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hey guys friendly reminder from your fave Canadian that esk*mo is a slur so please don’t use it!

I see it usually in the context of “esk*mo kisses” which may pop up when people talk about their ships and their headcanon, but it means “snow eaters” in cree and is a slur against Inuit people so please just don’t use it!

and I would appreciate if u reblogged this because people outside Canada don’t seem to know this for the most part

Image Description: A bingo card with ABLEIST BINGO at the top (courtesy of @chronicallyisajennie​  

Under the B:

  • “Have you tried Yoga?”
  • “Everyone can go vegan!”
  • Assigns neurotypical motivations to a neuroatypical person’s behaviors
  • “I think you mean person with Autism”
  • “People have it worse”

Under the I: 

  • Compares acute illness to chronic illness
  • “You take too many medicines!”
  • “You don’t want equality, you want special treatment!”
  • Plays Disability police
  • Uses disability, mental illness, etc, as a metaphor

Under the N:

  • “Big Pharma”
  • “Language changes!" "You’re policing my word choice!”
  • Free Space
  • “Neurotypical? Non-Disabled? Don’t you mean normal?”
  • Accusations of faking

Under the G:

  • “You’re derailing”
  • “You don’t look sick/Disabled!”
  • Uses ableist slurs
  • “I wish I didn’t have to work”
  • “I don’t see disability”

Under the O:

  • “Everyone feels that way sometimes”
  • Special needs/ differently abled/ handicapable
  • “You’re using your disability/mental illness as an excuse”
  • “Exercise!”
  • Pathologizes/medicalizes bigotry
Night Changes

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, unwanted sexual advances (It’s mild but it still might be graphic guys, read with caution) forced kissing, mentioned violence, angst 

Word Count: 1660

Summary: You see Sebastian out a bar months after you broke up and make a decision that goes horribly wrong. 

Request: Hello! Could I request prompt #8 ‘can you hold me?’ With Sebastian Stan? Like they broke up a while ago and one day she is drunk and it’s raining and they run into each other at the bar and he drives her home and fluff perhaps?

A/N: Thanks for the request Sweetheart, hope this is what you were looking for ! I deviated away from the prompt a little, and it’s way more angsty but this was just the idea that came to me. 

Admittedly, it should never have gotten to the point that it did. 

I should have had control over myself, over my emotions. I shouldn’t have drunk as much as I did and I certainly shouldn’t have been dancing as provocatively as I was with a man I didn’t know, letting him think that this was heading somewhere it wasn’t. I could still feel the way his fingers had dug into my hips as he rutted up against my ass and it made me feel sick. His breath had been stale with beer and I could still taste it no matter how many times I washed my mouth out. It was like he was lingering on me, reminding me of everything that had happened.

The night had started out harmlessly enough, a few drinks with the girls after work at the bar just down the road from our office. It had only just opened up and there was no better opportunity to try it out than Friday afternoon after a hard, gruelling week. We were having fun, teasing Sarah over her crush on our boss while we worked our way through our second round of cocktails.

It was only when I offered to get the next round that I saw him, the breath catching in my throat as he laughed, tilting his head back to finish off the beer in his hand while clapping the other onto his friends back. I stood there, in the same spot I’d frozen, just staring. It had been months since I’d seen him, since we’d called things off and honestly, it still hurt just as much as it had back then. Our lives had been in different places, his job taking him away for months at a time while mine continued here in New York.

We had the long distance relationship down pat, phone calls, texts and skype, we managed. But it was when he came home that the problems arose, each of us having to learn how to be together again. It was inevitable that our relationship was going to end.

A knock to my shoulder brought me back from my thoughts, my tongue licking over my lips as I continued on my way to the bar, my heart hammering inside of my chest. He looked happy, at ease and it only made me feel worse.

I took a deep breath as I rested my hands on top of the bar, my fingers drumming on the hard mahogany surface.
“What can I get for you?”
“Vodka,” I answered. “Straight, in a shot.”
The bartender quirked an eyebrow but said nothing as he grabbed the bottle from the shelf behind him, pouring out the shot and placing it in front of me. I threw it back quickly, wincing as the alcohol burned down the back of my throat, the tears stinging at the corner of my eyes at the strong taste. When it was all the way down, I raised my hand for another.

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I support witches of all religions and practices.

But if you culturally appropriate deities, religious practicing, sacred items and terms and actions from Native peoples and other closed religions, I will not tolerate it. It is wrong. I’ve gotten so much hate for simply saying that something is offensive to me it is unbelievable. Some white people are shoved so far up their own ass they don’t even care if they offend an entire race (as if being insensitive about the genocide and continued abuse and disrespect that wasn’t enough)

Not sure what the point of this post is.

If I see you on my dash using slurs like ‘n*gg**’ or 'g*psy* or r*dskin*, I will block your ass.

If I see you blatantly refuse to change something you’re doing that has been clearly and politely pointed out to you as insulting and offensive to a closed culture, I will block you.

I won’t tolerate it anymore. I can lead a horse to water, but I cannot make it drink. I will continue to try to educate my followers on Native culture and appropriation, but if someone wants to keep being an ass after being educated and called out and asked to stop, that is on them. I will have done all I can do.

I might lose some followers for this one

Unpopular opinion

I’m a black person, and I mean nearly 0% white, and I don’t think everyone needs to get on Pewdiepie’s ass about saying the n-word? Once?

(I’m not really informed, ive only heard that he fucked up a shot or something during a stream and just said it)

At this point, its not even a racial slur to me anymore, it just doesnt get to me? I know someone is going to post a 3 paragraph essay about why I should feel ashamed about myself and why n-word is a racial slur and should never be used, but… I see it as just a word? I know that its obviously offensive to a majority of people who are black or bi-racial, and I’m sorry if I sound like a stupid fucking uninformed cishet piece of shit. Honestly, yeah, type it, go ahead. I’ll read it.

Mabe its because of my humor?? I honestly dont know. Ive been growing up in a neighborhood where black and other ethnic kids, even some white kids, say it all the time and not get offended by it. And I know someone’s going to point out that I didn’t really say the n-word and that I only use “n-word” in its place, but thats only to prevent offending people.

Is it because he’s white?

Idk, I guess it just depends on the way you grew up?

I’m not lying about my race either, smh.

Sorry ive never written one of these before. I’m also on tumblr mobile.

Not to sound too political or anything but… could we stop referring to some people’s identity as a something that needs to be censored? Or at the very least NOT shame people who use queer as their identity? Just a suggestion.

i can’t wait for dan’s liveshow i’ve been in such a shitty mood today

I’m interested in seeing the damage control fans will do for pewdiepie this time. It really makes no sense why he would even use the word and even if people do the whole “well black people say” it still makes no sense to use in context. Also the hard r, the full blown slur was used and I want to see what his explanation is because who the hell just slips and uses a racial slur? Seems like a pretty hard thing to do. End of the day he’ll still have fans who will defend him until he just full on attacks someone so I think he will do fine.

anonymous asked:

You think it's okay to use the n-word? (I've been told it's a curse word that's why I blanked it instead of saying it) But isn't it used to slur and downgrade black people? I just don't see how it's okay, can you explain?

In a certain context yes it’s a slur to disparage black people. When a Klansman uses it you can bet that’s the context. But it’s also used a lot in casual language culture outside of the specificity racist connotation. Just like “retard” or “faggot”, its use does not always denote a hatred for the group originally associated with the slur. Sometimes words are just words.

And the issue isn’t whether or not I think it’s “OK” to use, it’s whether or not I think it’s OK to police the way people speak. I pretty much never say ‘nigger’ because I find it extremely distasteful and more frequently used in a negative racist context. But I’ve been known to say ‘nigga please’ and not think much of it because the context is much more casual speech. It depends entirely on the company you keep. But when I see people freak out if a white person says 'nigga’ around their black friends who don’t mind, I can’t help but roll my eyes. It’s none of your business how people speak and if their friends don’t have a problem with it why should you? How you speak with your friends is different than how you speak in a professional setting. I think it’s safe to assume that most of these people are not going to go into a job interview like “what up my nigga!” There are just way bigger issues out there than deciding who can and can’t say certain words.

I have poor judgment recently about keeping my figurative mouth shut online, so I’m here to sub-blog this thread where people are like “everyone who tags with q slur is a terf” and shit. I don’t identify as queer anymore, partly because I’m just like, questioning and figuring myself out, but also largely because the queer scene, the discourse, the theory all alienated the shit out of me and made me very miserable. Plus this is a disability blog. So I’ve stayed away from this until now but I feel really strongly.

  • There needs to be room for “transphobic reactionary feminists are propagandizing against queer theory”; without going to a place where anyone, and particularly any lesbian, who considers the word offensive is labeled as a terf. Specifically, I’ve seen multiple trans women who are lesbians and don’t subscribe to queer theory get called terfs for saying queer is a slur. I can’t honestly imagine how it feels to be a trans woman and get routinely called a terf. Pretty fucking bad probably. Don’t call trans women terfs. Don’t call random women who might be trans terfs. Don’t call entire schools of thought or styles of rhetoric “terfy” even when plenty of trans women believe in them and are making space for themselves in those schools of thought. You can strongly disagree with certain ideas, and even consider those ideas harmful or violent, without using a label that specifically means thinking that trans women are men, are dangerous, and shouldn’t be permitted to live as women or at all.
  • I think it’s disingenuous to claim that most people are just using the word queer for themselves. It’s used very widely as a catch-all for anyone who’s not straight, which encompasses a lot of people who have had it used violently against them and in conjunction with violence.
  • I think it’s disingenuous to point to queer theory as proof that it’s not a slur or it’s fully recovered from ever having been a slur. Like, queer theory is fine I guess. It encompasses a lot of different theory, but you can definitely be not straight and not subscribe to it, and you can definitely be trans and be a radical feminist, a materialist feminist, a lesbian feminist. Queer theory isn’t like, the singular answer. You’re not signing a contract to agree with queer theory when you realize you’re not straight.
  • I think it’s suspect to claim that it’s “the preferred term for poc” and honestly, source? Because that’s a huge claim that has never been borne out in my experience certainly.
  • And lastly I think it’s extremely bizarre and disingenuous to say that it’s fine to use as a blanket label for everyone who’s not straight while also conceding that it’s a reclaimed slur. I have never in my life encountered another reclaimed slur that was considered appropriate to apply to strangers, to encourage the out-group (in this case straight people) to use it as if it were neutral, and to functionally claim that it’s not a slur anymore. I really see people claiming it’s not used violently anymore and that is just objectively false.

no matter how much people try to tell me that queer isnt a slur anymore it will never change the fact that i still see people use queer as a slur all the time

bisexualbertmccracken  asked:

so i made a post abt this on my blog but no one replied so I figured this might be a good place to ask cause i know a lotta yr followers are green day fans but okay does anyone know if they've apologized for the use of the r slur (r*tard) in jesus of suburbia?? i see ppl talking abt that song a lot but I haven't seen anything about this and it kinda makes me uncomfortable :/ (im not attacking green day i just genuinely haven't seen if they've apologized or not)

I’m not actually sure. I love green day but i also despise that word. followers?

ispawnedhere replied to your post: ispawnedhere replied to your post : …

I mean yeah that’s cool if you wanna reclaim it, but like I said there are many places that it is still used as a slur and just a lot of people are uncomfortable with it. The difference between queer and gay is that gay was invented by gay people to describe ourselves and while it can be used in insulting contexts it’s not a slur, while queer was invented by cishets to other us. I see where you’re coming from but when someone says ‘queer community’ they’re usually referring to lgbt

Etymology time: "Gay" in a sexual sense was originally used to describe sex workers in Victorian England, mostly women providing sexual services to men, as an ironic joke that such women were “gay” in the sense of carefree compared with respectable married women who were responsible for a household.  Then “gay” spread to also describe men providing sexual services to men, then shrank away from the women sex workers and came to encompass both the male sex workers and their male clients, and by association its meaning shifted to refer to their sexual orientation rather than their occupation.  It wasn’t “invented” by gay people as a positive description for themselves.  Gay men appear to have begun reclaiming the word for themselves in the early twentieth century, and good for them.  There were also other terms preferred by homosexual people that have since fallen by the wayside, like “invert” and “homophile.”  

There’s a large and detailed chain post concerning the word “queer” which says a lot more than I can here but I want to particularly call attention to this part of it (Source: George Chauncey, “Gay New York,” page 101):

Transcription for anyone who can’t read those images:

Heading: Forging a Queer Identity

Body text: By the 1910s and 1920s, men who identified themselves as different from other men primarily on the basis of their homosexual interest rather than their womanlike gender status usually called themselves “queer.”  “Queer wasn’t derogatory,” one man active in New York’s gay world in the 1920s recalled.  “It wasn’t like kike or nigger. … It just meant you were different.”  While some men regretted the supposed aberration in their character that queer denoted, others regarded their difference positively and took pleasure in being different from the norm.  (As one associate of the writer Carl Van Vechten quipped, “Who wanted to be ‘normal’ and boring?”) . Many queers considered faggot and fairy to be more derogatory terms, but they usually used them only to refer to men who openly carried themselves in an unmanly way.  It was the effeminacy and flagrancy, not the homosexuality, of the “fairies,” “faggots,” or “queens” that earned hem the disapprobation of queers.

While less visible than the fairies on the streets of New York, queer men constituted the majority of gay-identified men in New York in the early decades of the century.  This chapter seeks to introduce some of the ways queer men saw themselves in relation to (and distinguished themselves from) the predominant images of male sexual abnormality in their culture, particularly the fairy, as well as the “normal” men of the working and middle classes, in ways that subsequent chapters will explore more fully.

End transcript.

So both terms have been used as othering slurs and both terms have been reclaimed, longer ago than many people today are aware of.  You can also see from the examples given by Chauncey that intra-community hostility and criticism of what people choose to call themselves and how they present themselves are nothing new.  

If you care about disabled women please read this lol

It’s funny that this is my most popular post, and yet all of my posts calling out specifically ableist behaviors are ignored for the most part, and I still see y’all throwing around the words “delusional”, “neurotic”, “basketcase”, “narcissistic”, “psychotic”, making fun of shut-ins and people who hallucinate, I’ve even seen the r slur used at one point. I see y’all just letting that type of language slide and not calling anyone out for it, I see y’all supporting people who say that people with personality disorders are inherently abusive, I see y’all demonizing mentally ill people.

All right listen up, I wasn’t gonna dive into this shit but it looks like I’m going to have to.

I’ll keep this as short and summarized as possible, because if I get into details or try to make this comprehensive, this post will go on forever.

I grew up low class. Bad neighborhoods where fights and shattered glass and loud domestic violence and arson cases etc. would be the regular. I’ve been molested, my house has been egged, our stuff has been stolen, etc. Our house would regularly be infested by multiple species of bugs, we’d get bitten constantly and always have itchy bumps all over ourselves, bugs would crawl all over my homework and into my textbooks and belongings. There was a point where we were damn near homeless, and we were always on the verge of going hungry.

The reason I grew up low class is because of the combination of ableism and misogyny. My mom is one of the lucky disabled people who actually managed to get on Disability, and we’re lucky enough to have supportive family who offered a hand where they could, and it was still barely enough to keep us afloat. I won’t get into details, but the way she’s been consistently treated by ableists and misogynists, and the way the government and society works, has kept her unemployed and unable to recover.

My mother had DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), and was autistic. She was treated like absolute SHIT for having these disorders.

Other than the ableism and maltreatment she faced from the people around her, and the system itself (including welfare, therapy, case management, etc) which should not be the least bit understated in how severely it’s damaged her recovery, she faced a shit ton of abuse in hospitals. She’s been forced on harmful medications, strapped down in a room alone for hours with straps so tight they were cutting off her circulation, gaslighted and harassed and mocked and ignored, been watched while on the toilet, had her things stolen, had her clothes taken while she was still wearing them, been violently threatened, been beaten up, been preyed on, etc. And all of this has been consistent.

And the people who treat her like shit, delegitimitize her, gaslight her, scream at her, lie about her, ignore what she has to say about her own body and treatment, lock her up, beat her up? They’re the same people who talk shit and make assumptions about people with Borderline. They’re the same people who talk about “the crazies”, “the nutcases”, who see a psychotic person existing and see them as inhuman basketcases to make fun of and abuse. They’re the same people who claim that DID doesn’t exist and try to misdiagnose patients based on their own personal bias (which has resulted in all her DID symptoms being ignored and untreated and made worse, more gaslighting and assumptions that these randos who met her for like five minutes know her better than she knows herself, court ordered to take the wrong medications which are typically very harmful to her, etc.). They’re the same people who use casually ableist language and use arguments that “they must be mentally ill if they’re a bad person!!!” that I’ve seen all over this community.

And you know what?


She was the nicest person in the world, she was so enthusiastic and vibrant and wonderful and imaginative and creative and if I go on much longer about her I’ll start crying, but I can not possibly overstate how incredible a person she was and how much she meant to me.

And when I see y’all refusing to look critically at your own ableism, when I see y’all talking night and day about the language and casual misogyny that supports rape culture and keeps women in chains–and then proceed to not give a damn about ableist language / talk about how it’s just a word or try to fucking DEFEND that shit? It’s so clear that the only women you care about aren’t disabled, or at least, aren’t mentally ill. Mentally ill women are some of the most vulnerable women and throwing them under the bus is the opposite of feminist!

Saying “disabled women deserve better” or “we need to do more to help disabled women” is easy as shit, but when it comes to actually taking action to do it, y’all are sleeping.

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