using the key under the mat

-posting my masterlist just for the heck of it-

Full-lenth oneshots (typically around 1,000 words) are posted first under each name, separated from shorter works by a line. Enjoy!


“I Want to Try It With You”




It’s Just That…



“I Wrote This For You”

“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You”

Cha Cha Malone



See You Around

Nice To Meet You


Five Years



“It Brings Out Your Eyes”

“He’s Going to Be Fine”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash at My Place For Tonight?”


“Birds Can’t Fly Without Wings”

“Take the Long Way Around”







“I’m Sorry… I’m Just Stressed Out”

“Please Don’t Do This”



Good Morning

Don’t Tell




Of Course






“What Happened To You Two?”

“He Really Needs Help”

“I Heard a Noise”






“I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To”

“You’re Warm”


1:30 AM


Goodness Knows Why




“I Could Never Lose You”

“You Need Some Sleep”

“You’re Not Happy Here, Are You?”

“Your Feelings Don’t Matter Right Now; We Need to Do This”

“I Want To Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash At My Place For Tonight?”

“I’m Coming Home”


Let Loose

Out Of the Blue

Next Time




With You


“Cross My Heart and Hope to Die”

“Hold My Hand So He Gets Jealous”

“Don’t Say That”

“Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love”



My Pleasure


I Insist



“I’m Not Going Anywhere”

“Keep Your Eyes Open”

“I’m Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love”

“Take Notes, Sweetheart”




“You Look Good”

“Someone Will Find Us”




“The Key Is Under the Mat”

“You Look Good”

“I Couldn’t Do It Without You”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash at My Place For Tonight?”

“Keep Your Eyes Open”

“Have I Ever Told You How Much You Mean To Me?”

“Who Was That Guy?”

“Pillows Are Over-Rated”

Jay Park



Give It a Shot

Go For It

Thank You

One Reason


Little Fish




Just You


“Go Back to Sleep”

“I Wrote This For You”

“Slushies Aren’t Just For Kids, Fuck Society”

“You Got a Cute Butt”

“Do You Do This Every Day, By Yourself?”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been in Love With You?”

“You Still Have Me”

“I Cheated”

“I Swear, I’m Not Scared”

“Can You Just Leave Me Alone?”

“Get Over It”



“This Is For You”

“She Really Loves You, Doesn’t She?”

“Sleep Tight”


The Truth

Too Late

You Know That


Any Chance


“Who Was That Guy?”

“If You Fall, I’ll Catch You”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been In Love With You”

“I Want To Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“I Just Wanted To Get To Know You Better”

“We’re Going On A Trip”

“Let’s Give This Another Shot”


You’re All Mine


“Why Do You Only Kiss Me When I’m Sleeping?”

“I’m Pregnant!”

“Yes… But You’re Prettier”

“And Then On Top Of All That, I’m On My Period”

Mad Clown


“Who Was That Guy?”


You Promise?


“I’m Not Going Anywhere”

“What Happened to You Two?”

“Tell Me What Happened, From the Start”

“We Still Have a Long Way To Go”

“You’re Not Happy Here, Are You?”




“Don’t Cry”

“Take My Jacket, It’s Cold Outside”

“Who Was That Guy?”

“Someone Will Find Us”

“You Look Good”


Roll With It


“I’m Ready”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been in Love With You?”



Everything I Need


“Can I Kiss You?”

“I Had a Dream About You”

The Quiett






“You Still Have Me”

“I Love You”

“Can You Come Over?”

“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?”

Rap Monster




“Stay Over”

San E




“I Think You’re Beautiful”


Study Buddy



“Why Don’t You Crash At My Place For Tonight?”

“He Really Needs Help”

“I’m Sorry, But That Was Adorable”

“But, I Said I Love You” (Angst Version)

“But, I Said I Love You” (Fluff Version)

Simon Dominic







Your Turn

I Don’t Need You

Remember That

Come Back


Some Other Day

Day 1

I Believe You

Just Check It


Don’t Remind Me

Good Night

No Big Deal





“I Was in the Neighborhood”

“You Should Have Told Me”

“I Wrote This For You”

“You’re Competitive and So Am I, and It’s Going to Lead to a Fight”

“Don’t Say That”

“He Really Loves You, Doesn’t He?”

“I Need You”

“Let’s Give This Another Shot”

“I Don’t Think I Ever Told You, But…”

“No, You’re MY Bitch.”

“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You”

“You Have No Chill”


Keeping Score

Happy Birthday

Ugly Duck



“Stay There. I’m Coming to Get You”



“Someone Will Find Us”

“I Bet You Can’t Go 24 Hours Without Cussing”



“You’re Important Too”



“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?”



Happy Birthday


“What Are We?”

“We’ve Become That Clingy Couple That You Used to Complain About”

“Do You Really Have to Do That?”

“Please… Don’t Lie To Me”

“I Want to Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“Get Out of the Way Before I Murder You”

“I Think I Busted a Rib”


Tell Me It Again

“Don’t Be an Asshole. Asshole”

“Leave Me Alone”

“Sleep Tight”

BTS REACTION: you wanting to be intimate with them but you’re too shy.


Jin sat awkwardly at the end of the sofa, you at the other end. You both decided to watch movies, but you were acting weird. It wasn’t like you didn’t know each other. He was your boyfriend after all. He just wanted you to be closer, even if it was just a tad closer. he cleared his throat, trying to earn a response from you.


he frowned. 

“y/n?” he asked. You looked over, meeting his sweet eyes.

“You’re a little far…” he said. You immediately became shy, cheeks turning a beat red color. 

“I-i..” you stuttered. A concerned look grew onto his face, and he pushed some of your hair out of your face, bringing you a little closer to him. Despite what you thought, his touch was comforting.

“You what jagi..” he whispered.

“Well.. you’re my first real relationship.. so I don’t.. I’m awkward when it comes to this stuff.. I wanna be close to you.. I just don’t know how? If that makes sense? It doesn’t..” you rambled. A soft smile formed on his lips.

“it makes perfect sense.. we’ll take it slow.. okay?” he asked. You nodded slowly. He sat back, putting his arm on the top of the sofa. You sat close to him, laying your head on his chest, earning a smile from Jin. 

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Suga wasn’t the most affectionate person. Yes he kissed you, and held you’re hand. But that was about it. It was actually odd. But you didn’t mind because you weren’t used to being close to another person. You usually got irked by other people, which is probably why Yoongi liked you so much. He told you he was gonna drop by, but you didn’t know when that was gonna be. He was in the studio, and when it came to nights like that, you usually didn’t hear from him. You left a key for him under the mat, and began drifting off to sleep when you heard your door open. You looked up and saw a very sleepy yoongi at about 3 am.”

“baby?” you whispered. No response. He walked over to your bed, almost zombie like.

“yoongi..” you said. He laid in bed, pulling you close to him, and laying on your chest. He cuddled you, so he was close you. You tensed up, but eventually relaxed and got into the motions, running your fingers through his hair.

“i’ve had a long day..” he whispered.

“tell me about it..” you said. He began filling you in, making it an almost perfect night. While you grew comfortable, he felt content, because he knew he had broken through your hard exterior some how.

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J Hope

He was always confused. Every time he tried pulling you close, or kissing you when you two were in his room, you would shy away. You could tell he was confused, and decided to finally tell him how you felt. A confused look grew onto his face.

“That’s all? Jagiiiii” he teased. You groaned, swatting him away. He pulled you clsoe to him, kissing your face.

“That is absolutely pure and innocent I love it.. but you need to be comfortable with me.. I’m not going anywhere” he said. A smile grew onto your face.

“okay okay..” you said.

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Rap Monster

He loved every part of you. He literally would love to just softly stroke your hand, or softly touch your cheek, just to simply see your cheeks flush. You were a piece of art that he loved to admire. But you never liked to be intimate with him, which was insanely concerning. One night, you bother sat in the studio and he sighed, sitting back. He felt flustered and confused. You could see him getting frustrated. He was tired, and overworked. 

“baby?” you whispered. 

“hmm” he replied, rubbing his templed.

“are you okay?” you asked.

“no.. baby i’m not” he said.

“can I help with anything?” you asked. 

“Can you just come sit on my lap please.. I just wanna hold you..” he said, looking over at you. Your cheeks lit up.

“i-i.. I meant like a water or something..” you stuttered. He sighed, looking at his computer. 

“Right.. I’m fine.” he mumbled. You immediately felt bad.

“joon…” you whispered, walking over to him. 

“no y/n it’s fine..” he mumbled. 

“i’m.. just not as experienced or anything.. you know you’re my first serious relationship.. I’m not used to doing things like that..” you whispered. You knew at time you were absolutely ridiculous and distant from him. He had every right to be upset. But guilt struck him. He had completely forgotten about that. 

“it’s okay baby..” he whispered, softly kissing your hand. You shyly made your way around him, sitting on his lap. All the tension in his body seemed to evaporate. You wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing his head to your chest, and softly made circles in his hair. 

“i’m just tired..” he whispered.

“I know..”

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Jimin planned a whole candle lit picnic to celebrate your month of being together. It was the sweetest gesture that anyone could’ve possibly done for you. After dinner, you sat across from him feeling fully of glee. 

“Thank you for everything Jimin..” you said. He smiled at you. 

“anything for you.. can I have a kiss?” he asked. Your cheeks immediately heated up. You were still insanely shy with Jimin, simply because he was well….


“y/n?” he asked, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“I.. um..” you stuttered and he gave you a small smile.

“I just.. Jimin you’re so.. yoouuuuuuu. You make me nervous..” you groaned, causing him to chuckle. 

“stop.. I’m normal.. you know me.. you don’t have to be shy with me” he said. You smiled softly, moving closer to him. 

“I don’t?” you asked. He shook his head, bringing his face closer to yours.

“nope.” he whispered. You closed the space between the two of you, by placing your plump lips against his. 

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Thunder roared from outside your window. You jumped slightly, causing your boyfriend concern. 

“jagiyaa? you okay?” he asked. You nodded, immediately lying to your boyfriend. You knew if you said you were scared, he would wanna cuddle you which terrified you. You wanted to cuddle with him, but you were genuinely scared to simply because of how inexperienced you were. 

“you’re lying” he said. You ran your fingers through your hair uncomfortably. 

“jagi come here.” he cooed, immediately pulling you close to him. You seemed o relax, causing him to smile. 

“see..” he said, kissing your temple. 

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Jungkook was shy, everyone knew that. But the only exception was you. He was the one to always initiate kisses with you, and cuddles. You were always insanely shy around him. 

“why are you so shy around me?” he asked out of the blue. Your cheeks heated up, and you took a deep breath.

“my ex wasn’t so kind to my kookie.. He was always harsh and cold to me.. so I just assumed everyone was like that… I’m experienced in a way honestly..” you whispered. Kookie’s jaw dropped and he pulled you to him.

“i would never do that to you.” he cooed

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lia  ♡

RFA+Saeran romantic valentine’s dinner that they prepared but goes wrong? @cloudsofsand


  • He thought out this elaborate and affordable dinner
  • Literally spent 2 weeks buying up all these supplies to set up a nice dinner for you
  • You came home to rose petals scattered around the house and Yoosung’s proud face beaming at his candlelit dinner
  • He was such a cutie and pulled out your chair for you, served the food, and poured the drinks
  • However, while he was pouring his elbow knocked over a candle
  • The tablecloth set on fire
  • Yoosung was running around panicking  while you were working on a way to set out the fire
  • When it finally distinguished, were both were tired and panting
  • “I’m sorry I ruined the dinner, MC…”
  • You came over to him and hugged him tightly, “It’s the thought that counts, right? Besides, dessert is still being served right?”
  • “But dessert got burned…?”
  • When you pulled away and headed towards the bedroom, stopping to send to him a wink, his face flushed red before stumbling to join you


  • She was so stressed out
  • This was the first Valentine’s that she’d spend with you and it had to be really special
  • But goddammit, the oven was broken so it was burning everything she tried to make
  • The whole table was topped with the black-burnt dishes and you were bound to be here any minute
  • She didn’t even have time to clean up what to do, what to do?
  • “Jaehee, I used the key under the mat to get in–what’s that smell?”
  • “My oven’s broken, so everything I tried making burned to a crisp…” she sighed
  • “Aaawww, you were going to make dinner for me?” 
  • “Were”
  • You kissed her cheek and giggled at her confused expression
  • “How about we clean up here and cook together at my house?”
  • A smile immediately crept onto her face and it was the cutest thing ever


  • He really planned on coming home early today to actually make a surprise dinner because he never usually cooks but the studio was holding him back to finish another scene
  • When he was finally released, he rode home so fast he was sure he ran a red light or two
  • You would be home from work in about an hour and that was not enough time to make was he originally wanted
  • So he came up with a new plan
  • Instead of an hour of cooking, why couldn’t he just up the heat by a lot for a shorter amount of time
  • Zen that’s not how cooking works
  • Needless to say, you came home to Zen’s disastrous dinner
  • You tried to eat it for him because he looked so proud of his first meal how could you say no
  • But you ended up with food poisoning the next day so you were definitely getting pampered when you recovered


  • Jumin has never cooked in his life
  • But he wanted this Valentine’s Day dinner to be personal and special and not just by the chef
  • Problem is that he doesn’t even know how to work a microwave 
  • So he looked up everything online and tried to follow the best he could
  • But everything wasn’t like accurate
  • Like he tried to measure everything correctly but it never turned out right
  • 1 tsp of salt turned into 7 tsp or a lot of seasoning turned into a pinch
  • He was happy when he finished because he just prepared his first meal ever!!
  • When you looked at it it looked like a normal meal, but when you tasted it, all the flavors were…off
  • Jumin could tell by the confused look on your face that his cooking was bad, and tbh he agreed as well
  • He ended up taking you out instead


  • Romantic picnic under the stars!
  • The date was actually very sweet and the Saeyoung made the food himself 
  • And it actually isn’t that bad considering his HBC and PHDPepper diet
  • All was going well until it started to pour
  • “Goddammit Saeyoung you remembered to wear heart boxers today but not check the weather”
  • You both gathered everything the best you could and made a dash for home because the walk to the park was romantic in retrospect
  • Saeyoung tried to shield the both of you with his jacket but it was no use, you and him were already soaked through
  • When he dried himself and you at home, he shut off all the lights and turned on the star projector
  • He set out the food and blankets again and it was still a picnic under the stars


  • He’s never cooked before but he really wants Valentine’s Day to be special for you
  • And he actually picks it up very well and quickly
  • Like you get home from a long day and you’re greeted at the door with a happy Saeran helping you settle down
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, MC. I made dinner for us tonight.”
  • Your eyebrow rose playfully, “Oh really now?”
  • Upon entering the dining room, you’re both met with the sight of Seven shoving the remains of the dinner down his throat
  • Saeran sighed, “I won’t hurt you…


Bonus! V:

  • Lol he’s blind, he ain’t cooking
Breaking your Rule

GOT7 Jinyoung x Reader
Genre: Smut/ Angst / Fluff
Warning: Explicit and Swear words
Word Count: 12k+

Summary: You had your rules. No dating or hooking up with any of your brother’s friends and that included housemates. You learned your lesson from the last time you were burned. But you saw no harm in flirting with his housemate Jinyoung and keeping up the sexual repartee.

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100wtsily masterlist

last updated; 24 august 2017

gif; mine

here’s the masterlist for the 100 ways to say i love you series that i’m doing with @caratvocals and @sleepyboo-sk ! this is updated every time one of us posts something !!

✎ this is so fun i love prompts


1.0 ❥ pull over. let me drive for a while


2.0 ❥ it reminded me of you


3.0 ❥ no, no, it’s my treat

39.0 ❥ don’t cry


4.0 ❥ come here. let me fix it

70.0 ❥ you’re warm

83.0 ❥ stay there. i’m coming to get you


5.0 ❥ i’ll walk you home

37.0 ❥ can i kiss you?


6.0 ❥ have a good day at work

30.0 ❥ one more chapter

⇀ jihoon

7.0 ❥ i dreamt about you last night

84.0 ❥ they key is under the mat


8.0 ❥ take my seat


9.0 ❥ i saved a piece for you


10.0 ❥ i’m sorry for your loss

14.0 ❥ can i have this dance?

37.0 ❥ can i kiss you?

70.0 ❥ you’re warm


12.0 ❥ take my jacket, it’s cold outside


14.0 & 37.0 ❥ “can i have this dance?” & “can i kiss you?”

66.0 ❥ stay over

84.0 ❥ they key is under the mat

I’m Here - Justin Foley Imagine

Justin Foley x reader

Request: I was wondering if it’s not to much trouble and you’re not too busy if you could write Justin Foley fluff where he gets into a fight with his mom and comes to you and you guys cuddle? Thanks so so much ily 💖😊


I lay down on my bed watching Family Guy as I stuff my mouth with popcorn. It’s a Saturday night and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend Justin is at a party. I don’t care that he goes to parties cause I trust him with anything and he knows that I’m not the partying type. The last time I heard from him was about an hour ago and he was at Zach’s house. He’s barely at his house and I don’t blame him. His mom and her new boyfriend is an ass-whole and they don’t deserve such an amazing boy like him. It’s almost 2 in the morning and my parents are away on some business trip which means I have the whole house to myself. I told Justin that he can come over if he likes and that if I’m sleep he can just get the key from under the mat. 

I was close to dozing off when I heard a knock at my window. I jumped, almost spilling the popcorn on my as I stare at the shadow behind my window. When the person knocked again, I see a hint of blue and know exactly who it is. Justin. I know that blue varsity jacket from anywhere. I jog to my window, a little cold from only wearing a tank top and shorts. As I open the window I was about to make a joke about using the door when I say tears on his face as climbs in. Worried, I immediately asked questions.

“Baby what is wrong” I ask as I put my hand on his shoulder.

“M-my mom” he choked as he looked down. Anger filled me that she made him cry like this. He looked broken.

“What happened.” He didn’t say anything, he just cried and I let him. I threw my arms over his neck and pulled him into a hug. He gripped my waist and put his face in the crock my neck, wailing. I hate that she made him this way. I hate that she hurt him so much. He didn’t deserve this. He deserved to be loved, not only by me, but by the woman he needs it from the most. His mother. And she is lacking in that. I just let him cry as I rubbed his back telling him it’s okay.

“S-she j-just looked at me babe. I-I c-called out for h-her and she just looked a-at me” He say as his voiced cracked. I shushed him as I kissed his check. 

“She doesn’t deserve you as a son baby” I whispered, “You are the best human being and anyone should be lucky to even know you. I am.”

He sniffled into my neck and I led us to my bed, laying us down. He laid on my stomach, a little more calmed down, but still crying. His arms was wrapped around my torso while I rubbed my hand through his hair.

“W-what’s wrong with me babe” I sat up and grabbed his face, making him look at me. He would not talk about himself in this way. 

“Absolutely nothing Justin. You are the best thing that could happen to anyone. You are the best thing that happened to me. If someone doesn’t realize that, then they need to wake the hell up. You brighten up everyone’s day and without you, I don’t know what the hell I would do. Nothing is wrong with you, something is wrong with everyone else that makes you feel this way. I love you Justin, and please remember that. It might not be the love you want, but it’s all the love I have and then some.”

I was almost out of breath from saying all of that, but I needed to say it. He needed to hear it. He needed to hear that he wasn’t a waste of space in this messed up world. He looked up at me with such admiration in his eyes and came up to kiss me passionately. 

“No your wrong love, your love is all I can ever have and want. And your wrong about one other thing.”

“What” I said smiling.

“I’m not the best thing that happened to you, your the one and only best thing that has ever happened to me.” I smiled and smashed my lips against his again. For the rest of the night, we cuddled watching Family guy and we fell asleep while I thought the whole time that I really love this boy.

Little Games


Request: HEAR ME OUT:   Patrick x Reader (female) x Henry with a dash of the fact that those boys can talk dirty for daysssss   Also I hope you’re having a lovely day! x


Walking down the streets after school had never been fun. Especially if he Bowers Gang we’re cruising by, everyday (Y/N) would wish they had better things to do than drive around. But this afternoon they had been driving around, hanging out the windows and slapping their hands against the side of the car, wolf whistling to girls and cat calling them. They all retaliated somehow, whether it be screaming back at them or throwing something at them, everyone was used to their antics. But (Y/N) had enough, even if they were some of the most attractive boys she had seen, she didn’t like the attention one bit, especially when people would stare at her when the boys would start hollering. She always had to walk a few blocks each day to get from school to home, wishing she had a car. Although, despite the many times Patrick and the boys have tried to coerce her into the car, it wasn’t happening. Although, she had always wondered what it felt like to be close to Patrick - or Victor - or even the man himself, Henry Bowers. It was true, they were attractive but they were assholes. Even she had standards. “Hey baby!” She sighed as she heard the familiar voice behind her. She tried not to look, full well knowing Patrick was licking his lips, something that regrettably turned her on. That boy was fire and so was his counter part. “C’mon why don’t ya hop in? We’ll behave.” Henry cooed. She heard Victor and Belch’s chuckle. She often thought of Belch as the quiet one, the one who would be the most sane, her eyes met with Belch’s and he looked back at Henry and the boys and back to the road, he slowed the car, just cruising beside her so close she could smell the cigarette smoke.

She stayed silent, figuring they’d just go away if she ignored them. “Don’t be shy princess.” Patrick drawled. “If you get in, we’ll stop makin’ a goddamn scene.” Henry cocked his eyebrow. She slowed, turning to look at the boy. She took in his soft but harsh features. She turned her attention to Patrick, dragging his tongue over his bottom lip, grinning like a psycho. “Will you leave me alone?” She asked, stopping beside the car. She secretly hoped they wouldn’t. “You’ll have to find out.” Victor perked up. She crossed her arms and sighed in defeat, sweet, sweet defeat. Patrick climbed out of the car and opened the door. She stepped forward and felt Patrick’s large hand place itself on the small of her back. She looked back at him then her eyes flickered back to the seat in the middle. “Are you gonna get the fuck in?” Henry groaned, his mood shifting drastically. She nodded.

Belch’s car was small, she knew she would have to be squished against the boys sides but she wasn’t denying that she’d always wanted to. She slid in beside Victor who grinned to Belch and Patrick. Patrick slid in after her. She was right, this car was small and her body was meshing with the boys’.Her heart was racing, faster and faster each breath she drew, inhaling sharply the scent of all different colognes and cigarette smoke. She was trying to figure out which cologne belonged to which boy, she hadn’t noticed Patrick’s eyes gleaming in her direction. He leaned towards her, she inhaled instinctively. Her nostrils filled with his scent, disgruntled by the fact that her favourite scent belonged to Patrick Fucking Hockstetter. “You seem tense little one…” He purred in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. “Leave the girl alone, Hockstetter.” Henry groaned, his eyes meeting yours through the rear view mirror. She silently thanked him but he didn’t notice. Patrick rolled his eyes and leaned back towards the window. They pulled up outside her house. As she went to get out so did Henry and Patrick but Patrick didn’t go back in. “You boys coming?” Henry asked the others. “I have to take Vic home and then my dad wants my help.” Belch shrugged. “My mom needs my help.” Vic said meekly. Henry shrugged them off and turned towards the house walking towards it. “Well? You coming? There’s no fucking way I’m wasting my time looking for your bedroom.” Henry opened the front door using the key he found under the welcome mat.

His knowledge about her home had truly scared (Y/N) how much did they stalk her? She walked ahead of Patrick, Henry now stood in the entrance way, waiting for her. She took the lead nervously. “So why are you guys here?” She asked, timidly walking up the stairs to her room. “We’re gonna hang out…” Henry’s voice was dripping with mischief. She let them into her room and as if it were their own they immediately got comfortable, taking refuge on her bed and her desk chair. She sat on the bed beside Patrick, facing them both. “So babydoll… We’re gonna play a little game. We play it with all of our whores.” he said. “Your whores?” She spoke up. He snickered crossing his arms. “What? You think once we got you in the car we’d just let you go? Especially after months of trying? Damn you sure ain’t smart.” Henry grinned. She swallowed the lump in her throat, “what are you gonna do to me?” her voice was shaky and it didn’t help that Patrick had let go of her hand a few moments ago. “Oh darling don’t you worry. We won’t hurt ya.” Patrick cooed. “We just like to play.” He added.

Patrick leaned down to her ear and made sure no one else could hear him, “don’t worry, it’s just us.” His fingers entwined with the tendrils of her hair. She felt a shiver run down her spine. “We’ll start easy. Truth or dare.” Henry’s suggestion almost made (Y/N) laugh, it was such a juvenile game but she knew deep down that if she played with with these boys, it would be the least juvenile game she’d ever played and will ever play. “Y/N… Truth or dare?” Henry shifted comfortable, placing his elbows on his knees and leaning forward, dropping his hands in front of him. “Truth.” She muttered, Patrick giggled. “Okay… Would you fuck at least one of us?” He cocked his eyebrow, expecting her answer to e a disgusted no and for her to try to leave. “Yeah.” She deadpanned. Henry’s eyes widened, a small boyish smirk playing on his lips until he looked over to the boy beside her. His features became stone again as he saw her glance at Patrick and back to himself.

“Henry… Truth or dare?” She cocked an eyebrow, seeing that she had him right where she wanted him. “Truth.” He narrowed his eyes at her. “If you could fuck anyone, who would it be?” She asked. he snickered and stared her down, “You.” She wasn’t all that shocked but she still expected him to name a famous actress or Victors mom. “And baby I’d fuck your pussy so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk.” He winked, earning. raspy chuckle from Patrick. “Wouldn’t you like to try.” She teased. He cocked an eyebrow and leaned closer, “is that an invitation?” He bit his lip and she held back a laugh. “Patrick-” “dare.” Patrick interjected with a smirk, leering at (Y/N). Henry was frozen, there was nothing he could dare Patrick to do without having him touch or interact with (Y/N). Patrick would do anything, that was a fact. Henry took a risk and allowed Patrick to have his moment of egotistical fun. “I dare you to pick something from (Y/N’s) closet and then get her to wear it.” Henry shrugged, out of ideas, wishing it were just him and (Y/N). “Actual clothes, Hockstetter.” Henry warned, seeing the look on Patricks smug face, knowing full well he couldn’t have this girl half naked around Patrick, especially if he wanted her to himself, God they both did. Patrick smirked with a nod and headed towards her closet, opening it and looking through, a look of determination and confusion on his face. He reached in and plucked a dress off of one of the hangers. “This. Now this is a dress!” He pointed to the item of clothing he held. it was a light blue dress, short and low cut. Patrick motioned for her to stand up and she removed her shirt, taking the dress and putting it on, then taking her jeans off from under the dress gingerly. “Fuck. You should wear dresses more often.” Henry praised quietly from his corner. She grinned at him. “You wish, Bowers.” She said. “Alright, girlie… truth or dare?” Patrick licked his lips as he leaned back onto the bed using his elbows as support with his legs crossed. “Dare.” She said, sitting back down on the end of the bed, facing Henry and Patrick. henry’s eyes flickered towards Patrick, his eyes met with Patrick’s, Patrick looked back towards the girl in front of him, “kiss me.” he said breathlessly. Her heart began racing, her cheeks began to burn.

Whatever she had gotten herself into, she liked it. She turned her body towards him, scooting closer to his crossed legs. Patrick didn’t move, he didn’t lean in, he sat still, waiting for her to come to him, which she did. Kneeling in front of his legs she gripped the headboard behind him and leaned in, her other hand sat at the base of his jaw, her lips centimetres away from his, she let a shaky breath escape, her heart was going wild and her breath followed suit. She connected their lips, feeling the soft warmth of his lips, he kissed her back. His tongue ran along her bottom lip, one of his hands coming up to hold her throat gently. Henry’s jaw clenched and he cleared his throat, the pair slowed down, she took his bottom lip between her teeth and tugged lightly before pulling away. Her cheeks a deep crimson, she tried to fight the smile creeping onto her lips, especially when she saw Henry’s cold facade, knowing he wasn’t pleased. “Henry… Truth or dare.” She licked her lips, making his breath hitch. “Dare.” He sighed, pretending to be bored. “It’s your turn to kiss me.” Her words shocked both the boys, neither wanted to share her with anyone, let alone each other. Patrick smirked lightly, seeing straight through her little game, Henry on the other hand, his vision was blocked by the gorgeous girl, wanting to kiss him, he hadn’t seen this as a game, he saw this as her fantasy and he was into it.

He shifted in the desk chair and stood up, taking a step towards the bed where she sat. He closed in on her and leaned down, his hand caressing her cheek, he pressed his lips against hers, still unsure but when he felt her tug him closer he smiled into the kiss. Patrick grinned ear to ear, rolling his eyes. Her hands gripped Henry’s tank top and pulled him into her, their lips moving in synch, her tongue sliding against his own, his hands gripping her side. She pulled away from Henry, reaching out for Patrick’s collar and pulling him over to the pair and as he was close enough she attached her lips to his, Henry’s hands caressing her body and her tongue exploring Patrick’s mouth. She pulled away from Patrick who kneeled on the bed, towering over her. Her hands on his hips, tugging at the hem of his shirt she lifted his shirt half way off his body and he pulled it the other half way off, throwing it aside. Her hands began trailing down his torso lightly and reaching the waistband of his jeans, looking up at Patrick and reaching up, snaking her hand around the nape of his neck, she pulled him down. She kissed him and began leaving a trail of warm kisses along his neck and collarbone, palming him through his jeans, a moan escaped his lips. “Oh fuck… You really are our little whore…” He muttered. She pulled away and moved back to the side of the bed, sitting on the edge, facing Henry who was still standing at the bed, he’d been watching her with Patrick and he couldn’t wait for his turn. She pulled him back into her, letting him step between her legs, she pulled him down and connected their lips, her hands running up under his shirt. She let her hands fall back out of his shirt and took it from his body. Her eyes scanned his torso, she reconnected their lips hungrily, letting her hands explore his body for her. Henry’s hand tugged at her hair and the other was stuck on her neck.

She grabbed his shoulders and threw him onto the free space on the bed beside her, climbing on top of him and straddling him, her hands planted firmly on his chest, she planted her lips on his and enjoyed the feeling while it lasted, she dragged her lips down to his jaw and trailed light kisses along his sharp jawbone her hand resting on the other side of his jaw. Her lips left kisses from his jaw down to his chest, she could feel him bulging against her, she rolled her hips, forcing a groan to escape his lips, his hands held her hips in place, stopping her, his lips parted as if he were panting heavily, his eyes pleading for more but his hands said otherwise. Patrick snickered from beside the two, earning her attention, she gestured for him to come closer, to which he obliged. She sat upright, resting on Henry’s bulge. (Y/N) took her shirt off and took note of how both boy’s eyes began to analyse her gratifyingly. She grabbed Patrick’s face and pulled him into a kiss, one of her hands trailing to find his bulge, which was easy enough. She began palming him again, his lips quivering in pleasure, his eyes rolling back into his head and a sick grin plastered on his face. She felt Henry’s grip on her hips loosen and taking her chance she rolled her hips again, feeling the boy jerk underneath her in pleasure, “god fuck!” He moaned, closing his eyes. She pulled away from Patrick and began to kiss Henry again, rolling her hips slowly, he moaned against her mouth, “fuck - you like - bein’ a - slut?” He taunted to which she rolled her hips and kissed him harder.

her heart dropped when she heard a door slam shut. The front door slammed shut. She jerked away from Henry and looked to Patrick who had already stood up off of the bed. “Y/N, you home?” She heard her mother call. “Shit.” She cursed under her breath before getting off of Henry and putting her shirt back on. “You guys need to go. Right now.” She whispered, both boys located their shirts and pulled them on quickly. “Out the window!” She muttered as she heard her mother’s footsteps against the first step. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow. We’ll play tomorrow.” She winked as Henry climbed through the window, smirking at her, his cheeks flushed. He jumped down and Patrick began to climb out, he pulled her close to him and held her waist with one arm and used his other arm to hold onto the window not to fall out. He pressed his lips against hers, pulling away and licking her bottom lip. He left with a wink and just as he jumped, there was a knock at the door. “I’m getting changed.” She sighed. Her heart had been beating at a million miles per minute. “Okay. Come down when you’re done, I’ll be in the kitchen.” (Y/N) peered out the window and watched as the two boys were making their way down the road, glancing back at her house. She began to chuckle to herself silently, closing her eyes, resting her forehead against the window. What had she gotten herself into?



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Stay the Night

Request: 5/6/14 for Wonho (monstax)

5) “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
6) “My nightmares usually involve losing you.”
14) You and your bias have been broken up for over a year when he shows up on your doorstep

Member: Monsta X’s Wonho x Y/N

Type: angst

Warning: Mention of Psychology and Hypnosis (**i am neither a psychologist nor hypnotist, but just a writer doing some cool things with words)

You leaned wearily into your door, your feet angry with you from your day of standing. When you had decided to move to Korea, it seemed like you had your whole life in front of you. You had all of the time in the world to fall in love, make mistakes, and figure yourself out. Unfortunately, with the passing of time came the passing of ambition, and you were just as lost now as you had been when you first set out. 

You pushed your key into the lock, leaning in gently with your shoulder as the door creaked in front of you without even turning the knob. You furrowed your brows, your body freezing up as the blood turned cold in your veins. You could have sworn you locked the door when you left for your shift, just as you did every morning before work or class. You licked your lips and tried to calm your breathing, attempting to think the situation through. You were a Psychology major after all. 

Maybe you had locked it, but forgot to pull the door completely shut on the way. It was an old apartment building after all, so maybe the doors were bowed and it wouldn’t secure sometimes either. A million different thoughts ran across your mind as you stood there in the night’s silence, but one blinking light in your mind’s eye remained. 


As quietly as you could, you palmed your keys, placing one between each knuckle. You nodded to yourself as you had emergency services queued up on your phone screen and ready to go. Why would an intruder target a relatively poor barista/student in an entire building full of young professionals and established couples. It couldn’t be a break in…could it?

The sound of your blood pumping filled your ears and your stomach flopped with nervous energy. You thought about the subject you had last learned in one of your classes; The Bystander Effect, and how if a neighbor heard you struggle with an intruder, there was a high probability that they wouldn’t call for help, as they thought another neighbor would. 

You winced as you took a shaky step into the doorway of your apartment, leaning around a banister to see a warm light flooding out of the living area. You never left anything on. Mostly because of electricity fees, but also because you were immensely paranoid about fire hazards. 

You closed your eyes, silently cursing yourself for even entering your apartment. You’ve seen horror movies. It never ends well in situations similar to this. You took Abnormal Psych, you knew how sick people could be. 

You quietly tiptoed across the hardwood, stretching to get a visual of your living room. You were confused for a moment as you made contact with a messy mop of bleach blonde hair and dark eyes. A handsome face sitting atop a pair of broad shoulders brooded on the edge of your couch, his body slumped forward and fingers fidgeting with one another. 

“Hoseok?” you breathed, standing up straight and emerging from behind a wall. 

“Y/N,” he whispered, his eyes wide as he looked up. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Fancy seeing me…” you trailed, scrunching your face. You felt a fire ignite in your stomach, signaling your annoyance and anger. “No Hoseok, not fancy seeing me. You say that to someone who you bumped into at the coffee shop, not someone whose home you have broken into!” 

“Technically I used the emergency key you keep under that mat,” Hoseok hummed quietly, looking down to the floor. 

“I could’ve called the police!” you gasped, dropping your bags. “How could you do something so stupid?”

“Well, I thought about how stupid it was once I got in,” he mumbled. “But once I came in, I couldn’t very well go out. That would’ve been even creepier.”

“Creepy is actually thinking it was okay to use my spare key considering you’ve been MIA for the past year of my life,” you spluttered. “What the hell?”

“I understand you’re upset,” he said slowly, his face still showing obvious fear and and some amount of hurt. “But I just…I just…”

“You just what?” you groaned, flopping onto the opposite couch. 

“Need you to do something,” he whispered, finally looking up at you. 

You blew at a tuft of hair that had fallen onto your forehead and sighed as you directed your attention to him as well. Admittedly, you had always had a soft spot for Hoseok. It had been nearly a year since you had seen him last, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t check up on him in all of that time.

Hoseok, or at least the Hoseok that you had known and loved, was fragile. He felt immense things and had difficulty holding in his emotions at times. When you had finally decided to break up due to schedule differences, it was rough for him. It was a difficult time for you as well, but you had to hold it together. You were on your own and couldn’t halt your life for a man who had broken your heart without even trying to. You had to teach Hoseok that it was okay to move on as well. 

You analyzed his familiar face, now painted in a much dimmer light than you had ever remembered seeing it. You sucked in your lip, biting it anxiously as your gaze traced across his prominent jawline and up toward the eyes you could stare into for hours. Just above them sat his perfectly manicured brows, knit with some sort of worry you weren’t aware of. And just below, hid deep bags, evident markers of the lack of sleep he had been getting. 

“You look like shit,” you muttered. 

“Not used to hearing that one,” he chuckled nervously. 

“What do you need?” you sighed, letting your head fall into your hands. “Also what makes you think I’m the one you need it from?”

“I know it’s been…awhile since I last talked to you,” he said slowly, wincing as he spoke. 

“Understatement of the year,” you spat. “We haven’t talked in months…but continue.”

“You haven’t switched majors…have you?” he said quietly and so quickly you almost didn’t catch it. 

“Nope, I only have a semester left until I start applying for Doctoral programs,” you muttered. “Why?” 

“Um…so…I know we were broken up…but did you ever see the program that we were on with the Psychologist?” Hoseok continued. 

Of course you had. You had quite literally watched everything they had appeared on, but he wouldn’t know that. 

“No,” you grumbled spitefully, even knowing you had. 

“Oh…well…”he hummed, his confidence plummeting even lower than before. It broke your heart to see, and you were unsure as to why you were being so difficult. “They brought in this psychologist...and uh, he put Shownu and Jooheoney under hypnosis and-”

“No Hoseok,” you hummed, not even allowing him to go further. You knew where this was going and you didn’t like it. 

“Come on,” he groaned. “I know you were interested in it and even saw you practice a few times. I’ve heard it helps.” 

“Hoseok, I don’t have my license. Hell, I’m not even a Doctor yet. What if something goes wrong. What if-”

“I’m desperate,” he squeaked. “And you’re the only one I trust to do this.”

“How are you desperate?” you argued. “Why do you need to be hypnotized? I can’t help you figure out your past lives or-”

“Hey, you said you didn’t see the episode…” Hoseok pouted. 

“Yeah, well, we’ve both said a lot of things in our time together,” you muttered. 

Hoseok bit his lip and sighed. “I can’t sleep…and it’s starting to effect how I’m performing on stage and in practices. My music is all I have Y/N…you have to help me.”

It was all you have because you decided for it to be that way, you hissed internally. You could never verbalize the words. Not only would they hurt his feelings, but yours as well. 

“I can’t,” you insisted. You knew how desperate he had to have been in order to reach out to you, to show up to your apartment tonight. The bags beneath his eyes were as dark as the stone washed denim he wore. Maybe you had an obligation to help him.


You groaned as you pulled yourself from your sitting position and stomped across the living area. You dimmed the light beside the couch he was sitting on and dropped to your knees beside him. 

“Make sure your hands and feet are uncrossed and get comfortable,” you hummed. You shook your head, trying to ignore how bad of an idea this was as Hoseok adjusted himself accordingly. 

“Thank you so much Y/N…I really didn’t know what else to do. I’ve tried teas, I’ve tried melatonin. I’ve-”

“Focus your eyes on a central point on the ceiling above you,” you interrupted. “Where a tile meets. Now focus on that dot. As your focusing, take a deep breath through your nose. As deep as you can. Now slowly exhale through your mouth. Let go of all your energy.”

You watched carefully as Hoseok did as you instructed, unsure of how this would go. You had studied some facets of hypnosis, but as you had mentioned to him, you were no where near a practicing doctor and could get into an immense amount of trouble if anyone you had classes with knew you were doing this. 

To an idol no less. 

“Begin to relax your body, except for your eyes. Focus on that spot. Everything outside that spot is going to become blurred. Now take a deep breath again and hold. Slowly exhale and blow away all of your tension. Good job.”

After a few more minutes of coaching, you had Hoseok near corpse status on your couch, deep in the stages of hypnosis. 

“You are in control of how little…or how much you are relaxing,” you cooed. “Imagine a scenario. Imagine a place or a person who makes your entire being swell up and feel whole. Your heart is full. Your mind is full. Your lungs are bursting with air. Now take that, take how you’re feeling and contrast it. Now imagine what doesn’t make you happy. What makes you drag your feet as soon as they touch the floor? What makes you see the world in a filter of gray instead of the bright colors you long for? What are your stresses?” 

Hoseok let a small moan escape from his lips as he shifted in the seat, almost stirring awake. You held your breath for a moment as you watched him, unsure if he would break from your hold. 

“I’m scared of not performing well,” he answered weakly. “I’m lacking.”

“But why are you lacking?” you pressed. He furrowed his brows even more, his face near pain as he fought back with whatever he had buried deep down.

“I’m lacking because I can’t rest. My body feels like it hasn’t slept in years,” he groaned. 

“And why can’t you rest?” you continued. 

“I have nightmares,” he whimpered. “And they plague me as soon as I close my eyes.”

“When did you start having nightmares?” you questioned, feeling all of the hairs on your body stand on end. 

“Maybe…maybe a little over a year ago?” he hummed, his head flopping to the side. “I don’t know.”

“We usually experience spontaneous nightmares when something traumatic happens in our lives. What do your nightmares consist of?” you prodded. You weren’t sure if you were prepared to plunge this deeply into your ex boyfriend’s psyche, but you were there, and you couldn’t turn back now. 

“I don’t know,” he said dumbly. A thin layer of sweat was beginning to sprout on his brow as he subconsciously fought you, and himself. His breathing became quicker as well as he flexed his fingers. 

“You do know,” you insisted. “What do your nightmares consist of, Hoseok?”

“My…my nightmares,” he stuttered. “My nightmares usually involve losing you.”

You leaned back on the balls of your feet in shock, jumping away from him as if he was a snake that had lunged for you. You blinked in disbelief as tears began to trickle out of the corners of his eyes and down his cheekbones. He let out a light sob, allowing the emotions he had chosen to secure behind a barrier to emerge before the very person who had spawned them. 

You felt your own lashes grow heavy, tears soon peppering your cheeks as you watched Hoseok. 

“L-losing me?” you managed, your voice shaking. 

“Yes,” he confirmed. 

“Why?” you choked out, trying to hide your emotions. You had to remain calm. You had to remain steady. 

“You are the person who makes me feel whole. I love music and I love Monbebes, but you are what completes that need. You make my heart full. You make me breath easier. Leaving was the worst decision I could make and that is what I dream about every night. Leaving you behind and letting that door slam at my back.”

Your jaw fell open as you watched Hoseok. The furrow between his brows slowly eased and his breathing was once again becoming neutral. His confessions were washing away the anxiety that had plagued his sleep schedule for so long. 

“Um…now when I count to three,” you said, completely thrown from the mindset you should be in. “You will awaken and remember your words, but no longer feel burdened by them. One…two…three.”

Hoseok stirred and began to blink, immediately lifting himself from the couch. You leaned forward, grabbing his shoulder as he emerged from hypnosis. 

“Easy,” you cooed, watching as he looked around, a dazed expression plaguing his lids. “You did well.”

“I…I’m sorry,” he hummed, shaking his head as he attempted to break his stupor. “I didn’t mean to make you feel…”

“Wanted?” you chuckled bitterly. 

“Awkward,” he hummed. “You got it all…didn’t you?”

“Hey, you asked me for this,” you spat, immediately defensive. You would not be made to feel as if you went on an archeological expedition into the caverns of his mind. 

“I know,” he chuckled. He gripped your shoulder and sighed. “Calm down…it was time you heard it anyway.”

“It…it was?” you whispered, this time your turn to be the confused one. 

“I’ve only been ignoring how I felt for a year,” he smirked. “Whether you feel the same or not…at least now I can sleep knowing I’ve told you.”

You nodded slowly, biting your lip as you contemplated your next thought. “You have to be exhausted now. Hypnosis is no small amount of energy…plus your sleep deprivation on top of it.” 

“Dead on my feet,” he admitted, swinging his legs over the side of the couch. He ran a hand through his perfectly disheveled hair and smiled sadly at you. “I guess that’s my cue to get going then.”

You watched with shortened breaths as Hoseok stumbled across the living area, the lack of his presence apparent as soon as he left the room. You swallowed your pride and whatever tears you had left as you sprung up and sprinted toward your entryway. You nearly slammed into Hoseok’s back as he slipped into his shoes, his fingers beginning to turn the knob. 

“Maybe you should stay the night,” you nodded weakly. “And…and we can talk about us…about everything in the morning.” 

“What if I can’t sleep?” he asked, tilting his head. There was a new sparkle in his eyes that hadn’t been there previously. You couldn’t help but smile at it’s appearance, but looked down to your feet as you uttered your next words. 

“You can’t have nightmares about losing me…if I’m right beside you.”

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Evan x Pregnant Reader Headcanons!

Some Headcanons for Treeboy

Requested by: @weeping-chi


- You and Evan had been Married for about two years and Evan had mentioned having kids a few times. And usually the conversation went like this:

- You’d be cuddled up on the couch and he’d be watching those little Facebook videos and one of cute kids comes up and his face lights up. “Hey baby look at this cute baby, you know I bet we could make a cuter one. It could have your eyes and my hair and it would be the perfect. That is if you want one, I mean it’s your body so you can decide what ever we do but like it would be cute that is if you want one,” his hands would fidget with his shirt and he’d struggle to make eye contact. Old habits die hard. You’d smile and say one day but you weren’t quite ready yet. “That’s alright darling just tell me when you are,” he’d kiss your cheek and hold you tighter.

- It was a Thursday nights when you realized you might just be pregnant, you realized your period was later than usual and you went to the bathroom, your friend gave you pregnancy tests as a gag gift on Valentine’s Day. You peed in the cup and placed the stick in it waiting for the time on package to pass. You left the room and settled into the couch, when you stood up to check the test you found it in Evan’s hand. Not taking his eyes off it he spoke quietly “(y/n) wha- what’s this?”

- “I think you know very well what that is and why I had to use it,”

- “(Y-y/n) it’s, it’s positive. Does this mean? Does this mean we’re parents?” His voice and eyes lifting. You nodded and his eyes filled with tears. He ran over to you and picked you up and spun you around in a hug. He smiled so wide that you thought his cheeks might split.


- Evan told you every morning that he loved you, and with a hand spread against your belly “I love you too little one!”

- he’d talk to the bump shamelessly. Telling it how loved it is already, and when you would fall asleep he’d tell it how he’ll be the father that he never had, he’ll be there for every thing, every school concert, every game, every step along the way. You’d wake up to tears falling on to your stomach.

- IMAGINE HEIDIS REACTION. Heidi would scream and hug the two of you so tightly, she’d offer to help in anyway possible. When you two moved into a new house she helped you move in and gave you so many hand me downs from Evans baby stuff.

- Connor (he’s not dead fuck off) would offer to paint the nursery. Knowing how amazing his art was you’d let him do it. He painted the nursery an ombré dark blue fading to green. You were confused, don’t get me wrong it was gorgeous but you’d expected more for Connor.

- Evan had packed a bag of hospital essentials a month early, explaining he was born prematurely and he wanted to make sure you’d both be ready. You went in to labor three days before you were due and on the way to the hospital Evan mumbled “I don’t you so”

- “I’m sorry what?” You growled a contraction racking your body.

- “About the bag. I knew they would be early,”

- “Shut the fuck up Hansen!”

- “I love you, too (y/n)

- While you were at the hospital Connor used the spare key hidden under the door mat to get in and finish the nursery. He painted the three inches above the trim a light yellow and placed a vinyl decal of a skyline onto the wall. Painting the dark blue over it again, he pulled the decal off to show a skyline wrapping the room. He than painted five silhouettes in black flying on the wall above the crib. On the wall opposite he painted a giant silhouette of Big Ben.

- you have birth to day beautiful healthy daughter. You have her the perfect name (f/n)(m/n) Hansen.

- you brought her home and you’d never seen Evan drive with so much determination as he had when thinking about your daughter sleeping in the back seat.

- you took a shower when you got him while Evan played with her in the living room. You got out of the bathroom, and found your husband tickling your daughters belly, his face lighting up when she’d start giggling.

- later into the night, one Connor Murphy come out of the nursery telling you that the paint fumes were mostly gone so you can come inside and look. The four of you walked into the nursery and your jaw hit the floor. The room was blue fading up to green ombré, the London skyline just above black trim, the silhouettes of Peterpan, Wendy, John, Micheal, and Tinkerbell soared over the crib on the wall, across from that was was the giant silhouette of Big Ben. The ceiling had glow and the dark stars spread all over it, the furniture was dark brown wood and so was the floor, a carpet of a red feather on the floor.

- you broke into tears, it was perfect. you hugged Connor tightly thanking him over and over.

- Evan gave your daughter ever bath for the first year of her life. He made sure he was there when she took her first steps, he taught her how to ride a bike, he was there for it all

- he promised you the night you told him you were pregnant that he would be ten times the father that his own was.

- your daughter was the biggest daddies girl ever. And he made sure never to give her reason to doubt his character.

- Jesus the world had never seen a better father.

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“Do you wanna get inside your house or not?” (Ethan)

“Ethan, I had such a good time with you tonight. This was a well deserved date night.” You said. You and Ethan have been together for a few months, but he had gotten really busy with his and Grayson’s youtube channel, and they’ve been in and out of meetings for a long time, and he finally had a weekend off, so you and him went out for a nice date.

“Yeah, it was fun.” He agreed. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you close as he kissed the top of your head. You continued walking down the street towards your house.

“Man, it’s cold out here. I just wanna get inside and change into some sweats and cuddle with some hot chocolate.” You said when you got to the front door.

“Ooooh, that sounds nice.” He agreed. You stood there digging in your purse, looking for your keys.

“Well, it looks like neither of us are getting in. I can’t find my keys.” You said awkwardly.

“You don’t keep a spare under the mat?” He asked. You shook your head. “In a pot on your porch somewhere?” You shook your head again. “Well, looks like we’re gonna have to get creative.” He said. You raised an eyebrow at him as he walked around the side of your house.

“Ethan, what are you doing?” You asked.

“Don’t you keep one of the back windows unlocked, for this exact reason?” He asked.

“Oh, so you do listen to me when I talk?” You said sarcastically. He laughed and led you to the gate that separated your front yard from your back yard. “This is locked too. We’re never going to be able to get in.” You whined.

“You like to underestimate my abilities, don’t you?” Ethan asked. And with that, he climbed to the top and landed in your backyard. “You coming, or what?” He said through the gate.

“Ethan, I can’t do that. First, you’re like a foot taller than me and can actually do that with ease, and second, with my luck, I’m gonna fall off the other side and break my ankle or something.” You complained.

“Do you wanna get inside your house or not?” He asked laughing. “Plus, I’ll be right here to catch you. You’re not going to break anything, I promise.” He said. You let out a loud sigh as you set your feet on the edge of the gate.

“Here goes nothing.” You said quietly. You slowly made your way to the top of the gate and looked down at Ethan in your back yard.

“Come on (Y/N), I’m right here.” He said, his arms stretched out in front of him. You slowly slid off the edge and landed in his arms. “See, I told you you’d be fine.” He said as he set you down on the ground.

“I guess I should be the one listening to you.” You laughed.

“Well, that’s how relationships usually work.” He laughed. You walked over to the window, opened it and finally made your way in the house. Once inside, you scoured all over the place for your keys and even double checked your purse.

“Oh my god, are you kidding me?” You yelled from your kitchen.

“What?” Ethan asked as he walked over to you.

“My keys were in this pocket in my purse. I hardly ever use this pocket. I’m so embarrassed, oh my god.” You said as you scratched your head. “I swear to god those were not in there earlier.” You laughed.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s pretty common for girls to get flustered when they’re around me. It’s completely understandable that you couldn’t find your keys.” Ethan said trying to lighten the mood.

“Full of ourselves, aren’t we Mr. Dolan?” You asked.

“Ooooh, I love when you call me by my last name. I can’t wait to make it yours someday.” He said.

“You’re cute.” You laughed.

“Thanks I know.” He said and kissed you. “Now, how about that hot chocolate?” He asked.

“Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.” You said. You put some water on to boil and grabbed the mix out of the pantry. After you were done, and changed into your pajamas, you and Ethan spent the rest of the night, cuddled up on the sofa, drinking your hot chocolate, and watching movies.


I need you to take my mind of being in my prime

Summary: Despite having split up nearly three years ago, Taron has always found solace in your company. He’s never been one for being in the spotlight, so when he has a break during promotion for Kingsman he finds himself returning to the one person who knows him better than he knows himself.  

Words:  2826

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RTX2017 Escape Room

Y'all asked for details! And here they are. I just want to say this is mostly going to be details on what the room looked like/general premise of what it was about and is totally MY experience. My group didn’t make it through and so we didn’t see all the secrets in the room, so this is just what I saw

So the whole idea of the escape room is that your group is hired by funhaus to steal a large quantity of money from the FAHC. Your group picks one person to be the crew leader and they receive a locked briefcase and a walkie talkie to use for two hints from your man on the inside (aka a guardian that is watching the room). To even get into the room, you have to use a key under the door mat

Inside the room, the walls are spray painted with random images, curtesy of the actual FAHC, symbols being added, multiplied, subtracted, and there are posters hung with psychedelic colors. To the right of the door there is a coat rack with Gavin’s Union Jack backpack, a trench coat thing, and the Vagabonds jacket. The left wall had a couch with AH blankets and pillows, there’s a dollar bill rug on the ground and a small coffee table in front of it as well. Next to the coat rack is a desk with a wooden puzzle, missing two pieces, that says “Ryan told me the sky is __ and the sun is __” or something like that and it has Gavin’s name on it. Framed pictures of each member are scattered around the room. There’s a map on the wall with strings and mins creating a path used for a puzzle. There’s also a locker with two combination locks on it. The door on the back said “not a door” and leads to a tiny room with four locks keeping you from the money behind it.

When you get in, the tv on the right wall turns on and you get a video message from funhaus and Elyse tells you that weed equals a number, which helps you figure out that the symbols on the walls correspond to numbers. Inside the inside the briefcase, there’s a notepad, an Xbox controller, and laminated sheets of each of the members with a sheet that reiterates that each symbol equals a number, but a few are missing. The sheets with the crew have a small summary as well as a little bio on them.

You use a dartboard with funhaus’ faces on them to get three numbers for one lock on the locker, then you find a key in a bucket for the second. Inside there are emails from the crew with a secret code in each. There’s a whole code with the Xbox controller as well.

Again, this is my experience and there were 8 people in my group working (and I have a shit memory), so I don’t remember how each lock was solved but we thought we had gotten all but one lock on the door, but apparently there was a whole other thing where UV lights come on and the psychedelic colors show another code and whatnot.

Tl;dr I’m tired and have bad memory but the escape room was a masterpiece and had awesome little touches

I Want You To Stay (Zach X Reader)


Plot: Your boyfriend Zach seems off whatever reason and you’re determined to find out why. (obvi it’s bc of the tapes ok? ok)

Warnings: Swearing/Angst (this i sad af im sorry)

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Drake Feelings, Kanye Attitude (Calum Hood Imagine)

Originally posted by malumfeatures

Summary: “I’m cold as ice, but in the right hands, I’ll melt.”

Requested: yes

Warnings: swearing

A/N: so i wasn’t gonna post this just yet but i have a bit of free time to write something new so why not :’) also based on thisrequests are open and tell me what you think. this was terrible :’)!

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London || Jack Maynard

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Summary: The first part of a series that explores the process in which Josh’s sister’s relationship with Jack progresses until they eventually get together. 

Word Count: 744

Dedicated To: The anon who’s request inspired this series!!<3

“Josh, I’m going to fucking kill you.” (Y/N) yells as she used the spare key, that Joe pridictably left under the mat, to unlock the door to the Sugg’s’ apartment where she knew for a fact her brother would be - there was no doubt about it. It was football day, which meant all of the boys would be huddled around Joe’s flatscreen with pizza and popcorn to see them through.

Back to the matter at hand, Josh had left their shared apartment an absolute tip after getting home from a night out and sleeping for three hours before stumbling over to Joe’s without even considering the mess he was leaving behind. The thought of his little sister having to come home from the airport after a twelve hour flight and be forced to deal with the consequences of his messy night out hadn’t even crossed his mind - not until she came storiming into Joe’s in a pair of penguin pyjamas and her fists chenches at her sides anyways.

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anonymous asked:

Congrats on 1000 followers!!!! You deserve it!!! Your writing is absolutely amazing!!! Can you write something about Kouyou walking in on Dazai and Chuuya?

FFFFFFFF. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANON! I just started crying thinking about that, lmao. I would love to write that. Also, this is kinda… my first time writing Kouyou, so… *laughs shakily*

Ozaki Kouyou was a patient woman. 

She had learned, through years and years of being in the backgrounds of this shadowy organization, that sometimes it was better to wait. To bide your time until the sun comes to shine. 

So, when she noticed the lingering touches and the longing gazes Chuuya was sending Dazai’s way, she told herself it would all work out in due time. Neither of them were particularly hesitant when it came to getting something they wanted.

She turned a corner, her feet whispering along the floor as she strode towards Chuuya’s apartment. Normally, she would call before checking in, but she hadn’t seen Chuuya in a while, and her feet were carrying her towards his home before she could think twice.

She swept a strand of her behind her ear, and brought a fist up to rap on the door. The hollow wood made the sound ring in her ears, and no doubt across the apartment. 

She counted to ten in her head, watched the crack of the door for any flickering. Then, she rolled her eyes. He was probably taking a nap. Not that she could blame him - it had been an exhausting few days.

She immediately began roaming her pockets for her key ring, her fingers coming up empty as she pulled her hands out. It was probably on her nightstand, now that she recalled.

“Ah…” She crouched down under the door mat, snatching the spare key that lay under the mat, so dusty that she doubted that it had been used within the last year or so. 

The door slid open easily. She sighed at the lack of red hair within her sight. The room itself looked like he was at least in the house - the blinds still up, a window propped open to let the rush of spring air into the room.

Kouyou sighed, rubbing her nose with as she looked around. “Chuuya,” She called out, “I know you’re in the house, could you come out please?”

She heard the sound of footsteps, and the bedroom door slammed open. Chuuya stuck his head out, his cheeks flushed, red hair pulled into a messy bun.

“Kouyou-nee!” He smiled, sliding his body through the crack of the door and nudging it shut. “I didn’t know you were coming.”

“I should have called, I know, but I forgot and before I knew it I was already here.” She smiled, swept up to Chuuya, and wrapped his arms around him. He smelled soft and soothing, a rush of lavender over her tired senses. “How have you been?”

Chuuya nodded, his head bobbing up and down eagerly. “I’ve been doing okay.”

“Hmm.” She hummed, and pulled back a little, her hands settling on his shoulders. “You look like you’re doing good.” 

Chuuya hummed, looking up at her. Kouyou felt her heart soften at the sight. There was something so nostalgic about standing there and holding her little brother, watching his eyes twinkle up with his pretty smile.

“You too, Kou-”

“Chuuya! Come baaaaaaaack!” There was a keen whine from behind the closed door, the noise making Chuuya stiffen and grow pale, like he had been frozen in time.

The door burst open, and Dazai stumbled into the living room, half-naked. He was shirtless, his hair disheveled, a grin painted broad over his cheeks.

“Dazai!” Chuuya shrieked, ripping his shoulders from Chuuya’s grasp. “I told you to hide!”

Dazai cocked his head, curls falling against his forehead. “You didn’t tell me anything. You shoved me in the closet.”

Kouyou raised an eyebrow. “Are you keeping secrets from me, Chuuya?”

Chuuya shook his head, “No!”

“Yes.” Dazai smirked.


“Or what, you’ll punish me?” 

Chuuya growled, and began pushing Dazai away. “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.” He repeated, shoving the brunette back to his room. He delivered him there with a quick kick and slammed the door behind him.

Kouyou crossed her arms. “So,”

Chuuya stiffened. 

“How long has this been going on?”

anonymous asked:

AHHH could u write jarchie like as au from when grundi(??¿) leaves and juggies homeless but instead of going to school he asks Archie if he can stay with him and then ~things~ happen....,, can have fluff and angst and whatever you want and also anything beronica is amazing if u'd rather do that. Thank u!!

Anon I gotcha


How he found himself standing in front of Archie Andrews house at 2:36am, Jughead wasn’t entirely sure. He wasn’t sure why he thought the school would be open this late, it was a stupid idea. He couldn’t go back to the drive in, for obvious reasons, so this was his only option. Just for one night, then he’d be out of their hair.

Jughead forced his legs to carry him up the stairs that lead to the front door that he was once so comfortable knocking upon. Now, just the thought of being at the top of those stairs made his hands shake.

He could do this.

He didn’t have a choice but to do this.

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“You can find the key to the city… under the city welcome mat.”

Wait. Really? For real? Uhh, Mayor Dewey just completely dropped out of the race. He conceded, and just handed the title right on over.

I mean, it was because he knew that the city didn’t deserve him, which is noble enough, but

Is this for real? Is Nanefua actually going to become Mayor and stay mayor? I know this show is okay with upheaving the status quo, but…

“You could have won! I really believed in you! I really believed in us!”

“What do you want me to say?”

“How about ‘I’m sorry? We were in this together and I let you down?’“

Quick! Quick, someone hold a mirror up to Steven’s face! And double-check Lapis isn’t around to see it happen.

Leave A Message

Characters: Rob, Rich, mentions of reader

Pairing(s): Rob x Reader

Word Count: 978

Warning(s): Language, mentions of death, possible mental breakdown, AND PURE AGONY!!!!!

A/N: After a sleepless night watching Criminal Minds, I got inspired to write this. And since I’m not going to sleep any time soon, why not post it? Sit back and enjoy!

(GIF is not mine!)

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars

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The Best Medicine- Junhui Fluff (PLEASE READ AUTHORS NOTE)

Originally posted by mvnghaos

Request: Junhui is sick and my heart is broken! My poor baby bias! Can you maybe write some fluff of the reader taking care of Jun when he’s sick?

Word Count: 1327

Member/Group: Junhui (Jun) of SEVENTEEN

A/N: Enjoy this gif of fetus Jun y’all. ;)

Summary: Sometimes, all that a person needs when they are sick is the support of others.

Author: Admin Cloud

A/N: Guys, do you want me to write longer imagines? I feel like I’ve just been really disappointing as of late, and I need more feedback from you guys so I can make every post more entertaining for ya’ll.

 “Jagiya, can you please come over? I’m sick, and I need you to take care of me…” The smug grin Jun held on his face was interrupted by a bout of coughing and your voice on the other line.

 “Ah, Jun! You need your loving girlfriend to come save the day? Of course I will take on this dutiful task!” Jun listened intently to your slightly concerned yet joking voice, the sound of your apartment door closing barely audible in the background of the phone call. “You have a key under the mat for me, right?”

 “Of course, Y/N. Can you stop by the store and pick up some instant ramen? I need something warm to eat and the rest of the boys ate what we had left in the  pantry before they left this morning.”

 You hummed in approval before quickly saying goodbye so that you could use both hands to lock your apartment door. A light wind caused your hair to gently ripple in your face, obstructing your vision but ultimately not keeping you from locking away your personal space from the rest of the world.

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