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Star Trek Discovery/Rent AU ==> Twin brothers Lt. Paul Stamets & Lt. Mark Cohen-Stamets

Twins who’ve grown up together don’t always get along and these two are a prime example of that. They’re nothing alike. Paul loves learning about fungi, Mark loves film. Paul chose to get contacts as soon as he could, Mark liked the old-fashioned look of glasses. Mark liked to go outside and his skin is tanner than his brother’s, who liked to hide in his dark little mushroom gardens. They’ve always had a special connection, though, they always knew when something was wrong with the other or when one was talking shit about the other, even if they were light years apart.

One of the few things they have in common, however, is joining Starfleet when they get older. Paul goes to study more about mushrooms, his one passion in life, while Mark goes to work for Starfleet recruiters/publicity and do documentaries about the Starfleet ships. Mark chose to go by their mother’s maiden name, Cohen, so he would be less likely to get confused for his brother when they went about their work and if they were ever on the same ship again.

Then the Klingon War broke out and it brings them together again when Mark, who trained as a communications officer before joining the recruiters, was stationed to the Discovery to help keep Starfleet in the loop about the spore drive. Between Paul’s augmentation that he never told his family about, Mark’s want to reconnect with his brother, and Lorca confusing them for each other, as well as Paul never told anyone but Hugh about his brother, this is going to be a wild ride for the Stamets twins.

( idea credit to @lifedeathpeacewar + @funginerd ; gif credit to @muslimashtyler )

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hi erm this isn’t a request, but I just wanted to suggest sth cool imao you know how wolfstar fics always have remus n sirius both oblivious to each other’s feelings and being massive pining idiots, but imagine this. imagine sirius, being the casual fucker he is, the moment remus says he’s bi during truth or dare just pulls him in for a kiss. then they start dating. give me wolfstar who’s never had to hide, or be anxious. just my brave, brash boys

yessss. I love me some good pining fics, but sometimes I’d rather they just not have to deal with the angst and anxiousness and uncertainty. I literally had an out & proud tag I used when I first started this blog because I wanted fics where it just wasn’t a big deal. Someone should really write that fic though :D


pansy parkinson — drifts on the page, wreathed in smug contempt. (words from this fic)


the other brotps are shaking right now

bonus: the after math

Things John Teaches Rosie
  • All the words to “Love Me Do” by the Beatles
  • How to break free if your wrists are zip-tied
  • Which kind of plaster is best for scraped knees
  • What to do to cheer up a sulking Consulting Detective: “Loud, silly, smacking kisses work best but if all else fails? Try tickling his toes.”
  • The difference between a Browning and a Walther pistol
  • How to properly introduce yourself with a firm handshake
  • Where to find help if you’re lost in London (aka CCTV camera locations) 
  • How to tell if it’s Uncle Mycroft or Greg coming up the stairs
  • The names of all the actors who’ve played James Bond: “Roger Moore was the best Bond, Rosie-bee, no matter what Papa may say about Daniel Craig.” 
  • Which brands of tea are best for everyday and special occasions
  • How to make risotto (peas optional) 
  • What tags to use when blogging about her day: #school #crime scene #Hudders bakes #I love Papa #obviously


This gif? Is this the one you mean? Is this the one that’s making  you suffer?

Look, I’m suffering too, and if I remove it, then I’ll have to suffer alone and you don’t want me to suffer alone, do you? 

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i loved your coaches headcannons! do you have any more? or just training hc in general?

!! hello thank you i’m glad you liked them!! 

ok so i’m going to shamelessly steal many of these because they are things that Actually Happened from when i used to play Sport/ work at a children’s museum buckle up friends

  • Celestino is late to practice exactly Once. he got his ponytail stuck in his car door before leaving for the rink n spent the next hour frantically treating it with strengthening products just in case he damaged his hair
    • also, based on a conversation with @thecookiemonster77 
    • celestino is always early for practice
    • yuuri n phichit love doing car karaoke, complete with ugly singing and fake accents and as much dancing as they can do with their seatbelts on. even when they get where they’re going, they sit in the car and sing until the song is over
    • so one day celestino is running late
    • he pulls into the rink parking lot and parks next to yuuri’s car
      • celestino: i hope my skaters are inside starting their warm ups like good kids 
      • celestino: *looks to the left to see phichit n yuuri jamming out in the car, singing very passionately to a song that celestino cannot hear*
      • celestino:
      • celestino: i don’t know why i expected anything different
    • (the song was wannabe by the spice girls)
  • one time yuuri and phichit show up to practice without their skates (”they’re in the apartment, we got help up in class, let me just–”) So, celestino makes them wear the gross rental hockey skates and do speed drills with the hockey team in the other rink
    • this backfires because for the next month he gets angry emails from the hockey coaches about how the players are “requesting we move practice to the time slot before yours so they can hang back and watch yuuri and phichit practice”
    • “There’s just something about watching a cute boy hurl his body off the ice and spin at 308 RPM that turns me on.”
    • “Todd, shut up and get back in the crease.” 
    • “Just look at those thighs. 308 revolutions per minute, Jace. That’s, like, super fast.” 
  • Celestino has yuuri demonstrate a triple axel to the Tiny Demons and one of them calls him coach. the rest of them start calling him Coach Yuuri. celestino is so jealous
    • “They’re demons but they’re my demons.”
  • Celestino has a No Swearing policy at the rink (for the Tiny Demons) but instead of a swear jar he has a “1 word, 1 lap” rule. phichit n yuuri find a way around this by searing in thai/japanese
    • “C’mon, Ciao Ciao, teach us some Italian swears!”
    • “So you can continue to use my own rule against me? No thanks. Another lap, kid.”

whoops this turned into a detroit fam thing heh sorry. anyway, some coach things:

  • this might actually be canon (not sure???) but celestino and jj’s parents are really good Frenemies
    • like they’re friends. they’d throw down for each other. But.
    • that being said, he’s actually jj’s godfather
    • coaching jj was an Experience
    • their competitive careers never overlapped but celestino has seen all of yakov’s competition videos because a) his old coach made him and 2) whenever phichit and yuuri make fun of him for his bad late 80s/ early 90s routines he just. points to yakov’s ridiculous 70s career
Persona Secret Santa 2017! ❄

This year, I’m hoping to create a fun event for the Persona fandom to celebrate the holidays together! Hosted by @yosugayhomomura

How does a Secret Santa work? :o

A Secret Santa is a gift exchange where the gifter (Santa) is a secret to the giftee until the day of gift-giving. For this event, you will be assigned a person and their prompts. You will use one of the prompts to create a gift for them, which you will then post on Christmas Eve. The idea behind this is that it is entirely a secret, which means no communicating with your giftee until then!

This Secret Santa is meant for the Persona fandom. This includes Revelations, 2, 3, 4, 5, and all spin-offs (Golden, Arena, DAN, P3P, Q). Gift prompts can be based on any of these games. Other SMT titles are not allowed.

What can I give as a gift?

This is up to you! Here are some ideas:

- Fan-art: Can be digital or traditional. With traditional, however, please be sure you can get a good quality photo or scan of your art! Art should be colored preferably.
- Fanfic: Should be at least 1000 words.
- Other: Don’t like to draw or write? No worries! You can do playlists, fan videos, fan edits, photo sets, moodboards, etc. Get creative!

Important Dates

Oct 31 - Nov 21: Sign-ups
Nov 24: Assignments sent out
Nov 24 - Dec: 24: Gift making
Dec 24 - Dec 25: Post your gift!
Dec 25 - Jan 1: Back-ups


- Work must be your own.
- All gifts must be digital. No store-bought items.
- Do not tell your person you’re their Secret Santa; that ruins the fun! If you need clarification of their prompts/have a question, ask them on anon, or message this blog and I will message them for you.
- Use the hashtag #personasecretsanta17 and tag this blog and your giftee when you post your gift. On Christmas Eve, I’ll start reblogging them here so we can spread the Christmas spirit! :)
- If you realize you cannot participate anymore, please contact me ASAP! We don’t want anyone to end up gift-less on Christmas if it can be avoided.
- Have fun!

Sounds fun! How do I sign up?


The last day to sign up is November 21st.

Any questions? Send an ask or message to this blog! Happy hee-hee-ho-lidays!

komaeda onii-chan

  • Chuck: Are you a little spoon or a big spoon?
  • Swift: I’m not a spoon, I’m a knife.
  • Chuck: Cas?
  • Cas: She's a little spoon.

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Hi! So, does this mean that Sam has completed the first of the Trials for closing the gates of hell? Or does he have to intend to close them?

Hi there! I’ll start out with a few comments, and then I’ll try to answer this as best I can. First, I am in Downtown Migraineland right now. I apologize in advance for any weird incoherency in this reply…

(note from the future, i.e. nearly 4 hours after I started trying to piece this reply together: My migraine is gone, but this reply went into A LOT OF DETAIL about the parallels not only in this episode, but in all of s12. This ended up being really weird meta on what I think Dabb’s Grand Plan for the entire season is hinging on. IT IS LONG. Just a warning.)

I think a lot of s12 has been paralleling A LOT of the past, turning it inside out, applying it through a different lens or allowing characters to see these things from a different side, and resolving things in a better way.

That said, I think they’ve been referring back to the Demon Tablet Trials and the Angel Fall Spell (because the angel fall spell was a spell, not Trials. Metatron confirmed that). But all the elements of those things are being addressed in different ways, and paralleled to ~similar~ things happening in s12… I’m struggling to try and put this together in a linear narrative that even comes close to connecting all the dots. There’s SO MUCH going on in this episode, I’m not sure that’s really possible, but HECK I WILL TRY.

(second note from the future: this is about 3k long, so it’s going under a cut. THERE IS SO MUCH)

(i am typing this from the floor where I’m curled up around pictures of Andrew Dabb and Davy Perez while weeping gently)

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hi. this is my first time doing this, so idk if it’ll work buuuut my dash is really really slow right now, so! reblog this if you post any of the following:

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multifandom blogs are more than welcome, as long as you tag all the content. that is a requirement for everyone. here is my blacklist kind-of-thing if you want to check it out.

i’ll delete this post soon to remove it from search/tags but for now pls bear with me. thanks!