using the gif he said it


*Poirot adorableness intensifies*


Did you talk to Javier after the competition?
Translation credit (a-m-n-o-s) 


|Timeless| Favorite Ship: Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston


reasons to stan monsta x [3/x] : usually the first person is ceo when it comes to thank you speech but wonho thanked monbebes first out of anyone he could think of :’)


Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 5 x 03 - Lost Boys

Nick: Remember that? You were coming out of a coffee shop. I was with Hank… and you looked at me.
Adalind: As I remember it, you were looking at me.

I love the way he is looking at her in the last two gifs. This boy is a goner. He is totally flirting with her and remembering the first time he saw her. 

Also, the more I watch these eps, the more I can see that Nick was the first one, out of Nadalind, to show attraction and feelings. 


“A drink! We should make time for one. Once the conference is concluded, I mean. By my reckoning, ‘tis long overdue.”


The Shadowhunters cast + nailing their characters: Matthew Daddario


“Clary destroys the world that Alec has structured for himself. And the type of person that Alec is - you know these type of people in real life: they create a world for themselves that they exist in, and they eliminate outside influences and inputs that they find to be destructive to their controlled world. And Clary is just this force completely destroying everything along the way. She’s an interloper.”


The Hands of the Gutterson*
Justified: Seasons 4 through 6

Pitts’ digits’ excerpted from the following Justified episodes:
 Season4:Truth and Consequences, Foot Chase, The Hatchet Tour
Season6:Collateral, Alive Day, Cash Game, Dark as a Dungeon, The Promise

aka: “From Mind Bending Shoulders to Fingers so Long and Erotic You Want to Strangle Someone”