using photo stock as reference

Cosplay, Fanart and Plagiarism

(gif curtesy to Mel)

TL;DR: An artist traced (!) my cosplay photo without permission, gave me zero credits, sold the prints at a con and denied she’s ever seen my photo.

First, both of us, the cosplayer and the photographer, want to say that it would never have come to this if the artist would have immediately apologized to us in person, instead of being extremely rude to us and letting things escalate. A simple sorry and taking down the prints would’ve sufficed.

In the beginning of January, being hyped with the new SU episodes, I immediately fell in love with Blue Diamond and cosplayed her. Two months ago, a friend let me know that an artist she saw drew a fanart based on my photo. I was extremely flattered and happy, but also kinda sad the artist gave me zero credits. Us cosplayers and photographers work really hard to get a nice result, and everyone is happy when their photo serves as an inspiration for another artwork. I wrote a letter to her stating that I love her art, but I’d like her to credit me as a source of inspiration (adding the screen shot).

For two months, there was silence. I tried it again a few weeks ago, but again, no response. Okay, what can you do…

Last weekend we had a big con in Germany with a huge artist alley and both of us, the photographer and the cosplayer, attended. Suddenly, a friend came to us and said that there’s a girl selling this exact drawing. We were puzzled and decided to go to her booth and look at it ourselves.

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the great thing about beans is that they are very versatile, so spicing them is completely up to personal preference - for a starting point, though, heres what i use!

basic chili spicing (i use it mostly for black beans but this can be applied to most beans):
a generous dash of
- cumin
- garlic powder
- onion powder
a small dash of
- oregano
- chili powder
TINY, TINY dash of
- cinnamon
and to taste,
- salt n black peppa

if you like some spice, add more chili powder - sriracha also goes really well with black beans!

anonymous asked:

Three things. 1) Your lineart is so smooth and clean that it actually makes me wanna cry. 2) I am IN LOVE with your art style in general. Like, whenever anxiety hits me I'll just look at your art and I'll slowly calm down. 3) Do yoy have a tutorial on wing anatomy? I'm having trouble on making Michael's wings for a sketch. That is all. Sorry if I was creepy. I'll stop now. Bye!

Thank you for all the sweet compliments! If you’re ever feeling low you can also talk to me.

I don’t really do tutorials at all but I will give you these quick sketches

Okay so above is just a simple example of how I would quick draw wings if the viewer is looking from behind, below is if its a front image and the wings are open.

Below here is how I would quickly sketch closed wings from behind and its the same way from the front but most of the wings are hidden by the character. I draw two lung-shapes on the back, then two bigger slightly above, then again and then i keep adding them, becoming bigger, thinner or longer where needed until Im happy. This is just for the shape though, I tend to add the detailed feathers after.

If the image Im drawing is at an odd angle I look for parrot photographs (usually stock photos) and I use their wings as a reference.


as promised, more nygmobblepot stuff!! inspired by this song by glass animals, one of my favorite bands. + some extra color palette stuff b/c i was messing around with color overlays! you could call this an au, but its really just an artsy doodle of little oswald taking a nap next to ed because i need that fluffy shit in my life. 💚💜

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i used some stock photos for couch + pose reference.

tttram  asked:

Hi! Your drawings are so amazing and I really love your art style!! How did you get so well at full body drawings? (e.g d&p nsfw lol) What do you use as a reference? This year I want to get better at anatomy (I suck at drawing anything below the shoulders) because I only draw portraits and you really inspired me :) (I feel a bit awkward asking you cause I'm new on tumblr and I hope this question isn't too long)

no don’t worry! :D I usually go on google or deviantart to find stock photos to use as a reference! I really go basic, like googling “feet stock photos” or “legs stock photos” and google provides a lot. Or I type in the deviantart search bar things like “male nude” to see how i should draw a certain human figure, where muscles go and so on.

If I lack inspiration and I don’t know which pose I should use, I sometimes look for gay porn videos. Idk how you feel about that but it’s surprisingly helpful with dynamics, though it’s not essential to go watch it…

I think that drawing muscles while doing full body figures is particularly important, because they help you to get an idea on how “thick” and “3D” human are. These are the most common “mistakes” that I’ve done and I’ve seen people do when they’ve always been drawing faces and begin to do full figures:

1. Usually people’s hands are big enough to cover their faces (like the first one). The second one, with hands smaller than face, is more common in kids or people that have a very small frame. The third one has got yaoi hands hahahah it’s too exaggerated.

2. The elbows are commonly misplaced. Elbows are usually on the waistline, and when your arm is flexed, if you trace a horizontal line, you’ll notice that the elbow is just above this line and the belly button is just below that line. If you draw elbows that are too high, you’ll get arms that are too short.

3. some people have got very thin waist, but no one’s torso is naturally shaped like a nacho! Whenever you draw just bear in mind that inside our bodies there are bones and organs and you can’t squeeze chests and waists too much.

4. When you draw a full body figure, half of the lentgh is occupied by head/bust, and half by legs/feet. Anime character often have longer legs, but if you’re going for realism you should respect these proportions.

5. neck circumference and shoulders’ breadth are usually well proportioned. A well-built neck and medium-broad shoulders are usually for male/female bodies that are tall or quite tall, a thin neck + narrow shoulders are for kids or short people, and thick neck + broad shoulders are for sport people or very tall/very large people. Anyway it’s weird to see a veeery thin neck with broad shoulders or a veeery thick neck with narrow shoulders.

This is all I can think of now! Sorry for not being thorough enough :P I’m putting some pictures that show how I did one of my last drawing so you can see a bit of the progress

I hope that was useful!!! And remember, if you got any doubt, it’s always better to copy from reality :) soz b ut you’ll have to stick with having naked people on your monitor forever xD
have a good drawing time ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง

threedona  asked:

Do you have any tips on drawing hands.

I keep these general rules in mind:

starting at the palm helps keep these proportions 

painting hands tends to be a lot easier than lining them from personal experience. overall I just treat them like shapes and simplify them down to their basic poses  

if you have trouble with hands I recommend just trying to treat them like you do with the rest of the piece. overworking them or making them *too accurate* when the rest of the piece isn’t as accurate will make it seem off too.

the best thing I can recommend is to just use your own hands as references/find stock photos to get the idea of the shapes and value

hands are hard! good luck!!


Day 29: The Foleys (and late Day 3/Day 8: Road Trip/Vacation)
Day 24: Music
Day 15: The Mansons

I’d imagine the Foleys would love to go on family Road Trips every now and then (Yes I used a stock photo as reference lmao). I have a random headcanon that Kwan plays the piano and he’s really good at it, but keeps this talent a secret from his squad of football players. Finally, a family portrait of the Mansons with Sam not really up for it. How rushed I be.

anonymous asked:

Lines/wrinkles on a young and/or middle-aged person?

Not sure why you’re asking me since I rarely draw wrinkled people… but it’s a good thing you do, because it just motivated me to do it! I’m really trying but I end up making them too smooth anyway. This reminded me that it’s a lot of fun to do it! But, even although I don’t do it a lot, I do know a few things about the subject and I’ll happily share it with you!

  • 1. I’ll use this stock photo as a reference. Here we have two average-looking men, one middle aged and the other is elder. Take note that the aging process doesn’t really have much difference between male and female. There are some differences, such as hair loss, but none too extreme. It’s also a total myth that women will “keep looking young” for a long time, unlike men. It’s a beauty thing; and make-up/photoshop does a lot to help. Anyway, what’s the signs of a middle aged person? Other that some hair-loss, it’s of course, the wrinkles that starts to become more and more permanent. However, the skin has not begun to sag, it’s just making your expressions “stay”. For example, if you smile a lot, laugh lines may start to appear, or frown lines if you frown a lot, etc. Crow’s Feet are not uncommon either. Signs of emotion will start to show on your face. If you’ve been through a lot of shit, well, it’s most likely going to show. It can also be a genetic thing. However, if a person is depressed (for example) they may appear looking older. It’s not uncommon for people to think a depressed person is older because your symptoms can sometimes be seen on the outside, in this case, on the skin. It will appear heavy/drooping that might create lines (think “down”) and the color of their skin can look a little more gray, and around the eyes one might appear dark. A lot of health issues, not just depression, can often be seen on the outside. With that said, it’s not bad or unrealistic to make a character appear older, especially if they’re experiencing a lot of trouble or health issues. Just do your research and you’ll be fine. The middle-aged man in the stock-photo is a healthy looking man with “average” lines for his age.

I’ll show you a before/after pic of me when I was severely depressed and after a short period of improvement, if you want, just send me an ask about it.

2. Here is the line-art of the two men. Just very simple lines with no illusion of depth, which will make it look a bit weird, especially our middle-aged man. But I’ll show you how to fix that later, for now, let’s focus on the shape of the lines. Young vs Old lines, what makes them different?

3. There’s one easy trick to understanding Old/New wrinkles, and it’s to simply think “up” or “down”. They say that the face is weighted down from the years (or some shit like that I’m not English orz). Since the New lines come from the expressions it means that it’s the face muscles that makes the lines. And when muscles are used they usually pull the skin together in a upward direction. The bottom picture you can see what I noted down and it should be obvious what I’m trying to say. If not, again, just send me an ask. I also just want to note that there’s actually no real RULE how lines should look. We’re all different, which means our skin, obviously, is different too. I, for example, have heavy, droopy eyes. Whatever your reason is, whether it be because of health issues, exposure to the sun, genetic reasons, etc; your skin is never “safe” from having the “Old” symptoms. 

4. Here’s refined line-art of the middle-aged man. He doesn’t look very middle aged without the lines, does he? Actually, what can we REALLY tell about him? Lines on the face tell so much about us, so the only thing I’m getting from this guy is that he’s some odd botoxed teenage ken-doll that grew up way too fast. No one is that lineless, especially not when smiling like he is. So how do we draw the lines, without making them look odd?

5. The lines look a lot more neutral than they did before, right? We can still see them, but they’re not like… painted on, almost. The trick is not to draw them so evenly thick, really. Thicken the lines you want to show more for effect or whatever reason. The thicker the line, the deeper the wrinkle will look, hence give a stronger effect, so to speak. Draw really, really thick frown lines? That guy has been frowning a lot, and he still is. Drawing really droopy eyes? Either that guy is not sleeping enough, or he has seen some heavy stuff. Or maybe he’s just born that way.

6. OKAY IGNORE THE FACT THAT I REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO DRAW THE MOUTH HAHA. What I wanted to show with this picture is that you should just go with what feels right, and what fits the character the best, or his current expression. Look up references, but let yourself have some artistic freedom. Don’t think so strictly about the wrinkles. Some might not even be a wrinkle, but like a guide for a shadow, if that makes sense. Does it look good? Is it crazy? Is it ugly? ADD IT.

7. One thing to keep in mind is that drawing all the lines might be unneeded when you color. Some wrinkles just look better to shade. So whenever you draw, don’t think that you have to add all the “needed” lines. Let yourself play around with that once you color. It will probably end up looking more fluent. Unless you really want to, and that’s fine too. Just a tip!

7. So, last part. I think once you got all those things down, drawing lines on the face will be quite easy, especially the minimum ones. Even the youngest, prettiest face isn’t lineless, just tellin’.

Thanks for asking me this! You made me realize quite a few things and now motivated me to draw wrinkled faces again! Yay!

If you’re looking for more tutorials, click [here] or if you have a tutorial request, send me an ask.

I may end up finishing this piece one day (cleanup and detail work still to do), but I wanted to post this sketch here on my art blog. I did this last night to go along with my fanmix for the Fool, from Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings.

I used a stock photo for reference to get the basic body pose correct, but it was really fun designing a version of his winter motley.

‘Morning, his place
Burnt toast, Sunday
You keep his shirt
He keeps his word
And for once you let go
Of your fears and your ghosts
One step, not much, but it said enough' 

CULLEN CUDDLE TIME because we all know there’s never enough

Used a stock photo as reference but can’t seem to find the link…-__-