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Things John Teaches Rosie
  • All the words to “Love Me Do” by the Beatles
  • How to break free if your wrists are zip-tied
  • Which kind of plaster is best for scraped knees
  • What to do to cheer up a sulking Consulting Detective: “Loud, silly, smacking kisses work best but if all else fails? Try tickling his toes.”
  • The difference between a Browning and a Walther pistol
  • How to properly introduce yourself with a firm handshake
  • Where to find help if you’re lost in London (aka CCTV camera locations) 
  • How to tell if it’s Uncle Mycroft or Greg coming up the stairs
  • The names of all the actors who’ve played James Bond: “Roger Moore was the best Bond, Rosie-bee, no matter what Papa may say about Daniel Craig.” 
  • Which brands of tea are best for everyday and special occasions
  • How to make risotto (peas optional) 
  • What tags to use when blogging about her day: #school #crime scene #Hudders bakes #I love Papa #obviously

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Hi! So, does this mean that Sam has completed the first of the Trials for closing the gates of hell? Or does he have to intend to close them?

Hi there! I’ll start out with a few comments, and then I’ll try to answer this as best I can. First, I am in Downtown Migraineland right now. I apologize in advance for any weird incoherency in this reply…

(note from the future, i.e. nearly 4 hours after I started trying to piece this reply together: My migraine is gone, but this reply went into A LOT OF DETAIL about the parallels not only in this episode, but in all of s12. This ended up being really weird meta on what I think Dabb’s Grand Plan for the entire season is hinging on. IT IS LONG. Just a warning.)

I think a lot of s12 has been paralleling A LOT of the past, turning it inside out, applying it through a different lens or allowing characters to see these things from a different side, and resolving things in a better way.

That said, I think they’ve been referring back to the Demon Tablet Trials and the Angel Fall Spell (because the angel fall spell was a spell, not Trials. Metatron confirmed that). But all the elements of those things are being addressed in different ways, and paralleled to ~similar~ things happening in s12… I’m struggling to try and put this together in a linear narrative that even comes close to connecting all the dots. There’s SO MUCH going on in this episode, I’m not sure that’s really possible, but HECK I WILL TRY.

(second note from the future: this is about 3k long, so it’s going under a cut. THERE IS SO MUCH)

(i am typing this from the floor where I’m curled up around pictures of Andrew Dabb and Davy Perez while weeping gently)

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Do you know of any spells for energy? Ive been low on energy for a while and I figured why not find a spell for it!

I have a [tag for “energy”] on my blog. Here are a few spells from that tag:

[Spells and Sigils for Energy Masterpost]

(original text post)

ghost au dennor for @baroksleg :3cc

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whats your estimate number on how many people have you blocked

im not kidding when i say its probably nearing like 1000 people, if not more

June’s theme is Elemental Magic!

Hello, we’re very excited to announce the next H.I.A.T.U.S. Johnlock Challenge!

Water, Fire, Air and Earth! Sherlock and/or John can control the elements ^.^

Have you ever wanted to try writing fanfiction? Well, now’s your chance! H.I.A.T.U.S. is a monthly Johnlock writing challenge blog!

Submissions open on the 2nd of every month for that month’s H.I.A.T.U.S.   theme! The challenge is to write a fic related to the theme between 100 and 25,000 words before submissions close at Midnight EST on the 21st of June.

Everyone is welcome to submit a fic, it could be your first time or you could be a seasoned fic author! Already written a fic that suits this month’s theme? Just send us a link to your Fic through our ask box, tagging @hiatustory or by sending us an email at If your fic hasn’t been posted on the blog before we’ll share it for everyone to read and enjoy!

Make sure to check our submissions guidelines page for more information!

Please note: we had some trouble last month with Tumblr not notifying us when the blog was tagged, if you don’t see your submission get posted within a day (24 hours) of tagging us please please please send us a message through our ask box or contact @hollyberrypie or @tali-zora directly. We don’t want to miss any wonderful stories!

Here are some prompts to help you get started:

Text Prompt

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? - The Sign of Four, Chapter 6

Visual Prompt

Originally posted by villainquoteoftheday

Setting Prompts

  • Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra AU: Sherlock/John are a water, earth, fire, or air bender… Or maybe they’re the Avatar, master of all four elements!

  • Sherlock is a water elemental and finds out that John is a fire elemental, but oh no! Their love is forbidden due to their opposite elements, oh the angst!

  • John has a literal fiery temper

  • Sherlock or John are hiding their superpowers from the other, but what happens when they have to use their elemental magic to save the other from danger?

  • Sherlock can read people’s future in their tears. One day he comforts a crying John Watson and sees himself in his future

  • John has always heard voices in the breeze, whispers of people’s lives, observations, deductions that couldn’t possibly come from himself and is especially loud when the wind is strong. One day he meets Sherlock, who seems to be able to the exact same thing… 

  • Sherlock is a master sculptor who has a secret. Whatever he sculpts, from stone, earth, clay, marble, comes to life after he carves their eyes. (gives them souls, so to speak) He is careful never to carve perfect eyes. His latest project is an interpretation of the Vitruvian Man, and he slowly falls in love with his own creation, tentatively named John… 

Good luck, everyone!

Tags below:

Please let us know if you would like to be tagged in our future posts and challenge announcements, or if you would like to be removed!

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komaeda onii-chan


Hey you! Yea, you!

If you’re seeing this post, that means you’ve got a chance at some cool prizes for a raffle!

   What’s the raffle for? Well, a number of things; when I first made this blog, I was in one of the roughest spots of my life; it’s through the encouragement and support of friends that I’ve not only had the privilege of pushing myself to improve on my art, and create a podcast, but now I get to make this neat raffle gift pack thing.
   700+ followers might not seem like a lot to some people, but for me, it’s a pretty big deal; I don’t know where I’d be without having made this blog, and met all of the wonderful people I have through it.

                  So, seriously… Thank you.

Without further ado, here’s the deets!

FIRST TIER PRIZES. ( 1 winner )

animated chibi & dashboard icon
bust painting & character bit

SECOND TIER PRIZES. ( 1 winner )

detailed chibi
two character bits

THIRD TIER PRIZE. ( 3 winners )

a promotional graphic for whatever you want.
cool graphics to deck out your blog!

To enter, all you need to do is be following this blog, and reblog this post! There are a few more rules, of course, so go on ahead and check them out:

  • You have to be following THIS BLOG >>>( @bugeyesboutique )<<< in order to be eligible to win one of the raffle prizes. If you’re using a sideblog, please put your main blog(s?) in the tags when you reblog this so I know you’re following!
  • You can reblog this post as many times as you want until June 1st, 2017 @ Midnight EST for more chances to win one of the tier prizes!
  • Your inbox must be open on June 1st!
  • If you make a sideblog specifically to reblog this as many times as possible to avoid annoying people, but increase your chances of winning, you will be immediately disqualified from taking part in the raffle. No exceptions.
  • Things I will not do: NSFW(which includes but isn’t limited to: Gore, Horror, Body Horror, or anything Sexually Explicit in nature), or Promote or Encourage Messages of Hate or Discrimination through my Art.

Thanks again for making my experience on this blog something I’ve grown to cherish;

Happy Raffle, Everyone!

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My Dearest Darkles, It has been many a moon since I've last heard from you I hope all is well I yearn to hear your voice and read your mesmerizing words. I hope you are ok wherever you are. Signed, A Lovesick Grisha

Dear Lovesick Grisha,

What a kind message this is. I apologize for my distance lately, I have been busy plotting against the Lantsov exhausted. It is lonely where I am. I consider the letters I’ve received and have yet to answer every day, yet I cannot find the words to reply accordingly. In all honesty, I fear I am losing my flair. Life is a dreadful jest told by an unfunny clown, and I am the flailing punch line. What I should say is, I’m out of practice. Isolation has not been good to me. Forgive me, for I struggle even now to deliver you a satisfying message, and you deserve so much more. One day, I will give you the world– one ruled by a great and worthy leader, not some pretty-faced puppy on a pirate ship.

Signed, the Tiredling


Evolution of my drawings of the sun child sticking his leggy out

My…. style has changed more than I thought………

July 2016 > November 2016 > June 2017

Do you see how much creativity goes into these poses holy shit im so original

Hello everyone! 

I want to thank you all for being patient. Both admins have been very busy lately, so we have not been able to get to these applications until now. It was a really hard choice, so we decided to accept eight new members!

New members will be listed below. If you were accepted (congratulations!), please read under the cut for more details

@porpentincgoldstein @lunsy @cedricdiggory @amaliabones @septimvsmalfoy @delacouvr @ohlookagaydraco @rowle 

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When is this happening?

This will be happening on July 9th-15th.

What is this?

Vaseshipping Week is where  Yami will come to life in order to duel Kaiba just like in the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie …just kidding.

This is a week centring around making content for vaseshipping (Atem/Mana and Yami/Mana or DMG).  Each day will have a new prompt, then a person has to write, draw or create a fan made content around it. For example, if the prompt for that day is “AU/Fandom Fusion” a person has to create something around that theme for this pairing. Unlike shipping weeks on other blogs in this fandom, there will be only one prompt per day. With that said, if you post something else that is not based on that day’s prompt, it will still be featured on the site if you use the “vaseshipping week” tag.

What type of content can I submit to this when the time comes? Will it be all art?

It can be just about anything. It can be art, fanfiction, playlists, headcanons, AMVs, pictures centring around the pairing (like Atem and Mana figurines kissing or something like that), gifs  and anything else you can think of.

The only rule is that to avoid NSFW (mostly things with extreme nudity, lemons or extreme gore) content just in case; if you decide to do a fanfic with smut and extreme gore, tag it as such otherwise it will be not featured on this blog.

What are the prompts for this?

They are…

Day1: Heroes
Day 2: Birthdays/Time to Party
Day 3: End of All Things
Day 4:  Summer Time/ The Heat 
Day 5: Escape/ We’re in Trouble
Day 6: AUs/Crossovers/ Fandom Fusion
Day 7: Free Day

Do I have to produce content for each one of the days?

Nope; if you can’t do all of the days, that’s fine. You can do the whole week as a challenge or do only a single day, it’s all up to you.

How do I submit work for this?

There are two ways  to do this:

1) You can submit your work to this blog, using the tagging system when the time comes.

2) You can post a link on your own blog and then tag it “vaseshipping week" ( it  will make things much easier for me to search the tags and add them to the blog this way).  In addition, if you go this route, you can add any additional tags if you want to. As a rule of thumb, you must post vaseshipping week in the tag otherwise it might not be featured on the blog.

Can I post the content off of this site?

Heck ya! If you want to add your work to another site as well, you are welcome to (I know I sure am going to post my fan fics on nd AO3, too xD).
If you have any other questions about this, don’t be afraid to ask.

If you guys have any other questions, please contact me on my main blog @aquaburst07

Yooran Week Tags

Hey everyone again!

Mod Amy (@dragonpigeons) here. Sorry to be a pain but if you follow me you’ve probably noticed the tests I’ve been making. There’s something wrong with the tagging system which means not everything shows up in the search under ‘#yooranweek’ and/or ‘#yooran week’. My own post and someone else’s don’t show up and it is really frustrating…

But anyway, life goes on. YOORAN WEEK MUST GO ON. So if I could get you all to do us an extra favour and tag the blog itself @yooranweek when you make your posts for Yooran Week, that would be most helpful ;-; We really don’t want to miss your posts!


- Mod Amy

P.S. We’re already receiving lots of amazing posts, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST THANK YOU KEEP ‘EM COMING <3