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okay so i was thinking abt den den mushi and u know how they mimic the person's behavior and physical traits? is it possible for us to see Rosa's?? And also Eliza if you're up for it C":

( I tried :’) This was such a cute idea though
— I loved it so much! Thanks for sending bby ♡ )

So this is it. The trending time is 3hrs. Why such a long trend?

  • Abbie’s death and our disappointment deserve a much longer time.
  • this is also a protest against Abbie’s treatment, not a memorial
  • this treatment is systemic and there are media projects featuring black female leads coming down the pipe, everyone needs to know that they can no longer do this easily and quietly

Why deserves instead of deserved?

 Abbie Mills Deserves Better is a classic tag for this fandom. Under the Abbie Mills Deserves Better tag we did so much. Forced a course correction in S2,got characters and storylines that were dragging the show down booted, and even got a show runner replaced.

In hindsight we understand it was already too little, too late, but its a powerful tag for us and we’re sticking with it. 

The trending period is three hours. The goal is to disrupt the tags and make as much noise as possible for as long as possible. We want to force them to deal with us just like we did before. 

I know some of you are depressed. You gave your all and no longer see a point, but there is point. Our Abbie deserves this, we deserve to do it for her. She was unique in all American television and now she’s gone. We cannot allow her to go quietly or peacefully into the night. We cannot allow them to say what they did was meaningful or right when we know it was wrong. 

To quote Zora Neale Hurston, “If you are silent about your pain, they will kill you and say you liked.” That is what they are trying to say about Abbie right now. 

We must have the final word, we must shout the truth for all to hear, Abbie Mills Deserves Better! 

We’re also inviting other fandoms and ships to participate with us. 


I love the fact that some of you have reached out to us, and are asking about what happened and in turn I took a moment to read up a bit on the recent death of the character Lexa. We definitely have something in common both of our groups were promised representation, both shows used our needs and our interests to string us along and in the end the promises were betrayed in an all too familiar pattern. 

Your hours long twitter trend was amazing and we’d appreciate your help with the trend.

WestAllen,Olitz,Richonne and fam:

There is a lot of overlap. I watch The Flash, I’m still a Scandal viewer, I watched Merlin, some of you ship  Richonne, some of you watched True Blood, Doctor Who, some of you watched Person of Interest. 

We’ve all felt and experienced this before, its all too familiar and while Abbie was unique she had something very important in common with Martha Jones, Nyota Uhura, Queen Guinevere, Joselyn Carter, Michonne and too many others to name right now. I hope whether you watched Sleepy Hollow or not we can count on you show up and help us trend just like you know you can count on us, because this is for Abbie and all of you and all of us.  Let’s send Abbie Mills out with a bang not a whimper.

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Name: Conner

Nicknames: I got a couple. The one my brothers use a lot is Bibby, because it’s a character I play. Actually my brothers and I have a little too much we use, so I won’t get into all of them. There is also meme because I’m fluent in meme.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 6′1′

Orientation: I guess pansexaul. I don’t really think of it all that much anymore.

Ethnicity: Polish

Favorite Fruit: Grapes, Apples or Oranges 

Favorite Season: Spring, or Summer because I love the sun and swimming!

Favorite Book(s): I’ll be lame and say Harry Potter, because I can’t remember this really great series I read back in High School. There were like 5 or 6 books in the series though.

Favorite Flower: Probably Roses even though I cut myself each year trying to trim them.

Favorite Scent: This one is hard, but I have this blue candle that is supposed to smell like the ocean, so I’ll go with that!

Favorite Color: Any type of Blue.

Favorite Animal:  I like a lot of animals, but Cats are number one.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Hot Chocolate. Hands down.

Average Hours of Sleep: I don’t know anymore. My buddy sometimes lets me sleep a normal 9 hours and sometimes only 3 or 4 hours.

Cat or Dog Person: Cats! They are amazing even though I complain about mine, but I have a dog too, so he needs some love as well.

Favorite Fictional Character: Oh my, this is the hardest. Either Rosalina, Ridley or Ganondorf. I love them all that I can’t leave one behind. 

Dream Trip: Italy or New Zealand. Both look like a ton of fun!

Blog Created: March 18th, 2015. Yikes!

Number of Followers: 238

I won’t tag anyone because I’m lazy, but if you do, do it just tag me like I tagged you!

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Idk if you'd be interested, but I thought of a fic idea where Soryu and MC go to a festival and he tries to win her a super large toy (much like in Summer Memories). The game Soryu chooses is of course one of those water gun shooting games, BUT WHAT IF the game was rigged so you have an extremely slim chance of winning and Soryu ends up spending a fair amount of money and getting super frustrated because he was too stubborn to quit.

Omg I had so much fun writing this! I’m really glad I got this request and I really hope you enjoy this (^^)

The Night Festival
Rating: G
Mc x Soryu
Ryosuke and Samejima tag along

It was another hot day, but the nights have been pretty cool lately. I wonder how the guys are doing at the office. Soryu’s been using the idea of keeping the ac off to toughen them up. I think all it does is make Ryosuke grateful for my care package of ice cream at every visit. I smile and laugh a little at the thought of his smile lighting up a room. Anyway, I think of what flavors to pick up as I change out of my uniform and head out.

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eeeey, got this done earlier than I thought I would! ^^ Lovin’ the Cintiq…

Anyways, here’s some older!Ace!Mari for three very different and equally important reasons.

#1- Ace!Mari is my favorite Mari, and an Older!Ace!Mari who’s grown to accept herself and feels comfortable in her own skin is Goddess Levels of awesome.

#2- I need to contribute something to the Miraculace tag in order to survive. No, really! I have a rare, serious medical condition and that’s the only cure!

#3- I’ve seen a lot of Aces in the fandom going through some tough times of late, and wanted to show a little support for you all because I’ve gone through most of that myself too and know how much it sucks. So here’s to us. Because even if other people don’t always understand us, at least we get it and we’ll always have each other’s backs. ^^

Indie Marvel Roleplay: Tags

Lately the tags have seemed to be running a little dry. And after examining possible reasons, it seems that the tagging system is just too cumbersome and hard to keep track of all the suggested tags. After much thought process and discussion, our suggestions are the four following

  • openmarvelrp - use this with every open post you post and make it the first tag you put in when you post an open so it can be searchable.
  • openmcurp - this one is for Marvel Cinematic blogs, such as Agent Carter, the films, or Agents of SHIELD. put this in one of your first five tags when posting an open so it is searchable.
  • openxmcurp - this is for the X-Men Cinematic blogs, with all the x-Men movies and any related material. Put this in one of your first five tags when posting an open so it is searchable.
  • open616rp - this is for comic book blogs and any and all related materials, no matter the print. Put this in one of your first five tags when posting an open so it is searchable.

This set up should make it simpler and easier to find other people to interact with instead of having more than we can handle tags.

   ————————————-   i have been contemplating getting on board on this(little late, but hey). consider this a permanent starter call and permanent plotting call. i will be using this PSC for when university is becoming too much and i need little random things. the PPC will be when i have free time to throw plots/ideas at people. liking this post means that every now and then i will slide into your ask or into your tag with some one-liners. also to jump into your IM or ask (whatever your rules says best for plotting) to throw these scattered brain ideas at you.