. You can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in your sinks to help clean and dislodge anything Use an equal amount for each and then run hot water after its done. You can also use both to clean your toilet. As long is its a non-porous surface like marble or wood you should be fine.

Vinegar is a natural solution to bleach and does most of the job but if you need bleach always dilute it with 3-4 parts water with every 1 part bleach. You can use it on all the same things as vinegar but make sure you wear gloves and have the windows and doors open for good ventilation. Never mix bleach with any other chemicals as it can result in lethal gas.

Using carpet powder is super easy most of the time you just sprinkle the powder and let it sit. You can also use borax to clean if you are worried about and bugs that might be living in your carpet in the same was you use powder carpet cleaner. Just sprinkle it on your carpet and let it sit for 15-20 minutes and the vacuum

anonymous asked:

how can i do my room to encourage positive energy to enter?? thank you!

There are lots of things you can do to encourage positive energy flow in your room! Here are just some of my top 25 personal favorites, these are totally personal:

  1. Use soothing, happy colors - warm, welcoming tones will bring positive energy to your room. Try only using colors found in nature, nothing too bright or garish 
  2. Use soothing lights -  Using natural light whenever possible will evoke positive energy, but candles and salt lamps are a good alternative
  3. Place your bed facing the doorway yet as far away from the doorway as possible - personally I feel negativity when I cannot see the door from my bed but that is just a personal preference
  4. Get rid of clutter - make your space as simple as possible. Clutter will only bring chaotic energy. Minimize your possessions to only what makes you happy. 
  5. Hang positive imagery over your bed - pictures of nature are a good option, as well as positive quotes or sayings
  6. Do not place too many mirrors in your room - One large mirror should be enough, but it should be covered at night. 
  7. Eliminate electronics - Only have what is necessary in your room. Too many electronics or extension cords fall under the clutter rule. 
  8. Use windows instead of air conditioning or fans - natural air flow brings positivity, so if you can get away with it just use a window to cool down.
  9. Use an oil diffusor, incense, or smoke cleanse - Cleaning out negative energy is a must. Cleanse your space as often as possible.
  10. Play soothing music - nature sounds are great for bringing healing, positive energy into your space
  11. Bring animals into your home - animals bring joy and happiness to us all. Fish are considered very soothing pets to watch, if you can afford to keep them.
  12. Add plants - plants clean out negative energies and impurities
  13. Add crystals - Adding crystals to all corners of your room and everywhere in-between is a great way to cleanse your space so that positive energy can enter. My favorite for room decor is amethyst. 
  14. Clean with safe, natural cleansers - Use vinegar or a simple soap instead of chemical-heavy cleaners to bring in positive energy.
  15. Set up an altar/meditation space - having spaces that evoke spiritual healing definitely help!
  16. Add happy pictures of friends and family - this one is a no brainer, happy images bring in positive energy
  17. Speak no ill words in your sleeping space - your words have power, don’t bring negative words into your room
  18. Use bells - bells can be used to ring in positive energy and cleanse a space of negativity
  19. Make sure your space is airy - though heavy brocades are quite pretty, light fabrics and furniture will allow air to flow through a space. Use more cotton! 
  20. Add decorations evoking the blessings of spirits - nature imagery as well as traditional witches tools and religious imagery seem to please spirits 
  21. Use as much wood as possible, eliminate metal decor - metal can dampen the flow of energy, use wood or natural stone or pottery
  22. Organize organize organize - if something does not have a place, eliminate it. It will just become clutter.
  23. Create a room where company will feel welcome - add seating and an area where you can entertain company. Positivity follows friends!
  24. Only allow beautiful things in your space - positive energy comes from loving what is in your space. If you do not find something beautiful in some way, it is clutter.
  25. Add welcoming scents - scents that speak of home cooking and lovely flowers evoke positive energy! My favorite is vanilla but all are good

You can also Feng Shui your bedroom to add positive energy flow! I am not an expert on Feng Shui but I do use some of its principals in my own space. I would read up on the topic and see if Feng Shui is right for you.

Hope this helps! 

There’s a Certain Slant of Light, Ch. 1

Based on this post by @gutsybitsies. Title taken from the poem of the same name by Emily Dickinson. No actual Stanley Cups were harmed in the process of writing this fic (please suspend your disbelief; I know the keepers of the Cup would never permit such blasphemies as occur in this first chapter. Thank you for your patience. :))

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine; all credit goes to ngoziu.

ETA: Now also found on ao3!

There’s a certain slant of light,
On winter afternoons,
That oppresses, like the weight
Of cathedral tunes.

Kent Parson peers down at the Stanley Cup with considerable distaste. Sticky brown caramel is stuck to the rim, and the metal is shiny with oil from the leftovers of the popcorn from Swoops and Mags’s date night—which, like, good for them, Kent had liked every one of their photos on Instagram, but to not have the decency to wash it out afterwards? He thought better of them, he really did.

“Isn’t there a rule or something to prevent this type of blatant desecration?” he complains to Richards, the representative/so-called “keeper” of the Cup from the Hockey Hall of Fame, since the actual Trustees of the Cup are both pushing ninety and can’t be bothered to follow a fancy metal trophy around the world on its adventures with hyped-up jocks.

Richards gives him a look. His eyes are dark and a mix of slightly haunted and completely done with this shit. It’s a look that tells Kent loud and clear that he has Seen Things. “You’re a hockey player,” he says. “You’ve done this before. What do you think?”

Kent grimaces. “But isn’t it common courtesy not to leave clean-up to the next guy?”

“Jeffrey Troy said, and I quote, ‘It’s payback, bitch,’” Richards says, completely deadpan.

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anonymous asked:

When I was a kid we had this squirt bottle in class full of vinegar to clean the desks and I used to squirt it in my mouth when I thought no one was looking and one day my teacher pulled me aside and told me if I ever squirt the desk vinegar in my mouth again she would replace it with bleach. So from that day on any time I squirt it in my mouth I made full eye contact with her like “I fckn dare you to poison a 7 year old, bitch”

this is the wildest shit i ever read


replied to your



Guys, guys, gUyS I just realized: I’m not allergic…

Can you make your own cheese/yogurt? I have a recipe for ricotta that’s just milk and vinegar or lemon juice. Did I miss allergies to lemons too?

Vinegar is sulfited so I struggle to eat anything that uses vinegar. Sucks cause I love it (and use it to clean a lot) but it makes my symptoms a whole lot worse.

I am thinking of maybe trying to make my own yogurt at some point. I did find an organic brand at the store I could somewhat tolerate, but they used pectin to firm it up, and although pectin can be organic the process that changes things into pectin involves…wait for it…sulfites. So yea. I’m not sure how well I’d tolerate it.

At this point I’m happy to give up cheeses if it means I’m not constantly on the verge of vomiting up an internal organ.

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #8

My gosh, there’s just so much stuff you vetlings want to know, isn’t there? Well, knowledge is good, so here we go with yet another info dump as I try to answer a big slew of your questions in one hit.

Anonymous said: I sometimes get your patreon emails or an update on your blog while I’m studying/struggling in the wee-hours of the morning (vetmed). I’m in WA, so where-ever you are it’s also late/early. What are you doing up in the witching hours?

First of all, I am an AdultTM and as such I am permitted to set by own Bed Time. There are many reasons why you might receive notifications from me so ‘early’.

  • I have a blog post on queue every morning between 5am and 6am my time (so probably 3am and 4am your time). It goes up automatically, so I can see initial responses before I go to work.
  • I think Patreon sends its emails at the same time each day, regardless of when I post. I certainly don’t type there early in the morning.
  • Sometimes I’m on nightshift and can get kinda bored at 3am sometimes.
  • Sometimes I just can’t sleep, especially with the changing day/night cycles.

Most of the blog runs on queue, honestly. At least three posts a day do.

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anonymous asked:

Hey so, I'm kind of afraid that I've been hexed. Recently everything it seems has just gone completely and utterly wrong. Do you know anyway to detect it for sure or to undo it? I don't know if it's my paranoia, but it's better to be safe that sorry

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but everyone goes through rough (or even downright horrific) patches in life, and it often happens for no reason at all, rather than due to a curse or hex. Online, if you come to most witches with a question like this, they’ll tell you not to worry or fret because you’re likely not hexed, and your life will turn around soon enough. 

This was my approach to questions like yours for quite some time. I realized, though, that in most cases, I’ve not got all the information about what’s going on, and it’s possible that there could, indeed, be a curse. After all, curses are, in fact, a real thing, so it’s reasonable to assume that at least some of the folks who worry that they’re cursed might actually be. Thus, now, I have a different philosophy towards the question of possible curses and hexes.

To me, it doesn’t matter if there’s an actual curse or hex. If you feel cursed, you will likely benefit from taking measures to break a curse, regardless of whether you’re just experiencing normal bad luck or the effects of an actual spell. This is because most measures to break hexes tend to involve banishing, cleansing, warding, and protective measures. All of these, when used properly, are equally effective at simply turning your luck around as they are at breaking a curse. 

There’s little risk in acting (in terms of magical practice) under the assumption that you’re cursed. I would be careful assuming that a curse actually objectively has been thrown at you, though. That can often lead to yes, paranoia and suspicion, which can alienate your friends and just make you incredibly unhappy overall. 

For this reason, I recommend thinking less about “Who could have done this to me?” and more along the lines of “How can I improve things?” instead. You specifically ask for ways to detect a curse, and while there are methods for doing this, I cannot in good conscience recommend them. Most involve pretty subjective divination techniques, and again, “confirming” might just lead to increasing paranoia. 

One good idea, though, would be to do an extremely general reading of some sort. I don’t know if you do any kind of divination, but Tarot or even Lenormand are pretty ideal for this, as are plenty of other systems that can be used to give a general portrait of your life. Avoid “yes/no” systems where you’ll be tempted to ask, “Am I cursed?” and instead, just pull cards or scry with the question being something like, “What can I do to improve my life?” 

I really, really suggest you do this by yourself or have a trusted friend read for you. I also strongly feel that it’s best if no money changes hands in this context, because, like it or not, some unscrupulous people often prey upon those worried about curses, doing a “reading” to prove there’s a curse and then demanding money in order to help “break” it. I’ve never had a problem with people charging for divination or magical services, but grifters exist, and in certain situations a person can be more vulnerable to them than in others.

Take stock of what the cards or divination tools are saying to you, and relate it to your own life in a manner that you normally would. Do not specifically look for it, but if you see something in the reading that implies a curse, be sure to consider alternative ways of viewing the reading, and even then, don’t jump to conclusions. Be particularly careful and skeptical about any image or sign suggesting that a specific person is to blame, because it’s so easy to get such things wrong even if you’re the world’s best diviner. My point is, do a reading that focuses on finding solutions, not causes.

With the results of the reading (if you decided or were able to do one) in mind, You can begin working on fixing things - lifting the “curse,” whether or not it was ever cast. The methods I’m going to suggest are pretty general, but there’s room to insert your own techniques or tailor them to your situation specifically.

In this post, I discuss the notion of the “evil eye” and curses throughout history, and offer some traditional (as well as some innovative) solutions to the problem. It may be helpful, though it was written many years ago when I was in a weird place in my life and had a very different attitude towards magick. Though the eye symbols an amulets mentioned might be helpful, the part I mention at the end always seems pretty sensible when it comes to escaping a particularly nasty curse, real or not. I’ll quote it below.

Basically, change yourself entirely. Buy some new clothes that are in a radically different style than those you wore previously, and wear them. Buy different self-care products than you usually use (deodorant, shampoo, etc), ideally in a form very different. For example, if you always wash with tea tree shampoo, try buying some dollar store brand. Dye your hair, cut it - try to look like a completely different person. You may even want to adopt a new name, like, for your blog, or temporarily (if they’re up for it) ask your family to call you something else. Friends, too.

Sounds ridiculous, huh? I think it’s a bit ridiculous, but I’ve heard people swear it works. The idea is that any curse (or even the Evil Eye) that was cast would have been targeted at you specifically, and that, by changing yourself, the curse or Evil Eye loses focus and can no longer harm you. It’s all quite superstitious, but I thought I’d mention it. One (vaguely chaote) website that mentions this method calls it a “sloppy dodge.”

I realize this method isn’t going to be feasible or practical for everyone, but it’s also open for personal interpretation. The goal is to change yourself so that the curse or bad luck finds you unrecognizable. This needn’t take the form of the examples listed above specifically, and may merely involve something like experimenting with a different worldview or developing a new hobby. It’s an idea worth mentioning, because I know many people who swear it works.

The method I usually use when I find myself in a bad place and nothing seems to go right is a little different, though. While I’ve never felt I was specifically cursed, if I feel I’ve got bad luck glommed onto me, I have certain procedures I use to get rid of it. They’re outlined in this post, but what I’ve written there isn’t meant to be slavishly followed - rather, read it for ideas and some of the techniques you might try. 

If you’re comfortable with using herbs and botanicals, try cleansing with Four Thieves Vinegar - I’ve yet to find anything that works better for me personally, though analogues exist in many traditions. Depending on the specific formulation of the Vinegar that you end up making and using, you could sprinkle it, clean with it, mix it into a floorwash, or any number of things. If you use non-toxic herbs, it can even be consumed as a salad dressing. I’ve written a bit about the lore surrounding it in this post.

A lot of people don’t like  working with herbs and chemicals, though, and that’s alright, of course. I have gone through periods in my life where I made heavy use of physical ingredients in magick, and also times when I used mostly my bare hands. There are a million different ways to do this, but one that’s always been a go-to method for me an some of my friends would be a traditional banishing ritual such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or Star Ruby.

I’ve written a bit about these and the different forms that exist here. Suffice to say, almost all traditions have a general banishing ritual, and if yours doesn’t (or you follow no organized tradition), writing your own or adapting one is always a great option. In the video, you’ll notice that the person is wearing a robe and there are tools, but these are hardly necessary for the operation and most people who do these rituals do them with nothing but their bodies and a sense of direction/balance.

Both the Four Thieves Vinegar and the rituals mentioned are, well, banishing. Banishing is good and all for ridding a situation of whatever currently fills it (in this case, your bad luck), but nature abhors a vacuum, and too much banishing with nothing else included just leaves you open for more problems. To remedy this, I recommend invocation of some sort directly following any banishing or cleansing exercises you might do. Any force that you want to bring in to help fix things is a good choice, and while I don’t know you well, in this situation I would probably choose to invoke Solar forces. Venus or Jupiter might work well, also. Below is a herbal recipe that you can follow after the Four Thieves Vinegar - it uses plants to invoke Solar forces. Other options include classical invocations such as the Supreme Invoking Ritual of he Hexagram for the Sun, or writing your own. 

In various combinations tailored to your needs, and with proper intent and focus, these methods should be effective, but they aren’t the only ones. I do recommend doing your own research into breaking curses and runs of bad luck, as well. As I said, though, I can’t really recommend you do anything designed to ferret out the curse-thrower or even confirm whether a curse exists or not objectively. Just operate under the assumption that it might, and, as you’ve said, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hello there! We received several questions about how to create sigils, how to charge them, how to cleanse them, and how to destroy them last night. We also received an ask about how we personally create sigils, and I will be conquering that in another post.

For starters, I’ll advise you to check out the lovely resource page Richtor worked so hard to put together. It has an extensive list of how to’s for sigil magic. Here is our last ask about destruction vs protection sigil charging.

Cleansing: No matter how you charge sigils, you have to cleanse the object they are going on first. Salt, special water, moonlight, and sunlight are popular options. Energy cleansing is a favorite of mine, as well as sunlight since I have a lovely windowsill where I can leave things. Kai spoke the other day about cleansing stones with an herb ‘bath’, which consequentially smelled delicious. The point is, there are plenty of options. I would research cleansing methods in general for spellwork (not just for sigils) and find one that suits you the most. If you are using paper to write a sigil on, I would suggest energy cleansing - concentrating on the aura of the paper and envisioning all the bad/black energy going away and all the good/white energy enveloping it - so that the paper does not get damaged in the process of cleansing.

Creating: Like everything else on this list, creating sigils is a very personal affair. A lot of people write out the sentence of their intent (i.e. I will be happy) and then remove the vowels and repetitive letters (wl b hpy). They then use the shapes of those letters to form a sigil, breaking down each letter into gestures if necessary. I have my own symbol alphabet that I use for reference and often incorporate pieces of my symbols into the sigil I am creating. Some people do not use letters or symbols at all, and merely focus on the intent while creating. A general consensus around the sigil community is that sigils look good when contained in some kind of shape, and often have more meaning that way. I’ve recently been drawing all our protection requests in triangles because they are the sturdiest shape and the most pointy, making them good for defense. Water symbolizes healing for me, so I incorporated a water droplet shape into another design. Find what symbols resonate most with you for a specific intention and see what you can make using them. And, finally, I cannot stress it enough - draft, draft, draft. Often times we draw eight or nine versions of a symbol before it’s even close to being done. Very rarely do we draw one in one go. 

Charging: Our last ask had a lot of information about charging in it. Please go read it before continuing. Again, this process is extremely subjective. What works for me may not work for you. Charge your sigil in a manner that suits the intention. For example, a sigil with the intent to bring rain may not work well if you burn it rather than using water. What is important is not how you charge it, but whether or not you feel that is a successful method. If you charge it by taping it to your forehead and dancing around to Uptown Funk, that is your business. (And, personally, I hope someone tries that and lets me know how it goes.)

Destroying: [For the Protection Method of sigil charging] Do what you want, HOWEVER, it is my personal experience that these things work better if you destroy the sigil in the same or opposite way that you charged them. If they were charged with smoke and fire, destroy them by burning them or drowning them in special water. If you used essential oils to anoint them, use vinegar or special water to clean them off. Again, this is all very subjective. Destroying the sigil and therefore the magic within is almost identical to cleansing it. You are removing the magic. 

I hope this helps! 

– Rook

theolympusblr  asked:

Hi! I love your blog. It always brightens my day. May I ask you a question regarding my old (2012) Furby? I recently found him in one of my old moving boxes and was excited to 'wake him up' again. Upon opening him I discovered that his battery compartment was filled with white flakes (battery corrosion of some sort?). My mom and I cleaned him out the best we could and put new batteries in him... but he's still 'asleep'. Is there something I'm missing or will my orange baby be sleeping forever?

I’ve had Booms and 2012s occasionally not start up when the batteries are replaced after a long time and just need a press of the reset button to get going again, so that might be worth a try! 

What did you use to clean his battery compartment? I personally use apple cider vinegar and clean the contacts with a very small amount of water afterward and this seems to work for all mild to moderate cases of corrosion and some severe ones. 

If you try this, make sure to dry out the battery compartment completely afterward and let the Furby sit for around a day before starting him up just so you’re absolutely certain there’s no liquid left in the battery compartment. Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you’re still having trouble getting him up and running!

Ring Radar: Pearl Engagement Rings

Why wouldn’t you want a pearl engagement ring? As they only occur spontaneously in nature, they are truthfully incredibly rare. There are two kinds: freshwater and saltwater pearls, which can be cultured or natural. Typically, saltwater pearls tend to be preferred, making them more expensive than freshwater pearls; oysters and mussels make pearls by covering sand with a protective covering call nacre.

In the past, pearls have had a rich history: the Romans believed pearls to be a source of power, symbols of the moon. Conversely, early Christians believed pearls were linked to purity and innocence; because of their value, only the wealthy could afford them. Eventually the pearl became associated with sincerity, faith, charity, integrity, loyalty, and harmony. As such, the pearl engagement ring was a popular choice until the 19th century, especially as diamonds were in great abundance in South Africa during that period.

While most people think of pearls as white, they come in a variety colors, such as pink, black, and purple.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to a pearl used as the primary stone for an e-ring, as they can be prone to scraping and other surface damage; their fragility may make this an unfavorable choice for someone who uses their hands frequently.

Lovelies, if you do decide to wear a pearl with pride, don’t forget these simple rules: only wash with mild soap and warm water—never use ammonia, vinegar, or other cleaning solutions as it will damage the luster. Remember to wipe them gently with a cloth after each wear, so substances don’t build up. 

[Image-If you liked the ring, check out Diament Designs on Etsy]

iki-teru replied to your photo: thedeathoftrust: There are ants crawling out from…

Mom, do you have any advice for ants on your ceiling but only in your bathroom?

Are you on to the top floor/do you have an attic? Cause to me that sounds like there’s an issue going on with the ceiling in that one specific spot, and given it’s the bathroom, they could be getting in from damp.

Are they large or small? Have you noticed any plaster damage? For the ants in my bathroom I have baited traps that are meant to kill the colony, but I also wipe down everything in the bathroom with vinegar and use a peppermint based cleaning soap to deter them from wanting to come into the area.
No poo Dilemmas and How to Solve Them

So many times I have been asked why isn’t something working out, or why is this happening to my hair!?! Most of the time it is an easy fix like switching the recipe around or trying something else instead. Here are some No poo dilemmas you may face and how to deal….

Dry Hair

Your hair isn’t coated in silicones anymore so it is going to feel a little dry!

You need to try:

-using less baking soda in your wash solution

-using more apple cider vinegar in your conditioning solution

-adding 2-3 drops of favorite oil into your conditioning solution

-using raw honey in your wash solution and conditioning solution

-deep condition more often

-deep condition..period.

-using coconut oil, argan oil, or any oil your prefer on the ends of your hair

-wash less often

Oily Hair

-try adding more baking soda in your wash mix

-less vinegar in your conditioner

-not applying the conditioning rinse to your scalp. Just apply from ears down

-use your boar bristle brush to distribute oils from the root to the ends

-use dry shampoo

If you’re transitioning just stick with it!

Waxy hair

-Use your boar bristle brush to clean off the gunk

-Use a cap of vinegar in 8-10 oz of water and rinse with it twice. It will help get rid of the build up.It could be your hair detoxing. Use the brush to slough off all the build up

-If you use shampoo bars or castile soap they can leave a film if you have hard water. You need to use an acid rinse to get rid of it! Use the recipe above twice or use lemon juice diluted in water. You may need to boil your water or use distilled water (if your water is hard)


-Use less baking soda in your mix

-use tea tree oil in your mix (just a few drops)

-use the vinegar solution on your scalp

-use raw honey in your shampoo solution

-deep condition with aloe vera gel, coconut oil or any oil of your choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use castile soap, baking soda, or shampoo bars?

Use whatever you want. I love them all and they work for me. What works for me might not work for you. Know your hair type and read the ingredients lists of products to know what is good for you and your hair. If you do go the baking soda route do not use a paste! This will dry your hair out and break it. Wash 2-3 times a week at the most with the baking soda too….again it can be very drying if you wash it more!

I love Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and Chagrin Valley Shampoo bars.

How often should I deep condition?

I deep condition once a week, it works for me and my fine hair. Your hair might be more damaged or just dryer and you will need more moisture. I would say deep condition every week to every other week if your hair is not damaged. IF your hair is dry and or damaged I would deep condition once a week or twice a week. It just depends on your hair!

Can I use hairspray/gel/mousse?

You can do what you want. The point of no poo is eliminating the chemicals and build up. If you keep applying them you will have a hard time with no poo, but if you have no problems washing it out….go for it.

Doesn’t your hair stink?

NO. I wouldn’t do something that made me stinky. My husband would tell me if my hair was rank and he hasn’t yet! You can spray a mix of baking soda and water into your hair to freshen it up! Add some essential oils to make it scented!

If you don’t wash your hair everyday…do you not shower?

I love and adore you all and appreciate all your questions….but this is one I can’t believe ya ask me! haha. I shower everyday!!! I just stuff my hair into a shower cap or bun it up and avoid getting it wet! : ) 

How do you deep condition with coconut oil and wash it out?

I am able to use oil to deep condition because I wash them out with shampoo bars. If you use the baking soda mix you will not be able to rinse this out!  Use raw honey, egg yolks, yogurt, or aloe vera to deep condition your hair while using baking soda as your shampoo!

I hope that this helps you out! I hope that this answers some of your questions too! If not you can ask me anytime on here or on Twitter (@NoPooGal)

Good Luck!!!

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What kinds of places/stores carry these smell good beads? I've never looked for them tbh, but I would like to try them. Before doing that I will defunk my junk with vinegar bowls, but does it matter how much you put in the bowl, like does more = better? And can I use this cleaning vinegar(6%) instead of white distilled vinegar(6%). Thanks!☺

I buy mine from Amazon, but I’ve also seen them at Stop & Shop and other chain supermarkets. Please buy them. They are so good.

I would use enough vinegar so that whatever you’re cleaning is fully submerged. And yes, white vinegar (sometimes known as “white wine vinegar” or “cleaning vinegar”) is the best in terms of cleaning, and probably the cheapest. xx

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Hello! I have a question about an 05 furby. I just got my 05 yesterday and I put batteries in right away. This morning I've been playing with her and I asked her to sleep. She said "okay. Me me me me me sleep now." (Also my count may be off, but the point is she repeated the word "me" several times and then fell asleep no problem) Do you know if this is a known bug? I don't think it's the batteries because they were brand new. Thanks!! ♡ -lurbfurb

I have never experienced this issue before unfortunately, so I don’t have any definite solutions. That does sound like something that could be caused by poor contact with the batteries though, so I would use a flashlight to check in bottom of the battery case for corrosion since corrosion can be difficult to see in 2005s. 

If you find any corrosion, you can clean it up using a q-tip and vinegar, but be careful not too use too much and make sure to wipe the contacts off with water afterward and let the battery case dry completely for at least 24 hours or so before putting batteries back in. Good luck! If the issue has only ever happened once for you, it may not be a big deal!

Teeth Hygiene Throughout History 

The first toothbrush was not patented until 1857. Obviously from accounts in history of even the wealthiest and most royal of people having brown teeth, that most people didn’t get them all too clean. That was probably because of the methods that were used. 

* Rinsing mouth with water to remove gunk from mouth.
* Rubbing teeth with a clean cloth to wipe tartar buildup and left over food particles from the teeth.
* Chewing herbs to freshen breath, mint, cloves, cinnamon, sage
* Using “toothpicks” to clean out the teeth.
* Mint and vinegar mixture, used to rinse out the mouth.
* Bay leaves soaked in orange flower water and mixed with musk.
* “Barbers” would also be used as dentists and would extract teeth that were rotting or bothering a person profusely. They sometimes were able to muck out the junk in teeth and create a filling of sorts.

* Rubbing teeth with the ashes of burnt rosemary.
* Powdered sage rub used to whiten teeth.
* Vinegar, wine and alum mouthwash
* After dinner comfits were eaten to freshen breath

* The same practices for cleaning were in use, but the “barbers” aka dentists had begun to learn more about dentistry.
* The first dentures, gold crowns, and porcelain teeth, were constructed in the 1700’s.
* 1790 brought about the dental foot engine, similar to the foot pedal of a spinning wheel, it rotated a drill for cleaning out cavaties.
* The first dental chair was made in the late 1700’s.

* They again used the same methods.
* A letter from Lord Chesterfield to his son urges the use of a sponge and warm water to scrub the teeth each morning.
* The recommendation of using one’s own urine in France was widely flouted by Fouchard, the French dentist.
* Gunpowder and alum were also recommended.

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Fic req. "Mister Pines... May I call you Dad... once?"

“You’ve done good, squirt! Sink’s not even leaking anymore. I missed this whole- uh- running water thing.” Mr. Pines beat out a circular path in the cramped and musty indoor bathroom. His eyes trailed over the mildew-stained walls, all the same poorly-lit sage green, and settled on his reflection in the cracked mirror. He gave the porcelain sink an appreciative pat. “I was getting sick of that outhouse.”

“Oh gosh…” Soos Ramirez, a chubby twelve year old with a squeaky voice, wrung his hands around a roll of silver duct tape. He looked in from the hallway as Mr. Pines inspected his work. “I just taped up the pieces leaking water all over.”

Mr. Pines waved the comment off. “Ah, I don’t care how ya did it. If it works it works. That’s my motto.” He turned on the tap and cupped his hands under the deluge of water. As it filled his palms, he splashed the water onto his face–glasses and all. “Now if I could just get the shower working, I’d be back to livin’ in luxury.”

Soos set one tentative foot on the bathroom tile. It was cold against his thin sock. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Eh, I dunno. The head’s all gunky. Water just kinda…oozes out of it.”

“My abuelita uses vinegar to clean the shower head at home,” Soos answered on bouncing toes. “She pours it into a baggie and wraps it around the head with a rubber band. I can do that too!”

Mr. Pines ran a hand over his gritty chin, eyes squinting. “Hmm, well it’s worth a shot. I’m trusting you on this, or trusting your…uh…your what again? Abwa-who?”

“Oh! She’s my grandma,” Soos answered, hands twisting around the duct tape. “She doesn’t really speak English, so she’s my abuelita.”

A sort of uneasiness settled over Mr. Pines’ face. He watched the kid’s twisting hands with discomfort. “Yeah well, stay there. I’m gonna go get the things.”

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I've been reading in the archives a lot about using vinegar to clean. I want to start using this method to clean my apartment, but I am unsure, honestly, how to go about using vinegar to clean all my shit. If you have one of those giant bottles from Costco, should I transfer some of it to a spray bottle? Full strength or diluted? Diluted in what ratio? After that can I use it like regular cleaning products and spray it all over my surfaces and wipe down? Thanks for your time!

A spray bottle will definitely make it easier to use. I don’t dilute vinegar, since white vinegar sold commercially is already diluted to a safe ratio. And you can use it to clean pretty much anything (check the vinegar tag; vinegar is infinitely useful). I tend to chuck all of my citrus rinds in my vinegar bottle; it makes things smell more like fruit and less like pickles, plus the small amount of acid from the citrus doesn’t hurt with cleaning things.