using the writing from last years christmas message ; ;

Viscum album

Spiker: @gixxa

Type: Fanfiction

Pairing/s: KinKuni, MatsuHana, IwaOi, WataKyouHaba

Characters: Seijoh

Warnings: “side effects may include a smile”

Word Count: 2 356

Prompt: Bad Sweaters // Cuddling // Mistletoe // Laughter // Hot Cocoa // Family

Summary: Christmas party Seijoh-style.

Message to my Spiker:

Hello, hellooo! This is my gift to you. I tried my best to follow your prompt and your characters, and I think it went pretty okay. It’s definitely passing, at least. 

Hope you have a merry holiday, and I hope you like my bayootiful writing made just for you! 

- @kunimees 

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Glory of Words

Prompt: The reader is a rescued victim on a hunt. She’s an underground writer, author of a series Sam was reading, but she stopped writing due to depression. He says he really loved the books, and she says something like “they’re not the most original thing, I got inspired in Supernatural, by Carver Edlund, and this boy with demon blood that got so misunderstood and…. OMG… Sam? Dean? Was it all real or am I becoming crazy?!” I think is one of craziest thing I’ve requested, sorry, and good luck!

Word count: 2,712

Warnings: mentions of depression, depressed thoughts (no suicide or self-harm, though)

Author’s Note: I really enjoyed writing this! Also, the lore mentioned here is real - well, as real as lore gets.

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In the Flesh ADVENT CALENDAR 2015

t’s *that* time of the year again! (Yes, it’s only October-still! Early Christmas celebrations everyone!)

The advent calendar project of last year got SUCH a great amount of good feedback last year that there is no discussion needed about whether it will happen again in 2015 or not!

The advent calendar project is about designing 24 “doors” for this fandom’s very own count-down to Christmas, each door consisting of an artwork and accompanying ficlet.

As last year, if you are an artist or a writer and want to design one of the 24 “doors”, please send a message from your main account here. Make sure to have samples of your art/writing on your blog, or use the submit form and include links to your works.

The deadline to do this is October 31st. After that, 24 artists and writers will be chosen, and paired. Those 24 participants will be messaged on November 1st, giving you enough time to prepare your entry before December.

Additional information:

  • As said, each artist will be paired with a writer. The artist and writer are then working together; they will talk about their illustrations together so that the artwork fits the atmosphere of the ficlet and the other way around.
  • Even if you can’t participate in the illustration of the 24 doors right away, there are almost always backup-artists and -writers needed, so it may very well be that you get a later message asking you to help out if you want.
  • As last year, the works will be featured on this blog, and you’ll both be credited.
  • For the writers: If possible, please make sure to write a ficlet of at least 1K and a maximum of 10K words. Don’t see this as a fixed rule, but please try to follow it.
  • For the artists: Please draw one picture (digitally or traditionally) and submit it in a quality that is high enough to not be pixeled.
  • Last year we made a christmas present for the cast and crew of ITF. We definitely want to do this again this year. Last year we created a website with results of an ITF survey; have you got any ideas what the fandom should do this year? If you do have an idea in which the fandom could take part, please send a message!
  • You want to browse through last year’s posts and entries? Sure!
  • Even if you can’t/don’t want to take part, reblogging this to spread the word would be amazing!
  •  Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Definitely looking forward to an amazing result this year again! Have fun!