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Here, have some appropriate battle music!

A close call for Undyne, but she still came out okay! Seems someone else was watching, though…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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There’s nothing you can do.

Easy to Hate

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A/N: This fic is finally finished after a week of writing and rewriting and crying,,,,,,,,,lord save me i am trash for kim donghan. anyways tagging @smols-n-tols bc some of them proof read the first half for me bLESS them. also i hope you guys enjoy it~

Pairing: PD101′s Kim Donghan x Reader

Genre: Angst, Enemies to Lovers!AU, kinda steamy

Word Count: Roughly 7k

Summary: Your hatred for Kim Donghan was strong. Just the mention of him made your blood boil, but when his dance crew end up sharing a studio with yours, it seems like sometimes, it’s easy to blur the lines between love and hate.

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Teen Wolf: Alternate Universe

Jackson x Reader

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven

Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten (Smut)  Part Ten (Non Smut)

At this point in the morning you were pretty sure there were no words in existence to describe how nervous you were. Today was your first day back after the holidays, you’d graduated top three in your year and had been handpicked by Professor Stilinski to join his personal training program rather than the schools more basic one.


Professor Stiles Stilinski had become world renowned for being the first human to prove that the humans and werewolves could co-exist. He and his wolf Derek Hale worked together for years to create the Werewolf Initiative.


As a last ditch attempt to not be eradicated by the Werewolf race the humans accepted the Initiative and a fragile peace was settled between the humans and wolves. Which was why you were nervously stood in the hallway of the apartment blocks that would be your home for the next three years.

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I feel like “executive dysfunction” is going to be one of those terms that this website both overuses and uses incorrectly so it loses all meaning to me (see: gaslighting)


A/N: So it was late and these starting spewing from my brain. Send me a character and a number if you want me to do it!

1. For the love of God, stop staring and help, will you?

2. I’ll stop when you admit that you have feelings for me.

3. You? Afraid of the dark? That’s impossible.

4. I knew you were too good to be true.

5. Really? I mean, it’s only been….four hours. Yeah, maybe we should get some sleep.

6. How is it that we break up and you’re already fine, like the time we had was nothing?

7. Stop crinkling your nose. It’s not that bad.

8. I’d rather climb Mt. Everest, wearing nothing but a swimsuit.

9. I’m sure you would.

10. This is too comfortable. Leave me here by my lonesome.

11. They say that if you kiss your girl/boyfriend under this, you’ll end up together forever. Now, I don’t believe in it that much, but here we are and I wouldn’t mind kissing you.

12. Why is your go-to answer baking?

13. If you’re going to wear that, you can at least face the other way. Oh, never mind.

14. Do you think I can control how I feel when it comes to you?

15. Be the semi to my colon. What do you say?

16. Tempting, but I think I’ll do the reasonable and smart decision; Google it.

17. The stars in the sky outnumber my love for you, but I did try to count them for you, if that counts for anything.

18. I’ll take that as a maybe.

19. Your dancing is like a dolphin that got its fin removed and was just left on the beach to flop around.

20. No, we are not keeping it. We do not need a tricycle.

21. I’m starting to feel like the third wheel, but without the third wheel, there couldn’t be a tricycle. It would be a bike. Hear that? That’s the sound of toddlers falling everywhere.

22. And all the roosters cried. It’s not easy being a cock.

23. Okay, I don’t know anything, except you’re cute.

24. I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again. (…) What exactly did I do?

25. A day without you is just a day wasted.

26. I love you as much as cake. Almost.

27. Fine, I won’t discuss your terrible music. How about your shirt?

28. That shirt’s design is so ugly and the only thing distracting people from that is the fact that it is the wrong size for you.

29. I was asking about my pants.

30. Self-respect is overrated!

31. Maybe tiny people live all around us and we don’t know. They’re like Japan and we’re Godzilla. RAWR!

32. You’re too crazy for your own safety.

33. You say that like its a bad thing.

34. Maybe we’re too young to know what we want or who we want.

35. Did you know that you snore when you sleep? I don’t mind. It’s kind of adorable.

36. I have some rules before we begin whatever this is.

37. For the record, my hair is naturally (hair color).

38. Are you telling me that we just recorded two hours without sound? (…) I’m cool, I’m cool.

39. This is not okay!

40. I was 10! I didn’t know any better! My parents encouraged my Spice Girls performance.

41. So, what I’m hearing is, this isn’t my fault? Well, that’s a nice change. Who’s the poor guy who did this?

42. Nature or nurture, not my fault!

43. I have seventeen minutes to get ready and you’re distracting me with kisses?

44. I will never climb that for all the money in the world.

45. Who died and made you queen? Being the actual leader, I’m saying you should step down.

46. If you keep using terms like ‘winning’ or 'losing’ with our relationship, you might win an argument, but slowly, you’ll lose me.

47. Do you want to reenact a famous historical event with me? I promise everything is legal! Maybe.

48. P1- Take my hand. Take a breath. P2-Are you quoting High School Musical? P1- Shhh, don’t ruin the moment.

49. This is our song. I don’t care what meaning it might have that I’m missing, but I love the song, you love the song. Why not?

50. If you’re going to remain shirtless, you might want to get out of my bed.

51. I have spent quite a few infinities with you. That won’t change. Even if the next few are without you.

52. I don’t know what heroes you’re aware of, but I am far from being a hero.

53. You taste like chocolate. Did you eat my dessert?

54. Stop speaking in a British accent. Or at least do one correctly!

55. I love you. You know that, right? Of course, why wouldn’t you know that? I’m pretty obvious.

slightlypissedoffbird  asked:

everytime a het ace/aro or aroace calls themselves gay/uses terms that are gay/lesbian specific i lose at least a decade of my life tbh

ugh ikr especially when they say they’re gay like… no no you are literally NOT words have MEANING

anonymous asked:

[Yells from the void] daddy kink with Maxson, Danse, Deacon, Nick, and Hancock!

Maxson loves it - it makes him feel even more in control than he already is. The biggest, baddest smirk grows on his face when Sole let’s it slip, and he takes full advantage in exploiting their kink at all costs. 

Danse is a little less unsure of how to react. He doesn’t really see the appeal, and asks why something like that would interest Sole. When Sole calmly explains that it is a power balance kind of thing, he understands it more, but asks if they can simply use another word - he personally prefers the term ‘Sir;

Deacon fucking loses it. I’m talking full on laughter, he can’t take it seriously, it’s all one big joke to him. 

Nick pauses in the act of assaulting Sole’s neck with kisses and stares up at them with one eyebrow raised. He is definitely judging them, definitely, and when he doesn’t respond Sole tries to play it off as through it never happens. Nick kisses them quiet, and tells them he was simply surprised, and that he’d like to explore it more later.

Hancock is completely into it. Like what isn’t he into. Loves calling Sole baby, absolutely adores all of their kinks because it means that Sole trusts them. Hancock doesn’t mind this kink at all, and uses it to his advantage to give Sole the best orgasm of their life. 

I am going in the bin. 


Pairing: Nicomaki

Side Pairings: Tsubahono, Nozoeli, Umipana, Erekoto

Word Count: 4656

Summary: Band AU: Being caught between two formidable forces is a lot harder than Maki could have ever anticipated. Those who are meant to be allies are at each other’s throats. With the next term’s concert holding more weight than usual, Maki struggles with finding the place where she will truly be happy amongst the chaos.

Note: Sequel to Sonata. I was originally going to have this be a oneshot but I’ve split it into parts to make it easier on myself. I also don’t want it to be an absurdly long oneshot. It’ll only be a couple parts tho.

Origin Post | Piece Reference (not relevant in this part)

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thisisrealitsreal, I wrote you some ShieldShock.  Because once I decide to write for yet another fandom, there’s nothing to do but get started right away.  So have some Steve/Darcy, where she’s Tony’s daughter.

The first time they kiss, Darcy is utterly drunk and Steve’s pouring her into bed, to sleep off what is likely going to be a spectacular hangover.  She had been back from New Mexico for almost five months when Thor came for one of his visits, and upon learning that Jane’s Darcy also happened to be his good friend Stark’s daughter, he had declared they must celebrate.  

               Darcy had made many mistakes in her life; trying to outdrink a God ranked very high on the list of the worst ones.

               Steve, ever the gentleman, is the one that helps her to her room, because her dad had made the exact same mistake she had, Barton disappeared halfway through the night, Thor had stayed at the bar, and Natasha had claimed she couldn’t possibly support the weight of someone the same size as her.  No one had believed her of course, not really, except that Nat was such a spectacular liar that she made even the most blatant one seem like truth.  Steve had considered calling her on it… but that would involve out witting her, and it was simply easier to do the polite thing and assist Darcy himself.

               And that was how they ended up in Darcy’s room, her fingers tangled in his hair and her tongue shoved in his mouth, and damn, but Captain America can kiss.  He cradles her face, as if he thinks she’s precious, and kisses her with enough passion, that she could almost believe he’d die if he didn’t get to taste her one more time.

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Six months- fred weasley x reader

Request: Could I ask for a prompt with numbers 6, 34, and 46 with Fred? Like angsty and stuff but maybe (only if you’d like because honestly I’ll love it either way) end it like, happy? Im so in love with your writings it’s ridiculous. <333

Prompt 6: How is it that we break up and you’re already fine, like the time we had was nothing?

Prompt 34: Maybe we’re too young to know what we want or who we want.

Prompt 46: If you keep using terms like ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ with our relationship, you might win an argument, but slowly, you’ll lose me.

Sipping your tea, you glanced out the window of Madam Puddifoot’s shop. You were waiting for your boyfriend Fred to show up for your date. Today was a special day. You and Fred had been dating for a whole six months now, the longest relationship for either of you. 

The clock read 2:10. Fred was late and you were growing impatient. You picked up the copy of The Quibbler lying on the empty table next to you and began to read, trying to distract yourself.

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“We owe her.  What she did was nothing short of heroic.”

If you look closely at Alec’s face, you can see something flicker in his eyes, right before he glances down then tentatively raises his gaze again.  

Magnus puts an emphasis on “we” and I think Alec realizes for the first time that there’s a “we” now; he’s not an “I” anymore.  

Even though they’re not dating, Magnus refers to them as one entity, together, a “we”… and I think Alec has a momentary existential crisis.  

He’s never had a “we” before, except with Jace.  He probably doesn’t know if he likes this term “we” or not, since by using it he loses his part of his individuality…and gains a companion.    

Luckily Magnus offered to slow things down… cause he could sense Alec was a little overwhelmed by this new-found “we”.

Evaluating Kagutsuchi as a villain in P4U2

Let’s see how well Kagutsuchi really fares when you get down to it:

The events of P4U (mostly kidnapping Labrys to facilitate the first tournament).

His use of difficult-to-make Shadow Clones of the Persona User’s Shadow Selves to do… basic mook work.

His use of the crucified Shadow Operatives as bait for the IT.

His “attempt” (I use the term losely) to break Teddie’s spirit and use his ego as a stabilizer for his vessel, before just kind of, sort of… giving up after half a battle and some grade school level taunting, then forgetting about it.

Absolutely everything involving Adachi in his plan. 

Special mention for all his villainous gloating: 

Final Verdict: 

I’ve always thought that genre [emo] was bullshit. It’s best we don’t worry about how other people describe us. They still call us emo and pop-punk, which is pretty incredible. If those terms didn’t lose their meaning when Under the Cork Tree came out, they’ve officially lost all their meaning now. However people need to box us in is fine, but I don’t think we sound anything like other emo bands.
—  Joe Trohman

Dork Inquisitor referring to getting frisky with Blackwall as ‘The Joining’.

Dork Inquisitor referring to after nookie naps with Iron Bull as 'Bulldozing’.

Dork Inquisitor referring to hitting on Sera as 'Sera-nading’.

Dork Inquisitor referring to finding a place in Vivienne’s heart as getting 'Vivi In’.

Varric refusing to write any of this shit down in the Inquisitor’s story, because it is just too dumb.