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Hey everybody! I know I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I have a favor to ask! My sister-in-law is a really talented photographer, and is soon traveling across the U.S, and would love to get her name out there, as she wants to do shoots while on her travels. I figured that I would share the information with my Tumblr family. Well, those in the US.

She specializes in Newborn, maternity, couples, and boudoir photography, and actually was the photographer for my own engagement and wedding shoot!

She’s based in Jacksonville, North Carolina and is planning on going around the country in Fall 2017 to Spring 2018, and will be doing shoots in that time frame on her journey’s!

If you guys wouldn’t mind at least checking out her Instagram page, maybe following it to see what kind of shoots she does, and if you or anybody you know are thinking of any photography work you’d like done, I suggest looking her up! I’d super appreciate it!

“I was thinking outdoors?” Josephine’s smile shines like the sunlight, and Cassandra cannot help but smile back.

“An outdoor wedding would suit me very much, as you know.”

“I thought so.” Josephine turns back to her eternal paperwork: lists, maps, schedules. “I think perhaps the east garden. They have such a beautiful view–”

“Of the sea.”

“Yes! And there’s the rose gardens there; we have time to set up a trellis, to train over the climbing roses, and the arbor blessing….”

It is a romantic image. Cassandra sinks into it, a little: Josephine, glowing, radiant, in her demesne, in the gardens of the house that will be hers, in the spring sunlight and by the sea-cliffs and with roses and arbor blessing all blooming.

“And of course there is plenty of room for everyone,” Josephine continues happily, “especially if we can convince the Verani family to lend us the east meadow to set up banquet tables.”

Cassandra is momentarily nonplussed. “Banquet tables?”

“Well, yes, of course.” Josephine looks back up at her, lovely and earnest. “We must feed everyone, of course, and I do wish everyone to have something that pleases them–not everyone likes Antivan food, as much as I do adore it! We will need Orlesian food for the Orlesians, and Fereldan food for the Fereldans, although my understanding is that Cullen’s family will be happy if I roast a druffalo haunch and give them plenty of bread to sop up the juices.”

(This is the moment when Cassandra realizes that her wedding is going to be a much more elaborate affair than she expected.)

“Cullen’s… family…?” Cassandra asks, faintly.

“Naturally. Of course we were going to invite him, and I have been in correspondence with his elder sister Mia for some time–you know that.”

Cassandra was not, in fact, aware of that, but she does not volunteer this.

Josephine continues, “And of course if I invite her I must invite her husband, and if I am inviting the both of them it would be unkind not to invite the rest of his siblings.”

“I… see. And who else are we inviting?” Cassandra asks, though she is more terrified of this answer than she is of ogres on the Storm Coast.

“Oh, not too very many people. My family, of course.” Cassandra realizes, with a sinking feeling, that this comprises at least seventy-five people and probably more. “I would invite yours, only I suspect you would prefer I didn’t.” To this she can give a definitive nod. Josephine goes on, ticking off her fingers: “Our friends from the Inquisition, and their loved ones and children. Dorian, by the way, has already insisted on being permitted to oversee your attire, although  you may refuse him with my blessing. My friends and… useful acquaintances from Val Royeaux and their loved ones and children. Local families and friends from Antiva, of course. People to whom my family owes a favor. People to whom my family would like to owe a favor. Oh! And old schoolmates of mine.” She looks enquiringly at Cassandra. “And whoever you would like to include, of course.”

(This is the moment when Cassandra realizes that her wedding is going to be a much larger affair than she expected.)

“I… ah… that seems… sufficient.” There may be people that Cassandra might wish to add to the list, old Seeker friends and contacts, but at this moment the enormity of the thing has boggled her beyond sense. “But it seems a bit early to be thinking of the guest list. We haven’t even discussed how the ceremony should go, or who should officiate.”

Josephine looks at her, then, with the first moment of genuine surprise of this afternoon. Indeed, her elegant eyebrows climb toward her hairline.

“I thought you would have expected,” she says, carefully, “that it would be my best friend, and….?”

(This is the moment when Cassandra realizes that her wedding is going to be officiated by Divine Victoria.)

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

Okay so that inspired my brain to go what about the winteriron version of that proposal and I could just see Tony, letting out a frustrated angry, Marry Me! and Bucky responding with wide eyes& then a snapped reply of Yes, you asshole. Or something snide and snarky and then they both just stare at each other in shock like. Are we engaged? Then angry wedding planning where they just yell at each-other but they are agreeing about everything? Like ROSES SOUND FANTASTIC. THEY DO. FINE. FINE.

I did a thing.

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13 Days of Outlander - Day 12  The Hail Mary

This is one of those episodes that I enjoy thoroughly but have trouble picking out too many favorite bits; they all seem to be concentrated in one or two areas. 

Favorite Location: the camp and Culloden House. So I ended up spending way too much time trying to look up which house this was (Touch House in Stirling Scotland) and where else I might have seen it before but could not for the life of me figure it out (I feel like it was used in some other period drama as a major filming location, some Jane Austen adaptation maybe?). Whether I ever find out where it is I’ve seen the house before or not, it’s exterior catches in my mind every time. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Jamie refuses to let Claire give up. The desolation on Claire’s face at the beginning of the episode as they arrive in camp days away from the battle of Culloden is heartbreaking but Jamie refuses to give up and does everything he can to reassure Claire that hope is not lost; giving up when there is still time left for them is simply not an option. 

Honorable Mention: There’s a brief bit of silent communication between Jamie and Claire when they’re helping to settle Colum in that seems to be the inspiration behind Colum’s remarks to Claire about how good their marriage seems to be; I think he knows that while he objected to the match because of Claire’s English blood, he can see that being married to her has made Jamie more JAMMF than he would otherwise be (and therefore an even more appropriate/desirable successor and clan chief).

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Murtagh offers to marry Mary. It’s such a sweet little moment from Murtagh and shows that while he was able to lay vengeance at Mary’s feet in the last episode, nothing can undo what was done to her. The guilt he feels is something he will live with the rest of his life but perhaps doing right by her on a day-to-day basis would help. And we get another call out to how good Claire and Jamie’s marriage is and how that one started. 

Favorite Minor Character: Black Jack Randall, civilian. Every time we’ve seen Black Jack Randall before it has been in the guise of his profession as soldier, officer––even when he was in France to make his appeal to the Duke he wore his military garb. But here he is on leave, he is a civilian, and he is in civilian dress. It’s still him in all his horror, but it’s also a different side to him and I find it fascinating (and uncomfortable as hell).

Favorite Line, Honorable Mention for Favorite Scene: Colum announces a guardian and Dougal’s popularity. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen Colum, Dougal, and Jamie in a room together; the tension is always so deliciously thick when these three share the screen. The shock on Jamie’s face when Colum declares that he wants him to be Hamish’s guardian is nothing compared to the barbs thrown by Dougal’s tongue. But as always, Colum knows precisely what to say to put Dougal in his place: “I am skeptical that my support would be enough to convince the clan to choose you as their chief […] Brother if you were half as popular as you believe yourself to be, then there would be more men here today in this army of yours.”

Favorite Performance, Favorite Scene, Favorite Music Moment, Favorite Costume: Gary Lewis as Colum MacKenzie and Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie as Dougal confronts Colum one last time. There isn’t a single thing about this scene that I don’t love from Colum’s clear exhaustion over the fact his brother won’t let his final moments be peaceful one to Dougal’s interpretations of how Colum’s misfortunes and poor health impacted his own life––a performance that is so nuanced, it’s paradoxically both insightful and blindly selfish.  The swell of music as Dougal realizes Colum has passed––and processes from the sight of the bottle in his hand that it was a suicide––in one of the most effective (however cliché it might also be) uses of music in the episode. As has happened before, I can’t pick just one performance because the performance is ultimately all in the dynamic between the two actors themselves. Lewis doesn’t do as much in the final scene between Colum and Dougal, but he carries his weight in all the rest of his scenes in the episode from the moment he steps into the house and offers condolences to Rupert for the loss of Angus to the favor he begs of Claire. And I can’t help choosing Colum’s fur coat/wrap thing as my favorite costume of the episode; it seems worn, matted, and ill-fitting in such a way as to convey just how ragged Colum himself is having reached the final days of his life. 

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation: Mary and Black Jack’s wedding. What I love about how all of this was adapted for the screen is the decision to keep Jamie and Black Jack apart, to use Murtagh as a substitute for Jamie as witness. It means we don’t get the “Damn all Randalls” from the book (though we still get something pretty close when Claire tells Jamie about the marriage having taken place), but I think keeping the two of them apart here will make their confrontation on Culloden Moor in Season 3 that much better (this change means they haven’t met since the duel in France). 

arctic monkeys lyrics meme


  • they’d probably like to throw a punch at me.
  • i’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky.
  • i’m a mad motherfucker.
  • you’re a rule breaker, baby.


  • ain’t it just like you to kiss me and then hit the road?
  • it’s not like i’m falling in love I just want you to do me no good
  • i’m trying to change your mind.
  • i wanna grab both your shoulders and shake.
  • you and me could have been a team.
  • i’m a puppet on a string.
  • satisfaction feels like a distant memory.
  • unfair we’re not somewhere misbehaving.
  • will you pour me one for the road?
  • i can’t explain but i want to try.  
  • it’s kinda strange now you’re gone
  • have you no idea that you’re in deep?
  • i dreamt about you nearly every night this week.
  • ‘cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you.
  • was sorta hoping that you’d stay.
  • maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new.
  • we could be together if you wanted to.
  • you call the shots, babe.
  • maybe i just wanna be yours.   
  • if i had a heart you’re the one who should break it.


  • you look like you’ve been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel.  
  • i’m sure that you’re still breaking hearts.
  • i’m hanging on by the rings around my eyes.
  • be cruel to me 'cause i’m a fool for you.
  • that’s not a skirt, girl, that’s a sawn-off shotgun and i can only hope you’ve got it aimed at me.
  • baby, i was made to break your heart.


  • can I call you her name?
  • there’s absolutely nothing for us here. 


  • try and keep your trousers on.
  • i’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck.
  • i crumble completely when you cry.
  • it seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye.
  • take off your wedding ring.
  • do me a favor, tell me to go away.
  • stop flattering yourself.
  • perhaps 'fuck off’ might be too kind.

Not ready to leave. It really was a perfect trip, Andy was a great traveling companion and we struck up a good balance of planning on the fly and spontaneity. The first day we gave up our plan to drive the whole ring road in favor of taking our time and hiking, getting from Rekyavik to Hofn and back. The weather hid and reveled the landscape differently on our way out and back. We did about 43 miles of walking. I’m sore and bruised all over, I used sooo many bandaids, and the foot I sprained 2 weeks ago wasn’t very happy with me.

We only did one tour, a ride on a boat in the glacier lagoon. I broke part of the van, chased waterfall rainbows, stumbled across the most beautiful newly weds getting photos taken, gave up my aversion to leggings (I wore thermals and sporty leggings 80% of the time), hiked into the clouds, found geodes, and perfected taking a 3 minute shower before the water would cut off (coin operated).

A Little Lesson in Joy: Part Two

Authors’ Note: Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mommies out there one and all!!! The time has come for Rafael and Natalia to welcome two new Barbas into the world!!! But naturally there will be some drama first!!! @vintagemichelle91 and I so hope that you enjoy!!!

          “Guess we’re having the reception at the hospital.”

           Despite Fin’s lame attempt at a joke, Rafael instantaneously shifted into frantic father mode. Snatching the bouquet from Natalia’s palms, he tossed the flowers to Rollins.

           “Now you’re the bride, Barba?” Rollins quipped.

           “Does this mean that you’re next in line, Amanda?” Carisi teased. Focusing on them for the smallest of seconds, Rafael saw the other detective blush, but just as quickly turned his attention back to his wife.

           Yet he still heard them speaking…

           “Sonny, this is not the time or the—”

           “I’m only fooling around, Amanda,” he said.

           “It does mean that someone else has to get married, Momma,” Jesse pointed out as Rollins groaned, and Lucia said the flowers looked like a perfect fit in her hands.

           “Can we all please focus on the fact that my wife is in labor?” Rafael’s voice rose an octave, and he winded one arm around Natalia’s shoulders, his hands finding their way to hers as she clutched her belly…

           …and softly laced her fingers in his.

           “It’s okay,” she murmured, shooting him a quick smile. “I… I kind of wanted them at the wedding. Guess they sensed that much.”

           “And I think they’d appreciate it if their father was a bit more civil in the presence of his friends,” Lucia said. Rolling his eyes at his mother, Rafael turned away from her, not in any mood for her words of wisdom.

            And no chance of saying anything else when Alessia rushed forward.

           “Oh, Natty!” Alessia cried, taking hold of her free hand. “We should have waited. Or done it sooner. But I didn’t—”

           “It’s on me,” Trevor cut in. “We should have eloped or—”

           “Well I wouldn’t have wanted that,” Alessia said.

           “Me neither,” Natalia said. “It… it was a lovely ceremony. And I… I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the…”

           But they were going to miss the reception. Her legs wobbled, and she breathed deeply. Rafael continued to ease her towards the door, suddenly surrounded by every other guest.

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Better Men

This didn’t end up meeting the requirements of a request but I’m gonna go ahead and post it as it’s own thing.

Zelink and a lil dash of angst after the cut!

Blue, draping fabric holds to her form by the pin her maids press to her heart while other hands tend to the brunette tresses spilling down her back. Zelda’s mind does not linger on her looks, she trusts the women at work, and unfurls the scroll placed in her hand. Her lips pinch together.

“My Queen, that will give you wrinkles.” Tuts one of the handmadiens.

Zelda sighs, tries to smooth her features, and beckons the messenger boy with a single quick of her finger. Go to the each Counselors chambers, wake them, and tell them they are to meet me in half an hour–“

"Your Highness, your hair will not b–”

Zelda grits her teeth and cuts the woman off with a look. “They will meet me in fifteen minutes. My private offices.” The child scampers out the door and the woman around her become nearly frantic. By the time he returns with his face red from exertion and mild fright, Zelda’s hair is pinned and she is slipping on long, white gloves. “Good lad. One last request and you will be pardoned for the rest of the day…” The small scroll she read just moments before is passed into the boy. “Burn this.”

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slytherin-winchesterfan  asked:

Which book subscription box is your favorite?? 💚📚📚


Thanks so much for your question! Here’s my review on all the boxes I currently receive..

Owlcrate - Highest quality items, highest quality books, with greatest consistency. I love my Owlcrate items so much, I selected many to use for my wedding as favors and gifts. Owlcrate has had 1 or 2 duds, but I have never, ever considered canceling. They have such wonderful customer service, and my gracious heart breaks every time I see the timestamp of 2 a.m. on an email they get back to me about. I highly recommend Owlcrate. The only conceivable con of an Owlcrate subscription is the price (it is more expensive than some others), but the presentation is excellent and shipping is fast.

Uppercase - Moderate quality items, mid- to low- quality books (typically more indie books), but the price is appropriate for what you get. If you’re looking for a cheaper subscription service and you don’t expect a lot, this one would align with that. They really target the book community - the books are always autographed and they include key words to join in on a book chat about the text each month that stays live even after the fact. This one doesn’t appeal so much to me, especially since for 3 months in a row the Owlcrate and Uppercase were the same book, but every time I swear I’m going to cancel, they send out an amazing month. So, every month I’m on the fence, and then they send something that makes me think it’s worth keeping. Overall though, I wouldn’t recommend unless cash is a major factor.

The Bookish Box (with book) - I LOVE this box!!! They have only recently started adding a YA book each month, though, so you have to really be down for a bunch of cute T-shirts and unique bookish items (which are my favorite part of any box, honestly. A good box for me is a curated masterpiece!) and the price is again slightly more than others if you get the extra book each month ($10 price differential). Highly recommended but also highly specific.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Lootcrate) - Okay. I have only ever received one of this box, but it was hands-down the greatest box I have ever, ever opened. Again, highly specific, and again, no book in the box, but seriously, I cried opening it. It’s significantly more expensive than the others ($41/bimonthly) but the quality is just jaw-dropping. I love, love, love, love, love this box, so if you are open to other possibilities, keep this one in mind.

The Bottom Line: Overall, if what you’re looking for is a book subscription box with an actual book, and you want it to be consistent month-to-month, and you are flexible with price - Owlcrate, definitely.

Hope this is helpful! Let me know what you end up with!

artsyolivia  asked:

fmab let's go

haven’t heard of it | absolutely never watching | might watch | currently watching | dropped | hated it | meh | a positive okay | liked it | liked it a lot! | loved it | a favorite

don’t watch period | drop if not interested within 2-3 episodes | give it a go, could be your thing | 5 star recommendation

fav characters: Riza Hawkeye, my queen
least fav characters: Tucker, because, duh. 
fav relationship: Romantic? Roy and Riza. Platonic: So many, but Al and Winry and Ed and Ling are at the top.
fav moment: Envy: What are you doing lieutenant?

Riza: When its just the two of us, the colonel calls me “Riza”.

Envy: So you’re that close are you?

Riza: I lied. Now do me a favor and die. *proceeds to wreck Envy’s shit*

headcanons/theories: Soooooo many. My favorite is probably Roy not having a best man at his wedding, Ling introducing Ed to his court as “The man who fed a boot to the emperor”, and Hughes raising Nina in heaven.
unpopular opinion: I don’t like the Briggs arc all that much.
how’d you find it: I found FMA 03 through a kid a school who showed me the third episode, and watched FMAB afterwards.
random thoughts: The best series of all time. Everyone should watch this amazing show.


Memories from last night were flooding my dreams and fred and george dying when it was happening. So here I was sitting next to Molly while she was sitting with George

“You alright dearie?” Mrs. Weasley said, grabbing my hand

“Still shaken up about everything. I don’t know what I would have done if I lost dad or fred or George or anyone for this matter.” I said, pushing george’s hair back in a soothing manner.

“It’ll be alright. We don’t need this kind of negativity on this day.” She smiled

“Molly, have you been up this whole time?” I asked

“I’ll be fine.” She smiled

“Go. Get some sleep. I’ll stay with him.” I said and squeezed her hand

“Alright.” She said. She kissed George’s head and mine as well.

“Why do you care for us so much?” George said, opening his eyes to look at me.

“Because you guys look out for each other and ever since you and Fred brought me to meet your mum, she’s done the same for me and you guys have looked out for me and now I’m returning the favor.” I smiled

“You’re practically family. We always look out for family.” He said and grabbed my hand

“You broke your promise to Ginny ya know?” I smiled

“Promise?” He asked in confusion

“I told her that all of us would return in full piece. You on the other hand…” I laughed

“Reckon I’m still better looking than Freddie.” He smiled

“Dashing. Just Dashing.” I laughed

“How you feeling Georgie?” Fred asked, joining us

“Merlin. Fred you scared me.” I said, putting my hand over my chest to stop my nearly heart attack

“Sorry, Love.” He chuckled

“Better. Pain but better.” He said

“How exactly did that happen?” Fred asked

“Greyback or dolohov.” George said. I growled at the thought of Greyback doing this to him

“It couldn’t have been. Greyback doesn’t carry a wand.” I said, shaking my head

“I don’t care. I’m going to repay the favor to Greyback for what he did to you.” George said

“I’ll add you to the list.” I laughed

*Before the wedding*

“Hermione!” I called

“Yes?” She said, popping her head into 

“Zip me up, will you?” I asked and turned around. I heard her make her way across the room and over to me. I felt the dress being zipped up and I turned and looked in the mirror.

“You look…Beautiful.” She smiled

“Why didn’t you have Fred do it?” She asked

“I want it to be a surprise.” I smiled

“It’ll be a wonderful one.” She smiled

“Ron will be in for one as well.” I smiled at her. She started blushing

“You really think so?” She asked

“Honey, I know so. I see the way he looks at you. It’s the same way Fred looks me.” I smiled

“We should start heading down.” She said and with that she walked out the door. I took one last look at myself in the mirror and grabbed my wand and headed out the door.

“Adrianna, C’mon love. We haven’t got all night!” Fred yelled up the stairs

“Trying not to break my neck here.” I said, reaching the last step. Once was I was fully on the ground, everything got quiet.

“You look…” George Started

“Beautiful.” Fred Smiled. I looked down and blushed

“C’mon on love. We need to head out to the tent.” Fred said and grabbed my hand and led me to the tent.

*After the Ceremony*

“Now. Will the newly weds come to the dance floor for the bride and groom dance?” Charlie said

“That’ll be us soon.” Fred said and kissed my cheek. I looked down at the engagement ring and smiled.

“C’mon. Care to dance?” He said, standing up and offering me his hand. I stood up and grabbed his hand and he led us to a spot and he placed his hands around my waist and i wrapped mine around his neck.

“You look absolutely stunning.” He said and pecked my lips

“You dont look to bad yourself.” I winked

“Although, you and Georgie seem to be matching with the colors.” He laughed

“Yeah, I don’t really know how that happened.” I laughed. I layed my head on his chest and he kissed the top of my head.

“Mind if I cut in?” We heard a bulgarian accent from behind us

“Viktor!” I said and hugged him.

“Go on. Angelina’s here.” I said to Fred

“Are you sure?” He asked, knowing that Angelina has a crush on him still

“I trust you.” I smiled. I turned back to face Viktor and gave him my hand, He bowed and kissed it. I let out a quiet giggle and he led us to the dance floor. He placed one hand on my waist and the other in my hand. I placed one on his shoulder and grabbed his with my other.

“Woah Deja Vu.” I laughed, referring to win we danced at the Yule Ball

“You look beautiful, Adri.” He smiled and twirled me around

“You look good.” I smiled. He did. His hair had grown out and he now is sporting a full goatee and he had a bit more muscle than when I last saw him.

“How have you been?” I asked

“Alright. Won the Qudditch cup again. Traveled the states a few times. It truly is beautiful there. How about you?” He asked

“Fantastic, Fred and I are getting married when this whole thing blows over(Fred Lives in mine), minus the fact that last year i got scratched by Fenrir Greyback.” I said, recalling that night.

“So that’s what those are from.” He said, referring to the scars on my face and legs

“Hoping to repay the favor one day along with dad and bill.” I said, growling a bit.

“I heard about that.” He chuckled

“Dad wasn’t hared about that.” I laughed.

“I think you should get back to Fred, he looks a bit… peaky.” He said, motioning over to Fred. I looked behind me and saw that he looked very uncomfortable.

“I’ll see you at my wedding, yeah?” I smiled

“Definatly.” He smiled. I kissed his cheek and walked over to Fred and grabbed his hand and pulled him away.

“Thank Merlin. That was very awkward. She kept trying to grab my bum and i thought that she was going to have her hand go somewhere else.” He laughed. I leaned forward abit and pinched his bum

“Hey!” He laughed and grabbed where i pinched him

“How do you like it?” I asked. Just then a blue patronus flew into the tent and everyone stepped back.

“The ministry has fallen.”

“The Minister of Magic is dead.”

“They are coming.”

“They are coming.” Kingsley’s voice ran out though the tent. Everyone started talking in fear.

“Freddie.” I said, grabbing his hand

“It’ll be okay.” He said and kissed me. I saw him grab his wand and i grabbed my wand off the near by table. Just then a bunch of death eaters flew in, Screams and spells were the only thing heard

“Fred!” I shouted.

“Adrianna!” He shouted

“Stupefy!” I shouted at the death eater behind him.

“Go! Go into my room and grab our bags and stay there til either lupin dad or george or myself come get you.” He told me and kissed me one last time. I ran out of the tent and into the house i kicked off my shoes and ran into the twins room. But I was grabbed from behind and heard 

“Hello Lovely. I knew we would meet again.” Greyback said

“Greyback.” I said, through clenched teeth. he walked us down stairs when I saw the deatheaters had everyone in the sitting room.

“Adrianna!” Dad exclaimed

“Not so fast Remus. You don’t want her to have another set of scratches do you?” Greyback Laughed

“Dad, don’t.” I cried

“Let her go.” Fred said.

“Ah, You have a boyfriend. How would you guys like to have matching marks.” He said to me.

“Please. Don’t hurt him. I’ll tell you anything you want to know just please don’t hurt them.” I cried

“Where is Harry Potter?” He asked

“We haven’t seen him since last year on the astronomy tower.” I said

“How do I know your not lying?” He asked

“Give me Viertaserium(idfk how to spell it) and it’ll be the same answer.”I said

“Fenrir, quit playing with your food and lets go!” Dolohov said

“Fine. Until we meet again lovely.” He smirked and scratched my arm

Mutually Beneficial | Correspondence with Ptolomaeus

Letters with the Gold family seal were not uncommon, especially to those of the Unseelie Court. Most times the letters were short, to the point invitations to parties and the lot. The one that made its way to the Moonsong household was unique in that it wasn’t crafted by a servant. Rather, the contents were written in the penmanship belonging to the Gold patriarch himself. 

Lord Ptolomaeus Moonsong 

It has come to my attention that the two of us have offspring of marrying age. I’d very much like to see my daughter wed before she attempts to pursue some pitiful life outside court and while your son’s choice of lifestyle is far from ideal, to merge our families in this union could prove to be most beneficial for the both of us. 

I’m sure I need not remind you of past favors I’ve done for you in order for you to be most agreeable to this proposal. Details of this potential union should be discussed with haste.

A. Gold


Happy Wedding Wednesday! Here a beautiful Winter Wedding to go along with most of the countrys deep freeze lately! 

This is why I love weddings so much. They make every season beautiful with their ceremonies and celebrations. Especially winter!

A couple of my faves are the frosty decor items possibly used for the centerpieces and the soft wraps on the bridesmaids. I also LOVE the wraps/shawls given as favors! How appropriate and considerate for your guests!

Enjoy these Rustic and Chic winter wedding inspirations!

Happy Planning and stay warm!



Wedding Edition-Disney Touches

I’m a huge Disnerd. It’s a thing. My favorite place in the world is the parks and when I’m sad or bored they’re always my go-to movies. I could win any Disney trivia game, ramble off facts about the parks, and quote the movies until my face turns blue.

I love the nostalgia, I love the fun, I love the magical feeling related with anything Disney. And let’s not forget we got engaged at Disneyland! So, of course I wanted to incorporate Disney into my wedding! However, I am also an adult (kind of), so I wanted it to still come off as mature and subtle.


I decided early on in my wedding planning that the inspiration for most of the wedding was going to be Beauty and the Beast. I loved the colors and the roses. So starting at the top, our invitations of course had to say Be Our Guest!

As did our Guest Book of course

I had our programs for the ceremony say Tale As Old As Time an excerpt from the movie’s title song, which is also what my family was seated to

Our favors were little soap roses! Courtesy of my mother-in-law

I had hidden Mickey’s on the bottom of my shoes

Kurtis and I collect Disney Vinylmation so we chose bride and groom vinyls for our cake topper!

And, the most staple Beauty and the Beast inspiration at the wedding, was of course the centerpieces.

And we had to use our Mickey-ear bride and groom hats as photobooth props!

How could we not?


5 Truths I’ve Learned About Planning A Wedding

Over the last five months, I’ve come to understand that planning a wedding, despite being a romantic undertaking, has its ups and downs. The process can sometimes jump back and forth between ecstatic joy and sobering financial reality. And although we’ve experienced sticker shock at times, overall, the process has been exciting. We’ve been presented with the creative challenge of swapping out the things we want, with things we can comfortably afford. Below are five truths I’ve come to know throughout the course of our engagement, as I learn the ropes of what it means to be a ‘bride-to-be.’

1. Be realistic about what you can afford, and stick with things that really matter.
There were a lot of add-ons that we initially considered/wanted at our wedding, but we quickly discovered that they were slightly (or more than slightly) out of our price range. For example, the wildly popular photo booth machine can cost hundreds of dollars, and we decided that our money would be better spent elsewhere. A smart swap that we’ve thought about implementing, would be to set up a table filled with Polaroid cameras and extra film for guests to take photos of themselves, which they can then pin up to a cork board for all to see. It’s important to build out your wedding “wish-list” with selected items that matter the most, and pinpoint the areas from which you can cut corners to make them a reality.

2. Planning is as complicated as you make it.
One of the first things I realized when planning our wedding was that it wasn’t nearly as stressful or time-consuming as I thought it would be. I had always imagined there would be an endless list of decisions to obsess over like colors to coordinate, lighting to choose, chairs to cover, etc. I’ve found that this isn’t the case. Up until recently, a majority of my wedding planning reference points consisted of women who spent exorbitant amounts of time carefully selecting each minute detail of their special day — an activity that took up a majority of their time at work. I realize that my preoccupation (or lack thereof) with wedding planning cannot be considered baseline, as I’m pretty laid back, but I’ve found the aspect of it all to be enjoyable and smooth. So far, the elements of the wedding that have been crucial to us have been ensuring that everyone eats well, good dance music is played, and an officiant is present to actually perform the marriage — all fairly manageable decisions. Other than that, come what may! Honestly, I’m just pumped to celebrate with loved ones and drink champers.

3. Female relationships matter SO much.
When I first got engaged, I knew that planning a wedding with my mom by my side would be fun, but I underestimated how special it would feel to bond with her throughout the process. The female relationships I have in my life: with my sister, my best friend, mother-in-law to-be, sister-in-laws, and my girlfriends, have made me realize how tight-knit and meaningful that circle of support is to me.

4. Favors are fu*king expensive.
$4.50 for a gourmet chocolate bar, times X number of guests, adds up fast. We want to give each guest a small token to show our love and appreciation before the thank-yous go out, but specialty favors add hundreds of dollars to the cost of the wedding that we didn’t account for. We’re now exploring DIY favors such as small bottles of homemade beer and wine and other items that are meaningful, but won’t set us back financially.

5. Tune out the noise.
Both my fiancé and I come from traditional families who view weddings as #Events. Sometimes it can feel difficult to decipher whether the pressure to have a big wedding comes from outside influence or from inside myself. When everyone around you is planning large-scale pricey weddings, it can feel difficult to deviate from that. My fiancé and I were both raised in a small town where we grew up seeing the same people for holidays, birthdays, BBQs, parties, etc. While that has resulted in us having an incredibly rich support system filled with people who love us, it’s also created a sizable wedding guest list. For example, our engagement party ballooned to 95 guests because of how many people we know and wanted/needed to invite. It ended up being pricier than what I, myself, would advocate someone to spend. Fortunately, we are in a position where we do not have to bear the sole financial burden, because our parents are able to help us (and want to). I realize this is not a position in which every couple finds themselves, but it is something that our families prepared for, and looked forward to helping us celebrate for a long time. However, receiving financial assistance doesn’t mean trading away the right to keep the wedding authentic. While we hate to let people down by opting out of things like a church service or limos, it’s important to create a wedding that feels like “us” — one that hasn’t been laden down by the pressures of too much tradition. I’ve learned that it’s important that we do our best to tune out the noise of the Wedding Industrial Complex — of what Pinterest tells us how our weddings should look, or what Say Yes To The Dress demands our wedding dress cost. We have to be the masters of our own finances, and we can’t submit to the pressure that society can place on us to do things the #right way.

The most important takeaway from this experience has been the understanding that being engaged spans a very limited period of my life, and I should enjoy it as much as I’m able. I’ve learned to feel more comfortable removing the barriers that prevent me from doing so, whether it means whittling down the size of the bridal party, or saying “no” to children attending the reception. After all, this is only the initial foray into what will be a lifetime spent with my significant other. It should be thoroughly enjoyed as the gift it is and not wasted away stressing over decisions that are meaningless in the grand scheme of life.

The Best Day Ever Part Three: Afternoon (Pietro x Reader)

Part 1

Part 2

Summary: The third and final part to this Pietro x Reader fanfiction trilogy. A lot of fluff coming your way! I know there wasn’t much in the last two like I said in the other two but it’s all been leading up to this! A party at Clint’s house after spending the day at the fair, with many relationship milestones happening all at once for all the Avengers in here too. Enjoy!

Warnings: None. 

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Guys!! Not gonna lie, i’m a little nervous sharing this, but this is something i’ve always wanted to do…
Just posted my first makeup tutorial! :)
Hope you guys like it! This look was inspired by snapchat & the infamous flower crown filter…basically the makeup I imagine should be attached to everyone’s faces when they use this filter lol
Anyways, let me know what you guys think!…and please do me a big favor & subscribe to my channel!! Huge thank you to anyone who actually takes the time to watch this!

We just finished making our table numbers and I thought I’d take a couple of pictures and share!

Because we were in an LDR for 4 years, we went for a travel/adventure theme and have based all tables on places that are important to us and have also included 3 fictional locations from 3 of our favorite games ^^! Included one of our centerpieces as well as one of our wedding favors! Just got my funko minis in for a group shot, along with my bobblehead. I was tempted to have a toy accompany each centerpiece and table number but Im too protective of them and would worry about them disappearing >_<;

Just grabbed the logos from online super quick and don’t want to take credit for them so if there’s someone I should credit, please let me know!  All I’m responsible for here is shoving paper into ikea frames and assembling them ^^;