using topaz for the first time

Before everyone starts throwing Aqua under the bus...

Firstly, yes, she is a bratty asshat. But she’s a bratty asshat who’s just doing her job. Peridot was just a bratty asshot doing her job once upon a time.

Aqua only ever threatened Topaz and company with two things, and the first was …  her wand. And what was she gonna do with it?

Throw Topaz against the wall? Keep her stuck in midair? That wand is useful, but it’s not very powerful. It doesn’t seem to be anyway.

But something strikes me about her dialogue following Topaz’s attack.

“So .. a revolt, huh? And what do you plan to do after this? Go back to the Diamonds? My gem in your hand? I’m sure they’ll love that. You’ll be rewarded handsomely … by being separated. And shattered.”

Usually I would see this as Aqua just saving her own skin. But I think she was – at the same time – warning Topaz, because of what Topaz says after.

“What was I thinking?”

Topaz could be the type to feel first, think later. Aqua may know this, thus making it clear what would happen if she didn’t think this through.

And lastly, she points the gem destabilizer at Topaz, but shows no intent of using it.

Instead, she gives her the opportunity to unfuse herself.

“Look, just … unfuse ….. and we’ll never speak of this again.”

Something tells me a similar blue gem by the name of Holly Blue wouldn’t have hesitated to forcefully unfuse an unruly fusion. Something also tells me Aqua was Topaz’s bodyguard, not the other way around.

Either way, I think this is our first look into Aqua’s true character.

So I’ll leave you with a tidbit from a description about the meaning of Aquamarine gemstones.

‘Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go.’
Instagram post by Rebecca Sugar • Jul 4, 2017 at 8:29am UTC
9,753 Likes, 143 Comments - Rebecca Sugar (@rebeccasugar) on Instagram: “Found a sketchbook w an early draft of Feeling (Blue)”

Rebecca posted an early draft of Feeling (Blue) on Instagram. Here’s what it says (it’s a little hard to read):

My army has a use, My army has its training.

They go and take abuse, And they know there’s no complaining

Because what would be the point When there’s so much left to do,

Tell me what’s the use of feeling, Blue?

Gee, looks like all those theories about how shitty Jasper had it under Yellow compared with the rest of the Famethyst are right, since it’s confirmed that Yellow’s army have to take abuse (first time that word was used in the entire series so it must be severe) and know not to complain about it. Even a high-ranking Topaz fusion has to pretend she’s fine to get through it all. Being in Yellow’s army must be hell. 

Picking Sides (Jasper Hale x Reader)

“Are you seriously taking his side?” you asked Jasper incredulously.

He was pacing a hole in the ground, hands clenched in his hair, muttering to himself. You never thought you’d get to see a vampire lose his cool, especially not your vampire. Jasper was always calm and collected, constantly calculating his next move. To see the pathokenetic frantic was a rare sight.

However, you could care less about Jasper’s nerves right now. He was contemplating Edward’s suggestion to always have a vampire near you 24/7. You weren’t having it; you weren’t some child in need of a babysitter.

Ignoring the lack of reply, you continued. “This is so unnecessary, Jas. I’m human, but I’m not a child! I can’t believe you’re actually taking his side,” you reiterated,  your tone laced with anger.

Jasper stopped his pacing, turning to you. His eyes were hard set, his posture as stiff as tone. He truly looked like a vampire right now.

“I don’t think you understand what could’ve happened, Y/N.” In one blurred motion, he stood right in front of you and tilted your chin upwards softly. “You could have been turned! I could’ve lost you to a newborn who can’t control their thirst! If you want to make this about sides, fine. I’m on whatever side that keeps you human until the time is right. Can’t you see that?” His tone was stern yet the softness in his eyes made your anger simmer down.

You stood up from the edge of the bed and slipped your arms behind his neck, hugging him. He grabbed you tightly, all his emotions pouring into your hold. You knew Jasper’s intentions were good and that he only ever wanted to have you safe and happy.

You cradled his face in your palm, his pale skin cool against yours.“Listen to me, I know you have yourself convinced that it’s your fault. I chose to go to Seattle, knowing the risks. You couldn’t have known and Alice couldn’t have warned you. It was a spur of the moment thing, okay? Don’t blame yourself,” you explained to him, your tone firm. “Plus, I wasn’t attacked or even close to a newborn.”

Jasper softened in your touch, his eyes swimming with emotions. “Nevertheless, there will be one of us near you at all times,” He said, his tone signaling that this was not up for debate.

“I won’t complain as long as you take the first five shifts,” you replied cheekily.

Jasper smirked, his topaz eyes amused. “Gladly.”

steven universe has such flawed story telling it’s genuinely hard for me to enjoy it anymore. there’s no urgency, there’s no need to do things. it took however many episodes for homeworld to develop a presence (the red eye doesn’t fucking count) on earth, and even then, they weren’t really a threat. they were just… there. peridot’s arc was never as urgent as it should’ve felt, and it was interrupted by the awkwardness of sardonyx, where we were torn from a manhunt to watch miscommunication and disrespect take charge. yellow diamond comes back once in a blue moon, despite homeworld being oh so threatening. there’s weeks worth of boring, unentertaining filter with zero mention of homeworld, and when homeworld does arrive, it doesn’t feel like there’s a countdown. the pacing is also shit- as seen in the ‘are you my dad?’ arc

also, you never feel like there’s high stakes anymore. we all know steven is going to win. we all know that jasper stood no chance, that the rubies would go back to homeworld, that steven wouldn’t be executed, that lars would get home, that the kidnapped humans would return, that bismuth wouldn’t use the breaking point. we know what’s going to happen. that was why peridot was so important at first- because she won a few times! she got away! not only was she an ever present threat, but she gave the crystal gems a little kick. as a liaison from homeworld, she was the most dangerous enemy the gems had come across, and she couldn’t be beat. but they beat peridot. they beat lapis. they beat bismuth. they beat topaz. they beat aquamarine. there’s no actual threat behind any character, because steven keeps winning.


okay so i noticed this while watching stuck together again during the special: the engine for aquamarine and topaz’ ship looks PRETTY SIMILAR to the crystal heart in the temple?? which if you’ve been following me for a long time you’ll know i refuse to shut up about

I cant remember if anything else that looks similar to either of these has shown up before, but if not this is the first thing that seems similar, or at least close enough that I’ve noticed. 

A friend suggested that this probably means it’s the power source for all the gem-tech used in the temple (which would explain why the rooms work the way they do). gem tech seems to cover a lot of things, especially teleportation(?) and like, projecting/manipulating or materializing things in rooms. we see this on the ship and on homeworld structures. 

so what I’M wondering is 1) why does the crystal heart seem more significant than just an ‘engine’ or power source? obviously bad shit would go down in the gems’ side of the temple if it was damaged, but it’s also significantly larger than the one found in the ship (larger due to being older? since they’re super behind on gem tech). i mean it’s name is the ‘crystal heart’ while the other thing is just called an ‘engine’, so I’m lead to suspect that even if they serve the same basic purpose, the crystal heart is at least a little different. 

2) how the fuck was the crystal heart created? same as the engine? are these things organic or purely technological? does it make a difference that the crystal heart is being used (and seems to be ‘wired into) an organic environment rather than a purely mechanical/technological one? 

and 3) if it’s like… an engine… all throughout the temple……….. like just Hear Me Out……. what if the temple statue is like a gIANT STONE GOLEM THING THEY CAN DRIVE LIKE A GUNDAM FIGHTER-

anonymous asked:

You and Eternity scare the shit out of these assholes (wanker, fatboy and BG included). Both of you are smart but even more importantly you're both street smart. You've got a different eye and mindset from the rest of us and our also two of the first who called this #shamzie relationship as bullshit. These bullies know they can't intimidate either of you and you're not afraid to call them out for the lying assholes they are. I'm glad you're both here. Fuckers went too far this time.

One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII 


I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz,  
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:  
I love you as one loves certain obscure things,  
secretly, between the shadow and the soul

I love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom but carries  
the light of those flowers, hidden, within itself,  
and thanks to your love the tight aroma that arose  
from the earth lives dimly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,  
I love you directly without problems or pride:
I love you like this because I don’t know any other way to love,
except in this form in which I am not nor are you,  
so close that your hand upon my chest is mine,  
so close that your eyes close with my dreams.

“We could summarize this poem in four words: this guy’s in love. But we’ll give you a little more, just so you know what to expect.

The speaker is addressing his lover, and begins by saying that he doesn’t love her in the way that someone would love beautiful flowers or gems. Great; so how does he love her? Well, first, he loves her in secret. Scandalous! He also loves her as if she were a flower that wasn’t in bloom, which is full of beauty on the inside. And in fact, that flower (his lover) produces an aroma that he carries inside of him. A rather interesting metaphor, don’t you think?

After spending the first eight lines trying to describe his love, Neruda uses the remaining six lines to raise the white flag: he can’t explain his love, he just plain loves this girl. His love is simple and humble. The speaker ends with the image of him and his lover, intertwined, as if they were one body and one soul. He may not be able to define his love, but his attempts sure are evocative.”


So yeah....Connie and Steven

It’s been a while seen something related of Steven Universe pops up, this time in NYCC, we have a sneak peak of “Dewey Wins” were they show the reaction of the kids about Steven’s return to earth.
Here the fandom exploded, siding with Steven or Connie (or simply don’t care about, I dunno :v)
As for me, I’m in favor and against of both of them.
I talked about this with my friend @anawinkaro and we both have good points, and our conversation convince me to post my thoughts
Just to be clear: This are my opinions, mine, if you have another point of view of this or opinion. it’s fine, this is only what I think. (Be prepared, it’s going to be a long one)

First, let’s start with Connie, we can see she’s mad at Steven because he gave up and they were going to resolve all the together, together as a team, and you know what, she has the right to feel about that. Connie was feeling mad, worried, and more, seeing her best friend/love interest to go away, without a fight and even asking for her help (as he promised), then returning and acting like if nothing happened. Here we can see that Steven didn’t get that she’s hurt from the inside, because Connie felt that he “didn’t trust her enough to do everything together”, also seeing how on sword to the sword, with the “who’s going to protect you dilemma” how they switch places, and Steven acting like Connie before, and being him the one that make her see that, it’s kinda contradicting of Steven’s believes. But here’s the catch for me, as we know Connie’s personality can be more mature than Steven’s, but this was it wasn’t that mature. It’s true she can be all mad with Steven about all what he did and acting, but she closed herself with that anger, without seeing Steven’s point of view/or feeling aftermath. And it’s not her fault, after all, she’s only a kid, and many kids can behave like that. And also, let’s be real, if it was Connie’s move instead of Steven in surrender or keep going, what would she choice, the one that she keep fighting, with a probability of harming Steven’s, the gems and the others’ life, or surrender but everyone is safe?

Now Steven, to be honest, at first, I was pissed at him, but then I begun thinking, and I concluded this.
First the choice, we must remember he made it when Aquamarine and Topaz caught his friends, it was a moment of pressure, were one false step and it’s bye bye. So, without thinking and we can say it was acting by instincts (just like a human), he decided to surrender just to save his friends. We can’t be sure it was the best choice, but remember, many of us can’t think that well when we are under pressure and something like that, he didn’t have the time to process everything and think a way out, and also, just like Connie, he is a kid, so the pressure will be higher (heck, i get under pressure just to choose an ice cream flavor).
Now with his attitude when he came back, yes it’s true that is kinda immature, but for me it was something else. Remember, after he surrender, he faced 2 giant tyrants that wanted to execute him, he had little hope of returning home, he felt a big guilt of not saving his friend, seeing that friend die with your own eyes, and then leaving that friend behind.  So for me, acting like he doesn’t care, could be a mechanism of defense, in other words, he could be acting like that so that his  do not worry or feel bad, seeing that he is fine, others could be fine (were in fact he is not), or he could be in denial with his emotions, don’t want to feel just like he felt on Homeworld. But also here’s his problem, because he wants to see that everything is ok, he can’t accept/see that everyone is not ok, especially Connie were she told him that, but he didn’t catch it. But then again, he is a kid, so throwing him that amount of pressure is a lot of someone of his age, and his conduct is not intentional,maybe he wanted to believe that everything is fine,  but it felt that he didn’t care at all.

So in the end, I believed that both of them were right to feel like that, but they were kinda mind closed of their believes and not seeing of the other
And you know what, I don’t blame them
just like my friend Ana said: “They’re humans and humans made mistakes”
No one’s perfect on his decisions and feelings, and both begin of a young age, it can be more complicated to understand that

So that’s my opinion. But we don’t know what could happen, after all, this was like the first 2 minutes of a Dewey episode (everything can happen), and Steven just return, they need to process what happened, and when they cool off, they could try to talk again.

(Thanks for reading by the way)

Don’t Leave (Bellow Diamond human au).ch.7

Heads up: There’s a nsfw scene in the story, hope you enjoy this chapter. 

Chapter 7: Say something

I was disheartened over her cancelling the celebration we planned for tonight. As I crossed the pedestrian walkway, I kept thinking about how harshly she said it; first, she wanted to spend time with me then she doesn’t. She neglected me just because I was crying over Pink to Lapis on the phone. I’m aware it made her upset but leaving me behind was uncalled for. I entered the store, greeting the topazes while they guard the store for us.

“Good afternoon.” I said with a weak smile.

“Hey are you okay?” One of them asked.

I wiped my eyes dry with my sleeve, faking a leer.

“Of course I am.” I spoke to them faintly.

“I’m just a little stressed out is all but I’m fine.” I used as an excuse and walked back to the station with Yellow.

“You didn’t have to abandon me like that…you know.”

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gif tutorial by ong-seungwoo

Hola, world! I’ve been asked on the past to do a gif tutorial but I really didn’t think my gifs were all that (I still don’t) but I’ve finally come around to do it. Please keep in mind that english is not for my first language so explaining some of these things is complicated but I did my best (?).

Things you’ll need:

  • Photoshop cc 2017 (mac version)
  • Topaz denoise and clean plugins
  • Always use 1080p vids or even better ts files!

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