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75 Gaming Asks

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1. First console you’ve ever owned?
2. First game you played?
3. Favorite childhood game?
4. Longest consecutive hours you’ve played a game?
5. Game with the best soundtrack?
6. An underrated game from within the last few years?
7. Most disappointing game you’ve played?
8. The game with the best atmosphere/scenery?
9. Last game you played?
10. Prefer PC or console?
11. Have you written any fanfic or made any fanart?
12. Most bizarre game you’ve ever played?
13. Scariest game you’ve played?
14. Do you watch playthroughs online?
15. Favorite animal in a video game?
16. The best year in gaming you’ve experienced?
17. Have a video game themed background or lockscreen?
18. Worst game you’ve played?
19. Hardest game you’ve ever played?
20. Favorite publisher and/or developer?
21. If you had to play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be?
22. If you could turn one game into movie, which would it be?
23. Favorite genre of video game?
24. Ever cried because of a video game? Which one(s)?
25. Proudest accomplishment in gaming?
26. How often do you play online? Co-op?
27. Have you gotten any friends into gaming?
28. Who got YOU into gaming?
29. Watch cutscenes or skip them?
30. On average, how long does it take you in the character creation screen?
31. Game with the best theme song?
32. Do you cosplay?
33. Favorite female npc?
34. Favorite male npc?
35. Best protagonist? 
36. Best antagonist?
37. Ever been made fun of for playing video games?
38. Have you tried a game, hated it, then tried again, and loved it?
39. Do you play for achievements/trophies?
40. Favorite voice actor?
41. Gone to a midnight release before?
42. A game you will never forget (in a bad OR good way)?
43. Favorite sidekick or companion?
44. Do graphics matter?
45. Do you like funny or more serious games?
46. Always, sometimes, or never use subtitles?
47. First person or Third person?
48. A game you’ve always wanted to play but have never gotten to it?
49. A game you haven’t played in forever, but want to replay?
50. How many games to do you own?
51. First character you’ve had a crush on?
52. A game you will always stand behind, and support no matter what?
53. Your most immersive game?
54. A sequel you really want?
55. How much time, on average, do you play in a week?
56. Do you tell people irl that you play video games?
57. What is an overrated game you’ve played?
58. Ever have someone walk in on a sex scene between you and you LI?
59. A game you are looking forward to this year?
60. The game you are best at?
61. A game you know everything about?
62. Would you want to work with video games when you are older?
63. What’s a game that has inspired you?
64. Describe your favorite video game using only three words?
65. Any favorite screenshots of games?
66. Game with the yummiest looking food?
67. Most violent game you’ve played?
68. An older game that you’ve just recently gotten into?
69. Your first LI?
70. Do you play any mobile games?
71. A game you can’t stop talking/thinking about at the moment?
72. Have any guilty pleasure games?
73. A game with the best fandom?
74. Which game has the best lore?
75. Do you focus on main storyline/quest or do sidequests first?

I’m sorry I’m just really angry at the antis in the voltron fandom right now.

I mean

You guys made a petition. A FUCKING petition.

I don’t even know why some of you are even still here. You clearly don’t give two iotas of shit about the show, its creators, or even other fans.

I mean have any of you, any of the people who signed that petition, actually THOUGHT about what you’re doing? You are essentially demanding that the showrunners, the people who made this wonderful series for us all to enjoy, to bend over backwards to cater to YOUR needs and YOUR wants and for what?

So you can have some ground to stand on the next time you decide to tell someone to kill themselves over a ship? So you can have a “canon” reason for why YOUR way of doing things is superior? Or is it so you can begin policing the fandom so you can pretend that you have some kind of power over your life and that your not just some child who has to deal with the world around them growing realer and realer as time goes on and you have no idea what to do because you have all these new feelings you cant explain and your powerless to stop them?

I’ve been in fandoms since I was 14 years old. And I’ve never seen a group of people so utterly dedicated to destroying a series they pretend to love.

Because you don’t love the series. Hell, I’m not even sure you LIKE it.

Otherwise you would have realized hwo pointless all this is because SHIPS DONT MATTER.






Here’s a thought experiemnt.

You create a statue. It’s yours. You made it. It’s your baby, and you love it, and while you dont think it’s perfect its YOURS. It can’t belong to anyone else but YOU.

But other people don’t see that.

They start to tell you how your statue should look, start to argue about the color, the shapes, the very core of it’s being. And when you ask them why they keep trying to change the statue they claim its because they “love” it.

But they don’t love it.

They wanna possess it. Make it theirs. They wanna claim your statue as their own property despite not having spent any of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making it.

And possessing something and controlling it and twisting it to what you want to be isn’t love. Not even close.

If none of you can see why it is this behavior is harmful, or why it is that most of the fandom isn’t behind you…

then go.

Just leave.

None of the voltron fans WANT you here. We all just wanna enjoy this great show with its great characters. And yeah, there’s probably a good portion of us who DONT like the idea of shiro being shipped with the other characters because we interpret them as being from different age groups. But the difference is that fans, REAL fans, know where the line in the sand is drawn and don’t cross it. THEY know and understand that while they love the series, it doesn’t belong to them. They gotta let it grow on its own and be its own thing.

There are PLENTY of voltron fans who dislike shaladin or it’s ilk for what it is. But they understand that its something that up to interpretation because it’s a SHOW. A show they LIKE and ENJOY for reasons outside of the fan shipping.

YOu think the fandom is behidn you?




Voltron is a 30 year franchise.

There are fans of the series with KIDS.

REAL adults who know what the REAL world is like.

And nearly all of them aren’t behind you.

The universe is a big place. Bigger than the world. Bigger than your house. Bigger than your room. Or your laptop. And it’s DEFINITELY bigger than tumblr.

And if you don’t want to be a part of that universe with the rest of us. I have three words for you.

There’s the door.


I ask the Heavens for permission…

I do love you. I still love you.
I will never tell you that, though. There’s no use. Our time is over. Telling myself this is most difficult when I see you. When you speak to me. When I see you at that bar neither of us
gave up since our break up or the corner gas station. I hate how small this town is. I love you though.

You’re still so sweet to me. You say hello, with that smile that could melt thin air. Your eyes still look at me the same. Or is it that I only still choose to look at them the same? My heart beats out of my chest, if you looked hard enough you’d see it. You say hello, then we have a short conversation. But my heart knows no boundaries. My words are homesick and miss you being their home. I love you and my heart can’t keep secrets. So when we say goodbye, there’s nothing more my heart wants than to grab your hand and tell you I love you. I miss my lips on your forehead before you’d leave. Remember that?

I can’t say I love you. But I can’t say goodbye.
So instead I cope with this by using any other three word phrase. See you later, take care now, until next time. It’s saying it, without saying it. Those three words, each word replacing the ones I wish I could still use. I’m getting better at it. I’m getting better at loving you from afar.

You looked beautiful tonight,
You were never one to wear white. You’d always wear black. At least with me. You’ve curled your hair in a way I’ve never seen before. A bit more messy, good messy. You looked so alive. I’m glad we’re both still in this small town I hate, running into each other every now and then. Because you make me feel alive too.

“Until next time.”
—  Those Three Words // a.m.g.
“Savior” (Gaston)

word count: 713

request: I lived your gaston x reader! It was amazing! Please continue writing more of them

requested by: anon

summary: Your mom wants to marry you off to someone other than Gaston and he has a bit of a problem with that. You also seem to be the only one who can match wits with Gaston.

a/n: Yep! Another one, because I’m a hoe for Gaston but most of all, Luke Evans.

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Tom Holland Imagine: All Too Well

Summary: This is based off of the song All Too Well by Taylor Swift. So be ready for a sad ending… Im sowwy…

A/N: Idk why I wrote this tbh I didn’t need this sadness in my life…

Warnings: None


“I walked through the door with you, the air was cold… but something bout it felt like home somehow…” 

 "Come on, love, you’re going to freeze to death!“ Tom called.

 I smiled at him and ran up the sidewalk to join him at the door of his parents’ house. Tom sat my bags on the ground and reached into his pocket to pull out his key. As soon as the door was open, the loud scream of Tom’s name filled both of our ears as his family came running around the corner to take in the rare sight of Tom Holland standing inside their home. 

Tom hugged all of them before turning to introduce me. 

 "Guys, this is Y/N. The love of my life.” Tom said with a wide smile across his face. 

 Tom’s mother smiled at me before pulling me into a loving hug. 

 "Oh, I can just tell you’re going to fit right in with us! Tom, take her bags up to her room! We’re going to give her a tour really fast!“ 

 I smiled at Tom before following his mother down the hallway. 

 "I told you they’d love you.” Tom whispered in my ear as he pressed a kiss to my temple.

 "Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place and I can picture it after all these days…“ 

 Tom’s hand held mine as we walked down the path. His other hand held the leash that Tessa was on. I pressed myself into his side as another cold strike of the wind hit us. 

 "I told you to bring your coat, love." 

 "I know, but it’s not that bad when the wind isn’t blowing. And besides, I have you beside me to keep me warm." 

 Tom smiled down at me and kissed my forehead as we continued our walk through the woods. Tom let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around me as I hugged his torso. We both walked in silence as the leaves began to fall around us. 

 "This is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s so beautiful, I could just stay out here and watch it all day.” I said. 

 Tom hummed in agreement. 

 "Well, as great as that would be, cuddling up by a warm fire with some hot chocolate is pretty great too.“ 

 I laughed and hugged Tom even tighter. Tom then stopped walking and turned to face me. 

 "I have to tell you something, Y/N…" 

 "Okay… what is it?" 

 "I-I love you." 

 I stared up at Tom in shock. Neither one of us had said those three words yet. I could tell Tom was growing anxious by my silence. 

 "I love you, too, Tom." 

 Tom’s smile grew huge and he pulled me into a kiss as the leaves continued to fall around us. 

 "Cause there we are again on that little town street, you almost ran the red cause you were looking over at me…" 

 "Why does Harrison have to live so far away from you?” I whined as we continued on the long drive towards our friend’s house. 

 "Because that’s the house his mum and dad bought.“ Tom whined back. 

 I giggled and reached over to turn the music up. I began to quietly sing the song that was playing in the radio. My feet were placed on his dashboard. Even though he hated when I did that, he had given up on trying to keep me from doing. Because I always did it. 

 "Uh, Tom? Why aren’t you slowing down? Tom! That’s a red light! Slow down!" 

Tom then hit the breaks as hard as he could so that we wouldn’t fly out and get hit by other cars. 

 "What was that all about?” I asked as I put my hands on my hips. 

 "Sorry, love. You’re just really beautiful. The wind was blowing through your hair and you’re voice, God your voice. I just couldn’t look away…“ he said as he began to blush. 

 "Alright, lover boy. Just pay attention to the road.” I said, causing us both to laugh. 

 “Photo album on the counter, your cheeks are turning red…" 

 Tom groaned as his mother continued to flip through the old photo album.

 "And here’s Tom after he lost his first tooth. He got so scared and thought he was dying! He woke up and screamed at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious!”

 Tom then stood up and grabbed the photo album from his mother. 

 "Please mum, not now!“ 

 Tom’s cheeks were bright red which made me and his mother laugh even harder. 

 "Well, I think you were very adorable, Tom.” I said as I leaned across and kissed his cheek. 

 The action only made his cheeks turn redder. 

 "Oh! I have to show you the one of him from the time he put my make up on himself!“ Nikki said as she raced off towards her room. 

 "NO!” Tom screamed as he chased his mom down the hallway. 

 "Cause there we are again in the middle of the night, we’re dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light…“ 

 I had woken him up after I had a bad dream. Tom immediately took me to the kitchen to heat me up a glass of warm milk to help me go back to sleep. As we waited for the milk to warm on the stove, Tom pulled me into his chest and began to dance with me around the kitchen. 

 "And you can tell everybody that this is your song…” Tom quietly sang as he twirled me around. 

 Tom knew how much I loved this song solely from the fact that Ewan McGregor sounds like an absolute angel when he sings it in Moulin Rouge! Tom immediately became jealous the first time I expressed my crush on Ewan McGregor because he had played his son in The Impossible. Although Tom wasn’t as talented in Ewan, I loved his version a million times more because it was coming from him. 

 "Maybe we got lost in translation maybe I asked for too much… but maybe this thing was a masterpiece till you tore it all up…“ 

 "Tom, I’m not comfortable with this… I want you to follow your dreams, but this is too much. Please, just be honest with me. Is it true?" 

 Tom stared at me. His silence was all I needed. I slid out from the booth in the coffee shop and began to walk towards the exit. As I reached the door, I turned to face Tom one last time. He had his head placed in his hands. 

 "I just wanted you to love me.” I said to him before I walked out. 

 “You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest…“ 

 I hadn’t left my house in days. The thought of seeing Tom was too much for me to handle. I still love him. I think I always will. I felt my phone ring beside me and I answered it stupidly without looking at the caller ID. 


 "Y/N? Thank god…" 

 "Oh.. hi, Tom." 

 "Listen love, I know I hurt you but she meant nothing to me. I love you. I will always love you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever wanted! I was drunk and I hadn’t seen you in weeks and I was so lonely and she looked so much like you. I love you. I only want you. Please give me a second chance, I won’t let you down." 

 I felt a single tear fall down my cheeks as I heard his pleas. My heart was pounding against my chest, begging my brain to just forgive him so that it’s suffering could end, but I knew I had to stay strong and stick to my morales, because if I didn’t, I would lose who I am. 

 "Tom, never call me again." 

 And with that, I hung up. 

 "Time won’t fly its like I’m paralyzed by it, I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it…” 

 I spent what felt like years trying to fall back into my old life, but Tom was everywhere. His new success with Spider-Man had his face plastered on every magazine. I knew it had only been a few weeks since the phone call, but it felt like centuries. Tom had invaded my heart and I knew he would never truly leave it. I walked down the path that I had walked many times with him and Tessa. The same path where we first told each other “I love you”. I felt more tears slip from my eyes. I felt my heart break a million times more as I saw the leaves fall around me. Memories of the time I spent with him were constantly running through my mind, reminding me of what I had lost. I wish I had taken him back. What he had done was wrong, but if I hadn’t have been so stubborn I know we could’ve overcome it, but now I’ve ruined it. He’s probably already got another girl wrapped up in his arms, whispering all the sweet things that used to be for my ears only. He probably took her down this very path to tell her he loved her. He probably dances with her in the middle of the night and sings to her now. These thoughts ran through my mind as a constant reminder that Tom Holland was no longer mine.

some K-pop asks?
  1. who has better body rolls ____ or ____?
  2. do you prefer _____’s maknae or ______’s maknae? (send two groups)
  3. fave solo artist?
  4. fave group?
  5. fave song by _____?
  6. who do you think the best dancer in K-pop is?
  7. if you could spend a week with _____, what would you do together?
  8. which member of _____ would you go to in the middle of the night if you had a bad dream?
  9. fave MV at the moment?
  10. what flavor of ice-cream do you think ______ would be?
  11. who is your ____ bias and why?
  12. soft songs or loud songs, which do you like better?
  13. you’re stranded on an island with _____. using only three words, describe how you feel.
  14. fave girl group?
  15. fave boy group?
  16. your favorite body part on each member of ____?
  17. best singers in K-pop?
  18. who do you think would do well as a solo artist?
  19. who do you think is the best dancer in _____?
  20. who are some of your top bias wreckers?
  21. list your current favorite groups.
  22. list your current top biases
  23. would you rather take pictures with your favorite group or have a handshake session with them?
  24. what are some songs that remind you of your biases?
  25. do you have a favorite live performance?
  26. fave picture(s) of your bias(es)?
  27. when did you get into K-pop?
  28. truthfully, do you get jealous/envious when you see your bias with another boy/girl?
  29. favorite fanfic?
  30. fave choreography?
  31. you’re favorite thing, personality-wise, about each member of ______
  32. are there any songs that remind you of your bias(es)?
  33. which idol is closest to your ideal type?

anonymous asked:

Let him rest? Who the hell do you think you are? Louis is not a helpless child. He's a grown ass man, he's rich, he's got an adorable son, a hot girlfriend. He gets paid to walk around in fancy clothes and sip coffee. Why the fuck do you act like people should feel sorry for him? Aren't you ashamed to act like this when so many people around the world struggle with REAL issues?

Okay, anon. Okay.

Let us imagine for a moment that we are two separate and yet civilised bloggers. 

Let us imagine that we are both fans of Louis Tomlinson, and as such take an interest in his general wellbeing, as well as support him in his work.

Let us imagine, that you, dear blogger, saw a three word tag on a post that I wrote, one made up of nine words.

Let us imagine that you read the words ‘Just a happy hug for Louis. Pass it on’ and then clicked into my original post and saw the tags ‘one less thing to worry about’, ‘let him shine’ and  'let him rest’.

Let us imagine that in seeing this, for reasons best known only to you, you chose to focus on the three words ‘let him rest’.

Let us imagine that without choosing to ask, or to seek context as to why I would have made the post to begin with, let alone used those three particular words, you then instead chose to send me a cowardly anonymous message.

Let us imagine that I attach no shame to what I choose to blog about, and that instead I choose to blog about things that I find positive, or wish to raise awareness of, as well as things I enjoy.

Let us imagine, anon, that you are unaware of the fact that I am a real life activist, and that I have in fact been to parliament to discuss real life issues with real life MPs.

Let us imagine, that you anon, recall before you press send, that you know nothing about me, my life, nor the REAL issues, I, nor anyone around me, face.

Let us imagine, anonymous person who came to my blog with the express purpose of sending me this message, that you cannot in fact imagine what it was like, like I, to be raised in the shadow of sectarianism.

Let us imagine, anonymous grey box of safety you choose to hide behind, that every day of my career, I work assisting people whom I was inspired to support, after my mother lost the vast majority of her hearing and was injured in a bombing when I was five years old.

Let us imagine, person presumably too ashamed of their actions to use their real name, that no, I am not ashamed to act with compassion and empathy, and to have a post reflect those parts of me.

Let us imagine that I, a fan of Louis Tomlinson, used those three words, because I was happy to see that he will not face charges in a case that I feel should never have been brought against him in the first place.

Let us imagine that I used the words ‘let him rest’ because I am happy that instead of having the shadow of the aforementioned case (and the way certain people chose to report it) hanging over him, I hope that he can instead now get some respite, away from this particular kind of exposure.

Let us imagine, that while I understand that everyone experiences and deals with grief in the way that is personal and right for them, that grief is something I sadly understand all too well.

Let us imagine then, that as someone who in the past few years alone, has lost five of my cousins (including one to suicide, the pain of which I talked about in depth here), my aunt (who was like a grandmother to me), my uncle (who was in fact buried today), and my father, who died aged fifty-nine (and whom I didn’t even get to say goodbye to, because he passed away with no warning), knows a little bit about grief and how it can weary you.

Let us imagine that within the scope of my experience, I feel, personally, that while we all handle grief differently, that the one thing you do not need when grieving is more external stressors in your life, because grief is an all consuming experience (tiring in a way that you cannot know until you have lived through it), that no amount of money, sipping coffee, or fancy clothes can assuage.

Let us imagine that I, someone who has experienced the life changing blow that is losing a parent, empathises with Louis Tomlinson in this instance, and that I hope he is able to relax a bit and rest a little more (something that in and of itself is open to interpretation) with one less of those external stressors to worry about.

Let us imagine, anon, that you have not experienced even a fraction of such a monumental emotion (because I would not wish it on anyone), and that you can find it within yourself to understand, to examine context, and to use critical thinking regarding the words of someone who has, and who in turn chose to make a small statement on their own blog regarding it.

Let us imagine, dear anon, that we live in a world where people think before they speak, where someone who is grieving can visit a site they enjoy for some respite from said grief, and where unchecked denigration and spewing vitriol are not the norm. Where people consider their words and how they will carry them with them (because carry them they must), before they send a stranger an anonymous message on the internet.

Imagine THAT.

#intense #insane

Day 6 of @journaling-junkie’s April challenge. Wrote a rough flash fiction using the three words I think of when April is mentioned: flowers, showers, and superpowers.

(I’m actually total crap at word association, and it takes me forever to come up with three words when I hear “April.”)

Also pictured: VEGAN avocado chocolate mousse. Recipe from

mercy pt 2

Genre: Angst

Length: 3.9k words

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader/Jimin

Summary: You knew the relationship was falling apart, you just couldn’t accept it. 

Part One

“Answer me Y/N.” Yoongi growled stepping closer not taking his eyes off of Jimin. His face was a bright shade of red and his breathing was unsteady.

“It’s not wha-” I choked out trying to make words come out as clear as they could.

“Then what the FUCK IS IT?” He shouted, “Huh Y/N? EXPLAIN.” He hissed grabbing my wrist pulling me closer to him. I grimaced at his touch and struggled to release myself from his grip sobbing.

Jimin quickly steps in taking my wrist in one hand and pushing Yoongi’s chest away in another. Yoongi falls back catching himself before he could fall and tries to regain his balance.

“Don’t. fucking. touch. her.” Jimin raised his voice at him growling. I felt my heart inside my chest pounding louder than I thought was possible, I had tears streaming down my face and I probably looked like a mess but I didn’t care. I was more scared of what was going to happen next and was trying to figure out why the hell Yoongi reacted the way he did.

“What the hell do you want from her man?” Jimin roared, “Haven’t you done enough?”

“Jimin calm down” I cried trying to get his attention on me instead of Yoongi because God knows what else could happen.

“Fuck you. You don’t fucking know anything!” Yoongi snarled running his hands through his hair, “Y/N let’s go.” He turned to me, “Now.”

Jimin stepped in front of me blocking me from Yoongi, “You must be insane if you think I’m going to let that happen.”

Yoongi charged up to Jimin grabbing him by the collar and pushing him to the wall at full force. “Who the fuck are you to tell me that?” He screamed. “You’re not her hero! You don’t fucking know what she wants!” Suddenly I saw Yoongi’s fist flying in the air landing on Jimin’s face and before I could step in both of them were at each other’s throats. Without thinking I threw myself in the middle and pushed Yoongi off screaming at them to both stop, both boys were out of breath grunting in pain and for what felt like hours no one said a word. It wasn’t until I got my sobbing under control that I noticed a bitter taste in my mouth. Blood. I brought my hand to my face and sure enough my lip was bleeding. I groaned in frustration and looked both of them dead in the eyes.

“What the fu-” They started to say realizing what happened.

“I don’t care who the fuck it was this is ridiculous,” I hissed, “Yoongi, what are you doing here?” I spat turning my attention to him.

“You weren’t answering your damn phone Y/N,” he responded softening his eyes once his eyes met mine. “So I came over wondering what was going on but I didn’t expect this shit.” He cursed shooting daggers at Jimin.

“You should go back to your girlfriend Yoongi,” I mumbled tearing my gaze away and looking at the floor.

“No. Not until you tell me who the hell this little shit is,” He barked moving closer to me, “Who is he Y/N?”

“You heard her Yoongi, get back to your girlfriend.” Jimin mockingly answered for me, “And by the way.. if you really want Y/N to be happy then leave her alone.”

I remained quiet knowing Yoongi was expecting an answer from me and when it didn’t come he growled in anger hitting the wall behind him leaving us with three words, “This isn’t over.” And with that.. he was gone.

I heard Jimin let out a deep breath and he brought his hand up to my busted lip with guilty eyes.

“I have a first aid kit inside my car, let me fix that up.” He hesitantly said. I didn’t give him an answer and instead looked at the gym building. Crap. It’s been at least an hour since he’s been outside with me, I started to panic at the thought of him not going back to work because of my stupid problems.

“What about work Jimin?” I asked, “shit you’re probably going to be in trouble because of me.” I began to feel bad and thought if I never came outside none of this would’ve happened.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just call them and tell them something came up.” He reassured me.

He grabbed my hand and I felt myself relax, “Let’s go get you cleaned up Y/N.” I nodded and followed him to his car reminding myself I need to somehow repay him for everything he’s done.

“Get in” He ordered opening the passenger door of his car, “I’ll go get the first aid, it’s in my trunk.”

I got inside and ran my fingers through my hair with endless thoughts running through my head. I had so many questions, but no answers. What the hell just happened? I snapped back to reality when I heard Jimin get inside the car with the first aid kit in hand. Opening it he shakingly got the things he needed, “Let me see Y/N,” He said gently grabbing my face. I did as he told me and grimaced in pain once he touched the cut.

“Please make it fast,” I mumbled closing my eyes in hope that would ease the pain. He nodded and my mind once again went elsewhere and began to feel a huge dread of guilt once I remembered Yoongi’s face when I told him to leave, he looked hurt. It was like I disappointed him tonight, and that felt much worse than this stupid busted lip.

“Alright Y/N all set.” Jimin finally said, “again I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you,” I whispered, “For everything. For what you did tonight. You surely didn’t have to step in for me. I’m sorry about Yoongi, he shouldn’t have hit you.” I added looking down at my trembling hands.

“You don’t have to apologize. If I wasn’t there you would’ve went with him and he would’ve sweet talked you making you feel amazing until you were left hurt.” He replied a little too harshly.

Truth is.. Jimin was right. As much as it hurts to hear, he was absolutely correct. If I never left my house I would’ve picked up his calls and agreed to whatever he had to say. I would’ve thrown myself in this cycle all over again. But the worst part of this fucked up situation is that I regret not leaving with Yoongi. A part of me wishes I could go back in time and stayed in bed and just waited.

“I-I should go I have work in the morning and my head feels like it’s going to explode.” I said, “But thank you Jimin, I really am thankful for everything you did tonight.” I added covering my face in my hands.

“Let me atleast take you home.” He pleaded, “I know a lot happened tonight, and there is no way I’m letting you go alone” I looked up at him and smiled nodding at him.

“We can walk from here,” I began to say, “I don’t live far I promise.”

“Sounds good to me, that means more time with you.” He responded immediately. I felt my cheeks grow hot and I certainly didn’t need a mirror to see that I was blushing.

We got out of the car and I led him to the direction of my house. I noticed he started walking slower than me and I chuckled to myself and caught on to what he was doing.

“What’s so funny?” He asked pouting at me.

“I didn’t laugh!” I gasped pretending I didn’t know what he was talking about.

His eyes widened “YA! You just did!” He accused. This time I let out a laugh and slapped his arm out of habit.

“I just think it’s cute how you’re walking slower than I thought was possible.” I explained tucking my hair behind my ear to get it out of my face as we made it to the front of my door.  

“Well if you think it’s that cute then why don’t you give me your number?” He blurted out smirking at me. I shot my head up at him and smirked back, “A little too early for that don’t you think? We barely know eachother” I replied.

“I mean I did fight your asshole of an ex tonight, that is pretty big for barely knowing each other.” He noted with a grin on his face.

“Ahh you got me there” I said, “How bout this… hmm let’s meet again, if you show up then I’ll think about it.”

He nodded at me and agreed “Same time tomorrow then?” He asked.

“Same time tomorrow.” I confirmed making my way to my door.

I woke up the next morning to my alarm and I quickly got ready for another at work. I grabbed my phone and to my surprise I had a dozen texts and calls from Yoongi the most recent text being at 4am.

“Please get back to me Y/N”

“I can’t sleep”

“Please call me back.”

I sighed and the guilt started rushing in. Why was he acting like this? Ever since our breakup he never acted like he still cared about me. I should’ve never went to that gym, I should’ve stayed and answered Yoongi. I huffed and decided I would text him back later that day.

Work was surprisingly busy and before I knew it, my shift was over. I made it home and made myself some food for dinner. I ate my meal while scrolling through my phone and I noticed a follow request. Park_jimin. I smiled to myself debating on accepting him or not, guess he was too impatient on waiting for my number. I clicked on his profile and I found myself scrolling through his pictures and grinning like a child. I glanced at the time and realized it was almost 8pm, instantly I got up and proceeded to wash the dishes. Once I was finished I changed into decent clothes and plopped on my couch to watch some TV. I wasn’t supposed to meet Jimin for another two hours so I had some time before I had to go. Around twenty minutes later I felt my phone vibrate next to me. From Yoongi: I love you Y/N. My mind wandered over to the thought of Yoongi and I felt my heart sink. I couldn’t get the look of his face off my head, no matter how hard I tried. Should I even go with Jimin? Am I being stupid for this? Maybe I should just stay in tonight, who am I kidding thinking I’m actually ready to meet some other guy when I’m clearly not over my ex. I moved my fingers over the keyboard as I began to type out a reply.

“I love you too.” sent.

I woke up to a bang and I jolted up from the couch startled only to find the sound came from the TV I forgot to turn off. I grunted dragging myself across the floor trying to fully wake myself up. It was then I realized my apartment was dark and I ran to the window seeing it was still night. I grabbed my phone checking the time 9:43pm it read. In all honesty I was hoping I’d sleep through the night, more because I did want to avoid meeting Jimin. But at the same time, I was happy that I woke up. I walked over to my bathroom and splashed water on my face then looked at myself in the mirror. I took one last breath before I changed my mind and I found myself heading towards my front door. Well Y/N… it’s now or never.

I paced down the sidewalk moving slower than usual as I made my way to the one spot I knew a little too well. As I got closer I refused to see if he was there yet or not, I kept my eyes glued to the ground stepping on every leaf that I managed to find. Eventually I looked up and my stomach dropped when I saw the spot was empty. I sighed and sat down putting headphones in my ears to listen to music as I waited. It was around a fully playlist of songs later that I starting to grow impatient and checked the time.


“Is he really not coming?” I thought frowning to myself. Annoyed I stood up and began to make my way home. I reached the sidewalk and suddenly felt a hand on shoulder stopping me in my tracks.

I turned around and came face to face with Jimin. “I was just leaving” I mumbled under my breath.

I noticed he wasn’t in his usual work clothes and instead was wearing a simple black t-shirt with ripped jeans. As simple as the outfit seemed, he made it look.. good.

“What? Why?” He responded with a sad look on his face.

“What do you mean why? I got here almost an hour ago, I thought you weren’t going to show up.” I harshly replied. His face softened and he smiled. I raised my eyebrow at him confused.

“Actually Y/N you’re wrong,” He informed, “I was here before you actually and as creepy as it sounds I was watching you the whole time.” He finished with a grin on his face.

I widened my eyes, “What? Jimin you creep what’s the point of that?” I hissed wanting to wipe that smile off his face.

“I wanted to see how long you’d wait, and it seems like you’re not a patient person.” I rolled my eyes at him softly hitting him on the shoulder.

“It seems like you aren’t either considering you already sent me a follow request.” I replied smirking at him.

He chuckled, “I thought you weren’t going to show up, so I had to find you on my own just in case.” I blushed at his response. “I’m just really glad you came.” He added.

I saw him reach inside his pockets taking his keys out and waved them in the air looking at me, “Care for some ice cream?” He asked and I eagerly nodded following him to his car. We got in and put our seatbelts on and Jimin began driving. “So how have you been?” Jimin asked making me giggle, “It’s been a day Jimin,” I replied still laughing.

“Well… how was your day Y/N?” He confidently asked not taking his eyes off the road.

“It was good I guess,” I responded “It was busy at work and I didn’t do much when I got home, what about your day?”

“For the most part I stayed in bed the whole day, did usual adult responsibilities, and spent a good while trying to find anything that led to you.” He shamelessly said, “believe it or not it took me a long time to find your profile.” He huffed coming to a stop at a red light.

I shook my head at him, “Not even you just weren’t looking hard enough.” I lightly teased causing him to look at me.

He scoffed at me “I ended up finding it didn’t I?”

I stuck my tongue out at him, “I want ice cream!” I whined throwing a small tantrum.

“Aish you child! We’re almost there!”

I nodded satisfied as I saw him pulling into the parking lot and once he parked I immediately got out running towards the entrance.

“Hurry up you old man they’re almost closing!” I impatiently yelled seeing him take his time walking. He chuckled jogging to the front door and opened the door for us.

It took me less than two minutes to pick what flavor I wanted while it took Jimin a whole fifteen minutes to decide on what he wanted. We got our ice cream and left the shop just as they switched the sign from open to closed.

“Who takes fifteen minutes to pick a flavor?” I asked in disbelief while eating a spoonful of my treat.

“Ahh Y/N you don’t understand” he replied rolling his eyes at me, “I needed time to see what my body wanted tonight.”

I let out a laugh mumbling something about him being ridiculous and continued walking along the sidewalk.

“Thanks for the ice cream by the way.” I said eating another spoonful happily. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I went to check it. I sighed seeing that it was more texts from Yoongi and decided to ignore them turning my attention back to Jimin. However he caught on to the frown on my face and raised his eyebrow.

“Is that him?” He curiously asked.

I nodded, “Can we not talk about Yoongi tonight?” I added looking at his face for an answer.

His face lit up “That sounds good to me.”

I put my phone back in my pocket and continued eating stealing a spoonful of Jimin’s ice cream. He pouted shooting me a look.

“I swear you’re a child.” He mumbled.

“I know” I responded shrugging my shoulders.

“About your phone number..” he hesitantly asked looking at his feet.

“Give me your phone.” I bluntly said causing a puzzled look on his face, “so I can put my phone number on there.” I pointed out. He stuffed his hands in his pockets grabbing his phone and handed it to me with a beaming smile on his face.

Maybe things were looking up for me..

Two weeks quickly went by and I found myself spending all my time at work. A manager position opened up at work and for as long as I could remember I was throwing myself into long hours of overtime to earn the position. I constantly told myself not to give up hope and it eventually paid off when my boss called me telling me I got the position. Although it meant more hours, it also meant more money and skills. For the first time in a while, I didn’t feel useless and that made me more happy than I thought it would. I sent Namjoon a text informing him about the good news and he congratulated me promising me a night to celebrate later that week. I also sent Jimin a text and he insisted on taking me out to eat to celebrate, I texted back a yes and made my way to my bathroom to get ready for the night.

I got out of my car texting Jimin letting him know I was here and sat on a bench in front of the restaurant occupying myself with my phone. I heard a car door open and I looked up to see Jimin getting out walking towards me.

“Y/N! Congratulations!” Jimin exclaimed pulling me into a tight hug.

“Thank you Jiminie!” I squealed, “I’m so happy and thank you for taking me out.”

“We have to celebrate of course!” He replied leading me inside the restaurant. We then got seated and both of us immediately reached for the menu trying to find what to order.

“I’m buying you a drink.” Jimin stated looking at the alcohol menu.

I shot him a look, “ahh you know I don’t really drink.” I whined.

“I’m not taking no for answer, it’s just one drink”

Rolling my eyes I realized one drink wouldn’t hurt and agreed. I started telling him all the new benefits I would get and the raise I earned and he eagerly listened. The drinks came out before the food and I hesitantly took a sip. I made a face at the strong taste and Jimin laughed at me taking it away keeping it for himself. By then the food got there and we started eating taking a bite of each other’s food here and there. As I was taking another bite of my burger I spotted Jimin’s expression darken and swallowed my food, “What’s up?” I curiously asked following his stare only for it to land on one person we both didn’t want to see. Yoongi. To make things worse it wasn’t just Yoongi, it was her too. She however didn’t seem to notice us and even if she did I certainly don’t think she knows anything about me. My heart sank and I felt my throat close seeing her. She was beautiful, it’s no wonder why he chose her. Both Jimin and Yoongi were glaring at each other and even from tables away I could feel how tense the room was. Yoongi looked pissed. We met eyes and I looked away as fast as I could averting my attention back to Jimin. His fists were clenched and I softly grabbed them making him relax.

“We should go.” I stuttered grabbing my things. Jimin nodded and asked for the check and we both hurried out of there as fast as we could. We both walked in silence to my car, “I’m sorry Y/N I didn’t think he’d be there.” Jimin spoke up grabbing my face making me look at him.

“Don’t apologize” I said with tears in my eyes, “It’s not your fault.”

He forced a smile and opened my car door, “Want to get dessert?”

I shook my head “I have to be up early tomorrow, I think I’m going to call it a night plus don’t you have a night shift soon mister?” I said giving him a stern look.

He gave me a pout, “You’re right, but I’m coming over tomorrow after you get off. I want to know all about your first day as manager.” He added grinning at me. I giggled at him throwing myself in his arms.

“Goodnight Jiminie, thank you for tonight” I said getting into my car.

“Goodnight Y/N.” He replied as he closed my door.

Jimin’s POV

“Have a good workout!” I said as I signed the usual customers in at the front desk. I went back to cleaning the machines and having my head wander over to the thought of Y/N. Although tonight could’ve gone way better, I’m glad I still got to be with her. I reached for my phone and saw a goodnight text from her and I smiled to myself. Just as I was about to text her back my manager interrupted me letting me know it was time for my break. I nodded and started walking towards the exit to go to the usual spot. I unlocked my phone and texted Y/N back and went to play some music. From the corner of my eye I saw someone coming closer to me and I turned to get a better look at them.

“Jimin right?” His deep voice said. As he got closer I realized who it was and my fists immediately clenched. He noticed this right away, “No no.. I’m not here to punch you in the face again.” He said smirking at me.

“What the fuck do you want Yoongi.” I snarled at him looking at him with pure disgust.

He let out a small chuckle, “Why are you so defensive? I’m only here to talk.” He calmly said.

I scoffed “Talk? Bullshit.”

“I saw the way you looked at her.” He began, “I know what you want.”

“Yeah?” I sarcastically asked, “then what do I want?”

He looked away and put his hands in his pockets, “You want her to be yours.”

I didn’t answer this time and instead glared at him.

“But guess what” Yoongi whispered stepping closer to me to the point where his face was inches away from mine. “Deep down inside you know she will never love you as much as she loves me.”

“And that kills you.”

author’s note: thank you guys for reading part one! i’m sorry for the wait but i hope you guys like it!! Also thank you to my lovely cousin for editing this @graciela-97 :)

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Imagine Ransom or Holster meeting during bumper-to-bumper traffic.

From 555-555-1234:
Can you believe this traffic, bro?

Holster checks his phone, then he checks the number again. He doesn’t recognize it.

From 555-555-1234:
Who’s this?

From 555-555-1234:
Behind you, bro!

Holster turns in his seat to peak through the paint on his back window to look at the car behind him.

A bright smile in a handsome face beamed at him from an older gray Honda Accord. 

From 555-555-1234:
You’ve got your number on your window!

And…that is true. Holster’s driving his dad’s old pickup truck back home for Thanksgiving. He’d taken it to school after his Nissan had crapped out on him. His dad had told him to try and sell it so that they could get a down payment for a safer car with better gas mileage. Holster had decided to go with the tried and true driving advertisement. It’s limited success so far meant he was planning to set up a craigslist ad when he got home for the break.

To 555-555-1234:
I do
You interested in buying man?

From 555-555-1234:

To 555-555-1234:
So you just hit me up to chat?

From 555-555-1234:
I mean….
We’ve been at a standstill for like 15 min
And I need some sort of distraction from the hunger pains
I did NOT pack enough snacks for this

Holster laughs. This is maybe the weirdest thing to happen to him on a road trip, but the traffic has been maddening and - while it’s a bit hard to tell in the dimming light - Chatty looks cute.

To 555-555-1234:
Alright - how about them Falconers?

As it turns out this was just the right question to ask. Chatty (who goes by Ransom) happens to play intramural hockey at Samwell. He has a LOT of feelings about Alexei Mashkov.

From Ransom:
Come on, bro!
On ice!

From Holster:
Yes, acknowledged, lol
He’s a specimen 

From Ransom:
Mmm, yes, bro

From Holster:
So you’ve got a type ;)

From Ransom:
Tall, broad defensemen - hell yes

From Holster:
Good to know

So, you follow SMH at all?

The traffic chooses then to let up and allow them to move, which is maybe for the best. Holster’s not 100% sure what he’s doing (not that it’s stopped him from doing much else in his life), but he’s got some butterflies going and he hasn’t had those since. Well, since, March.

From Ransom:
Ok - favorite Disney song?

The traffic’s stalled back out again and Ransom’s been hitting him with a lightening round of 21 questions.

From Holster:
Hakuna Matata

From Ransom:
Did you have to mention food, bro??
I’m starving!

From Holster:
Slugs? The tangential mention of bugs has upset you?

From Ransom:
1. The use of three + syllable words - hot
2. I’m THAT hungry

Holster drums his fingers against his steering wheel and eyes the bag full of candy and jerky, protein bars he’d stocked up on before getting on the highway. On one hand, he knows  that inviting strangers into your space is dangerous. On the other hand, there’s a lot of witnesses around, and Ransom actually goes to his school. 

The Haus GroupMe:

Holster: I’m….about to invite a stranger into my car
Lardo: now Adam - we talked about Stranger Danger just last week
Shitty: Holtz, man, I know you and March were serious but…. 
Jack: Birkholtz, no
Nursey: Are they hot?
Dex: Nursey!
Holster: I’m not really sure
Holster: We’ve been texting for the last hour
Lardo: ADAM!
Jack: Birkholtz!
Shitty: Holster!
Holster: Not WHILE driving!
Holster: Traffic’s been shit - I just - we’ve been talking - flirting some
Holster: I think
Nursey: Nice!
Holster: Anyway - just wanted to let you know in case I get murdered
Holster: His name’s Justin Oluransi - goes to Samwell
Chowder: Go with your gut, bro - we’ll file the necessary reports, if needed

From Holster:
I’ve got snacks in the truck if you want to run up

From Ransom:

The knock that comes to Holster’s window is quick and sharp. Outside he sees a bundle of hoodie and scarf, a wool hat and hunched shoulders. He pops his lock and Ransom slides inside.

“Oh shit, you’re hot.”

Holster’s momentarily thunderstruck. 1.) He’s never been greeted this way, especially not in his glasses. 2.) He’s pretty sure it’d be trite to repeat someone’s greeting back to them verbatim.

“Also, given that your Adam Birkholtz, Samwell’s defenseman, I’m assuming that statement isn’t going to get me punched. Or - you know - lose me those snacks.”

Holster chuckles.

“Yeah, no - punching you is not - that’s um - you’ve nothing to worry about - I’ve um. Snacks.”


He hands Ransom the bag of goods and watches as he makes his choices, chattering excitedly about the selection. His voice is rich and kind. His smile, so bright from afar, is stunning up close. And his eyes - Holster’s never seen a deeper brown that shone so vividly.

“Thanks, bro! You’ve saved my life!” Ransom says at last. And, with a burst of cold air and the slam of the truck’s ancient door, is gone.

The Haus GroupMe:

Holster: I’m alive
Holster: Also, maybe, in love
Shitty: …..
Lardo: I’m too old for this
Nursey: Go get ‘em, tiger!
Dex: …..
Keep us posted, bro

Prompt: “You think she’s serious?” “Only one way to find out.” - have fun! ~ @impala-dreamer ++ “Use words with three syllables or less. ” By @imagining-supernatural

A/N: this was really fun to write! The ending is slightly rough but I really like it :D thanks to both ladies :) -entirely unedited by the way-

“Pay attention to me” you groaned, rolling on Dean’s lap and throwing your feet over Sam’s long, Jean clad legs. Both brothers glanced at each other amused, then spared you a look and turned back to the movie playing on the TV. “guuyyys” you groaned, turning your face towards Dean’s stomach.

“Y/n” Dean laughed, trying to move away from you by instinct. “Stop, what are you doing” he pushed at your shoulders, trying to push you away from his belly. You pulled back and stared at him in a half squint.

“You’re ticklish” you accused, mischief clouding your eyes. The right corner of your mouth tugged upwards in a smirk.

“Don’t you dare” he warned, bright green eyes studying every tiny movement​ and dancing between both of yours. Sam’s attention was now on both of you.

The stare-down continued for around thirty seconds and the moment Dean’s eyes turned to Sam’s, you jumped and let your fingers dance over his belly. Dean squirmed and pushed against the couch cushions in attempt of escaping. You laughed as warrior-like cries left Dean’s mouth along with laughter.

The fun stopped, however, when his fingers gripped your wrists and stilled them. Your eyes met his.

“Oh you’re in for it now"he said and smirked. He glanced at Sam and you knew you were screwed.

Suddenly, two pairs of hands pinned you against the couch, you squirming and kicking

“I swear to God, Winchesters, I do bite” You struggled, half serious, half laughing.

“You think she’s serious?” Dean asked his brother, smirking.

“Only one way to find out” Sam shrugged. And suddenly four hands were all over you and the whole bunker was filled with shrieks, laughter, curses and beautiful memories.

@deanssweetheart23 @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester @potato-that-needs-therapy

" want to **** 2B...“

It’s no surprise that people saw this line and initially thought of something silly like “kiss” or…something more lewd. I’m guilty as charged, too, given all the innuendos and references to sexuality in this game despite it being full of robots. But looking at the scene and its surrounding story more closely, “love” comes to mind to fill in those asterisks instead. Or maybe even “kill.”

Fandom tends to debate on theories like this, since it is pretty subjective, but when looking at the Japanese and English versions side by side, we can come to a simple conclusion:

It’s all of the above.

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hazy eyes
with twice the strength
needed to read
and comprehend
not really thinking twice
when replying
cold fingers typing
eyes immediately closed

to a dream of a voice
that once warned you
don’t be weak
don’t think about soft things
like how your mother would love him
and you wake up

to a fever and scratchy throat
wondering how long has passed
when you see
the unexpected sweetness
or at least

to your sickly medicine coated tongue
it tastes sweet
even if it’s just for a little while

— ”I would probably still have forgiven you.”

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shdjf bill wurtz made rape jokes in "history of the world, i guess" like four times

oh hey i never got this until now, sorry about that

bill wurtz is actually using a correct definition. (and only uses the word three times, twice in the same situation.) it means to take away by force – which is why we who use english started using it to describe sexual assault.

the two times he used it (once with japan invading a nearby country and the other the colonization of africa, especially the colonization of africa), that’s… what was happening. “let’s rape africa” isn’t a joke. that’s what happened. not only did european settlers take african lands by force but sexual assault (especially on women) was rampant. really, most military invasions in the name of I Want This Land involve the rape of the invaded. I would love to give sources on this, but i’m on mobile so looks like that won’t happen for a few hours when i get back to my desktop.

bill wurtz does not show history in a pretty light. could he have done that better? yes, absolutely. i understand that some people even have the word rape as a trigger (which is why i’m not censoring it at all, so that their post blockers catch it). but it is not portrayed in a “joke” light. it wasn’t made a jingle. europe really did rape africa, in all senses of the word.

i would love to hear your side of the argument, though. i’m willing to listen. i know i didn’t bring up the japan invasion’s case, that’s because again, i’m on mobile, and also quickly writing this up in between classes. i also apologize for how long this got, i’m just a history person and the mass sexual assault of the people of africa gets shoved under the rug too much.

Kitten (M)

Genre: Smut

Warning: daddy kink, pet play, rough sex, etc.

Characters: CEO!Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 3,650

A/N: Oh god, I can’t believe I’m posting this…

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-          Admin Mochi

             She sat on the queen-size bed, her legs dangling off the edge as she watched Taehyung get ready. He looked absolutely breathtaking dressed up for that evening. She wanted nothing more than to run her fingers through his chocolate locks while he buried his face in the crock of her neck and placed butterfly kisses.

            “Do you have to go?” whined Y/N for the umpteenth time as her hands tugged on his neatly tucked dress shirt messing it up.

             “Baby stop.” He hissed pushing her hands away, which earned him a whimper from the girl. “Yes, I have to, my father couldn’t make it so I’ll be going on his behalf.”

             “And why can’t I go? You usually take me to these kinds of things.”  

             “Because I’m going to be busy networking all night and I won’t have any time for you sweetheart.” He checked himself in the mirror as he buttoned up his suit jacket before turning back to her and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I don’t know when I’ll be back so don’t stay up.” Once she heard the front door shut close Y/N let out a frustrated scream and hit her fists against the soft bed.

             Lately she had been seeing less of him and it bothered her more than she was willing to admit. Y/N was well aware that he was a CEO in training, his father would be leaving him big shoes to fill, but that was no excuse for him to neglect her. She knew he wasn’t doing it on purpose or at least she hoped he wasn’t, but the girl believed that no matter what there should always be time for her. He had always said she was his number one priority, so why wasn’t she being treated like it?

             1:05 AM and still no Kim Taehyung. Even though he had told her not to wait up she had decided to do it anyway, after all she wasn’t all that tired.

            She wasn’t sure if it was the lack of sleep or attention that was fueling her unjustified jealousy which was causing her thoughts to run wild. What if the event had already ended, but he had gone home with someone else? Maybe that’s why he hadn’t taken her, because he didn’t want her to get in the way and ruin his chances of hooking up with another woman. No, she was being ridiculous, she refused to let the irrational thoughts consume her. Then again, Taehyung was a handsome and wealthy individual that any woman would be lucky to have. She saw the way other women would look at him, like a piece of meat. They were probably all over him right now, just the thought of another woman wrapped around his arms drove her insane. But Taehyung would never replace her, would he?

            The opening of the bedroom door caught her attention. Her head immediately snapped to the doorway where Taehyung stood, a small grin spread on her lips. “You’re home!” Y/N beamed throwing her hands up in excitement.

            “Sweetheart, what are you still doing up? I told you not to wait up for me.”

            “I know, but-“ her words were interrupted by his harsh ones.

            “But nothing, why don’t you ever listen to me?”

            “Why are you mad at me? I just wanted to see you, I miss you.” the girl shot back, whispering the last three words.

            “Couldn’t you just wait till tomorrow?” he muttered loosening tie, does he even know what he’s saying?

            “Tomorrow? You’re gone before I wake up and you come back when I’m already asleep… I rarely see you anymore.”

            “I’ve been busy lately.” It was that curt reply that pushed her over the edge causing her to snap.

            “With what, huh? Or should I ask, with who?” Y/N spat glaring up at the man, he couldn’t believe her words nor her tone.

            “Excuse me? What are you trying to say?”

            “You know exactly what I’m trying to say! Who is she?”


            “Was I not enough?” she asked in a wavering voice, her bottom lip trembling.

            Taehyung immediately sprung forward placing his hand on her cheek in a loving manner. “Baby girl…”

            “Don’t touch me!” the girl snarled slapping his hand away, everything she had bottled in the last couple of weeks finally coming out. “I hate you!” Y/N screeched as trails of tears ran down her pretty face. Taehyung felt as if he had been punched square in the face, she had never used those three words on him before. He looked absolutely mortified, she was crying and it was all his fault. It was when he heard her pained cries that he could have sworn he felt his heart shatter.

            “You don’t mean it.” He whispered with his fists balled tightly to his sides.

            “I do mean it, because you’re the worst.” She sobbed spitefully wiping her face with the back of her hand. Taehyung stood there frozen with his jaw clenched tightly as he processed everything she had just told him. Where had he gone wrong?

            “Baby girl, stop… Don’t cry.” He cooed cupping her face, only this time she didn’t push him away. “Please don’t cry, please. I swear there isn’t anyone else, there’s only you.” the brunette murmured softly as he gently wiped her tears with his thumbs. “I’m sorry if I’ve been neglecting you lately… It’s just I’ve been busy with the company, you know there’s only three weeks left before I take over my dad’s position and I jus- There’s no excuse, I’m sorry. Just know that I never meant to make you feel this way.” He was hoping to calm her down, but instead the younger girl began weeping harder. Her hands clutched onto his white dress shirt as she pressed her face against his clothed chest.

            “It gets lonely without you.” Y/N whimpered into him, he wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her onto his lap so she was straddling him. The two stayed like that for a while until she had finally calmed down and that’s when she felt something hard pressed against her ass. “Ta- Taehyung, ar- are you seriously hard right n- now?” her cheeks were dusted bright pink and her bottom lip was caught between her teeth as she gazed up at him.  

             “What?” he placed his large hands on her thin waist and leaned in so his lips were only millimeters away from hers. “You looked so damn cute crying in nothing but my oversized t-shirt and a pair of thigh high socks.”

             “Really?” the girl asked while cutely batting her lashes.

             “Oh god yes, baby girl.” he moaned pressing her down harder onto his member. “See what you do to me?” Taehyung breathed into her ear before he started nibbling her lobe.

             “Daddy.” The girl squealed squirming around as he forcefully moved her hips back and forth on his own. Y/N moaned feeling his cock twitch against her clothed entrance, she needed more.

             “No one else, but you can do this to me baby.”

             “Only me?” Y/N asked meekly.

             “Only you.” he muttered thickly into her ear before making his way over to lock his lips with hers. His luscious lips were soft and warm against her own, Y/N gasped when his teeth sunk down into her lower lip and tugged at it in a painful manner. His tongue found its way into her mouth, gliding over her own pink muscle savoring the taste of spearmint. The girl shivered as his hands roamed downwards under the shirt and to her bare ass kneading it.

             There was a string a saliva connecting them by the lips as he pulled away, his lust filled eyes looked down into her hooded ones, a smug smirk ingrained on his lush lips. Y/N fell off his lap and back onto the bed when he abruptly got up and off. Her big round eyes curiously followed him to the closet, what is he doing? A couple of seconds later he walked out with an azalea pink box clad in an ivory silk ribbon.

             “This is for you.”

             “Why are you giving this to me now?” Y/N questioned, she didn’t understand why he’d interrupted their intimate moment to hand her a gift

             “Just open it.” He urged tapping his foot impatiently.

             With a sigh the girl looped her fingers around the ribbon and pulled it back causing them to come undone. Taehyung looked at her anxiously, worried that she might not like the present. A gasp filled his ears, upon opening the packet her eyes were met with three items: a pair of black furry cat ears, a matching tail, and a diamond encrusted pastel pink collar with a little platinum bell.

             “What is all of this?”

             “What do you mean? Do you not like it?”

             “Of course I like it, it’s all so pretty.” Y/N beamed with gleaming eyes.

             “Then try it on.” Taehyung suggested, his voice held a hint of eagerness. The brunette tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before placing the headband on her, he was unable to hold back his grin. Seeing him look so happy fueled her to keep going, her hand reached for the matching black tail, it had a cold metal base from which it hung.
             “How am I supposed to wear this?” she whined jutting her bottom lip making Taehyung chuckle.

             “You’re adorable!” sniggered Taehyung as he snatched it from her hand. “This.” He ran his fingers over the metal. “Goes in your ass baby girl, it’s a butt plug.” he wished he could have taken a picture of her pretty face right then and there, it was priceless.

             “Won’t it hurt?” she was frightened and that’s the last thing he wanted.

             “Maybe at first, but don’t worry sweetheart, you know daddy would never intentionally hurt you.” cooed Taehyung lovingly, Y/N hummed in agreement. “How about you take this off?” he proposed tugging on the hem of the shirt, she did as she was told. The oversized piece of clothing landed somewhere on the ground leaving her petite frame exposed. His gaze wandered to her already hardened nipples, which was probably due to them rubbing against the fabric that had been covering them. “Now, ass up and face down.” In this position she wasn’t able to see what he was doing, but she knew that he was rummaging through the nightstand by the bed because she could hear him.

             He wasn’t sure whether she was trembling because the room was drafty or because she was scared. The bed dipped down as he got on and climbed on top of her. Y/N let out a moan when she felt him press sloppy kisses along her back, which was now arched. His fingers trailed down towards her ass, index lingering over her pink puckering hole. The brunette reached over to the side where he had placed the container of lube, squirting the substance on his index and on her entrance. She gripped the bedsheets tightly as his finger penetrated her ass, he stayed completely still trying to get her accustomed to the foreign feeling. It wasn’t until he felt her press against his palm that he decided to move, the sound of her voice filled his ears as he continued to pace himself. At this point it didn’t hurt, but she wasn’t overwhelmed by pleasure either, it came as a shock when she felt another finger infiltrate her tight hole. Breathy mewls left her lips, he wiggled his fingers wanting to hear more, and the bulge in his pants painfully throbbed at the scene before him. The fact that no one had ever touched her there before made this all the more exhilarating, just knowing he was stealing another piece of her innocence was more than enough to get him off.

             There was an emptiness when he retracted both fingers, what is he up to? That question was answered when she felt a cold metal tip press against her pulsing hole. The plug was coated in a generous amount of lubricant, but even then it didn’t just slip in. She was panting, it wasn’t that big but this was all new to her, this was a lot different than his fingers. Once it was in she was clenching around the toy refusing to let go, Taehyung was pleased with how real the tail looked hanging from her.

             “Sit up.”

Reaching over he grabbed the diamond encrusted pastel pink leather collar and placed it around her neck making sure to buckle it properly. Taehyung flicked the little bell causing it to jingle and him to giggle, it was worth every last penny.

            “I’ve always wanted a kitten.” Purred Taehyung leaning back to appreciate his baby girl, she was on her knees, stocking clad thighs tightly pressed together and hands on her lap, the dark furry headband blended into her dark locks making her look like she actually had cat ears, her tail peaked from behind teasing him, and the collar was the perfect final touch. “Fuck, baby girl you look absolutely stunning.”


            “Oh god, yes kitten.” Her face lit up at his response and even more once he got back on the bed with her. His hand shot to the back of her neck and his lips captured hers into a sweet intoxicating kiss entwined with the slight taste of the champagne he had drunk earlier that night. With every passing minute it became more rough and raw, their teeth clashing was one of the few indicators. It was bizarre, outside of bed Taehyung treated her as if she were made out of glass, but in bed he was a completely different person.

            Before she knew it Y/N was on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist and his hardened member grinding against her drenched entrance. Taehyung could feel her juices staining his pants signaling that she was in need of more. He was panting when he pulled away, nonetheless he made his way down to her glistening core.

            “Damn kitten, you’re dripping.” Embarrassed by his comment she tried to close her legs, but he got a hold of her thighs and spread them wide. He wasted no time in diving right in, his tongue teasingly licked her aching pussy. His large hands felt around until they landed on her perky mounds, fingers toying with her erect nipples. Her moans only inflated his ego, he was starting to get greedy, which is why he darted towards her clit eager to hear her scream for him.

            Her palms were laid flat against the comforter, back arched, and lips parted spewing out curses he didn’t know she knew while he lapped her like he hadn’t eaten in days. The fuzzy tail brushed against his chin as he sucked on the sensitive bud. The pressure in her stomach was becoming more intense, until she could no longer take it.

             “Da- Daddy!” her pleasure filled cries broke through the air, juices rushed down her thighs and into his mouth. For a couple of seconds everything seemed to go white, there was also a loud buzzing in her ears as well that left her disoriented for a split second. The toe curling orgasm had her huffing.

             “Mmm, tasty as always kitten.”


             “Of course, my little kitten’s pussy is my favorite snack.” His crude words had her instantly wet and yearning for more, she was finally ready to take him. Taehyung was hard, painfully hard. He needed her, only she could relieve his throbbing boner, Y/N, his baby girl. Hastily he began to peel his clothes off, the moment he yanked his briefs off his cock sprung free, slapping against his toned stomach. She gawked in amazement as he pumped himself, his large hands looked small wrapped around his thick and lengthy shaft. “Kitten.” The brunette groaned bucking into his closed fist as he pressed his back against the headboard for support. “Come here kitten, I want to watch you fuck yourself senseless on daddy’s cock.” Her face pinked and her core pulsed with desire, Taehyung always knew exactly what to say.

             Taehyung watched in amazement as she crawled over to him, she looked like a cute little kitten on all fours. Here she was, with her hand on the base of his shaft. He chewed on the inside of his cheek when he felt his tip graze against her moist sex, steadily she began to sink down on it. His pupils dilated further seeing her cunt take him all in. He breathed a sigh in relief feeling her soft wet walls squeeze around his meat, she was feeling tighter than usual.

            Y/N could feel every curve and bulging vein on his dick, she felt full, even more so with the butt plug. Her fretful whimper brought him out his lust filled thoughts. “Kitten… if it’s too much we can always stop.” He gruffly suggested, he didn’t want to be the only one enjoying this and he definitely didn’t want her hurting.  

             “No! I- I’ll be fine, just give me a second.” It took him a lot of self-control not to pound into her, he had to let her adjust. Her hands clutched onto his tanned shoulders giving her leverage to move, his breath becoming ragged as she starts to rhythmically bounce on him.

            Craning his head back the brunette groaned at the euphoric feeling of her throbbing cunt gliding over and over his shaft. “Kitten you’re so fucking tight!” nothing could compare to the feeling of being inside of her. Looking down he watched as her walls delectably hugged him, astonished by how such a petite girl could take him, all of him. Raising his hand in the air it swiftly came down on her ass, the slap echoed through the room. One slap after another Y/N mewled loving the stinging sensation he was creating. His hand gave her one last smack before sensually massaging the red marked up area.

             “Daddy! Ah, daddy you feel so good.” Her words were as lewd as her moans. “You fill me up so well!”

             “Shit, kitten you’re such a little whore for daddy, aren’t you?” he groaned pushing her down onto her back, he couldn’t take this anymore, he needed to be in control.

             “Ahh, yes!” she squeaked falling back, Y/N knew she was in for it now.

             His fingers pressed into her hips creating crescent shaped bruises on her smooth skin as he savagely pounded into her. With every harsh thrust the tiny platinum bell rung, mixing in with the sound of their skin slapping, mewls and groans. It was like she was being ripped in half, pleasure and pain mingling together to create an overwhelmingly delicious sensation that had her gasping for air. Taehyung hissed at the feeling on her long nails running along his back ripping his skin and causing blood to trickle down.

             “Jesus Christ, kitten!” she was getting tighter with every rapid jerk, indicating that her release was near. She was unable to squirm as he pushed his weight down on her, pressing her against the covers and shoving the toy deeper into her other hole. This change provided him with a new angle, Taehyung delve deeper inside of her making her scream. She looked utterly helpless beneath him, pathetic even, especially with the high pitched whines and whimpers seeping from her swollen lips. With a couple more aggressive thrusts he had her crying out his name in pleasure, tears spilling for a second time that night, but for a different reason.

             The knot in her stomach uncoiled, coating his thick cock in her sweet nectar. The girl’s body quivered against him before going numb, Taehyung’s thrust were as erratic as his breathing. Her walls were begging to be painted by the way they were sucking him in. Unable to hold back anymore his fingers dug into the delicate flesh on her hips ripping it.

             “Kittens like milk, don’t they?” his question was muted by her own cries and the ringing of her bell, he pulled away jerking his meat spurting hot ribbons of cum onto her flushed face. Taehyung let out a guttural grunt loving the fact that some of his creamy seed had landed on her cat ears. Her pretty little face was covered in his sticky seed, there was so much that it was dribbling down to the now soiled sheets. “Aw, my baby! You’ve always been a messy little eater.” He tittered scooping some of the white substance off her face and shoving the coated finger in her mouth for her to suck on. Her tongue swirled over his slender finger before letting it go with a loud ‘pop’.

             “Wait here.” His footsteps became distant and not long after he returned, carefully he wiped her face clean with a moist towel.

             “Daddy…” Y/N whimpered in a hoarse voice.

             “What is it baby girl?”

             “I’m sleepy.” She whispered tiredly.

             “Okay baby, let’s get you washed up and ready for bed.”

             Y/N’s eyes fluttered open, to her side was Taehyung sound asleep, he looked so angelic. Usually she’d wake up to an empty bed, maybe she had woken up early. Glancing over at the clock she saw that it was 8:30 AM, way past the time Taehyung would wake up. Panic filled her body realizing he was late, hastily she shook him until the man swatted her hands away. With a groan he pulled the covered closer to himself and snuggled deeper into the bed.

             “Sleep…baby…” he huskily murmured.

             “Wake up, you’re late for work!”

             “I’m not going.” Taehyung stated stubbornly.


             “Now, shut up and sleep.” Pulling her down with him he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and nuzzled his nose into her hair. “You know… I’ve missed you too.” Taehyung confessed addressing her words from the previous night.